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Chapter 105 – Intense Battles (Six)

Demon’s Diary
     Chapter 105- Intense Battles (Six)

    A tremendous sound resonated through the air as the full moon and the Blood Dragon smashed against each other.

    The cyan light flashed as the full moon severed the legendary dragon from its skull down to the center of its body. It seemed to be an unstoppable force.

    However, in the next second, the entire Blood Dragon exploded and morphed into a rolling blood sea that wrapped around the cyan moon.

    The full moon swivelled around and the cold cyan light that it emitted ripped the surrounding blood mist to nothing, but more of the blood mist quickly emitted a fishy smell as it continued to rumble forward.

    The blood mist and the cyan light violently clashed, causing the full moon to rapidly shrink in size. In the blink of an eye, it was only the size of a wash bowl.

    When the skin-headed, large man saw this scene, a feeling of satisfaction rose in his heart.

    However at this time, Liu Ming let out a “hmph” and suddenly put his two hands together in a technique seal. He then thrust his hands toward the cyan full moon.

    The full moon let out the sound of an explosion and suddenly disintegrated like a shattered mirror. From within, nearly one hundred minute Sword Qi’s rushed out.

    TL: Think of them as tiny swords but formed from energy

    Under the dense cluster of Sword Qis that violently launched forward, the blood sea was penetrated so that myriads of holes appeared in it. Among these Swords Qi’s, one of them rushed toward Gu Jue.

    Even before these Sword Qi’s made contact, the large man felt an extremely cold and sharp sensation that caused him to shiver.

    In great alarm, Gu Jue attempted to perform a technique to block the Sword Qi. However, he nearly blacked out and fell on the ground as his body had no more Fa Li left to spare. His face couldn’t help but pale over and not a trace of blood color remained.

    A few “peng” sounds rang out.

    A black wind roared through and unexpectedly forcibly blew the Sword Qi away.

    Subsequently, above Gu jue, the fat old man’s figure appeared and he calmly declared,

    “Bai Cong Tian wins this fight.”

    After he finished speaking, he appeared next to Gu Jue in a flash and swiftly smacked his body a few times.

    The large man’s originally incomparably pale face instantly became much more rosy.

    At this time, on the stone platform, the blood mist that was violently struggling against the cyan sword ray finally dissipated. As for the cyan sword ray, only ten of them remained and they also dissipated with a shrill cry. The only thing that remained was a short sword which descended from the air.

    Liu Ming expressionlessly performed a single-handed technique and the Totem transformed into cyan light that flew back to him. In a flash, it disappeared into his sleeve without a trace.

    “How did you do that? I’ve personally checked before that the entire power of the Baleful Blood Ghost Sword is not something that a normal Totem with two or three restriction layers activated can resist.” Although the big, bald man could barely stand, he still had a questioning gaze as he asked Liu Ming a question.

    “I’m not too sure myself! Perhaps it was because Senior’s Fa Li was not enough, unable to bring out the full power during the last attack.” Liu Ming avoided directly answering the question.

    Nonetheless, he was extremely clear in his heart that if they were to truly compare the amount of Fa Li in their bodies, he was far from his opponent’s level. If it were not for the opponent having expended an enormous amount of Fa Li during the early attacks, the person who would have ran out of Fa Li would definitely have been him.

    However, his Fa Li was much more pure than a normal disciple’s; therefore, even if his input Fa Li wasn’t to the max, the techniques that seemed to not have declined in power while others were unable to discern his trick.

    He then used his Fa Li without reserve for his final attack when he used the Totem to create the cyan moon.

    Like what Gu Jue said, if it were another person who made that last attack, the person who would have lost would not have been the bald, large man.

    A normal Late Spirit Apostle activating the third restriction layer on the short sword and ultimately releasing six or seven Sword Qi’s would already be considered pretty good. However, how could this compare to Liu Ming who was able to release nearly a hundred Sword Qi’s.

    This accentuated the fact that the purity of his body’s Fa Li was already capable of amplifying the Totem’s power by nearly half.

    “Hmph, as for how much power the last strike held, I am very sure!” Gu Jue was about to say something but was not able to think of a follow up question.

    At this time, the fat old man had a gloomy expression as he said.

    “Okay, since the competition has already ended, the two of you can go down. Don’t tell me that this old man has to personally escort you?”

    When Gu Jue and Liu Ming heard this, they shivered and hastily bowed. After uttering the phrase “I wouldn’t dare,” the two of them left the center of the elevated platform and returned to their respective banners.

    However, as Liu Ming reached the halfway point to the banner, an insipid voice suddenly resounded in his ear.

    “At midnight tonight, wait for me in the forest three kilometers away.”

    Astonishingly, this voice belonged to the fat old man, “Martial Uncle Ruan.” This caused Liu Ming’s heart to shiver but not the slightest hint that something unusual had happened leaked into his expression. He continued walking and sat to the side of the stage.

    At this moment, on the jade platform high in the air, there was only deafening silence.

    “How do my fellow Juniors view the outcome of that battle?”

    A long time later, the Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader slowly opened his mouth and asked the other Spirit Masters a question.

    “It truly is a pity. Both Martial Nephew Bai and Martial Nephew Gu’s have strengths that completely surpassed my expectations. I’m afraid that the two of them can contest a spot in the top five… no, they have the strength to enter the top three!” Spirit Master Lin let out a sigh as she spoke.

    She was currently in an extremely depressed mood.

    Earlier, if she had known that Liu Ming harbored a hidden Spirit Body like the Heavenly Spirit Body of Intelligence, she would have risked offending Gui Ru Quan in order to recruit him to her own faction.

    If she had done that, then among the ten great disciples, wouldn’t her faction hold two of the spots?

