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Chapter 93 – Perfect Quality Ghost King

Demon’s Diary
     Chapter 93 – Perfect Quality Ghost King

    The giant immediately let out a stifled sound. The green layered inscription that appeared on his body disappeared under the impact of the lightning. Simultaneously, his forward motion froze as his upper body transformed from a healthy skin color into a burnt black color. Faintly, a the smell of burnt meat arose.

    A loud yell came from the giant!

    The hair on the giant stood up while his body expanded once more. Unexpectedly, he managed to break free of the lightning shroud and begin rushing forward again.

    However, although the new giant carried a shocking aura, the giant’s movements were several times slower than before. Nonetheless, after throwing himself forward, he was only about ten feet away from Lei Zhen.

    Lei Zhen could even clearly see the giant’s vein protruding on the giant’s forehead due to his state of anger.

    A flash of astonishment appeared on Lei Zhen’s face but in the next moment, he spat out three words, “The third attack.”


    An arc of electricity condensed on Lei Zhen’s body before the thick bolt of electricity suddenly shot forward. In a flash, it struck the forward moving giant’s face.

    The giant only felt the area in front of his eyes go hot as he was resolutely knocked back onto the stage under an inexplicable pain. He didn’t stand up again.

    Lei Zhen truly defeated the giant in only three attacks.

    “Three Thunder Bolts, this child unexpectedly has comprehended the laws of lightning to this sort of an extent! If it were another Lightning Spiritual Pulse disciple, there is no way he or she would be able to perform three lightning attacks in such a short period of time.” On the jade platform, there were people crying out in surprise.

    “Haha, it’s nothing. Only, that child really has a bit of natural talent in the laws of lightning. Thus, he is able to accomplish such a feat.” Despite the Heaven’s Secret Faction’s Lei Spirit Master’s modest words, he was slightly complacent in his speech which everyone was naturally able to make out.

    Although the Barbarian Ghost Sect’s Leader didn’t say anything, his face also contained a shocked expression.

    Gui Ru Quan, the Lin Spirit Master, and the other had also lost their composure.

    At this moment on the stone platform below them, the Spirit Master had announced the winner of the match. Lei Zhen then strutted toward the tenth banner and sat underneath it.

    Underneath the stone platform was unexpectedly dead silence.

    There surprisingly was someone who was able to defeat the tenth ranked disciple in three attacks. This situation was simply too shocking.

    A few disciples looked up at Lei Zhen’s gaze and most of their gazes were filled with fear. There were even a few older disciples whose hearts were beating up and down with questions of whether they should approach this Nine Lightning Spiritual Pulsed disciple and work under him.

    Ou Yang Fei was naturally excited. When she looked at Lei Zhen, she did not cover up the admiration and gentle feelings in her heart.

    “The power of lightning unexpectedly is this terrifying!” The youth with arm rings sucked in a cold breath of air and muttered a few words.

    “Senior Xin should relax! Although the power of lightning isn’t just for show, if he were to face me, he would not have a chance of winning. I naturally have methods to counter him.” Gao Chong seemed to hear the fear in the youth’s voice and indifferently replied.

    “Junior Gao is over sensitive. I was just marveling at the power of the lightning.” When the youth with arm rings heard Gao Chong’s words, his expression relaxed.

    On top of the stone platform, Yang Qian also looked at Lei Zhen but he didn’t have the slightest reaction.

    The other people on the stage also successively estimated Lei Zhen’s strength with calm expressions.

    Among them, Liu Ming looked at the distant Lei Zhen under the banner. His gaze darted around but no one knew what he was thinking of.

    After Lei Ming achieved victory, a few disciples with genuine strength proceeded to make their move.

    Aside from Lei Zhen, who just earned victory, the ninth place, eighth place and seventh place rankings were quickly replaced by new challengers.

    However, in a short while, these new Core Disciples were defeated by other challengers and were instantly superseded.

    On the other hand, the two spots of tenth and sixth place held by Lei Zhen and Duan Can Zu respectively, weren’t challenged for a period of time.

    As for the disciples ranked in the top five, there wasn’t anyone who dared provoke them.

    In this period of time, Liu Ming found the time to take a look at a few other stone platforms. He found that the eighty-ninth Core Disciple spot was now astonishingly being held by the familiar face of Du Hai.

    As for Zhang Cui Er, the genius disciple from Dancing Ghost Faction who had left a deep impression on Liu Ming, she had appeared in the twenty-second Core Disciple spot.

    Sima Tian, the Baleful Yin disciple who had wanted to cause trouble for Liu Ming earlier, was standing under the thirteenth banner. His body was surrounded by a thick layer of Miasma and no one dared to lightly challenge him.

    Senior Xi, Zhu Lian Xing, and the other Nine Infant Faction Late Spirit Apostles who had the strongest strength, successively issued challenges and stood near the later rankings of the stone platforms.

    As for Xiao Feng, although he had just recently advanced a stage within the Spirit Apostle realm, he managed to grab a hold of the ninety-third Core Disciple position. This caused the spectating Xue Shan and Wan Xiao Qing below him to be filled with envy.

    Among the two of them, one was a Middle Spirit Apostle while the other was a Beginning Spirit Apostle. They naturally did not have any intention of entering the arena to take part in the competition. Instead, they cheered Xiao Feng on from below the arena.

    Nine Infant Mountain’s Eldest Senior, Shi Chuan had only walked back and forth between the first and second stone platforms a few times. Apart from watching the challengers fight, he had yet to make a move.

    Liu Ming had walked among the other disciples a few times before suddenly realizing that he seemed to not have seen Jia Lan for a while.

