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Chapter 92 – The Power of Lightning

Demon’s Diary
     Chapter 92 – The Power of Lightning

    “Does Junior Gao believe his status is greater than mine?” Liu Ming finally turned around and spoke with a smile, yet not a smile.

    “Have I said it wrong, I am the direct disciple of the Sect Leader and you are just an ordinary, side faction disciple. No matter how you look at it, my status in the sect is greater than Junior Bai’s, right?” Gao Chong replied while remaining calm and collected.

    “Is that so, I am not knowledgeable in this. However, according to other people, during the sect’s Large Competition, all competing disciples are on equal footing and are not split by status. It can’t be possible that Junior Gao Chong doesn’t even know this.” Liu Ming sighed again and replied as if he was somewhat unhappy with Gao Chong for failing to reach his expectations.

    “Hmph, who would have thought that Junior Bai is so clever tongued! Anyway, I don’t have the time to argue with you over these small matters. I came to find you personally to give you one last chance. If you write a document saying you deny the engagement right now, I can ignore everything that has happened in the past and you can continue to be free and live leisurely inside the sect. If you do not do that, as soon as you go on the stage in this Large Competition, don’t think you will be able to walk off the stage by yourself.” Gao Chong’s expression became a little darker.

    “A document to deny the engagement, of course I can write that. As long as Junior Ming Zhu is able to get the Mu Clan Leader to take the initiative and mention it, I have no objections.” Liu Ming gave a small laugh and replied.

    “For my father to take the initiative and cancel the engagement, that is impossible!” The expression on Mu Ming Zhu’s face changed and she spoke while gnashing her teeth.

    “Then I can do nothing. Although I am not very interested in marrying you but as a member of the Bai Clan, it is not good to ignore the instructions of the Clan Leader.” Liu Ming shrugged his shoulders and replied while shaking his head.

    “You…” Mu Ming Zhu, under her rage, still wanted to say something, but Gao Chong, who was by her side, stuck a hand in and interrupted what she was going to say. He only stared at Liu Ming coldly and said.

    “It seems you are more stupid than I thought, since you have already made the decision, I do not need to say anything more. I will give you a word of advice, don’t think that you being able to scare away Sima Tian makes you enough to oppose me. Ming Zhu, let’s go! When I return, I will be slightly troubled but I will naturally make him personally say ‘cancel the wedding,’ those exact words.”

    As soon as he finished speaking, Gao Chong immediately pulled Mu Ming Zhu and turned around and left with the other people.

    Liu Ming instead just stood there silently, staring at the back of the people and did not say anything in the end. He instead had an extra cold glint in his eyes.

    To him, who had experienced an innumerable amount of life-or-death close combat scenarios as long as Gao Chong wasn’t a real Spirit Master, how could he kill him? Even if Gao Chong’s appearance was completely different from several years ago, he still wasn’t a Spirit Master.

    Thinking back to those years on Savage Island, he killed an innumerable amount of prisoners that were way more vicious than the ones met in the outside world. In fact, those people were true masters of either killing or relished in it. With the fact that he achieved miraculous victories in those impossible life-or-death battles, he already had confidence that was so great that it was beyond the expectations of normal people.

    If Gao Chong really was one of his opponents in the Large Competition, he would naturally give the opposing since a big surprise. Also, since his opposition had already put killing intent in his words, Liu Ming did not need to be merciful.

    If the battle was abnormally intense and he accidentally slipped, heavily injuring or even killing Gao Chong, it was not something that could not be forgiven.

    Liu Ming thought plainly at heart, before turning around again to look at the intense battle on the stage.

    “Sect Leader, it seems Gao Chong and one of the disciples under me have some arguments, should we, their Martial Uncles go down to dissolve this grudge?”

    On the jade platform that was in the air, after seeing Gao Chong’s group interact with Liu Ming, Gui Ru Quan hesitated a little, before speaking to the Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader.

    “Oh, that disciple does not seem to be Xiao Feng. Since it is so, these disciples are still hot-blooded youths, having some arguments between them is a normal thing. Let them solve the problem themselves. We, who are the seniors, should not stick our noses in!” The Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader looked at Liu Ming from far away and said plainly.

    It was obvious that he saw the exchange between Liu Ming and Gao Chong.

    “Since Sect Leader has said it like this, then let it be. However, Cong Tian that child can be considered to have some potential. He was partially responsible for Junior Zhu Chi’s entry into the Sea Race’s Market to obtain that piece of Deep Sea Coldlight Iron.” After knitting his brows, Gui Ru Quan replied.

    This caused the Barbarian Sect Leader to be somewhat surprised and after thinking for a little, he replied as if he had remembered something, “Cong Tian? Oh, so he is actually this disciple, I wonder why Cong Er has an argument with him. Hmm, if I remember correctly, although he was a Three Spiritual Pulse disciple, his mental strength was uncannily strong… He can be counted as someone useful. How about this, in a while, I will tell Junior Wang that if they do meet in the Large Competition, to pay some extra attention to prevent the likelihood of people getting injured.”

    “Many thanks to Sect Leader, that is enough.” Gui Ru Quan relaxed slightly and spoke a word of thanks.

    Toward Liu Ming, this master of the Nine Infants Faction always had a few feelings of regret.

    After all, from Liu Ming’s previous performances, it was more than enough to accept him as a Direct Disciple. Even if it were another faction, perhaps Liu Ming would have already become a Direct Disciple of a Spirit Master.

