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Chapter 73 – Appearance of the Dragon

Demon’s Diary
     Chapter 73 – Appearance of the Dragon

    “Our mission has already ended. We have already determined that there are no Liquid Level cultivators among the Barbarian Ghost Sect disciples. The rest is for Xing Lao San and the rest of them to do. However, it seems that their flying tool is quite intricate. Perhaps it holds the ability to conceal its tracks. Will the Xing Lao San lose track of it?” The boy finally opened his mouth. His voice was abnormally old, almost like an old man’s.

    “Don’t worry. Earlier, in the city, I planted the Thousand Mile Fragrance on a Barbarian Ghost Sect disciple. Even if they are thousands of miles away, Xing Lao San should still be able to accurately locate them.” The pink-robed young woman wore a sinister expression on her face as she spoke.

    “Very good. In that case, since the group with Xin Lao San are all Late Spirit Apostles, capturing these Barbarian Ghost Sect disciples should be no problem. Okay, we should leave. After this is finished, the Kingdom of Xuan will not be able to sit still. We have to switch locations.” The boy satisfied, nodded his head.

    “Haha, it seems you want to leave. You need my permission first!”

    Suddenly, a cold voice transmitted through the air.

    This startled the young woman and the boy. Both of them looked toward the voice.

    What they saw was a dignified elder who wore an embroidered gown with a jade belt on his waist. Both of his hands were behind his back and he was staring coldly at the two of them.

    “Not good, it’s Old Freak Mu; scram!” When the pink-robed young woman saw the man’s face clearly, her face immediately changed and she involuntarily cried out.

    The adjacent boy didn’t say anything and raised his hand. A cluster of white mist rushed forth and enshrouded the surrounding dozens of feet around him. Subsequently, he turned his body around and drilled into the ground.

    “Peng!” A smothered sound rang forth. Both of the boy’s legs were only five inches into the ground when the surrounding earth suddenly became as hard as metal. This caused him to instantly be incapable of moving.

    A bloody light flashed!

    The boy’s head then immediately tumbled off and rolled off to the side. In a flash, another tall and skinny man, wearing a blood red robe, appeared. His hand was grasping a slender, blood red blade, which was now dripping with fresh blood.

    When the second man appeared, the savage, long blade in his hand shook and promptly chopped the boy’s headless body into over ten pieces. The spirit hidden inside the body let out a miserable shriek as it was subsequently transformed into green smoke under the onslaught of the red light.

    “Boy of Eternal Youth! What a load of hogwash. A mere Late Spirit Apostle and he still dares to call himself as such.” The male in the blood red robe coldly said.

    “You are Hall of Blood’s Xue Ya!”

    TL: Xue translates to blood

    As the pink-robed young woman looked at the blood red-robed man, her face turned even more pale. However, after quietly retreating two steps, a green light flashed on her body and she unexpectedly turned into a green light that cleaved through the sky as it fled.

    When the blood red-robed man saw this, he gave a sneer but did not give chase.

    The elder with an embroidered robe in midair didn’t say anything and merely shook his sleeve. A scarlet red, feathered fan appeared in his hand, he then lightly waved it.


    The young woman, who had already fled more than a hundred feet, instantly felt the surrounding space heat up. Her entire body was then morphed into a ball of flame that tumultuously burned.

    A second later, the incomparably beautiful female cultivator disappeared without a trace in the air.

    “Hmph, Old Freak Mu, I didn’t realize that you had cultivated your Miasmic Fire Technique to an even purer level. You were able to, unexpectedly, instantly plant a Miasmic Fire Seed in a Late Spirit Apostle.” The blood red-robed man snorted as he spoke after witnessing the spectacle.

    “How can this insignificant skill of mine compare to Fellow’s Blood Knife?” The elder in the embroidered robe said. His eyes then looked over at the pile of flesh and blood next to the blood red-robed man; a wary expression grew on his face.

    The pile of flesh and blood was the remnants of the boy’s corpse.

    “Nonetheless, this is somewhat weird. The rumor is that the chief of the Wasp Bandits, Boy of Eternal Youth, is a Spirit Master. How come this person was only a Late Spirit Apostle? If he was only a Spirit Apostle, why would they make both of us stay here?” The elder in the embroidered robe muttered to himself and had a slightly suspicious tone in his voice as spoke.

    “Since it’s a rumor, it means that the information isn’t necessarily true. It was most likely an unfounded rumor started by the mortal world to exaggerate those who cultivate the demonic arts. Although this group of Wasp Bandit demonic cultivators has a large reputation, I have never actually heard of them fighting anyone. Those that were killed by their hands were all Spirit Apostle cultivators. They have never provoked a Spirit Master before. Most of their reputation comes from their malicious and treacherous methods, that’s all. This time, we received information beforehand and managed to set a trap for them; we further had the intent to catch all of them in one fell swoop. As we just now easily eliminated their leader, I believe that this is quite a normal affair.” The blood red-robed man nonchalantly said.

    “Maybe so. Since we have eliminated two of their leaders, I believe that Fellow Zhang has already started moving over there.” The man in the embroidered robe pondered for a while before he nodded in agreement as he spoke.

    “Hehe, the bait this time is Fellow Zhang’s disciples. Naturally, he has to personally resolve the issue to feel relieved. However, according to what I said, if these disciples are unable to resist these Spirit Apostle bandits, even if they perish, it will not be too much of a pity.” The blood red-robed man sneered as he spoke.

    “It seems that Fellow Xue Ya believes that the Barbarian Ghost Sect is exactly like your Blood River Hall. Your sect’s disciples all cultivate the Path of Blood and Battle, so their genuine fighting experience is extremely rich and able to further hold their own against almost anything. Moreover, recently, the amount of new Barbarian Ghost Sect Disciples that are able to open their Spiritual Pulse has been growing smaller and smaller. How could they be willing to forgo these disciples? Furthermore, within these disciples, there is a core disciple who ranks within the top ten in the sect.” The embroidered robed elder faintly smiled as he spoke.

