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Chapter 102 – Intense Battles (Part three)

Demon’s Diary
     Chapter 102 – Intense Battles (Part three)

    In the time it takes to have a meal, the extremely beautiful young girl had yet to move from her original spot.

    The handsome youth, on the other hand, had already fallen seventy to eighty feet away from the blossoming young lady. Although the gold shroud of light on his body still persisted, foam was already seeping from his mouth and he was in a deep coma.

    When the fat old man flew down and declared the winner, the extremely beautiful young lady immediately and soundlessly turned around before walking away. She silently returned to her original banner.

    Regardless of whether it was on the stage or off the stage, there was absolute silence.

    From the very beginning, this challenger had displayed absolute confidence but after walking only a couple of steps, he suffered from the effects of Jia Lan’s eye technique and his movements grew slower.

    Despite being covered in the Illusion Dispelling Light Shroud and forcibly moving forward, every step required strenuous effort; so much so that at the very end, the veins in his forehead were bulging and his face was blood red.

    Moreover, when he had made it to his current position, he had suddenly began babbling nonsense and waved his hands wildly in the air before finally collapsing to the ground in exhaustion.

    Such a weird situation caused the plethora of Barbarian Ghost Sect disciples to suck in a cold breath of air. To them, Jia Lan clearly became much more mysterious and unfathomable.

    The fat old man gave light medical treatment to the youth before letting others carry him off the stage. He proceeded to announce the continuation of the challenging battles.

    Subsequently, someone proceeded to challenge Duan Can Zu, however, the challenger was no match for the transmogrified yellow ribbon that were so numerous that they could covered the sky. The challenger was ultimately firmly bound by the ribbon and could only helplessly admit defeat.

    At this time, Shi Chuan finally walked up and challenged the eighth placed gray-robed youth with an ugly complexion.

    During the previous battles, this youth had summoned a “Hundred Boned” level sacrificially refined White Demon Skeleton. Furthermore, he was proficient in a bone explosion Secret Technique that allowed him to turn sacrificially refined ghost bones into Miasmic Thunder that attacked the enemy. The power of this technique truly was not weak and quite unpredictable.

    Otherwise, other challengers would have already challenged this person. Instead, they challenged Liu Ming and the other new disciples.

    With this situation, aside from a select few people, most people didn’t believe that Shi Chuan could win his challenge.

    Nonetheless, when the two of them began fighting, everyone was taken aback.

    Aside from the silver-chained Totem that protected his entire body at the start of the fight, he immediately summoned a monster only heard in legends—a Flying Head.

    The monster’s outer appearance was similar to a male’s head. When it appeared, it immediately emitted an overflowing demonic aura. After its head covered in hair moved, it ripped the White Demon Skeleton into splinters. Subsequently, its body flew into the air and swallowed the opposing the Miasmic Thunder that the bones of the White Demon Skeleton exploded into.

    Next, the monster appeared on top of the gray-robed youth in a flash. A layer of black flame condensed in its large mouth and the gray-robed youth was forced to concede.

    The fight between these two was extremely simple and had only taken a few seconds to finish.

    Such a fast battle along with it surpassing everyone’s expectations naturally caused the spectators to open their eyes wide and rendering them unable to speak.

    The myriad of Spirit Masters on the jade platform went into an uproar when the Flying Head monster appear.

    “Zeze, Senior Gui, your courage truly is magnanimous. You unexpectedly dared to confer your faction’s Demonic Flying Head to a disciple.”

    “Considering how tyrannic this demon is, aside from a few select people in my faction with enough fighting ability, I’m afraid that few people would be able to contend against it.”


    The Spirit Masters from various factions began to express their opinions.

    “Junior Gui, you surprisingly gave the monster to Shi Chuan; isn’t this a bit rash? The power of the power of the Flying Head is second only to the Nine Infants. Even if you were to use the monster, you would have to be careful of its backlash; I don’t have to point out what could happen to a mere Spirit Apostle disciple.” The Barbarian Ghost Sect leader let out a long sigh and was extremely serious as he asked Gui Ru Quan a question.

