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Chapter 95 – Hidden Strength

Demon’s Diary
     Chapter 95 – Hidden Strength

    When they heard this, everyone else including Gui Ru Quan couldn’t help but look at each other.

    “Since it’s like that, the trace of the Bloody Cultivation Qi on Martial Nephew’s body was refined by the Crystal Level Demonic Spirit Blood and through through Nephew Gao’s own efforts. Considering that the blood is exceptionally precious to even us, one can only imagine the effects it will bring to a Spirit Apostle. Therefore, it truly isn’t too bizarre of a situation. It seems that Master Yan looks favorably upon Martial Nephew Gao, otherwise, he wouldn’t have bestowed with him such a precious gift.” Spirit Master Huang muttered to himself as his words unexpectedly involuntarily contained a trace of envy.

    “Since Martial Nephew Gao was able to refine a trace of Bloody Cultivation Qi, even if he isn’t as powerful as Yang Qian, he won’t be too far. His strength should be enough to rank within the top three.” Chu Qi’s gaze swivelled around as he spoke.

    “Haha, although Chong Er has Cultivation Qi, he has barely scratched the surface, so how can he compare to Nephew Yang and the others? As long as he can maintain his current ranking, I will be satisfied.” The Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader stroked his beard with a smiling expression as he spoke.

    When everyone heard his words, no one actually believed they were true.

    Just at this time, without even waiting for the embroidered robed Spirit Master to take out the hourglass, another person slowly walked onto the stage and calmly said.

    “Nine Infant Mountain’s Bai Cong Tian challenges the ninth place Senior Sun.”

    It astonishingly was Liu Ming who walked onto the first elevated platform.

    Gao Chong was now standing under the fifth banner and when he saw this scene, his face immediately went gloomy.

    When Lei Zhen and Jia Lan saw Liu Ming, there expressions slightly changed.

    As for Qian Hui Niang, when she saw the somewhat familiar face ascend the platform, she was a bit surprised.

    “What, it’s this child! Junior Gui, if I remembered correctly, although this Martial Nephew Bai has defeated a genius disciple from Nine Enlightenment Mountain, he should only be a Three Spiritual Pulse disciple. What cultivation level is he at right now?” From atop the jade platform, when the Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader saw this, he was also slightly startled. He turned his head towards the scholar and asked a question.

    “I’m also not too clear on this matter! Recently, Junior Zhu and I have spent all our time on the Deep Sea Coldlight Iron, and haven’t paid attention to the other disciples’ cultivations. However, during the last Small Competition, he seemed to still be a Middle Spirit Apostle.” Gui Ru Quan was naturally even more surprised and hesitated a bit before replying.

    Although he felt that Liu Ming would participate in the Large Competition, by no means did he believe that he would actually challenge the top ten Core Disciples.

    “Mhm, this child has watched the preceding numerous battles and still dares to enter the arena. Thus, he probably isn’t arrogant, but should have something else that he is relying on. We should tentatively watch.” Spirit Master Lin looked at the Liu Ming who was on top of the stage and laughed as she spoke.

    Mysterious Glyphs Division’s Master Zhang glanced at Liu Ming and also displayed an expression of thought.

    Originally, everyone else paid no attention to Liu Ming but after hearing the various people speak, they became somewhat interested.

    The current ninth ranked disciple was not the original ninth Core Disciple on the Lunar Monument, but was a youth surnamed Sun who was wearing a red and blue banner on his back.

    His figure was short and his facial features were unremarkable. However, during the previous battle, he had only used the red banner to produce a raging inferno; that coupled with a Fireball Technique that seemed to be nearing the Complete Spell Mastering Stage, he had easily defeated his opponents. Therefore, no one dared to underestimate him.

    At this time, the youth surnamed Sun had already heard Liu Ming’s challenge and sneered as he stood up. He proceeded to walk to the center of the stage.

