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Chapter 96 – Heavenly Intelligence Spirit Body

Demon’s Diary
     Chapter 96 – Heavenly Intelligence Spirit Body

    “Junior Gui, the reason why Yang Qian was able to condense a Fireball Technique Seal was because he spent two years cultivating it. As for the Qian girl’s Water Arrow Technique Seal, during the last Life and Death Trials she killed one of the Water Tribe’s abnormal monsters and inadvertently managed to absorb it. However, because of this, she almost went insane and died. If it weren’t for Master Yan personally helping her suppress the seal, I’m afraid that she would not have lived to today. As for Martial Nephew Bai, he is only a Three Spiritual Pulse disciple, so how would he be able to do this? If you were to argue that he underwent harsh training, it’s still inconceivable.” Senior Huang was slightly suspicious as he spoke.

    “I myself am not too clear about this matter. You should know that Junior Zhu and Zhong didn’t accept him as their personal disciple because of his talent. I would expect that he had his own other lucky encounter.” Gui Ru Quan hesitated before bitterly laughing as he replied.

    “Learning the reason won’t be easy. Why don’t we invite Junior Bai up here to explain it to us. This way, we’ll all be clear.” Baleful Yin Faction’s Chu Qi pondered a while before suddenly laughing.

    “This won’t quite do. According to the commandments laid down by the ancestors, whatever opportunities our sect’s disciples stumble upon, it is their own affair; it is not something us elders can inquire about” Gui Ru Quans expression changed.

    “Senior Gui is thinking too much! This isn’t inquiring about something to the end. If Martial Nephew Bai had only undergone an incredible increase in cultivation or had acquired a totem or Practitioner Weapon, we naturally wouldn’t get involved. However, the condensation of this Technique Seal is truly a bit too odd. If we don’t clear up the situation, and there is something wrong, I’m afraid that it would be detrimental for the entire sect. Furthermore, just a little while ago, didn’t Sect Leader clearly explain Gao Chong’s solidification of his Cultivation Qi?” Chu Qi indifferently said.

    Gui Ru Quans face suddenly became unsightly.

    When the other Spirit Masters heard this, they quietly discussed among themselves. In the end, there were those that endorsed this idea, but there were also others who disapproved.

    Faced with this situation, the Barbarian Ghost Sect’s Leader knit his eyebrows. A while later, he finally opened his mouth and said:

    “Martial Nephew Bai has already reached the realm of a Late Spirit Apostle and naturally could not have spent the entirety of these past few years on Secret Techniques. Thus, simple inquiries is something we must do. Of course, Junior Gui doesn’t have to be worried. This isn’t an interrogation, instead it’s only us elders asking a few simple questions. Even if Martial Nephew Bai is unwilling to answer, he will not suffer any punishments.”

    After hearing the Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader say this, the other Spirit Masters looked at each other and most of them nodded approvingly.

    When Gui Ru Quan saw this scene, he could only heed his words and agree. He certainly harbored an identical curiosity as to how Liu Ming was able to cultivate a Technique Seal.

    Thus, when the next challenger appeared on the first elevated platform, Gui Ru Quan’s voice transmitted into Liu Ming’s ear.

    Liu Ming’s thoughts quickly spun about and he calmly stood up on the stone platform. Then, he proceeded to summon his cloud and fly toward the jade platform.

    When the other disciples saw this, they were naturally shocked. The embroidered robed Spirit Master seemed to have received other instructions and turned a blind eye to this.

    “Disciple Bai Cong Tian greets Master Gui, Sect Leader and the other Masters and Seniors.”

    As soon as Liu Ming descended onto the jade platform, he immediately respectfully bowed.

    “Cong Tian, stand up. You did pretty well this time and unexpectedly managed to enter the top ten. If you are able to maintain this ranking, Master Zhu and I will heavily reward you afterwards. Right now, there are a few things that your Martial Uncle, the Sect Leader and other Martial Uncles wish to ask you about. Try your best to answer their questions. If it is inconvenient for you to answer, we will not force you.” Gui Ru Quan wore a smiling expression as he helped Liu Ming up.

    “Yes, I will definitely answer with all I know.” After Liu Ming stood up, he calmly spoke.

    “Martial Nephew Bai truly looks like a genius; there is no need to be nervous. The reason we called you is to ask you about two things.” The Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader examined Liu Ming a few times while exposing a smiling face.

    “I do not know what Sect Leader and the other master would like to ask?” Liu Ming indifferently replied.

    “Martial Nephew Bai, you are currently a Late Spirit Apostle right?” The Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader nodded his head and proceeded to ask.

    “Yes, I just advanced into the late stage not too long ago.” Liu Ming unperturbed replied.

    “With your Three Spiritual Pulse body, it must have been extremely rough trying to cultivate to this realm. Since this is the case, you must have assiduously cultivated your Fa Li and spent a lot of time on it.” The Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader inquired.

    “Yes, I spent most of the recent few years cultivating my principle Cultivation Method.” Liu Ming responded in an affirmative manner.

    “When you usually cultivate the Wind Blade Technique, how much time did you spend on it?”

    “I don’t spend too much time; I only spent four hours every day cultivating this technique.”

    “From Martial Nephew’s previous battle, you have most likely cultivated the Wind Blade Technique to Perfection and condensed a Technique Seal.”

    “I truly did condense a Wind Blade Technique Seal!”

    “Since the time you needed to learn the technique wasn’t long, how did you accomplish this?” The Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader squinted his eyes.

    The other Spirit Masters couldn’t help but listen with rapt attention.

    “I don’t really understand Sect Leader’s question. Would you mind stating it more explicitly?” Liu Ming seemed to be a bit confused.