    “Sect Leader, don’t worry. This monster’s soul has already been locked up by the Suppressing Devil Chain. Unless it can autonomously free itself from this Totem, it has no choice but to bear Chuan Er’s use. If this were not the case, how could the three of us have given the monster to him so easily.” A smile appeared on Gui Ru Quan’s face as he replied.

    Shi Chuan’s easy victory caused the worry in his heart to finally dissipate.

    “Although the Suppressing Devil Chain is powerful, your disciple’s Fa Li cultivation is still a little too low. There will be some risks when he uses this Flying Head. If possible, it’s best to not use this Flying Head in fights until it’s absolutely necessary.” The Sect Leader shook his head as he remarked.

    “Senior, you need not worry. After we go back, I will warn him a bit more.” When Gui Ru Quan heard this, he was slightly displeased; however, the smile on his face remained as he replied.

    At this time, Chu Qi’s eyebrows creased and he opened his mouth,

    “Sect Leader doesn’t need to be too worried. Although this Flying Head is incomparably powerful, a large amount of Essence Blood is required when using it each time. With the amount of Essence Blood a Spirit Apostle has, he can use it once or twice at most!”

    “Hmph, I didn’t realize that Junior Chu knew so much about my Faction’s Enslaving Devil Technique.” Gui Ru Quan’s face slightly changed.

    “Hehe, Senior Gui is giving me too much credit. I have only looked at a few books that pertain to the subject.” Chu Qi laughed as he replied.

    Gui Ru Quan gave a dissatisfied hmph and didn’t speak any further.

    The Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader relaxed his expression after he heard this information.

    When the others finished listening, their nervousness also slightly dissipated.

    If that was the case, during tomorrow’s top ten Core Disciple Ranking Competition, Shi Chuan could only use the Flying Head once more. Thus, they did not need to worry to much about him using the Flying Head to take the peak of Core Disciples.


    The subsequent challenge matches continued to proceed.

    However, none of the challengers had made their move yet. Most of them didn’t have enough confidence in themselves. Even when a few of them summoned the courage and entered the stage, most of them returned in staggering defeat.

    There was even one person who challenged Liu Ming again but after being successively attacked by a flurry wind blades, he was easily defeated.

    In the blink of an eye, the only remaining person among the challengers was a large bald man called Gu Jue.

    Once he fought his challenging match, the second round of the Large Competition would be considered finished.

    Therefore, regardless if they were on the stage or off the stage, everyone’s gaze fell on Gu Jue.

    The big bald man stood up and walked to the center of the elevated stage. His gaze swept around everyone in front of him. Afterwards, he used his hand to rub his glossy bald head and he let out a laugh as he said,

    “I am an untalented fellow and I don’t have much of a chance of defeating the others. Thus I would like Junior Bai to give me a few pointers.”

    His challenge was astonishingly directed at Liu Ming.

    Although Liu Ming had already been challenged twice, two matches had passed between his last fight. This was coupled with the fact that he had not spent too much Fa Li during his matches this competition, therefore he naturally could not refuse.

    Liu Ming was surprised at first, but after seeing the opposing party’s unbridled gaze, he let out a light smile and stood up.

    “Since Senior Gu has requested a match, I can only accept the challenge.”

    The second he finished projecting his voice, Liu Ming walked to the center of the elevated stage.

    Up in the air, when the fat elder saw the match arrangement between Gu Jue and Liu Ming, the corners of his mouth curled and a strange expression flashed in his eyes. However, he didn’t hesitate to announce the start of the competition between the two.

    On the jade platform, when Gui Ru Quan saw the scenario unfold, his face couldn’t help but turn slightly ugly.

    Although Gu Jue hadn’t fought very much during the previous days of the competition, he had easily obtained victory every time he fought. It was clear that he had yet to use his full strength.