    The embroidered robed Spirit Master didn’t hesitate and produced a tablet for the two of them to drip their blood on. After it was completed, he unleashed the ground’s inscriptions and the protection light shroud appeared.

    “Let the challenge begin.”

    The embroidered robed Spirit Master had already flown outside the light shroud and lazily spoke. It was clear that he wasn’t too optimistic about this battle.

    After all, Liu Ming was too young and a new disciple. Moreover, his name had no reputation and naturally was not worth any expectation.

    The youth with the surname of Sun stood on the stone platform clearly had identical thoughts. His mouth curled into a pejorative expression and he thought so lightly of Liu Ming so much so that he didn’t even take out the banners on his back. Instead, he only muttered an incantation; instantly, a sound reverberated through the air and four scarlet red fireballs shot out. Subsequently, he abruptly stomped one foot on the ground.

    “Hong!” A red light erupted from under his foot. It morphed into a firewall that rushed at Liu Ming.

    When Liu Ming saw this, his expression didn’t change and his sleeve shook. A black rope violently surged outward and after a few “pai” sounds, the four fireballs disappeared in a flash.

    As for the few tens of feet firewall, Liu Ming’s other arm shook. Immediately, the copper bracelet flashed and a blurry tiger head appeared. It opened its mouth and a vast expansive white soundwave shot out.

    With Liu Ming’s current cultivation, the power when using this Practitioner Weapon was worlds apart from before.

    The soundwave appeared and wildly surged forward like a tsunami.

    “Pu” The firewall and the soundwave made contact before the firewall split and passed along the two sides of Liu Ming before ultimately striking the light shroud behind him where it was extinguished.

    “No wonder you dare to challenge me. It seems that you have a bit of strength. I, your senior, will be more serious now!”

    When the originally slightly indifferent Disciple Sun saw his opponent cleanly and efficiently break his attack, his face finally changed. Immediately, a concentrated expression appeared and he slowly grabbed the red banner on his back.

    “Senior should use the other matching Practitioner Weapon. Otherwise, you may not get a chance to use it.” When Liu Ming saw the opponent’s scarlet red banner, he insipidly spoke.

    “Your manner of speaking actually is quite arrogant. Why don’t you wait and test the true strength of this Raging Flames Banner before speaking with insolence.” The youth named Sun sneered after hearing Liu Ming talk like that. Subsequently, his hands grabbed the banner and he quickly began swaying while simultaneously reciting an incantation.

    In an instant, traces of flames appeared on the scarlet red banner. In a moment’s work, these flames intertwined with each other and faintly began to morph into a long scarlet cloud of flame that was a few feet in diameter.

    After witnessing this scene, Liu Ming’s eyes squinted and he suddenly performed a technique with both his hands. Simultaneously, he began reciting an incantation and specks of cyan light appeared in front of his body.


    When the youth surnamed Sun saw this scene, he was slightly startled, but immediately let out a loud roar and ferociously waved his arms forward.

    The scarlet cloud of flame instantly shot out with a whistling sound and oppressively surged towards Liu Ming.

    Meanwhile, Liu Ming’s put his two hands together before abruptly pulling them apart. Instantly, an enormous Wind Blade tens of feet long appeared in the air. His wrists shook and the enormous wind blade promptly transformed into a ray of cyan light as it violently shot out.

    The seemingly astonishing cloud of flame was forcibly hacked apart through its center after making contact with the cyan ray.

    The youth surnamed Sun heard an exploding sound in his ear as the enormous wind blade suddenly appeared right in front of him. Its speed was exceptionally quick and it completely surpassed his expectations. It seemed that in the next second he was also about to be chopped in half.


    The youth was frightened stiff as he cried out in alarm. He could only barely manage to abruptly swing the banner in his hand in front of his body.

    A crisp noise reverberated.

    The scarlet red banner was chopped in half by the enormous Wind Blade like withered grass. In a flash, it was about to cleave the youth open as well.

    However, at this time, the embroidered robed Spirit Master officiating the Large Competition had already prepared a blue Glyph and in great alarm, he hastily tore it.


