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Chapter 72 – The Woman and Boy

Demon’s Diary
     Chapter 72: The Woman and Boy

    Was it that Ye Tianmei only looked young while in reality, she was already a near a hundred year old hag!

    Liu Ming shook his head in his heart and tossed the idea into the back of his mind. As he was led into a refined small room on the second floor by the old man, a pretty girl immediately offered him an aromatic tea.

    The old man then left the room to find the owner.

    After the time it takes to have a cup of tea, the sound of footsteps transmitted from outside the room. A middle-aged woman wearing a long purple dress was brought into the room by the old man.

    The woman’s facial appearance seemed ordinary but if one looked some more, he or she would realize that the woman had an inordinately graceful aura.

    The old man introduced one another:

    “Fellow, this is our store’s owner, Lady Yu. This Fellow, on the other hand, is the owner of the demon bone that I spoke of earlier.

    “Lady Fu.”

    Liu Ming stood up and humbly bowed.

    “There is no need to be so polite, Fellow. I am merely a Spirit Apostle. I don’t know if this Fellow can retrieve the Spirit Bone and let me look at it.” Lady Fu returned the greeting and wore a slight smile as she spoke.

    “Of course there is no problem.”

    When Liu Ming heard the woman’s request, he retrieved a wooden box from his sleeve and placed it on the table.

    Lady Yu stepped forward and opened the box. She used her long and slender fingers to pick out and examine a white bone fragment.

    The woman held a cautious appearance and her expression was that of extreme concentration. It seemed like the bone fragment in her hand wasn’t something insignificant that countless people would dump in their trash and instead was a rare treasure.

    A while later, after looking over it, the woman lifted her hand and took out a wooden hairpin from her hair bun. She used the pointed end to gently dab the bone fragment in her hand.

    An inconceivable thing occurred.

    The originally light yellow wooden hairpin, unexpectedly turned colors in an instant. It transformed into a dark blue color.

    “This truly is the bones of a Demon at the peak of the Liquid level. Although there isn’t much in here, it is enough to forge into a small-sized totem.” The woman showed a smile as she said.

    “A totem!” When Liu Ming heard this, his heart moved.

    “That’s right, a part of the reason as to why totems are so rare is because that they are not easy to forge and the success rate is quite low even with the right material. However, even more so, it is due to a lack of materials that can be used create the totem that contribute to its rarity. Fellow, these sorts of peak late stage Liquid Level Demon Bones coincidentally are one of the most appropriate principal materials for forging a totem. Of course, during the course of forging one, other items must be added and their costs are not cheap either.” The woman explained; she was slightly reluctant as she put the bone fragment in her hand back into the box.

    “I see now.” Liu Ming came to a revelation after hearing the explanation. A favorable impression of the Lady Fu was left in his heart.

    Just the fact that the opposing party, in this case, had not hidden the Demon bone’s usage and had calmly told him of the item’s rarity made the “Hundred Treasures” shop worthy of its reputation.

    “Elder Wang told me that the reason why Fellow produced this item was not to sell it, but instead conduct business with us. Is this correct?” Lady Fu replied.

    “I really did plan on doing this. Nevertheless, right now, I would like to ask Lady a question. If I wanted to sell the Demon bones in this box, how many Spirit Stones would you buy it for?” Liu Ming’s gaze flashed as he slowly answered.

    “The price of a normal totem is approximately one hundred thousand Spirit Stones. However, if the forging failed, the spirituality of the materials used would be rendered useless. I also have to factor in the cost of inviting a high level blacksmith to forge the totem. Furthermore, I must make a small amount of profit. Therefore, I would normally give such bones a price of five thousand Spirit Stones. Nevertheless, since Fellow’s Demon Bones were from a peak Liquid Level Demon, it has a chance of being refined into a high quality weapon. Thus, I am willing to pay another two thousand Spirit Stones, totaling seven thousand Spirit Stones for the Demon Bones. What does Fellow think of this price?” Lady Fu pondered a while before earnestly speaking.

    “Seven thousand Spirit Stones is indeed a fairly reasonable price.” Liu Ming nodded his head, but the palm in his sleeve couldn’t help but stroke another finger sized wooden box. His face emitted a contemplating expression.

    When Lady Yu saw this, although she was slightly puzzled in her heart, the smile stayed on her face and she did not urge him.

    “I planned on using most of the items in this box to exchange for some Fa Li increasing medicinal pills. The names and prices are all on here. As for the remaining Spirit Stones, I plan on purchasing a few Glyphs and materials for concocting pills.” Liu Ming considered his options for a while before finally returning the small wooden box in his sleeve. From his body, he grabbed a sheet of paper and handed it over.

    He had previously written down the items on the sheet.

    “The pills you request are all low quality and the amount is of no problem. As for the concocting pill materials and the Glyphs, I will have someone bring over the catalog and the price for Fellow to choose in a bit.” Lady Yu glanced over the items written down on the paper and responded.

    Subsequently, the woman gave an order and the old man walked out of the room with the piece of paper.

    A moment later, the pretty maid who had served him tea while walked in with a thick catalog.