    “Martial Nephew Bai, don’t tell me that you only spent four hours every day cultivating the Wind Blade Technique and managed to condense the Technique Seal!” When the Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader heard Liu Ming’s question, his eyebrows creased.

    “I truly condensed the Technique Seal in this manner.” Liu Ming blinked his eyes and his face contained an expression of complete innocence.

    Once they heard this, the Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader and the other Spirit Masters to his side couldn’t refrain from freezing in shock.

    “Spending only four hours every day and cultivating a Technique Seal within a few years; if this truly is the case, there may actually be a logical reason.” Senior Lei rubbed his chin as an odd glint of light appeared in his eyes while he talked.

    “How is it possible!” The Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader was shocked and abruptly turned his head as he asked a question.

    The others were also astounded as they looked over.

    “Could it be that everyone has forgotten of the few Spirit Bodies told in legends that are inscrutable? There seems to be a Spirit Body that can accomplish this feat.” The large Spirit Master Lei laughed.

    “Could you possibly be talking of the extremely mysterious Heavenly Intelligence Spirit Body?” Spirit Master Huang cried out in alarm.

    “That’s correct. Apparently, this Heavenly Intelligence Spirit Body possesses unfathomable intelligence. No matter whether the owner of this Spirit Body is comprehending a Cultivation Method or cultivating a Secret Technique, he or she is several if not tens of times faster than normal people. However, it’s a pity that since this Spirit Body only amplifies intelligence, there’s no way to check if a person actually possesses it. On the other hand, we know that this Spirit Body actually exists. Previously, Heavenly Moon Sect and Wind Fire Sect harbored two freaks who possessed Spirit Bodies of this kind. Although their Fa Li was mediocre, their cultivation of Spells and Secret Technique was something that a normal person could only dream of. Moreover, according to their Secret Technique training speeds, the Spirit Body can be divided into levels of low intelligence, adequate intelligence and genius intelligence.” Spirit Master Lei recalled a memory as he spoke in a serious manner.

    “After listening to Senior Lei, I remember hearing of such a rare Spirit Body. Zeze, could it be that Martial Nephew Bai possesses this mysterious Spirit Body? It’s no wonder that we were unable to discover it during the Opening Spirit Ceremony.” Instantly, there were Spirit Masters who suddenly began clicking their tongues in wonder.

    “However, aside from this disciple’s small accomplishment in practicing Secret Techniques, my comprehension of Cultivation Methods is not very quick.” After hearing their discussion, Liu Ming seemed to be slightly hesitant as he spoke.

    “The Heavenly Intelligence Body originally was an extremely mysterious Spirit Body. Thus, it is normal if it is slightly different from the legends. Perhaps your’s isn’t a Heavenly Intelligence Spirit Body but is an unknown kind of similar Spiritual Body. After all, although we know that a plethora of Spirit Bodies exist in the cultivation world, we don’t concretely know the amount. If we were to strictly adhere to what we know, that would just be silly.” Spirit Master Huang pondered a while, but ultimately began smiling and the expression on his face was one of revelation.

    “After listening to Senior Huang, it seems that this child does possess a Spirit Body similar to the Heavenly Intelligence Spirit Body. If this truly is the case, everything would make sense. Very good, Marital Nephew Bai can go down and continue participating in the remaining Large Competition.” When the Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader finished listening, he exposed an expression that revealed his thoughts before finally laughing and speaking to Liu Ming.

    After Liu Ming finished listening, he looked at Gui Re Quan. When he saw that Spirit Master Gui’s smiling expression indicated that he could leave, he finally bowed toward everyone on the jade platform before once again hopping on his cloud and flying down.

    A moment later he had returned to the stone platform and proceeded to sit under his banner.

    Liu Ming’s facial expression seemed normal, but he let out a large sigh of relief inside.

    Regarding the mysterious bubble in his body and the mysterious room, these were the largest secrets in his life. He naturally would not let anyone else know about them.

    However, in order to conceal his extremely quick Secret Technique and Cultivation speed, he had begun trying to find an excuse to explain his situation since a long time ago.

    An unknown Spirit Body was an excuse that he had come up with a long time ago.

    For this reason, he ceaselessly scoured myriads of books and records relating to Spirit Bodies. He knew that there were a few Spirit Bodies that were undetectable, which was why he was able to maintain a calm expression without fear of getting called out.

    It seemed that currently, even though there was no way that the Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader would completely believe him, he had managed to smoothly pass the inquiry this time around. Thus, others would not easily suspect him.

    Since this was the case, he could fully perform his techniques in the Large Competition without worry.

    Liu Ming was slowly pondering this when the competition on the stone platform ended. Subsequently, a challenger jumped onto the stage and astonishingly expressed his desire to challenge Liu Ming.

    Liu Ming let out a faint smile and immediately stood up and walked to the center of the elevated platform.

    In the time it took to have a cup of tea, cyan flashes of light continuously formed in Liu Ming’s hands as a quick successive number of wind blades rapidly shot at the opponent. It seemed as if he didn’t need Fa Li to cast these Wind Blades.

    On the other side, a youth wearing a yellow robe clutched a black iron shield in front of him. He defended himself against the Wind Blade attacks with all his might as his shield danced around him.

    Liu Ming’s wind blades were not only faster than normal wind blades, but their power was also much more potent than normal wind blades.

    With each Wind Blade that hacked the iron shield, the yellow-robed youth’s figure trembled. Even though his other hand possessed a yellow bronze whip Practitioner Weapon, he was unable to find a chance to use it.

    Finally, the iron shield endured one last cyan-colored wind blade before exploding with a “dang” sound.

    The yellow-robed youth turned pale with fright. It seemed as if he was too surprised to even say the words “I concede”.

    A few “pu” sounds resonated as quite a few Wind Blades brushed the sides of his body. The youth’s body froze and his face was pale as he didn’t dare move an inch.