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Chapter 103 – Intense Battles (Part Four)

Demon’s Diary
     Chapter 103 – Intense Battles (Part Four)

    The big bald man gave a loud grunt and punched the air. A stream of black gas as thick as a bowl immediately and ferociously shout out from his fist.

    The White Bone Scorpion gave a weird cry and used its two huge claws to block the attack in front of it.

    When the black air hit the huge claws, there was an immediate bang and the ghost was knocked back like a bag.

    The black gas actually had such great power that it easily sent the White Bone Scorpion flying.

    The White Bone Scorpion. In the distance, rolled a few times before suddenly disappearing with a twist of green air.

    In this moment of delay, Liu Ming managed to finish casting his technique. His two hands trembled and the huge wind blade between them shot forward with an explosive sound.

    A large banging sound reverberated.

    The huge wind blade flashed before immediately cutting apart the black gas. However, its speed decreased a little due to the resistance of the gas.

    At this moment, the big man slightly squatted where he was standing and punched ferociously at the wind blade.

    With a “pu” sound, black light flashed from his fist and it was suddenly covered by a layer of a bone boxing glove. At the same time, streams of black gas began flowing out from his arm. The streams then began to wrap around the bone fist. Which caused to actually transform into a huge black air fist, a foot long. He used his fist to hit the opposing giant wind blade in a flash.

    There was a huge “hong” sound.

    The huge fist and wind blade connected and a wave of air rushed out in all directions. At the same time, Gu Jue was knocked back slightly.

    The huge wind blade gave off a few flashes of azure light before immediately breaking apart.

    After a period of shuddering, the huge black fist also broke apart, revealing the black bone glove hidden underneath.

    The bone glove was covered in a faint gash, but after the surrounding black gas flowed into it, the gash quickly closed up and the glove returned to how it was before.

    Afterward, the big man laughed maliciously and with his other hand, he suddenly grabbed the air in the direction of Liu Ming.

    With a “pu” sound, the black air in front of him flowed and condensed, forming an extremely blurry, black, giant claw. It was at least a half a foot in length. It trembled, before grabbing at Liu Ming after a sky shattering sound.

    Liu Ming’s expression changed and his hand sign suddenly changed. Five or six scarlet fireballs immediately shot forward and disappeared after a flash. They had all transformed into a rolling flame which hit the huge claw.

    A huge sound that could move the heavens could be heard!

    The giant black claw, under the extremely hot temperature, was like ice or snow as it melted extremely fast. After a moment, it finally transformed into bits of black air that exploded apart.

    This scene made the big bald man, who was originally extremely confident, slightly startled. After a low howl, he firmly stomped the stage beneath him.


    A formless wave spread out, originating from where he stomped. The nearby areas of the stone stage transformed into countless cracks.

    However, at almost the same time, two swishing sounds could be heard and two huge claws flew out from the broken rocks, clamping at the two calves of the big man.

    It was actually the White Bone Scorpion. It had used its burrowing technique at an unknown time to burrow under the big man to suddenly launch an attack.

    Seeing its lightning fast movements, the formless wave from the big man’s one-legged stomp did not have a major influence on it, or you could say, no damage was done at all.

    Although the big man had knew about the presence of the White Bone Scorpion beforehand, he obviously underestimated its strength.

    However, with this, the big bald man was already unstable in his movement and it was much too late to dodge. He could only give out a weird cry, immediately causing the black gas surrounding him to flow and condense around his calves. The black gas caused the black bone armor, that originally covered his calves, to thicken by a few times.

    Two bangs could be heard!

    The two giant claws firmly clamped onto the two calves of the big man, causing a few deep cracks to appear immediately on the surface of the bone armor. A crunching sound could be heard. It was if it the armor was going to completely break apart in the next moment.

    However, the big man immediately gave out a cold snort and with one hand he whipped out a black chain. It firmly bound the two huge claws and with his other hand, he grabbed the black chain and suddenly gave it a firm tug. An unimaginably strong power was put into this tug.

    Although the White Bone Scorpion was powerful, it did not specialize in strength. The moment it was pulled by the huge force, it was pulled out of the stone stage by that tug, flying straight at the big man.

    As for the bald big man, who was already prepared, he moved his hand and a fist, covered in black gas, flew at the White Bone Scorpion.

    Before the fist had hit the ghost, the black gas on its surface suddenly condensed and a sharp bone spike, about half a foot in length, appeared. It was ready to puncture the skull of the White White Bone Scorpion with one hit.

    However, at this moment, the White Bone Scorpion gave off a sharp cry of “gu” and the tail of the scorpion moved while it was being pulled. After a few loud swishing sounds, a dozen or more black lines shot forward with a flash.

    The big man only felt his arm go slightly cold and a dozen or more black holes beneath in his armor. Poisoned blood flowed out of them with no signs of stopping.

    The bone fist that was used to attack became numb and brushed past the White Bone Scorpion powerlessly. It became stiff after a short while and there was no longer any sense of feeling in it.

    The tail of the White Bone Scorpion became a blur again and shot out a dozen or so black lines once again.

    Under surprise and anger, the big man gave out a deep growl. His other hand suddenly blurred and grabbed the black chain with his five fingers, swinging it at the floor at lightning speed.

    A huge, earth-shaking bang sound could be heart and the whole stone stage rocked a little.