    “Please take a look, Fellow. Most of the items we sell are within the book. Perhaps there are some things that might entice Fellow. One more thing: I still don’ know Fellow’s name. Is it possible to tell me?” Lady Yu passed the catalog over to Liu Ming and amiably asked a question.

    “My surname is Liu, but I cannot tell you my full name.” As Liu Ming accepted the catalog, he indifferently spoke.

    “So it is Fellow Liu.” Lady Yu giggled. It seemed she did not care that Liu Ming did not give his full name.

    Liu Ming had already started flipping through and reading the book. He further had memorized all the items in his heart.

    A while later, Elder Wang walked in again, this time with an extra dozen porcelain bottles that were varying in sizes. He then placed them on the desk in front of Liu Ming.

    When Liu Ming saw the bottles, his eyes flashed and he put down the catalog; he then started to examine the porcelain bottles.

    A moment later, he satisfyingly nodded his head and said to the old man, “Aside from these medicinal pills, I also need five pounds of Deer Fragrance, three pounds of Scarlet Scaled Petals, half a pounds of Bezoar Powder, three large bottles of Ganlin liquid, a bottle of Scarlet Powder… As for the Glyphs, I need two Glyphs of Speed, two Spirit Covering Glyphs, three Returning Spring Glyphs…, and that’s about it. As for the remaining hundred Spirit stones, you can directly give them to me.” Liu Ming swiftly recited the names of the concocting pill materials and the glyphs.

    When Elder Wang finished listening, he looked at the store owner, Lady Yu.

    Lady Yu, in turn, smiled and nodded her head.

    Elder Wang acknowledged this and left the room.

    “Fellow Liu, since you are purchasing so many items, it probably won’t be easy to bring them with you. You should buy a Storage Glyph!” Lady Yu thought for a while before suddenly speaking to Liu Ming.

    “Aren’t Storage Glyphs only usable once one becomes a Spirit Master? Moreover, with such a trifling amount of items, using this glyph would be a waste.” When Liu Ming heard the suggestion, he was startled as he replied.

    “Normal Storage Glyphs obviously will not do. However, in the past few days, I acquired a couple Storage Glyphs which had failed halfway through their manufacturing processes. Although they can only be used once, their storage space is limited and they cannot lighten the load of items that are in it, since Fellow is at the Middle Spirit Apostle stage, you can probably use it.” Lady Yu giggled as she spoke.

    After Liu Ming heard this, his expression slightly changed.


    An hour later, Liu Ming exited the Hundred Treasures, but his hands were as empty as when he came in.

    Subsequent to exiting, he did not directly return to the tavern. Instead, he immediately went to the most well known blacksmith shop in the city. He stayed there for four hours before he left with a smile on his face.

    At this time, the majority of his remaining Spirit Stones, and the other slender and small wooden box in his sleeve had astonishingly disappeared without a trace.

    Soon after, Liu Ming immediately returned to the previous night’s tavern. He didn’t leave again that night.

    On the morning of the third day, his figure once again appeared outside the ravine. He then rushed toward the meeting point several miles away.

    Over there, a group of Barbarian Ghost Sect disciples were waiting.

    Many people were excitedly discussing what they saw and what they bought in the city. However, there was no sign of Lei Zhen or Ouyang Ji.

    After a period of waiting, some people appeared in the distance.

    Liu Ming indifferently looked at them and found that it wasn’t his Senior Qian and the others. Instead, it was a young woman with an extremely ample and alluring body. Adjacent to her, there was a skinny boy who looked no more than seven or eight.

    The girl was wearing a pink garment and with every action she made, an extremely disturbing feeling of attracting one’s spirit was raised. This made many Barbarian Ghost Sect male disciples’ eyes glaze over.

    When the woman saw this many people in front of her, she was slightly startled and immediately carried the boy in another direction.

    However, after traveling about a hundred and twenty feet, the male child suddenly started to cry for no apparent reason…

    The young woman instantly bent over and comforted him. Yet, the boy didn’t pay any attention to this. The girl seemed exceptionally anxious and she fiercely smacked the boy twice.

    The boy’s crying grew even louder.

    Just at this time, Senior Qian and Cui Er slowly walked over from the direction of the ravine.

    “Junior Lei and Ouyang came across Master Zhang and received his blessings. Therefore, they will be staying here for a while longer and will not be returning with us.” Senior Qian looked at the nearby young woman and boy. Her eyes displayed a flash of abnormality and she indifferently spoke.

    When the other disciples heard this, they couldn’t help but look at each other.

    At this time, Senior Qian had already instructed the green-robed girl to take out the scroll and perform the technique.

    After a moment of effort, the large light yellow boat condensed in the air. Simultaneously, the Barbarian Ghost Sect disciples successively flew on board.

    A rumbling sound rang out and a light halo appeared before the Misty Ship took off as it carried everyone toward the Barbarian Ghost Sect.

    At this time, the originally crying child suddenly came to a stop. He further lifted his head and coldly watched the Misty Ship’s rear end as it flew off into the distance.

    “It truly is a group comprised of only Spirit Apostles. They don’t even have a Spirit Master. It seems that we will be able to do some business.” When the pink-robed young woman saw the boy suddenly stop crying, she did not find it the least bit strange. Contrarily, she giggled and charmingly spoke.