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Chapter 115 – Ravine

Demon’s Diary
     Chapter 115 – Ravine

    The youth had thick eyebrows and large eyes. As soon as he revealed himself, countless scarlet spirit inscriptions appeared on his skin. It seemed as if the temperature around him became higher.

    The youth fished out a light blue Glyph from his sleeve, and with a twist of his wrist, the Glyph disappeared in a flash.

    In the next moment, above the thorny bushes, a shapeless wave formed as a faint blue mysterious symbol appeared. With a “pu” sound, it split apart and formed a blue light cover over the blood-colored Spirit Grass.

    The youth then unhurriedly took the palm-leaf fan on his waist out and started to chant.

    A humming sound started to buzz around and the fan started to shine. At the same time, scarlet symbols started to float off of the fan and circle around the fan.

    Moments later, the fan was emitting a high temperature and became incredibly hot.

    However, the youth seemed to ignore the temperature of the fan and instead waved the fan at the thorny bushes.

    A “puchi” sound was made.

    A scarlet fire column shot out of the palm-leaf fan and turned the bushes into a raging inferno.

    In seconds, the thorny branches reacted by wildly waving around, but under such a strong flame, they perished into black ashes just moments later.

    In the inferno, the only thing that was fine was the Spirit Grass that was protected by the blue light cover.

    When the fire finally died down, the youth stepped on the slightly scorched ground and nonchalantly walked toward the blue cover.


    At the same time, in another place in the forest, a pretty girl Heavenly Moon Sect disciple was using lightning quick attacks with a shiny sword against a seventy to eighty feet long black and red giant serpent.

    The girl suddenly let out a shrill roar and the sword in her hand turned into a silvery round wheel. After she pounced on the giant serpent again, the huge head of the serpent separated from its body.

    The Heavenly Moon Sect girl then made a twirl midair before landing steadily on a nearby tree branch. After she looked at the corpse of the huge serpent that was still beating the ground, she emotionlessly stuck her sword into her sheath before turning around and floating away.


    In the depth of the grassland, two Fusion Sect disciples, one male and one female, were holding hands while among a huge wolf pack.

    Over a thousand wolves, each of them the size of a small cattle, bared their fangs viciously at each other. However, they seemed to not see the couple walking through their midst.

    In moments, the couple from Fusion Sect passed through the wolf pack and slowly walked farther away. They went farther and farther before turning into two black dots and disappearing.


    In a cave that was filled with sparkling Spirit Stones, not too far from the grasslands, there were two broken tiger shaped puppets. Beside these two broken puppets were another few completely torn apart monsters that resembled mosquitos and a dried corpse that was almost half the size of a normal person.

    The corpse wore an ordinary blue robe and on its head was a hole the size of a fist. However, no blood seemed to leak out from it.


    Seven days later, Liu Ming was standing by a giant tree on the verge of the forest. His expression was serious as he looked around.

    The total area of the forest was far beyond Liu Ming’s imagination and after a few days of trekking, he finally got out. However, when he saw the incredible sight before him, he got another shock.

    A few miles away there was a ravine that acted as a border between an area filled with warmth and sun, where Liu Ming was currently at, while the other area was a snowy, ice-cold world.

    Even with Liu Ming’s normal calmness, he was still surprised at the phenomenon.

    When he focused closely, he found that, although he couldn’t see much due to the raging blizzard on the cold side, he could still barely make out an enormous mountain hidden behind the wind and snow.

    With this, Liu Ming’s heart began to beat uncontrollably.

    No matter where, Yuan Qi was always the most abundant near mountains. In addition, most Spirit Objects were more likely to be living on a mountain rather than not.

    With how big the mountain behind the blizzard was, it was most likely the center of the secret realm. As long as Liu Ming could explore the mountain, there was no need for him to go anywhere else.

    After all, with how large this secret realm was and factoring in the time Liu Ming had to take traveling back to the entrance, even if Liu Ming wanted to travel to other regions, he would be hard pressed for time.

    As Liu Ming thought of this, he looked around and didn’t see anyone following him. Then, he made a hand sign and summoned a gray cloud to help carry him to the ravine.

    Not too long later, Liu Ming neared the ravine. However, right when he was about to fly over it, a sudden feeling of danger that gave him goosebumps came to him without warning. After the expression of his face changed, he immediately stopped and gilded back.

    Only when Liu Ming backed off about a few hundred feet did he feel barely safe enough and stop himself while having a white face.

    Liu Ming had only ever experienced such a strong premonition when he was back on Savage Island and had not yet practiced mortal secret techniques. Back then, a prisoner who Liu Ming could not defeat was set on killing Liu Ming and this feeling was exactly like back then.

    Were it not for Uncle Qian stepping in, Liu Ming might have been torn to shreds.