    However, it was unfortunately that the Nine Infants Faction lacked a lot in resources! To a Three Spiritual Pulse disciple, who almost had no chance in becoming a Spirit Master, they truly did not have any spare resources for him. Therefore it was naturally impossible to take him in as a Direct Disciple.

    “Ke, that conversation just before was enough. I can finally give that youth something back!” Gui Ru Quan sighed and spoke to himself secretly.

    News regarding the marriage between the Bai Clan and the Mu Clan had already come to Gui Ru Quan’s ears since it also involved Gao Chong, the Earth Spiritual Pulse disciple.

    The status and fame of Gao Chong and Liu Ming within the Barbarian Ghost Sect were naturally impossible to compare.

    In addition, since this also involved the matter of the Human Cauldron that Gao Chong needed in the future when he would break through to become a Spirit Master, Gui Ru Quan naturally had even less to say.

    Just like this, time passed bit by bit and a large portion of the day had already passed in the blink of an eye. The other competitions on the other stages were still extremely intense as the disciples on the stages replaced the fallen ones with almost no break time.

    The ten core disciples on each stage had also been changed quite frequently by the challengers. After such a long time, almost half of all the core disciple placements had been renewed or been moved around in some way.

    Of course, this was partially due to the fact that everybody had three challenges and that if a core disciple lost, they were allowed to challenge other people.

    However, on the first stage, after eight or nine challengers were defeated consecutively, there was a sudden clap of thunder. After the flash of a single silvery-white lightning bolt, a handsome young man in blue robes appeared on the stone stage.

    It was Lei Chen.

    After seeing this, Liu Ming squinted his eyes and subconsciously swept his gaze across where Lei Chen had just jumped up.

    A girl by the name of Ou Yang Fei was standing there. She stood there, staring at Lei Chen, who was on the stage with a slightly nervous expression.

    But at this moment, the blue-robed young man was covered with lightning sparks that were of finger thickness on his body. They constantly crackled on his body and the light caused by the electricity flashed dazzlingly.

    This was the renowned “Lightning Clothes Technique”.

    Although the name of this technique was impressive, it was a pity that only a Spirit Apostles with a Lightning Spiritual Pulse could practice it. However, the power of the technique was extremely astonishing.

    “I want to challenge Senior Ye, who is ranked tenth!” Lei Chen looked at the young man with golden hoops who stood under the tenth banner and said slowly.

    After hearing this, the expression of the young man with golden hoops suddenly became extremely ugly.

    Although he was one of the few Body Cultivators in the sect, he was most afraid of lightning type attacking techniques that carried the most destructive power.

    After all, his opponent was also a person with a Nine Spiritual Pulse. This was a high tiered talent only second to the Earth Spiritual Pulse.

    However, when facing the challenge of Lei Chen, a new disciple, he could not show any hesitation.

    Excluding the top five Core Disciples, all the other five core disciples on the stage had been challenged at least once.

    “Okay, then let me try out the legendary Lightning Nine Spiritual Pulse and see how powerful it actually is!” The young man with golden hoops gave a deep, loud shout and walked out from the bottom of the banner.

    As the two people signed the Life or Death Writs under the witness of the Spirit Master in embroidered robes, a protective light screen appeared in a flash.

    “Listen up, to defeat you, I only need three attacks!” The lightning sparks on Lei Chen’s body became increasingly dazzling. He slowly stared at the opposing young man who had gold hoops and spoke arrogantly.

    “Three attacks? Good, very good. I do not know how many years since I have seen someone say such c*cky words. I want to see how you defeat me in three moves.” Although the young man with golden hoops was very afraid of Lei Chen, after hearing these words, he suddenly became extremely angry.

    “Senior Lei, your nephew really has an arrogant tone of voice! To defeat such a strong Spiritual Apostle Body Cultivator, perhaps in all the disciples, ony Yang Qian could achieve this.”

    On the jade platform, after seeing this, the Lin Spirit Master from the Dancing Ghost Faction could not help but speak with a sound of slight anger.

    “If it were other opponents, then perhaps what Chen Er has said is exaggerated. However, if it were a Body Cultivator, there is actually a chance that he can do it.” Martial Uncle Lei rubbed his chin and replied with a slightly weird expression.

    “Senior Lei actually has such confidence! Then I will observe closely.” Spirit Master Lin was somewhat surprised.

    Once the other Spirit Masters heard these words, even the Barbarian Ghost Sect Leader, had all naturally become extremely interested and focused their attention down below.

    At this time, on the first stage, the young man with hoops gave out an angry howl and his body increased by a large size, becoming a giant that was twenty feet tall. He stepped with both feet and with a fierce wind, rushed at Lei Chen.

    However, Lei Chen stood where he was originally and did not move a bit, only chanting non stop with his mouth. At the same time, the ten fingers on his hands constantly moved like a wheel. When the lightning sparks on his body gave off a thunder clap, his body also began to twist.

    However, the body of the young man with hoops had already arrived nearby in no time!

    Seeing this, Lei Chen immediately stopped his hand signs and suddenly pointed at the shadow of the giant in the fierce wind with one hand.

    There was a crackling sound in the air!

    A thick, large lightning bolt appeared in the sky and after a flash, it hit the body of the giant, who was below, accurately with no error and transformed into countless electric sparks, dancing about.

    A muffled sound sounded!

    A layer of green inscriptions appeared on the body of the giant as he forcibly endured power of the body-numbing lightning attack. He immediately rushed out of the electric spark cage, but his speed had decreased by a large half.

    “The second attack!”

    After seeing this, Lei Chen shouted aloud without hesitation and pointed with the other hand.

    In the air, a second lightning bolt immediately struck down.