    A large half of the body of the White Bone Scorpion was stuck deeply in a loose rock ditch. Although the scorpion still seemed whole, it was unable to immediately climb out due to the powerlessness felt in its body.

    With this golden opportunity, the big bald man naturally would not let the White Bone Scorpion off so easily. With his other arm, he pulled the black chain, causing the tightly bound White Bone Scorpion on the other end to fly out of the ditch and be smashed down again.

    However, just at this moment, there were a few “pu” sounds and azure lights flashed a few times. They cut at the black chain, causing the middle of the chain to be severed in half.

    The White Bone Scorpion, who was still tightly bound on the smaller part of the chain, immediately squeezed free as all that the chain was binding was a gust of black gas.

    The White Bone Scorpion seemed to have also recovered its movement abilities in that moment and rolled into the loose rubble silently; where it immediately transformed into green gas, hiding within the stone stage again.

    The big bald man did not seem to want to chase down the ghost and instead looked at Liu Ming with a gloomy expression.

    Liu Ming on the other side, who had formed hand signs with both hands, had seven or eight trembling wind blades float in from of him.

    It was obvious that the black chain from before was cut when Liu Ming took the opportunity to use his Wind Blade Technique to free the White Bone Scorpion.

    Although the big man seemed to have been through a lot while he was facing the White Bone Scorpion, their fight only lasted for a few breaths.

    The green flames on Gu Yu’s mask jumped a little and he looked at his injured arm, feeling a little gloomy.

    He saw that the dozen or so holes had stopped bleeding but his whole arm was at least twice as thick as before and a numb feeling had already spread through it as well. He could not move his fingers at all.

    Although he immediately used Fa Li to stop the poison from spreading to other parts of his body, undoubtedly his arm had been rendered completely useless.

    Not only did the stinger of that White Bone Scorpion pierce through the defence of his arm clad with bone armor, it also had extremely strong poison. The strength of the scorpion could not be compared with other Warrior Level ghosts.

    The big bald man thought through these things and could not help even become even more serious.

    The attention of the spectators below was completely captured by the intense, lightning-fast battle between the big man and Liu Ming. They all watched in silence, with their eyes wide open, afraid to be distracted by even a little.

    The group of spirit masters on the jade platform were also very surprised at the weirdness of the Secret Technique of Gu Yu, and also by the strength of the White Bone Scorpion summoned by Liu Ming.

    Within them, the most surprised naturally was still Gui Ru Quan.

    He had never thought that, other than a technique at Complete Spell Mastery, Liu Ming would actually have such a strong Warrior Level ghost.

    On the stone stage underneath, Liu Ming instead suddenly smiled, and opened his mouth.

    “Senior Gu, the strength of my White Bone Scorpion’s poison is so strong that even if you use Fa Li to temporarily seal it off, you will not last that long. With the situation of the poison being in your body, how can you continue to battle against me. Why not forfeit and let me dispel the poison? Otherwise, if it stays in your body a little longer and an accident occurs, it will not be good.”

    “Hmph, forfeit! You think of me too easily. What can this little poison do? From now on, the real battle between us will start.”

    Hearing what Liu Ming said, the big bald man instead gave out a crazy laugh and suddenly moved his hand. He actually grabbed the shoulder of the arm that was poisoned. Using power in his five fingers, there was actually a cracking sound as he forcibly severed his whole arm.

    Black, poisonous blood immediately flowed out from the injury at his root of his severed arm.

    However, the big man instead immediately began chanting, and countless black inscriptions appeared on his severed arm. Under a breeze, the severed arm trembled before transforming into black smoke, fusing back into his body.

    In the next moment, another cloud of black gas appeared on the shoulder of the big man, where he was injured. After rolling and condensing, it first transformed into pieces of sparkling black bones. Then densely packed black and red blood vessels appeared on the surface, transforming into layers of flesh and blood, layering at lightning speed.

    After the period of a few breaths, a complete, uninjured arm appeared again under the gaze of everybody.

    Not only did this scene cause the normal disciples to all be dumbstruck, the group of Spirit Masters on the jade platform were also gobsmacked.

    Yang Qian, who originally sat under his banner with his eyes half closed, abruptly widened them at the big bald man. A deathly silver light constantly flashed within in his eyes.

    As for Feng Chan, Qian Huiniang and the other disciples, after seeing this unbelievable sight, they all showed their individual horrified expressions.

    “What a limb-regrowing ability. It looks like the ghost spirit that he used in his Capitulation Ghost Technique is a ghost with an innate techniques that specializes in regeneration. This type of ghost is rarely seen. He is lucky to have been able to find it, as well as refine it successfully.” The Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader instead rubbed his palms as he smiled.

    “Indeed, it can only be explained like this. Although the Capitulation Ghost Technique can retain the innate techniques of the ghost, the probability of that happening is very low. This Gu Jue child is lucky. However, with this, the disciple under Senior Gui will be in great trouble. Even with the help from that White Bone Scorpion, it is perhaps very hard to achieve victory.” Chu Qi blinked a few times before smiling slightly and speaking.

    “If it hasn’t reached the end, who wins and who loses is not a matter easily determined.” Gui Ru Quan recovered from being shocked and became gloomy after hearing what was said. However, he replied with no expression.

    At the same time, on the stage below, Liu Ming became a little green after watching the broken arm of the big bald man regrow. However, after a deep breath, he suddenly shook his sleeve and a short, azure sword immediately appeared.