    A light blue shield appeared in the air in front of the youth’s body with impeccable timing. The enormous wind blade resolutely crashed into it before immediately disintegrating into small chunks flying in every direction.

    Even though a small portion of the windblade was disintegrated, the remaining smaller Wind Blade kept on traveling and still penetrated the youth’s chest in a torrential manner.

    The youth let out a miserable cry and he instantly fell to the ground while clutching his chest. Fresh blood quickly poured through the gaps of his fingers.

    At this moment, Liu Ming was expressionless and his two hands were forming another technique. Another wind blade promptly condensed together and was about to rush at the opponent.

    “Stop, you have already won. It is needless for you to attack.”

    In the air, a figure let out a low yell. Liu Ming only felt a droning sound in his two ears as the originally condensed Wind Blade suddenly disappeared in a flash.

    In a state of shock, he naturally stopped his technique.

    Simultaneously, the light shroud undulated and the embroidered robed Spirit Master promptly appeared on the arena. He turned his head and once again examined Liu Ming before clicking his tongue and saying.

    “You are at a young age, yet you are unexpectedly able to condense the Wind Blade Technique Seal. This truly isn’t bad! However, your attacks were a bit too ruthless. If I hadn’t made a move in time, I’m afraid that this brat would have been chopped into two pieces by you.”

    “I didn’t have a choice! Once I perform this technique, I would have no control over it.” Liu Ming bowed to the embroidered robed large man and calmly spoke.

    “Hehe, there’s no need to be afraid; I never said that you did something wrong. When the Life and Death Trials arrive, this sort of method is the correct choice. In the middle of a life or death struggle with death only an inch away, how can one be merciful?” The embroidered robed man laughed as he spoke and unexpectedly viewed Liu Ming in a new positive light.

    Liu Ming was slightly startled, but proceeded to smile and didn’t speak.

    The embroidered robed man subsequently appeared by Disciple Sun’s side. He examined his body where fresh blood violently flowed without end and creased his eyebrows. His sleeve then shook and a cyan Glyph flew out before morphing into a cyan light that shot into the youth’s body.

    Disciple Sun’s body shook a few times as a faint cyan light expeditiously healed the wound in his chest like a sieve. Surprisingly, in an instant, the blood stopped flowing.

    “Many thanks for Martial Uncle’s assistance.”

    The youth surnamed Sun finally spoke something as he stood up. However, due to too much blood loss, his face naturally was extremely pale.

    “Go down, you’ve lost too much blood. In the next few days, you cannot fight anyone else.” The embroidered robed large man held an expressionless face as he spoke.


    Sun’s face became abnormally ugly as he replied. He vehemently glared at Liu Ming, but could only descend the stone platform in a disheartened manner.

    Liu Ming walked to the ninth banner and calmly sat down.

    High up in the air on the jade platform, the group of Spirit Masters who just witnessed the scene were in an uproar.

    “Perfection of the Wind Blade Technique!”

    “Condensed a Technique Seal!”

    “This truly is an inconceivable affair. Among the Spirit Apostles under thirty years of age, the only ones capable of doing this most likely are Yang Qian and Qian Hui Niang. I didn’t expect a Three Spiritual Pulse disciple would be capable of such a feat.”

    “There’s no way that Martial Nephew Bai has only a Three Spiritual Pulses. Judging the aura he released just now, he clearly already possesses a Late Spirit Apostle’s cultivation.”

    “Junior Gui, you truly are secretive. You unexpectedly managed to hide the fact that Nine Infant Mountain still had this sort of a genius disciple!”

    Numerous Spirit Masters from various factions who were originally unfamiliar with Liu Ming, were discussing him in an amazed manner.

    Master Zhang, Spirit Master Lin and the Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader were somewhat familiar with Liu Ming and identically surprised. They each couldn’t help but show a unique expression.

    As for Gui Ru Quan, he stood to the side in a genuine state of shock.