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Chapter 75 – Fighting for the Treasure

Demon’s Diary
     Chapter 75 – Fighting for the Treasure

    Although most people on the Misty Ship were sprawled on the deck and could possibly be dead, there was no way that the middle-aged Spirit Master could possibly mistake Liu Ming for deceased.

    However, this Master Zhang completely ignored him and, in a gust of wind, only grabbed Senior Qian and Cui Er as he fled.

    This made Liu Ming’s heart freeze over; it seemed that he could only rely on himself.

    Thinking thus far, Liu Ming’s originally upright, immobile body suddenly fell onto the deck with a “gu dong” sound.

    At the same time, his aura and the blood flow of his body all became indiscernible in mere seconds.

    This was the effect of his mortal secret technique that had saved him back at the river before he became a Spirit Apostle.

    A large “hong” sound rang through the air.

    The terrifying energy within the enormous ball of light, which hovered in the air, began to swell and then exploded. Immediately, a heat wave spread out in all four directions.

    The surrounding area was engulfed by the heat wave and anything touched by it would start to crumble. Even the Wasp Bandit’s wooden ship and the Misty Ship, two flying type Practitioner Weapons, were unable to resist the force behind the heat waves. Like toys, they tumbled seven or eight times before they disintegrating.

    Liu Ming only felt his body suddenly fall through air as he and the rest of the Barbarian Ghost Sect disciples fell from the sky.

    In this state of panic, he did not dare use Fa Li to fly and instead, just as he was about to hit the ground, a thick black rope shot out from his sleeve toward the ground,


    Liu Ming was instantly catapulted a few feet to the side. Not only was the impact of the fall greatly reduced, he also managed to avoid an extremely solid looking cyan rock below him.

    However, falling in this manner from such a high altitude couldn’t help but make his mouth curl as his entire body ached with pain.

    It was a good thing that his current skeleton was much sturdier than before and because of that Liu Ming was able to avoid any bone fractures.

    With Liu Ming in this sort of situation, it was quite obvious what sort of state the rest of the Barbarian Ghost Sect disciples would be in.

    The nearest few Barbarian Ghost Sect Disciples were sprawled on the ground as fresh blood flowed out from all of their bodies. It was clear that they were no longer breathing.

    At this time, where the light ball exploded, the half Dragon monster reappeared. However, aside from a few scorched black marks on its body, there were astonishingly no further injuries. Instead, a glint of tyranny appeared in its single eye as one of its claws abruptly swiped the air below.


    The corpse of the woman who had previously wielded the flying sword immediately flew into the air and landed in the monster’s claw.

    The half Dragon monster opened its mouth and, in one bite, bit off most of the woman’s head. After chewing for a while, a sharp bird cry rang out as it opened its mouth and spat out a scarlet ball of flame, sending it downward. It then proceeded to transform into a black wind as it brought the woman’s corpse, still riddled with flesh blood, to a distant place.

    Looking at its direction of travel, it astonishingly was the same direction in which the monk fled.

    A large “hong” sound rang through the air.

    The seemingly ordinary fireball from the monster’s mouth fell to the ground. After hitting the ground, it unexpectedly morphed into a pillar of fire that rose high into the air.

    A mass surge of fire waves instantly littered the vicinity and turned the surrounding area into a billowing sea of flames.

    Anything touched by the flame, no matter if it was a tree or a rock, was all immediately annihilated into ashes.

    A few miserable shrieks sounded!

    Apparently, a few Wasp Bandit demonic cultivators, who were still alive, struggled under the flames. Ultimately, they too were transformed into ashes like the rest.

    This monster was truly worthy of being at the Crystal Level. With a mere casual attack, it unexpectedly displayed such terrifying power.

    Liu Ming realized that things were askew as soon as he saw the fireball fall. He no longer cared if the Scarlet Dragon would reappear and hastily retrieved a few Glyphs from his body. In one breath, he cast numerous layers of light to cover his body. After smacking his Cultivating Soul Bag, he also summoned his White Bone Scorpion.

    Liu Ming interlinked his thoughts with the White Bone Scorpion as the scorpion appeared inside the layers of light created by the Glyphs. Instantly, it opened its mouth and spit out a torrent of unusually cold Miasma. This Miasma managed to resist the nearby scarlet flames as the White Bone Scorpion carried Liu Ming. They fled in one direction.


    When he and the White Bone Scorpion managed to escape the sea of flames, the layers of light around Liu Ming also disintegrated from the pressure.

    Liu Ming let out a lengthy breath before he turned his head to look back at the sea of flames. An expression of fear couldn’t help but surface on his face.

    Just a few second ago, if he had been even a little bit slower in his reactions, then perhaps he too would have been buried in that place.

    Nonetheless, the defensive Glyphs that he just bought at the market had all been exhausted. He couldn’t help but feel regret in his heart at this loss.

    Of course, thinking about it realistically, he would most likely not have been able to preserve his own life if not for these Glyphs.

    Thinking like this, Liu Ming lowered his head and looked at the White Bone Scorpion.

    After the brief period of time where the scorpion spat out Miasma non-stop, its spirit had turned gloomy.

    As an assurance, Liu Ming did not immediately recall the White Bone Scorpion. Instead his eyes scanned the tumultuous sea of flames and an expression of pity appeared on his face.

    With such a powerful flame, the Glyphs, Spirit Stones and other items on other people’s bodies would naturally be irretrievable. Otherwise, he could potentially have salvaged the remains and gained a decent fortune.

    As for the Barbarian Ghost Sect disciples that perished, to someone like Liu Ming who had seen countless lives perish on Savage Island, aside from the slight rue in his heart, there wasn’t the slightest amount of sorrow.