    How could this not make Gui Ru Quan worried for Liu Ming?

    If Liu Ming were to be kicked out of the top ten Core Disciple ranking, the entire Nine Infants Factions would be incomparably sullen.

    When Chu Qi saw the discord on Gui Ru Quan’s face, he let out a giddy expression to the side.

    Underneath them, on the elevated stage, Gu Jue suddenly shook his sleeve a thick Soul Shackling Chain flew out. After revolving once, it transformed into a black gown-like object that encased his body. After the chain had surrounded him, Gu Jue twisted neck and his two hands abruptly clenched into fists.

    In an instant, a “ga beng” sound of explosions rang out from within his body and his body instantly grew more than half a head taller.

    Subsequently, the big man let out a sinister laugh and formed a technique seal with his hand. From within his body, wisps of black gas rose into the air. After curling together, they transformed into a Black Spirit Inscription that imprinted itself onto his clothes.

    In the next second, a black light appeared on the Gu Jue’s clothes. It unexpectedly morphed into barbed black bone armor. The armor seemed to sprout and protect every inch of his body, firmly hiding all of Gu Jue’s newly enlarged body.

    Then, Gu Yue opened his mouth again and a ball of blood-colored light was spat out. He used one hand to grab it and subsequently rubbed it on his face.

    A shocking scene appeared.

    After massive bald man put the blood-colored light on his face, a ghost mask that seemed to be made of fresh blood covered his face.

    After a “teng” sound, the two eyes on the mask unexpectedly became two balls of faint green ghost flames. The originally human-like man instantly began emitting threatening Miasma. He seemed to transform into a genuine ghost.

    “Capitulation Ghost Technique!”

    Underneath the stage, when the knowledgeable disciples had understood the changes that had occurred, they couldn’t help but involuntarily speak those words.

    When Liu Ming heard these voices, his expression changed. He vaguely remembered hearing about this name somewhere else. It seemed to be a high level Secret Technique that combined the power of a ghost’s soul with oneself. However, cultivating it was incomparably complex and the cultivators that managed to successfully perfect it were exceptionally few.

    Liu Ming thoughts churned and the expression on his face instantly turned abnormally serious. He began to take his opponent seriously as a genuine challenger unlike the previous two challengers.

    Liu Ming suddenly smacked the leather bag on his waist and black gas immediately rolled into the air. A few feet long, enormous White Bone Scorpion suddenly appeared in the area adjacent to Liu Ming. Subsequently, his wrist shook and he violently poured the Fa Li in his body into his copper bracelet.

    A droning sound reverberated and a yellow substance appeared on his arm in the form of a shield.

    When he finished his actions, the opposing Gu Jue had raised his head and let out a ferocious roar that resembled something inhuman. In the ensuing moment, he abruptly raised one leg and stomped on the ground. His body shot into the air like a stone bullet, rushing toward Liu Ming.

    A cold glint flashed in Liu Ming’s eyes. After thinking something in his head, the adjacent White Bone Scorpion flickered and appeared in front of him, acting as a shield. Liu Ming’s two hands then formed technique seals, causing countless wind blades to emerge. After lightly shaking his hands, they transformed into rays of cyan light that violently shot forward.

    “Peng, peng!”

    The flying skin headed large man unexpectedly did not dodge these Wind Blades. Thus, they slashed into every part of his body.

    However, the bone armor on his opponent’s body seemed incomparably hard and every Wind Blade was successively repelled. The only thing that was left on the bone armor from the attack were small white scars.

    The large bald man’s body only slowed slightly before still rushing at Liu Ming.

    When Liu Ming saw this, his face became gloomy. He completely disregarded his opponent, who was just about to arrive in front of him, as he put his two hands together once more. An enormous wind blade that was several feet in length began to condense.

    Simultaneously, the White Bone Scorpion residing in front of him transformed into a green silhouette. With a “sou” sound, it rushed forward to meet Gu Jue.