    Liu Ming’s expression changed a few times as he dropped down. Slowly, the sense of danger receded.

    Liu Ming’s eyes flashed as he walked forward and looked at the bottom of the ravine and the other side.

    The ravine was about three to four hundred feet wide and seventy to eighty feet down was gray-white mist. It was impossible to see what was in the ravine.

    This made Liu Ming’s brows bunch together and after looking at the nearby ground, he picked up a dried stick.

    After feeling the weight of the stick, Liu Ming took a deep breath and his arm suddenly thickened. With the extra strength, Liu Ming threw the thick stick across the ravine.


    The stick shot out like an arrow, but after flying about thirty to forty feet, it suddenly started falling straight down. The speed at which it fell was even faster than when Liu Ming threw it.

    Liu Ming’s face darkened. Without hesitation, he picked up a rock that was about the size of one’s head. After his body twisted, his arms rotating once again, the rock flew out of his hands like it was shot from a catapult.

    However, this time, the rock was able to go about seventy to eighty feet before it too fell straight down. It was as if there was an invisible force pulling it down.

    “A natural Gravity Field!”

    TL: Eyyy, Gravity!

    Liu Ming took a deep breath and voiced his findings.

    If his premonition had just come a second later, Liu Ming would probably have been like the stick and rock, sucked to the depths of the ravine by the Gravity Field.

    Although Liu Ming did not know what was at the bottom of the ravine, he knew that it wasn’t something pleasant.

    Although these large-scale nature traps were extremely rare, once they were formed, the dangers that they posed were far beyond the scope of other traps.

    For Liu Ming, a mere Spirit Apostle, to go against the force of gravity and fly across the ravine was something impossible for him.

    However, just a Gravity Field was far from enough to discourage Liu Ming from trying to reach the mountain that he had seen.

    On the other hand, Liu Ming was still at a loss on how to cross the ravine.

    Only a rock bridge that extended to the other side would be helpful in this case.

    When Liu Ming thought of the words, “rock bridge”, he suddenly remembered something.

    Quickly looking around to get his bearings, Liu Ming then flew up and traveled to a certain point before the ravine.

    Four hours later, when Liu Ming saw countless natural rock columns in the middle of the ravine, he could not help but become pleased.

    These rock pillars were both abnormally thick and very close together. The max distance between each one of the them was about twenty to thirty feet; at some points they were a mere three to four feet away from each other.

    Liu Ming looked around before picking an optimal path. Without any hesitation, he shook out a black chain from his sleeve. After a flash, it was bound tightly to the top of a rock pillar about twenty feet away.

    Liu Ming took a deep breath and stomped heavily on the ground. His body suddenly shot toward the rock pillar.

    After about ten feet, Liu Ming shot into the air as a “pu” sound was made. Suddenly, Liu Ming his body become heavy and he started falling down.

    However, Liu Ming immediately pulled on the black chain and his body still shot forward. In addition, a green flash soared past and a green sword was stuck into the side of the rock pillar. With that, Liu Ming could stick to the rock pillar with something other than the black chain.

    At this time, Liu Ming felt that his body had suddenly become immensely heavy. Every moment of his was extremely slow, as if there were a thousand pounds of force pulling him down.

    Even with Liu Ming’s body that was much stronger than the average disciple.

    In the next moment, Liu Ming took a deep breath and veins started popping on Liu Ming’s forehead. At the same time, his four limbs became thicker as a strength welled out of his body.

    Liu Ming pulled out the green sword and with a tug of the black chain, he actually started climbing upward, slowly, until he reached the top of the rock pillar.

    After barely stilling his body at the top of the rock pillar, Liu Ming shook his sleeves and the black chain loosened off the pillar and was shot out and tied to another pillar.

    Liu Ming made a low roar and jumped to the next pillar.


    On another part of the ravine, an incredibly thick and long rock pillar bridged the two sides of the ravine.

    Gao Chong had both of his hands curled into fists as he heavily stepped on it. Every step would make the rock pillar under him tremble.

    Although Gao Chong’s breathing slowly became more and more coarse, he continued walking, step by step, to the other side.


    At the edge of the ravine, a female disciple of the Heavenly Moon Sect was standing on a gray cloud that was hovering quite close to the ground.

    She looked at the ravine for a few times before her wrist shook and a huge gray rabbit was flung across the ravine.

    The huge rabbit only flew tens of feet before it fell, with extreme fear, to the bottom of the ravine.

    Seeing this, the young disciple’s face momentarily went blank. It seemed as if she was calculating something.

    In moments, the Heavenly Moon disciple had a flash in her eyes as she pulled out a pure white sword from behind her. Afterward, she placed the sword in front of her and a shocking Sword Qi was emitted from her.