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Chapter 116 – Tie Yue

Demon’s Diary
     Chapter 116 – Tie Yue

    After the girl let out a small cry, the soaring Sword Qi twirled in the air before jumping into the sword in her hand. After a flash, none of the Sword Qi was left.

    The Heavenly Moon Sect disciple slashed her snow white sword as she stepped off the ground. They became a cold light that was ten feet long as both the sword and disciple shot toward the other side of the ravine. Their speed was almost as fast as lightning.

    If someone saw this scene, they would have definitely cried out in shock.

    A Sword Cultivator could only grasp becoming one with the sword after the Sword Cultivator became a Spirit Master. Even though this was usually the case, quite a few of Sword Cultivators with lower talents still could not do such a thing after becoming a Spirit Master. For example, the Spirit Master Yu of the Heavenly Moon Sect that died to the Scarlet Dragon back then was a Spirit Master Sword Cultivator that had a Middle Tier Totem, yet she couldn’t do such a thing.

    In addition, this technique would place all of one’s Fa Li into the sword and become one with the sword. It was used to defeat and kill strong enemies and it was wasted by using it to fly over the ravine.

    Even though the ravine’s gravity pull was quite strong, the cold sword light made “chi la” sounds and forcibly torn through the Gravity Field. Moments later, they got to the other side of the ravine and the Heavenly Moon Sect disciple returned to her regular figure once again instead of being a cold light.

    The girl had a strong presence yet her pretty face was slightly white. Obviously, the flying maneuver that she just did cost quite a bit of Fa Li. However, when she looked back at the ravine, she smiled and put her sword back in its sheathe. She then started moving toward the area billowing with blizzards.


    At another place above the ravine, a blood-robed person was actually stepping on plain air. Every step that he took, a blood light would flash on his body while a blood lotus would form and support the blood-robed person.

    Each of the blood lotus’ formed and disappeared. Without any pause, the blood-robed person made it to the other side of the ravine. When he raised his head, it was shockingly a twenty year old face.

    With heat in his eyes, he looked at the mountain behind the blizzard and plunged straight into the snow.



    Liu Ming felt the gravity force on his body disappear. Immediately, with excitement, he pulled on his black chain and his body was like an arrow as he quickly bridged the last ten feet. He immediately appeared above a rock mound that his black chain had been tied around.

    When he looked back, he felt that his entire body was very sore. He could not help but let a bitter smile out and put away his black chain. Taking a deep breath, he started advancing forward.

    In the time it took to eat a meal, Liu Ming had reached the edge of the snowy lands. Gritting his teeth, he plunged into the blizzard.

    However, after a few steps, a cold wind blew straight into Liu Ming’s face. Instantly, he felt that he was about to freeze solid.

    Immediately, Liu Ming’s face changed. Without hesitation, he made a hand technique and black gas started rolling out of Liu Ming’s body before completely covering it. In addition, Fa Li came surging out from Liu Ming’s Spirit Sea and kept flowing within him to keep him warm.

    Like this, Liu Ming walked forward slowly.

    The blizzard here stronger than Liu Ming had imagined. In addition, within the blizzard there was the occasional fist-sized hail crystal that would make “peng, peng” sounds when they hit against Liu Ming.

    If it weren’t for Liu Ming using the Dark Bone Method to condense Fa Li outside of his body and protect himself, just these hail crystals would have cut open Liu Ming and forced him back.

    However, even with the black gas protecting him, Liu Ming still felt as if his blood was about to freeze after a gust of wind blew past him.

    However, all he could do right now was push his Fa Li as much as possible.

    Of course, the result of this meant that Liu Ming’s Fa Li was being spent much faster.

    Thankfully, this blizzarding world was not too large. Even if Liu Ming could not fly through it, instead he had to walk through step by step, he only had to walk two to three miles before the blizzards suddenly stopped.

    Liu Ming let out a long breath and shook off the black gas surrounding him. When he looked up at the huge mountain that was right before him, an expression of surprise showed on his face.

    The mountain in front of him was indeed quite strange!

    The lower half of the mountain looked completely normal besides being a little larger than normal. However, the upper half was split into five different smaller mountains that were of different sizes.

    From far away, it looked as if it was a hand that extended to the sky.

    Right when Liu Ming was absentmindedly looking at the mountain, a giant shadow came rushing out of the blizzard with a cold gust.

    Liu Ming was startled by this change and immediately took two steps back.

    The huge shadow was in fact a huge ape puppet that was over thirty feet high. It’s entire body was a dull black, as if it was made entirely from iron essence.

    “A Nine Enchantment Mountain disciple!”

    Liu Ming slightly relaxed. No matter what was said, the Barbarian Ghost Sect and the Nine Enchantment Mountain had an alliance.