    Of course, it was already too late. There was no way that Gui Ru Quan would give Liu Ming to her Dancing Ghost Faction.

    “This truly is the case, especially for Martial Nephew Gu! Zeze, he unexpectedly successfully cultivated the Great Bone Controlling Technique! Junior Zhang, he seems to be a disciple of your Mysterious Glyphs Faction! Could it be that you didn’t know about this disciple’s talent?” Chu Qi wore a strange expression as he asked the middle-aged man a question.

    “Gu Jue only had a Three Spiritual Pulse body and didn’t enter my faction’s as a personal disciple. Thus, I truly didn’t realize that he secretly cultivated the Great Bone Controlling Technique successfully. Had I known earlier, how could I not have put more emphasis on helping him cultivate. Even if he is unable to become a Spirit Master, he definitely deserves my sect’s unstinting resources because he was able to cultivate this Great Technique. It is still not too late and as long as this child can cultivate this Great Technique to a certain realm, some of the sect’s sealed items will finally find a suitable master.” Master Zhang let out a bitter laugh first, but it immediately turned it into excitement as he replied.

    “I agree, ever since our sect’s Master Six Yin founded the sect, those that were able to successfully cultivate the Great Bone Controlling Technique were limited to only three or four. As for those items, only people who cultivate this Great Technique can use them. Junior Zhang, even if Gu Jue has no method of entering the ten Core Disciples, when he returns, you must raise him well. Perhaps in the future, he will become an important fighting force for our sect.” The Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader had a dignified tone as he spoke.

    “Senior, don’t worry. When this Large Competition ends, I will personally take him as my personal disciple and definitely help him cultivate the Great Bone Controlling Technique even further.” Spirit Master Zhang instantly replied.

    “Very good! Junior Gui, Martial Nephew Bai was also extremely shocking during this battle. Not only did he condense a Wind Blade Technique Seal, but he also managed to cultivate the Fireball Technique to Perfection. It seems that it really is the Heavenly Spirit Body of Intelligence. Moreover, its level shouldn’t be any lower than an adequate intelligence Spirit Body. However, why was the final full moon attacked created by his short sword so familiar. Was this a Totem you bestowed upon him?” The Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader turned his head and inquisitively asked Gui Ru Quan a question.

    “I also did not know that Cong Tian managed to condense the Fireball Technique Seal. As for that Totem, it wasn’t me who gave it to him. If I guess correctly, it should be Heavenly Moon Sect’s Fellow Yu’s Cyan Moon Sword Totem. When Fellow Yu perished under the Spirit Scarlet Serpent Dragon’s mouth, this child must have been nearby.” Gui Ru Quan forcibly quelled the excitement garnered from Liu Ming’s victory and hastily replied. Simultaneously, he also silently cursed Liu Ming for unexpectedly hiding so many things from him.

    “I understand, it seems that his luck is not small. I even know a bit about this Cyan Moon Sword’s history. Originally, it was not Heavenly Moon Sect’s. Thus, since it has been retrieved by my sect’s disciple, it naturally is a totem of our sect. If Heavenly Moon Sect were to dispatch people to inquire about this matter, you can tell them that.” The Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader came to a sudden realization and immediately replied with a laugh.

    “Then Junior thanks Sect Leader in place of that child.” When Gui Ru Quan heard the leader’s words, he was instantly delighted.

    It was reasonable to say that this Totem which was picked up by Liu Ming belonged to no master. Whoever managed to pick it up would not easily give it to another person. However, if Heavenly Moon Sect were to find that Liu Ming now possessed the item, a messy situation would naturally arise.

    Afterall, this was a well-known Totem; Heavenly Moon Sect was also one of the kingdom’s stronger sects and naturally would not easily let the matter go.

    However, since the Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader had just spoken on about the matter, he was naturally using his status as Sect Leader to take all problems brought about by the Cyan Moon Sword. Therefore, Liu Ming no longer had to fear the consequences of using the Totem.

    It was clear that Liu Ming’s performance caused the Sect Leader to start paying much more attention to him.

    “During this Large Competition, I didn’t expect this many disciples with hidden talents would appear. I was originally a bit worried about our sect’s next generation being inferior to the other sects. However, I can now be much more relieved.” The Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader laughed as he spoke to the others.

    “It is Martial Ancestor’s blessing that caused this many outstanding disciples in our sect.”

    “Perhaps in the not too distant future, our sect will flourish once more.”

    The other Spirit Masters were somewhat excited as they spoke with each other.

    The amount of disciples who displayed outstanding characteristics during this Large Competition truly did surpass their expectations. It was not something other Large Competitions could even come close to.

    “However, we cannot become too excited too early. I’ve heard that a few incredible genius disciples have appeared in Heavenly Moon Sect and the few other sects. I’ve also recently heard that Heavenly Moon Sect discovered a disciple with a Sword Communication Spirit Body. Sword cultivators are existences incredibly hard to deal with. If they are able to possess a matching Sword Body, they will be terrifying beyond imagination. I’m afraid that this Heavenly Moon Sect disciple’s future accomplishments will not be inferior to the legendary Heavenly Spiritual disciples. Among the Wind Fire Sect’s new disciples, I’ve heard that a genius disciple possessing a Fire and Water Nine Spiritual Pulse has appeared. As for Blood River Hall and Nine Orifice Mountain, although no news about them has been released, I believe that they do not lack talented disciples. Thus, in preparation for the Life and Death Trials this time, the top ten disciples of this Large Competition must be continuously pushed for the following year. We cannot let our sect’s ranking in the Life and Death Trials continue to fall.” The smile on the Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader’s face disappeared.

    TL: Earth Spiritual Pulse = 12, Heavently = 15 pulses