    After pondering a bit, Liu Ming let the White Bone Scorpion drill into the ground first as he hastily ran toward the location where the woman fell.

    Although the woman’s corpse had already been devoured by the Dragon, the short cyan sword, which had also fallen, was still in the vicinity.

    Since this weapon was used by the Spirit Master woman to fight a strong enemy, it definitely was a totem tier item. Moreover, it’s rank was most likely not that low.

    To the current him, this sort of treasure was something that he naturally could not forsake. Even if the Scarlet Dragon were to reappear, he still had to search for it.

    It was a good thing that he clearly remembered where the woman fell. In an instant, he had arrived near the location and, in one glance, saw half of the short cyan sword protruding out of a rock.

    He was overjoyed and was about to run over.

    However, at that time, a shadow flashed behind a tree and a man walked out. Once this man saw that someone else had appeared, the expression on his face congealed.

    It was obvious that Liu Ming was startled; his expression also quickly focused, trying to size up the person.

    The man was wearing a gray robe, seemed to be about thirty years old and had a face of extreme valiance. In his hand was a short black hammer and he too was scrupulously examining Liu Ming.

    “Wasp Bandit.”

    When Liu Ming clearly saw the opposing party’s face, he instantly knew that the imminent battle was unavoidable.

    Although Liu Ming did not know how the other person had fled from the sea of fire, it was clear that he had come for the short sword totem.

    “Brat, earlier you managed to preserve your life; your luck can’t be considered bad. However, you have now come across me, so you seem to be out of luck.” The gray-robed male suddenly sneered as he began to brandish the short hammer in his hand. He proceeded to rush at Liu Ming and swung his hammer out. Subsequently, he performed a single handed technique and, after waving his arms, two wind blades, one behind the other, rapidly shot out.

    A smothered sound rang in the air.

    A misty white ball flew toward Liu Ming like a shooting star.


    Liu Ming’s arms moved and a black rope flew out and inserted itself in the ball of air. His body then flashed as the two wind blades barely missed his body as they flew past and instead, severed two small trees in half.

    When the gray robed male saw this, his pupils slightly dilated as he brandished his short hammer Practitioner Weapon again. Instantly, a black cover of light fell from above and blocked the area in front of him.

    Subsequently, the male threw his short hammer on the ground and with lightning speed, his hands formed a sign and he started an incantation.

    The the next second, a myriad of yellow inscriptions flew out of his body while the surrounding air simultaneously started producing a droning sound. Strands of yellow light appeared in the air and quickly condensed over his head.

    “Surging Yuan Li, a high level technique!” When Liu Ming saw the scene unfold, his two hands promptly formed a sign and after raising them, large swooshing sounds rang out.

    In an instant, seven or eight wind blades were projected. The cyan light behind Liu Ming was still flickering as even more wind blades followed.

    Although a high level technique contained astonishing power, the higher the technique level, the longer the wind up time was. There was no way that Liu Ming would give the opponent a chance to complete the discharge time.

    Despite the light cover from the Practitioner Weapon used by the gray-robed male being quite thick, with such a large number of wind blades hacking at it, in a short moment, it was no longer able to resist and disintegrated.

    The gray-robed male became greatly shocked and hastily ceased his incantation and rolled to the side. However, due to the backlash of Fa Li, he couldn’t help but spit out blood.

    Yet, without even waiting for him to stand up, additional wind blades flew out from Liu Ming’s hands. This rendered the Wasp Bandit incapable of even performing any defensive techniques as he was forced to rely on his legs to repeatedly dodge.

    From the very start, he was waiting for Liu Ming to take a break from performing his technique so he could catch a breath of air. However, as the interval between subsequent wind blades grew progressively shorter and shorter, as well as the fact that the opponent didn’t even seem to recite an incantation, the man finally couldn’t help but let out an involuntary cry of fear, “Perfection in the Wind Blade Technique; able to instantly cast the spell. You unexpectedly managed to condense a technique seal!”

    After speaking, the gray-robed male didn’t hesitate to turn his body and frantically started to flee. He, surprisingly, didn’t even bother to collect his short hammer Practitioner Weapon.

    Liu Ming let out a sneer when he saw this. He lifted both his hands and a cleaving air sound rang out. Immediately, three more wind blades simultaneously shot out.

    The speed of these wind blades were astonishingly almost twice as fast as the ones before. In a flash, they had already reached the back of the gray-robed male.

    Even though the gray-robed male was incomparably nimble, he was only able to dodge two of the wind blades with great difficulty. As for the third wind blade, he let out a miserable shriek as it sliced apart part of his body and then fell to the ground.


    A black streak flew out from the nearby earth and instantly pierced the gray-robed male’s head. Finally, the yelling came to a sudden stop as he took his last breath.

    This streak belonged to the White Bone Scorpion which had finally moved into position and attacked from underground.

    Only now did Liu Ming feel reassured as he walked next to where the cyan sword hilt lay. He then proceeded to pull it out of the rock.

    He noticed that the short sword was no longer than half a foot, but contained a misty cyan light on its exterior. A faint trace of cold energy slowly emanated from it and when Liu Ming picked it up, it was still squirming. It seemed to be struggling to free itself from Liu Ming.

    “This really is worthy of being a totem! It’s master has already perished but it unexpectedly still harbors such a spiritual nature. There’s no way its quality can be low.” Liu Ming was overjoyed and hastily pulled out a jade box on his body. He placed the short sword within it and tucked it away in his sleeve.

    At this moment, the White Bone Scorpion used its claws to pick up a few things from the gray-robed man’s corpse and proceeded to bring them over to Liu Ming.