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Chapter 81 – Ten Thousand Bone Cave

Demon’s Diary
     Chapter 81 – Ten Thousand Bone Cave

    “Be relieved, how on earth will there be people here. I was just simply saying things anyways.” Lu Yun knew that she had spoke of something forbidden and after her face paled, she quickly justified herself.

    “Yun Er, you must understand, the reason why we took the initiative to come and help Junior Gao is because when he becomes a Spirit Master, he can help us. The other matters are not things we should care about. After all, this matter to do with the Human Cauldron, I don’t believe Mu Xian Yun has not warned her niece about it, but Mu Ming Zhu does not believe it herself. You can’t blame anyone else. Her life will just be that hard. Anyway, don’t mention this matter again in the future. Let’s first head back and discuss the stance Junior Bai just revealed with Senior Wu.” The dark faced man spoke slowly.

    Lu Yun just nodded a few times.

    Then, the two people rose into the air and rushed toward mountain peak of the Blood Control Faction.

    At the same time, Liu Ming had once again come to the gate of the Scriptures Pavilion. After he stood outside with a complicated expression for a while, he walked in with big steps.

    Once he entered the main entrance, he found that the first room he saw was still the small room from before. However, propped on a chair was an old man with a velvet coat. The old man was looking down at the thick book in his hands; only when he heard someone enter did he raise his head and ask, “Are you trying to exchange for a Cultivation Method or Secret Techniques and Spells?”

    This old man’s with the velvet robe, had a very domineering face which gave people a very serious and dignified feeling.

    “Hm, wasn’t it Martial Uncle Ruan who guarded the Scripture Pavilion? Martial Uncle is…” After seeing this, Liu Ming was slightly startled. He quickly followed up with a bow and asked.

    “I am Liao Feng from the Poisonous Spirit Faction. You should call me Martial Uncle Liao. Fatty Ruan relieved his position as the guardian of the Scripture Pavilion, and has already returned to focus on his own cultivation. Anyway, what is the reason as to why you came here.” The velvet-robed elder spoke with a good nature.

    “So it is Martial Uncle Liao. I would like to go into the Scripture Pavilion to choose a defensive technique!” Liu Ming spoke while bowing.

    After hearing “Martial Uncle Ruan” was no longer present, Liu Ming relaxed a little but at the same time, he also had a small shred of disappointment.

    “Nine Infants Mountain, so you belong to the faction under Martial Brother Gui. You seem very young, so do not bite off more than you can chew. Most defensive techniques require you to have cultivated to a specific level before you can use them. I’ll see what level you have cultivated to.” As soon as the velvet-robed elder stopped speaking, his arm disappeared in a flash and he gave Liu Ming’s shoulder a light pat. Instantly, a hot flow entered his shoulder.

    Liu Ming was surprised, as the Fa Li inside his body, under this hot, sharp stimulation, immediately rushed toward his shoulder at full power.

    “Oh, Late Spirit Apostle?” Liao Feng slowly withdrew his hand, with a slightly surprised expression on his face.

    “Martial Uncle Liao, this is…” Liu Ming had a slightly mixed expression.

    “Do not worry, I was only measuring your level of cultivation. Since it is Late Spirit Apostle, you naturally have the right to learn defensive techniques. You are called Bai Cong Tian, looks like Senior Gui has received a good disciple under him. Come with me.” Liao Feng smiled and spoke a word of praise. He then shook his sleeve, and a white cloud of mist rolled out from his sleeve.

    Instantly, the two people disappeared with a flash of white light.

    In the next moment, the velvet-robed elder and Liu Ming were inside a large hall with walls of light.

    “Go, that side is the area where all the Cultivation Methods and Techniques are. Just put your hand on the stone table, you will know the details of the technique, as well as the Contribution Point cost. If you want it, put your nameplate on the seal, and you will be able to withdraw it.” Liao Feng pointed in a particular direction a few times with one hand, and a wall of light turned into small balls of light, before completely disappearing.

    Liu Ming gave a reply before walking across. He put his hand on the closest rock table, which had an azure bamboo cylinder inside a golden case made out of light.


    A gush of energy rushed out of the stone table, and circled around Liu Ming’s brain before immediately transforming into rows and rows of white text.

    “Gold Sharpening Technique”, a metal type support technique, which strengthens metal type attacks. It also transforms one’s body into an object of incomparable toughness, allowing it to become strong enough to break gold and jade.

    Four hundred Contribution Points.

    Liu Ming shook his head and left the stone table, rushing to the next table.

    “Water Mist Technique”, a water type concealing technique. It can release mist over a large area, hiding one’s body within the mist.

    Three hundred Contribution Points.

    “Fire Snake Technique”, a fire type controllable attacking technique. It has a medium attacking range with great destruction power.

    One thousand Contribution Points.

    “Lightning Net Technique”, a lightning type attacking technique. It has an extremely large attacking range as well as a high destruction power. Can only be practiced by someone with a Lightning Spiritual Pulse.

    One thousand four hundred Contribution Points.


    Liu Ming viewed each stone table, one by one. He seemed calm, but inside, he could not stop sighing.

    The amount of Contribution Points needed to exchange for a technique was beyond his expectations. With his remaining three hundred or so Contribution Points, perhaps Liu Ming could only exchange for a technique of the lowest level available here.

    Not long after, Liu Ming went through almost half of the stone tables with techniques. However, his eyebrows were tightly knit, as he had still not found a satisfying technique.

    Suddenly, when Liu Ming placed his hand on a dark green stone table, his expression changed slightly. Then, he could no longer move away from the spot.

