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Chapter 100 – Intense Battles (part one)

Demon’s Diary
     Chapter 100 – Intense Battles (part one)

    Liu Ming stood in the same place without moving but in his mind, he thought about his opponent’s past battle. Specifically, a scene where Liu Ming’s opponent approached the other combatant in the previous round with ghost like movements and instantly placed the weird blade against the neck of the other combatant.

    Without a doubt, his opponent seemed to know some type of extremely powerful support technique. In Liu Ming’s fight, he definitely couldn’t let his opponent get near.

    Although Liu Ming did not move, he started chanting quickly and cast the Lighten Technique on himself.

    After hearing the fat elder announce that the battle had started, the tall, skinny young man by the name of Gao Fei gave Liu Ming a snicker and formed a hand sign with one hand. Azure light immediately began to coalesce on his embroidered robe, slowly enveloping his whole body. From far away, he seemed like a man made out of azure light.

    After seeing this strange situation, Liu Ming’s heart shivered and he suddenly raised both of his hands without hesitation.

    A sky-shattering sound immediately could be heard as six or seven wind blades formed from azure light shot forward. After a few flashes, they were nearing Gao Fei who was still surrounded by light.

    However, Gao Fei gave a weird snicker and blurred a little. The wind blades seemed to pass through his body as if the body was incorporeal.

    Seeing this, the spectators below all could not help but be surprised, and some people even cried out in shock.

    Liu Ming instead wrinkled his brows and did not reveal an expression of great surprise.

    The unbelieveable scene performed by his opponent may have been able to trick most of the onlookers, but it was unable trick Liu Ming’s eyes.

    The Wind Blade seemed to pass through Gao Fei’s body, but he actually just dodged at an extremely fast speed. Since his movements were so fast, it caused such an illusion as if the Wind Blades passed through him.

    Since his opponent’s movements were quick enough to dodge the Wind Blade attack, Liu Ming knew that he would get a slight headache when trying to close out the match.

    Just at this moment, there was a sliding sound.

    The man surrounded by light opposite Liu Ming, drew his weird blade from his back as his body shook a little. Then, he rushed forward as an azure shadow.

    Seeing this, Liu Ming rubbed his to hands together without even thinking. He raised them again and ten or so wind blades immediately shot out. In the next moment, Liu Ming moved his ten fingers a little and more wind blades appeared mid-air. With a flick, they again transformed into azure lights as they shot forward.

    Liu Ming actually release more than twenty wind blades all at once in such a short period of time.

    With only an abnormal sway, the faraway shadow, formed from his opponent covered in light, actually dodged all of the wind blades. After another blur, the shadow arrived only several tens of feet away from Liu Ming. It’s movement was so fast that it was like a ghost.

    Liu Ming was secretly surprised inside but without thinking much, he suddenly shook his sleeve and a black chain shot out like a poisonous snake. It viciously shot directly at Liu Ming’s opponent covered in azure light.

    However, the person encompassed by light gave a cold laugh before shaking the weird blade in his hand. It immediately transformed into a dozen or so cold light rays which shot out, breaking the black chain in half. After that, he raised his other hand and a ray of jade light shot toward Liu Ming.

    Liu Ming gave a hmph sound before suddenly sticking out an arm. The bronze bracelet on his wrist shook a little and a yellow light shield immediately appeared in front of him.

    The jade light hit the shield and a pitter-pattering sound rang out, similar to rain falling on a fence. Both the light and the shield shattered at the same time.

    Just at this moment, the body of the Gao Fei twisted and he arrived so close to Liu Ming that even his malevolent expression could be seen clearly by Liu Ming.

    Liu Ming’s expression became serious. After moving his two legs slightly, the lower half of his body immediately slid back like flowing water. He then suddenly slapped against front of his chest.


    In front of him, three points of black light appeared, and in seconds, a black light shield appeared from these black points of light.

    However, Gao Fei who was still shrouded in light ignored this and continued to rush forward. He let no gap appear between Liu Ming and himself. At the same time, he started a chant and the strange blade in his hand was suddenly enveloped by azure light. After brandishing it toward Liu Ming, he disappeared into thin air with a blur.

    In the next moment, the space in front of Liu Ming began to hum loudly and a large amount of the azure blade shadows appeared, hitting the black light shield in a dense cluster.

    Just after a moment and after a crisp sound, the Three Star Shield shattered into small pieces. The sword shadows, which had no obstruction now, immediately shot forward.

    Liu Ming gave another cold hmph as he moved his arm. The bronze bracelet on his wrist trembled a little and a yellow tiger head immediately appeared. At the same time, a white sound wave was spat forward.

    The sword shadows, after being hit, could not help but take a moment to steady themselves.

    During this period of delay, Liu Ming, who was still sliding back brought his two hands together and quickly separated them again. A huge wind blade that was several feet wide flickered as it appeared and with another tremble of Liu Ming’s arm, it flashed forward with an explosive sound.

    After seeing the huge wind blade appear, the opposing Gao Fei shivered a little in his heart. Without hesitation, the man encompassed by light suddenly shot backward. At the same time, he swung the weird blade in his hand again and another group of azure blade shadows appeared.

    Just at this moment, with a “pu” sound, the giant wind blade appeared in a flash, cutting through the large amount of blade shadows. After another flash, it cut toward the body of Gao Fei.

    Gao Fei did not expect the giant wind blade to be this powerful. It shot forward with such speed and surprise that he was too late to dodge it. Gao Fei could only quickly bring the weird blade to his body and at the same time, break a yellow Glyph in his sleeves with his other hand.