    However, how could this girl not participate in such an important competition.

    He was somewhat unbelieving as he continued to specifically search for her. Astonishingly the result was still the same.

    Liu Ming pondered a while before suddenly thinking of the Opening Spirit Ceremony when that girl had two entirely different appearances. He had a sudden flash of understanding and discarded the idea of trying to find her.

    Just like this, time continued to past and the first day finally came to an end.

    The Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader lifted his head and looked at the color of the sky. He felt that the time had just about arrived and finally, in a loud voice, he declared that the first day of the competition had come to an end.

    Thus, all the competitions on the stone platforms came to an end. They would resume on the second day.

    Subsequently, the mist surrounding the stone mountain dispersed and an entrance once again reappeared. All the disciples instantly successively left, returning to their own respective dwellings to hone their strengths.

    On the morning of the second day, when all the disciples were brought by the Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader and the other Spirit Masters to the stone mountain, without another word, the Large Competition immediately commenced.

    Perhaps it was due to the large number of disciples who had issued challenges yesterday but the originally numerous amount of people who had planned on hiding their strength, finally entered the arena and made their moves.

    As for the Core Disciples who had lost their rankings yesterday, they identically began to participate in the challenging.

    In this manner, the entire Large Competition’s atmosphere, from the very start, became exceptionally lively.

    Liu Ming stood to the side underneath the first elevated platform. He was somewhat astounded as he looked at the exceptionally beautiful fairy-like girl who stood on the stone platform.

    From the very start, this girl had silently stood in her original position without moving. Only, a faint purple light incessantly radiated from her pupils as she stared at the nearby opponent, who was the new seventh place Core Disciple from yesterday.

    This youth had revealed astonishing strength yesterday, otherwise, there was no way he could defeat the original Core Disciple. However, this time, one of his hands was gripping a long sword that glittered like frost and snow. His two eyes looked straight at the young girls facial features but his eyes were full of emptiness. Only his body slightly shivered without stop.

    After the time that it takes to have a cup of tea, the youth suddenly spit out white foam and collapsed onto the ground.

    “Jia Lan is victorious.”

    When the light shroud faded, without hesitation, the embroidered robed Spirit Master immediately announced the victor.

    This exceptionally beautifully younger girl astonishingly was the Jia Lan who Liu Ming was unable to find the day before.

    However, when the Large Competition had commenced this morning, this girl had appeared on the first elevated platform without the slightest bit of warning and had further used an extremely odd method to seize the seventh-ranked Core Disciple’s spot.

    It wasn’t only Liu Ming who let out a cold breath of air after watching the competition. Other people were also dumbstruck.

    Even the first ranked Yang Qian, who had an expressionless face from the start to the finish, looked at the exceptionally beautiful young girl and couldn’t help but be somewhat moved.

    “Junior Chu, Jia Lan’s Aphrodite Body has finally begun to display its prowess. With her current cultivation, I’m afraid that apart from the higher ranked disciples who can resist her attraction, the others will all fall under her influence. What she just displayed is the legendary Nightmare Eye technique! Junior Bing really hasn’t done a bad job of educating her. It seems that giving this child to the Baleful Yin Faction really wasn’t a bad decision.”

    On the jade platform, the Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader saw the outcome of the battle before letting out a large amount of praise.

    “Haha, Jia Lan currently is one of our division’s best disciples, second only to Yang Qian. Furthermore, Junior Bing is extremely fond of her, so she naturally spent all her effort to teach Jia Lan.” Hearing this, Chu Qi wore a smiling face as he replied.

    “Hmph, if this girl had been given to our Dancing Ghost Faction, perhaps I could have made her even more astonishing.” The Spirit Master Lin was somewhat unhappy as she spoke.

    “Haha, the situation has already passed some time ago. Junior Lin shouldn’t speak such words of anger. Your faction’s Disciple Qian also has exceptionally good aptitude. It seems that her aura is substantially different than before. Could it be that she cultivated an astonishing secret technique just for this Large Competition?” Seeing the situation, Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader hastily changed the subject.

    “Sect Leader truly has an all-seeing eye. It has already been a number of years since the last Large Competition, so it naturally is enough time for Hui Niang (Disciple Quan) to cultivate a new secret technique to the Initial Mastery stage.” The Spirit Master Lin let out a giggle, but didn’t reveal the secret technique that her Direct Disciple had cultivated.

    The Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader shook his head and was about to say something when suddenly, a Refining Corpse Faction Spirit Master cried out in alarm, “Look at that disciple’s Soul Shackling Chain. Even if one were to use a high quality ghost as sacrifice, he or she would still have no way of making it that thick! Could it be that he used a Perfect quality Ghost King as sacrifice to refine it?!”

    “Perfect quality Ghost King.”

    When they heard these words, most of the Spirit Masters were shocked and hastily stared at the position which the Spirit Master had been looking at.

    On the second elevated stage, a stalwart bronze skinned, bald man had lifted his hands. He released a thick black rope which wrapped around his opponent. His face wore a cold grin as the rope slowly tightened.

    After a short while, his opponent’s face was entirely red and he could only hastily admit defeat.

    Thus, the Spirit Master in charge announced the winner and the bald man retracted his black rope and walked to the nineteenth banner before ostentatiously taking a seat.

    “Looking at the Soul Shackling Chain’s power, it truly was refined from a Perfect quality Ghost King. It truly is a pity that this Perfect quality Ghost King was used on such a low ranking secret technique.”

    On the jade platform, Spirit Master Lei muttered to himself as a lamenting expression covered his face.

    The Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader and the other Spirit Masters retracted their gazes and looked at each other before identically revealing expressions of pity.