    “Blood Vine Technique”, a wood type defensive technique. Nurturing the seed of a vine type plant within the body and feeding it with essence blood. Once meeting an opponent, it is possible to immediately activate the seed to cover one’s entire body with vines. Defensive capabilities depend on the type of vine as well as the length of time being nurtured. However, it must be remembered that this technique consumes a large amount of essence blood and when activated, it will cause immense pain. Also, if the seed is nurtured within the body for too long, the body may slowly become wooden at which point, there is an extreme level of danger.

    Three hundred Contribution Points.

    Liu Ming looked through the newly formed white text in his mind several times before withdrawing the nameplate stored on him. Without hesitation, he threw it toward the case made out of light above the stone table.

    Although this technique seemed extremely flawed, it was probably the only defensive technique that could be traded for with Liu Ming’s small amount of Contribution Points. Therefore, he had no room to choose.

    With a “pu” sound, the nameplate gave out a flash and three hundred Contribution Points within it immediately disappeared. At the same time, the case made out of light also broke.

    A thin, green colored book landed in Liu Ming’s hand.

    After Liu Ming received the book and turned around without hesitation.

    “Blood Vine Technique? Are you really going to practice that? This technique was not created by our founder but rather obtained when one of our predecessors killed an Demonic Practitioner, and found this on his body. This technique was once practiced by many people, but due to the fact that it causes a lot of pain when activated, as well as the fact there is a chance of turning into a tree and how easily it is able to be defeated by fire type techniques, they all slowly gave up on the technique. If it weren’t for the special way to practice the technique and the fact that there are not a lot of wood type techniques in the sect, it would already have been moved out of the Scripture Pavilion. Therefore, it only needs this little amount of Contribution Points to exchange. For you, who is young, to have cultivated to this level, you obviously have good talent. There is no need to choose this type of technique.” After seeing the green book in Liu Ming’s hand, Liao Feng was somewhat startled and spoke.

    “Many thanks to the pointers from Martial Uncle, but I do not have a lot of contribution points, and can only choose this technique.” Liu Ming replied with respect.

    “Since you have chosen and I have also warned you, then swear in the name of the Heavens.” Liao Feng sighed and spoke.

    TL: The swear is so that Liu Ming doesn’t share the technique with other people

    After the time it takes to drink a cup of tea, Liu Ming and the velvet-robed elder entered the white light, and once again appeared in the small room from the start.

    Liu Ming bowed at the elder, before turning around and leaving the Scripture Pavilion.

    Liao Feng waited for Liu Ming to leave through the door, before focusing his thoughts and speaking to himself:

    “Such a young child, he should be a disciple from the last Opening Spirit Ceremony. However, if I remember correctly, the Nine Spiritual Pulse disciple that Nine Infants Faction received was not called Bai Cong Tian. Perhaps he is a Six Spiritual Pulse disciple but that is a little weird. To be able to cultivate to Late Spirit Apostle so quickly, even a normal Nine Spiritual Pulse Disciple could not do that easily.”

    The velvet robed elder had an expression full of doubt but after shaking his head, he returned to the seat and continued reading the book in his hand.

    At the same time, after Liu Ming checked the remaining Contribution Points which were almost gone, he sighed and put his nameplate away. He then directly went to the Duty Hall.

    A while later, Liu Ming stood in front of the crystal plate which had the missions listed and stared at the mission highest on the crystal plate. This mission was written with light gold text and Liu Ming had a face of contemplation as he stared without focus.

    Only after a good while did Liu Ming turn around and approach the stone desk where missions could be accepted. Afterward, he passed his nameplate across.

    “I want to participate in the mission that occurs once every three months, the Suppression of the Ten Thousand Bone Cave!”

    “The Ten Thousand Bone Cave is extremely dangerous, you will be responsible for your own life. Junior Bai, are you sure you want to participate in that mission?” The middle-aged deacon at the stone desk seemed to know Liu Ming, the Mission Madman. After hearing what Liu Ming said, his original smiling expression immediately froze.

    “No worries, I am sure I want to accept this mission.” Liu Ming replied without thinking any further.

    “Since it is like this, I will put Junior’s name under the mission. Three days later, there will be a Martial Uncle leading a squad, Martial Brother must join on time, otherwise there will be a great penalty in Contribution Points.” The middle-aged deacon spoke while nodding his head. He accepted the name plate, and with a short golden stick, he tapped it a few times before returning it to Liu Ming.

    Liu Ming said a word of thanks to the middle-aged deacon, before leaving the two story hall.

    “Senior Huang, what did mission did Junior Bai just accept? You seem a little hesitant.” A thirty or so year old, average looking male quickly rushed toward the stone desk and casually asked.

    “Nothing, Junior Bai is only going to participate in the Suppression of the Ten Thousand Bone Cave mission, which leaves in three days.” The middle-aged deacon obviously recognized the person asking him questions, so he replied carelessly.

    “What, Ten Thousand Bone Cave?” After hearing this, the questioning male gasped in surprise.

    “Yeah, that’s why I said a few words of persuasion just then. Too bad Junior Bai insisted on going, so I could only help him register. If I remember correctly, the amount of sect disciples that have fallen in Ten Thousand Bone Cave in the past year or so has already reached ten; as for those who returned with heavy injury, who knows how many there are. This Junior Bai is young, and yet his amount of courage is different from normal.” The middle-aged deacon spoke with a click of his tongue.

    As for the male who was asking questions before, he was stumped for words.


    “What, accepted the mission of the Suppression of Ten Thousand Bone Cave? This brat is really brave enough to do such things!” In a building at the foot of the Blood Control Mountain, several old disciples of the Blood Control Faction were gathered together, and in the gathering, a dark-faced man just finished speaking.