    However, when his gaze swept around, he could not help but hesitate.

    There was no one near the huge ape puppet!

    “Hehe, so it’s a junior from the Barbarian Ghost Sect. To be able to get here without harm, junior’s strength isn’t bad.” Suddenly, a voice came from the ape puppet.

    “You are….”

    This voice naturally shocked Liu Ming and his gaze instantly focused on the giant ape.

    “Oh, this is the first time junior has seen a large scale puppet. Let me come out and meet with Junior.”

    With some apology in his tone, the stomach area of the giant ape suddenly flashed white and revealed a small door that was about half a person tall. From within, a blue-robed youth came crawling out. He had a round face with an ever-present smile, making people like him as soon as they saw him.

    “My name is Tie Yue. Sorry about earlier.” The moment the youth came out, he revealed a bigger smile and greeted Liu Ming.

    “So it’s brother Tie, I am Bai Chong Tian.” Liu Ming’s eyes flashed as he cupped a fist and replied.

    “Bai Chong Tian… You are the Barbarian Ghost Sect disciple that defeated Junior Jin Yu! Haha, this is such an coincidence!” Tie Yue paused for a second before he started laughing freely.

    “Does brother Tie know me?” Liu Ming showed some surprise.

    “Hehe, Junior Jin Yu is quite arrogant and his ability to control puppets can be said to be only found in a thousand years. Ever since he was defeated by your hands, he started cultivating like crazy and has said that he will personally defeat you.” Tie Yue spoke with a hint of glee, and he appraised Liu Ming as if he was something exotic.

    “I was merely lucky to win last time. If we were to fight again, I would have no chances of winning. However, brother Tie’s puppet is quite interesting.”

    Hearing this, Liu Ming furrowed his brow and changed the topic of the conversation.

    “Indeed, these kinds of puppets that can carry someone are indeed quite rare even in the Nine Enchantment Mountain. These puppets have their strengths and weaknesses. Using one to travel through some dangerous region, like what we just passed through, is its advantage. However, in fights, it is merely a large target. After all, it is quite big.” Tie Yue explained and then sighed.

    “I see! However, since brother Tie has reached this point, what will you do next?” Liu Ming nodded and his expression revealed nothing as he asked his next question.

    “Does this even need to be said? Since I’m at this treasure mountain, I won’t be returning empty-handed. Junior Bai, do you want to come with me? With puppets scouting, it’ll be much safer than you traveling by yourself.” Tie Yue’s eyes blinked as he replied.

    “Thank you for the offer but I expended quite a bit of Fa Li earlier and I’ll rest for a while before considering going into the mountain.” Hearing this, Liu Ming responded without hesitation.

    “In that case, I won’t force Junior Bai. I’ll be leaving first.” The round-faced youth gave a big smile and cupped his hands.

    After replying, he went back into the giant ape.

    With a “hong long” sound, the giant ape stood up straight and took large strides as it moved toward the mountain.

    Although the speed of the ape wasn’t very fast, each stride would bring it over twenty feet. In seconds, it disappeared into the forests not too far away.

    Liu Ming looked in the direction that the giant ape went in and narrowed his eyes. Then, he shot toward a different direction that was slightly off from the path that the giant ape took.

    Not too long later, Liu Ming stopped in a tree hole at the edge of the mountain. After patting the leather pouch at his waist, the White Bone Scorpion appeared in a huge cloud of green gas. It then rubbed Liu Ming with its front two claws before digging into the ground.

    Seeing this, Liu Ming relaxed and sat down in the tree hole. He started to recover the Fa Li that he had lost earlier.

    Liu Ming’s stay in the tree hole took about half a day. When he opened his eyes again, not only was his Fa Li completely recovered, his spirit was also much better than before.

    After all, the experiences for the past few days also took quite a toll on Liu Ming’s spirit.


    Green gas puffed out of the ground in front of the tree hole before the White Bone Scorpion came digging out of the ground. It then croaked a “gua” sound twice at Liu Ming and seemed to be quite happy.

    Liu Ming stilled for a second before seeing an emerald green Spirit Stone in each of the claws of the White Bone Scorpion.

    “Wood Spirit Stone!”

    Liu Ming took the two green stones, and after fiddling with them for a second, he exclaimed in surprise.

    “Didn’t I tell you to stay here? Where did you find these things?” In his shock, Liu Ming could not help but scold the White Bone Scorpion.

    The result was the scorpion’s green flame eyes flashing for a couple of times before it dug itself back into the ground. In a little while, it came out of the ground and there were another two emerald green stones in its two claws.

    “There are a lot of Wood Attribute Spirit Stones below!” This time, Liu Ming was quite shocked and his heart started beating fast.