    Gao Fei only felt a sharp gale flash near him as his hand felt hot and the weird blade flew out of his hand.

    Subsequently, the huge Wind Blade viciously hit the sand-yellow rock shield that suddenly appeared in front of Gao Fei. After a cracking sound, both the shield and the Wind Blade suddenly broke apart.

    Seeing this, Gao Fei could not help but gasp as he felt shivers run down his back.

    If he had deployed the life-saving Glyph, that he spent a paid a large price for, a little slower, he would have really been cut in two.

    The power of the huge Wind Blade was actually more than what rumors had said.

    At this moment, Liu Ming, who was not far away, swayed and actually appeared close to the weird blade that flew out of his opponent’s hand. He firmly planted a foot on top of the Practitioner Weapon.

    Seeing this, Gao Fei’s expression became gloomy. Just as he turned and wanted to do something, the flashing azure light on his body coalesced before completely dissolving away.

    The real body of the tall and skinny young man appeared again as the embroidered robes he was wearing immediately became dull and tainted. He could not help but reveal a dumbstruck expression.

    Liu Ming did not show any hesitation because of this, forming another hand seal with both hands. Without saying anything further, many wind blades again formed in front of him. There were a frightening number of them, around twenty. A cold light flashed in his eyes and he was about to shoot them at his opponent.

    “There is no need to continue. I admit defeat!”

    Seeing this situation, the tall, skinny young man finally responded with a quiver as he immediately took the initiative to shout his surrender loudly.

    This caused Liu Ming and the other extremely startled viewers below to stare blankly.

    However, after thinking a little, this seemed to also be a very normal situation.

    The reason why Gao Fei was able to fight like a demon at the start was mainly due to the embroidered robes on him and the weird blade that increased his power. However, now one of the objects had exhausted its power and the other was directly in Liu Ming’s hand, so there naturally was no hope in winning anymore.

    “This round, Bai Cong Tian has achieved victory. Furthermore, he is not allowed to be challenged again in the next round.” The fat elder dropped down from the sky and plainly gave an order. However, when his gaze reached Liu Ming, there was a sliver of astoundment that could not be concealed.

    Liu Ming gave a small laugh and said, “You let me win,” before shaking his sleeve. The azure Wind Blades in front of him all disappeared in a flash. At the same time, he moved his foot off the weird blade and returned to his own banner where he sat down.

    However, the nearby disciples, including Gao Chong and Lei Zhen, all looked at Liu Ming with expressions that could not help but reveal a little fear.

    Although they knew that the Wind Blade Technique at Perfection was no laughing matter, but for Liu Ming to use it at such a perfect level and able to release it with a flick, that greatly exceeded their expectations.

    Of course, they did not know that Liu Ming also spent some time everyday to practice how to use his attacks practically and painstakingly trained the techniques for various situations in the mysterious space. Liu Ming would also visualize different enemy combat situations, allowing him to be able to reach such a level of fluidity when casting the spell.

    The many disciples below were even more abnormally excited and all continuously discussed Liu Ming’s Perfection of his Wind Blade Technique. The discussions even lead to the topic of how powerful the various other techniques were after forming a Technique Seal.

    “Yang Qian, last Large Competition, you reached Perfection with the Fireball Technique, forming a Technique Seal of that technique. However, the release speed of your Fireball Technique is far from this brat’s speed.” Yang Qian originally was sitting cross-legged under the banner quietly but a person’s voice suddenly could be heard in his ear.

    Yang Qian’s masked face moved slightly as he turned around and sought out the skinny and shriveled young man sitting under the second banner. He replied plainly:

    “The Fireball Technique and the Wind Blade Technique are different techniques. After forming a Technique Seal, the attributes increased naturally are not the same. Therefore, if the casting speed of the Fireball Technique is not as fast as the Wind Blade Technique at Perfection, there is nothing to be surprised about. Although the Secret Technique you practice is well known for its defense, whether it will be able to block the huge wind blade cast by Junior Bai is another matter.”

    “Hmph, you do not need to worry. Even if the power of Junior Bai’s Wind Blade is increased by several folds, it is still unable to break through my defenses.” Feng Chan gave a cold laugh and replied. He coldly looked at Liu Ming, who was to the other side of their line.

    Liu Ming naturally did not know about this conversation as he sat where he was with his eyes closed, circulating and controlling his energy.

    On the stone platform, Gao Fei had already picked up his weird blade and returned to his own banner with no expression visible on his face.

    Almost at the same time, Sima Tian’s expression changed a little before he suddenly stood up. He walked up the stage and spoke while sweeping his gaze.

    “If Junior Lei does not mind, I wonder if we can exchange some pointers.”

    Sima Tian’s challenge target was actually Lei Zhen, the Nine Spiritual Lightning Pulse disciple.

    Hearing this, Lei Zhen gave a small laugh and walked out from under his banner without saying anything.

    Seeing this, the fat elder nodded his head and immediately announced, “The battle starts now,” before returning to the outside of the light cover in a flash.

    At the same time, Lei Zhen formed hand seals with both hands as, after a rumble from his body, silver colored sparks curled outward. It was almost as if there was a silver snake wrapped around his body, constantly flashing and sparking outwards.

    Seeing this, Sima Tian’s expression became serious. After shaking his sleeve, a short, sparkling, black ruler immediately appeared in his hand. He slowly walked step by step towards Lei Zhen with a steady footing.