    “Core disciple… you are talking about the Qian girl, right? Her aptitude really is not that bad. Since she is part of the bait, there is no wonder why Fellow Zhang is so meticulous. One more thing; did Fellow hear that a few months ago, Elder Chan of Barbarian Ghost Sect and Elder Yu of Nine Enlightenment Mountain simultaneously went somewhere and both returned injured?” The blood red-robed male suddenly inquired.

    “Fellow Xue is talking about that Scarlet Dragon right?” The embroidered robed elder was silent for a while before he suddenly replied with a laugh.

    “It seems that your Wind-Fire Sect has also learned of this information. After thinking about it, I don’t remember the last time a Crystal Level Monster appeared in the Kingdom of Xuan. It seems that your sect’s Elder Chi Yang will definitely set out.” When the blood red-robed man heard this, he sighed.

    “That is only natural. The entire body of a regular Crystal Level Demon is full of treasures. This is even more so for a Dragon type monster. Although the Barbarian Ghost Sect and the Nine Enlightenment Mountain were the first to discover it, they were unable to capture it at the time. Thus, they were incapable of covering up the information. I am afraid that it won’t only be my sect, neither your Hall nor the Heavenly Moon Sect will be able to sit still on this.” The embroidered robed elder did not conceal his intention as he spoke.

    “If this really was the case, even if the Scarlet Dragon is formidable, it will be incapable of displaying its might. Although previously this Dragon was able to repel the two elders, there is no way it could have escaped completely unscathed.” The blood red-robed man spoke what was on his mind.

    “Fellow Xue Ya’s way of thinking is incorrect. According to the newest information I just received, although the Scarlet Dragon sustained injuries, it has long since left the Suppressing Dragon Island for a nearby district. We do not know where it hid itself to recuperate. Even if Crystal Stage elders possess boundless Fa Li, it will not be easy to find this Dragon. Moreover, with this sort of terrifying Demon hidden within our Kingdom’s borders, both you and I have to be more careful when traveling along. Otherwise, if we were to come across this monster, haha… I believe that in a few days, Fellow will receive a warning message from your Hall.” After speaking, the embroidered robed elder started laughing.

    “There is no way the situation is that horrible. That Scarlet Dragon may very well have already fled the Kingdom of Xuan!” After hearing this, the blood red-robed man’s face slightly changed.

    “I hope that this is the case. However, according to the information I received, the injuries sustained by the Dragon were extremely severe. There is a very high chance that it will not be able to flee the Kingdom’s borders for a short while. Furthermore, you and I, who are both Liquid Level cultivators, are the optimal “potions” for healing the monster.” The embroidered robed man shook his head before suddenly lowering his voice.

    “Fellow is implicating that…” When the blood red-robed male heard this, he couldn’t help but shiver.

    “You and I are able to use Spirit Apostles as bait, so why cannot those powerful Crystal Level cultivators use us to draw out the Scarlet Dragon. Do not forget that a lot of Liquid Level Spirit Masters in the Kingdom of Xuan are currently defending the three largest Markets for the sects.”

    “Haha, Brother Mu is overthinking this!” The blood red robed male’s face proceeded to change quite a few times before he finally started to boisterously laugh.

    “Mhm, it really could be that this old man is thinking too much. However, in the near future, if we were to have no choice but to travel outside the city, should we try our hardest to travel together?” When the embroidered elder heard this, he faintly smiled as he spoke.

    “Sure, I have come across some problems while cultivating, I was in fact waiting to seek out Brother Mu for advice.” This time, the blood red-robed male only pondered for a short while before he replied.

    Subsequently, the two of them tacitly changed the topic and started to discuss other matters.

    While this was happening, thousands of miles away from the market, high in the sky, the Misty Ship had already stopped flying.

    Just a few thousand feet behind the ship was, astonishingly, another gray wooden ship that was approximately a hundred feet in length. Standing on top of it were over a dozen cultivators, each wearing different types of clothing. All of their appearances were that of devils and monsters, but at the moment, none of them dared to move.

    The reason why they were acting in this manner was because of the over ten wolf-like puppets floated around the wooden boat. In addition, below these puppets were a couple of corpses that had been torn to shreds.

    On top of the wooden boat was a middle-aged woman and a man dressed like a monk. They were talking with each other and did not pay much attention to the scene below them.

    At the same time, Liu Ming and the others on the Misty Ship were grouped together. They followed Senior Qian in respectfully paying their respects to a smiling middle-aged Spirit Master.

    “Stand up. This time, I used you juniors to make the Wasp Bandits appear. Even though I never informed you of this beforehand, I still put you in some danger. How about this: I’ll tell the Duty Hall to confer a hundred Contribution Points to all of you.” The middle-aged Spirit Master spoke with good nature.

    “Thank you very much Master Zhang!”

    After hearing Master Zhang’s words, everyone was overjoyed and expressed their thanks in unison.

    The middle-aged Fellow spoke a few more sentences of encouragement before planning on leaving.

    At this time, Liu Ming suddenly heard a long bird cry that abnormally pierced into his ears.

    It seemed that the cry had originated from a distance away, but in the blink of an eye, the origin of the sound had grown closer by a large margin..

    The middle-aged Spirit Master’s, along with the conversing female and monk on top of the wooden ship’s, faces underwent a great change.

    When Liu Ming heard this familiar bird cry, he was stumped for where he had heard that before. However, after he quickly searched through his memories for the instances of this bird cry, his face immediately paled a bit.