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Chapter 84 – Bone Ghos

Demon’s Diary
     Chapter 84 – Bone Ghost

    Liu Ming smiled a little, and put the Spirit Bone away before continuing to travel along the tunnel.

    Seven days later, in an abnormally large underground cavern in the Ten Thousand Bone Cave.

    Liu Ming became a shadow flashing everywhere, avoiding the chase of several Bone Ghosts formed from pythons, while silently chanting words. He raised both hands, and seven or eight azure-colored wind blades shot out consecutively, chopping the python Bone Ghosts into countless pieces in a flash.

    Where the bodies of the Bone Ghosts were broken, a grayish-white gas would float out, pulling the separated body parts together. After rolling on the ground, the ghost would be fully recovered, exactly like before.

    However, during this time used, several black lines would shoot forward, piercing through the head of two python Bone Ghosts. After a small tremble of the black line, the skulls of the Bone Ghosts would immediately break apart into dust.

    At the same time, Liu Ming’s body became a blur, and approached the last python Bone Ghost’s body at an impossible angle. He moved his hand to hold the python at the point of seven inches on its body and a yellow tiger head flashed from his wrist. A sound wave came blasting through, also breaking apart the skull.

    TL: Seven Inches = where to grab snakes

    Three dark beads immediately came rolling out!


    Half a month later, in a tunnel on the second level of the Ten Thousand Bone Cave, Liu Ming faced a large, gorilla-like Bone Ghost with a serious expression.

    This Bone Ghost was different from the Bone Ghosts from before. Not only did it have strong, thick joints, its two eyes of green flames were also jumping about. It seemed as if it had a shred of intelligence.

    Not far away, the White Bone Scorpion covered in green gas scuttled forward, with its black stinger upright. It was as if it was preparing to fight a strong foe soon.

    This Bone Ghost was surprisingly a Warrior Level Bone Ghost!

    Since it was like this, Liu Ming could not afford to not face it seriously.

    The gorilla-like Bone Ghost gave a deep roar, and suddenly pounded the ground furiously with its two long arms. A cloud of yellowish gas immediately came rolling out from its feet.

    In that instant, the ground began to shake, which caused Liu Ming, who was not ready, to helplessly stagger.

    The gorilla Bone Ghost seized that moment to suddenly leap forward, rushing at Liu Ming as if it was a huge boulder.

    Even though the gorilla had not hit the target yet, a huge gust of wind began to blow. There was a frightening power in its attack!

    However, Liu Ming, in this scenario, did not dodge. He shook his sleeve, and an azure light flashed out.


    The body of the gorilla Bone Ghost broke into two halves from around the middle, flashing past Liu Ming, and heavily landing on the floor, unable to move.

    The White Bone Scorpion gave out a “wu wu” cry, before immediately rushing up with its huge claw, snipping at the two halves of the gorilla Bone Ghost crazily for a while. In no time, the Bone Ghost was broken into a pile of bones.


    A thumb-sized black bead, covered in a cloud of dark gas, came rolling out of the pile of bones but after the flash of a black line, a black shiny stinger hit the dark gas in a lightning fast strike.

    The bead immediately came flying out of the black gas.

    The White Bone Scorpion leaped up and snapped at the bead in a blur before suddenly sucking up the dispersing black gas into its body. It also gave out a weird cry of delight.

    The black gas seemingly had great benefits to the scorpion.

    “Since you have already received benefits, leave that Warrior Level Miasma Bead for me. After all, when I return, I can’t not exchange for any Contribution Point, right?” Liu Ming put away the azure-colored sword that was pulled out from his sleeve just then, and spoke while smiling.

    Liu Ming, at this moment, had a slightly paler complexion, obviously due to the fact that the chop from before had consumed a lot of Fa Li. However, he seemed extremely satisfied.

    When he used the short sword totem just before, although he only used the first restriction, the power was beyond his expectations with the Warrior Level Bone Ghost unable to withstand one chop.

    The White Bone Scorpion turned its head and looked at its huge claws, seeming as if it was unwilling to part with the bead. But after a while, it still scuttled to Liu Ming, placing the dark bead in front of where Liu Ming was standing.

    Liu Ming nodded, and bent over to pat the back of the of the White Bone Scorpion, before picking the black bead up with one hand and used his eyes to closely study it.

    Not only was the Miasma Bead larger than any previous ones seen, it was also blacker and shinier, giving people a strange feeling of as if their consciousness was going to be sucked into it.

    Liu Ming was slightly surprised but he still put the bead away, and continued on with the White Bone Scorpion.

    A month later, at the cave entrance which Liu Ming originally went into, two gray clouds suddenly landed at the same time, and two people appeared.

    One of the individuals shrewd looks and two fidgeting eyes. The other person wore black robes and had a gloomy expression. This was the Sima Tian from the Baleful Yin Faction.

    “That brat really entered from here? You can be sure?” Sima Tian studied the entrance, and spoke plainly.

    “Senior Sima, be assured, for the things that you have told me to do, how can I afford to be careless? Although I followed from far away and did not get close, this area has only a few entrances. I then checked every entrance and only this entrance had the traces of someone just entering. There is definitely no error.” The shrewd male replied with a small laugh.

    “Ok, here is the reward as said. If I don’t find the person I am looking for, you will pay back twice the amount.” Sima Tian raised his hand and threw across a Middle Spirit Stone, and spoke coldly.

    “Senior Sima, don’t joke around, if you can’t find him, it isn’t necessarily… wait…” The shrewd male caught the spirit stone but after hearing what Sima Tian said, he immediately became somewhat panicked.

    However, Sima Tian, at this time, had already entered the cave with a flash.

    “That guy is still the same as before, believing that he is infallible. Whatever, with his pursuing abilities, he should find the person he is looking for easily. These one hundred spirit stones can be considered as free.” The shrewd male shook his head, before beaming with happiness again. He turned around, and flew away.


    Liu Ming naturally did not know that there were actually people pursuing him. He currently was standing at the entrance to another tunnel which had gray gas rolling out of it and his two eyes were squinted together, studying something.

    Close by the entrance, on a flat wall, these were a few large, blood red words that read: “Level Three Entrance”.

    “Any further will be the third level of the Ten Thousand Bone Cave. I heard that the amount of Warrior Level Bone Ghosts in there cannot compare to the previous two levels. However, this also means that entering this level will provide rewards that cannot be compared to the previous levels.” Liu Ming muttered a sentence and walked into the tunnel in front with the White Bone Scorpion beside him.


    Two months later, in a huge cavern with all types of sharp stalagmites, Liu Ming and the White Bone Scorpion were currently in an intense fight with a huge human-shaped skeleton that was a dozen or more feet tall.

    This skeleton was very different to the human-shaped Bone Ghosts Liu Ming had seen before. It actually wore some iron armor that was covered in rust and had a badly damaged axe in one hand while gray gas rolled out of its body. Its speed in battle was fast like lightning, but after using the axe in its hand, it would move abnormally slow.

    However, what was even weirder was that when Liu Ming or the White Bone Scorpion saw the axe swinging, they would instead avoid it by a large distance as if they were fighting a very strong enemy. They seemed to be unwilling to get any closer and attack the slow moving Bone Ghost.

    One time, the White Bone Scorpion dodged a little slow and the axe was clearly a dozen or so feet away, but there was instead a loud smashing sound. The scorpion was hit back by several tens of feet, as if it had been hit by a heavy blow, with a small crack appearing on its back at the same time.

    However, at this time, Liu Ming gave a deep growl, bringing his two hand together before separating again. Unexpectedly, a large wind blade around five feet wide appeared and with a shake of his arm, it became an streak of azure light and shot forward.


    This time, it was the armored skeleton that flew backward and hit the thick stalagmite behind it. The metal armor and a large half of its body were actually cut open, with the large wind blade embedded in it like a large board being stuck to the wound.

    The skeleton gave a low growl and swung the axe in his hand, immediately breaking the large wind black with one blow. Gray gas came flowing out of the injured area and healed the wound at a fast, observable speed.

    However, just at that time, there was instead a “chi chi” sound from nearby and a dozen or so black lines came flashing by, immediately piercing various places on the skeleton. Immediately after, a vibration went in the air and a black stinger fell from the sky. After a blur, it was firmly pierced into the top of the skull of the skeleton. A black liquid then immediately came pouring out.

    At the top of the cavern, green air came rolling out, and the White Bone Scorpion came crawling out of the rocks.

    The green flames in the two eyes of the huge skeleton flashed and it moved its arm, grabbing the tail of the scorpion, which was above its head. With an ordinary tug, as if it was pulling a carrot from the ground, it pulled the tail out of the hole that the tail had made. Right after, it started to make a powerful shake, to smash and stun the scorpion on the ground.

    However, just at this time, a thick, black chain shot forward from far away and with a flash, it bound the skeleton together tightly.

    At the same time, Liu Ming, who was far away, began chanting and brought his two hands together in front of his chest. A scarlet red fireball appeared mid-air, and grew larger under the sound of the chanting, turning into a ball of multiple inches in the blink of an eye. The smell of something burning wafted through the air.

    When the human-shaped skeleton, which was far away, saw this, it somehow knew something was not right. With a powerful hiss, it suddenly made a struggle with strength, and the black chain on its body began to break open inch by inch with cracking sounds as it lost the power to keep binding the Bone Ghost.

    At this time, Liu Ming’s chant suddenly stopped, and the huge fire ball shot forward with a rumbling sound and after a blur, it became a ball of red light, completely engulfing the human-shaped skeleton within.

    A sky-shaking bang!

    A black and red fire mushroom cloud rushed toward the sky!

    The whole cavern shook a few times and a hot wave of air rolled away, breaking all the nearby, different sized stalagmites. It also knocked an innumerable amount of broken rocks in all directions which hit the rock walls.

    Under spirit communication with Liu Ming, the White Bone Scorpion had already burrowed underground in a flash beforehand.

    When Liu Ming saw this, his expression did not change at all, and instead stared at the black fire cloud without even blinking.

    The fire cloud rolled a few times, before slowly disappearing with the human-shaped skeleton that was originally standing there completely gone, only leaving behind a small piece of metal armor and that piece of broken axe blade.

    Liu Ming gave a long sigh, and did not immediately walk across, instead, he turned around, and spoke plainly to the cavern entrance that was behind him:

    “Senior Sima has already watched for so long, shouldn’t you also come out so I can see you?”