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Chapter 64 – Bone Corpse

Demon’s Diary
     Chapter 64 – Bone Corpse

    Soon after, a white silhouette leaped away from the dead ghost’s body.

    It was the White Bone Scorpion


    A red fireball fell from the sky, covering the corpse of the dead ghost with large flames in the blink of an eye.

    Liu Ming was currently on a gray cloud, three hundred feet above ground. He carried a small bag, made of animal skin, while watching the events happening below him with no emotion.

    When he shot out the fireball he purposely held back half of the fireball’s power, so that after the flames were extinguished, there would still be some glittering bones left on the sandy ground.

    The White Bone Scorpion moved again and rapidly flew toward the bones. It grabbed one of the bones and started chewing on it heavily.

    Liu Ming started to descend slowly, reaching the ground he opened the bag in his hand and threw the other bones into it.

    In the bag, it looked like there were only about a dozen ghost bones

    Liu Ming gave these ghosts bones a few looks and lightly sighed.

    Once he walked out of the White Bone Scorpion’s hunting area, the desert had quite a number of low-class ghosts. This was the third ghost that he and the scorpion killed, but he had only found a small number of ghosts bones. This was because he found out that not all ghost bones were helpful to the White Bone Scorpion’s injury; the bones must be extremely strong and contain a certain amount of ghost essence.

    And inside the body of a low-class ghost, there are only three or four of these bones.

    Faced with this situation, Liu Ming could only silently complain.

    According to his current speed of finding ghost bones, the remaining time he had here was not going to be enough. This made him start fretting.

    Liu Ming waited for the White Bone Scorpion to finish swallowing the bone before bundling up his bag with ghost bones and hopped onto his cloud again before he continued to search for other ghosts.

    However, at this time, he suddenly heard a sky splitting noise coming from the distant horizon. One gray cloud and one black cloud were unexpectedly flying toward him from the horizon.

    Liu Ming was startled and hastily stared at the two approaching clouds with rapt attention.

    Standing on the leading gray cloud was a slender figure. Behind, the black cloud was emitting a bloody scent and occasional low roars.

    It was clear that the leading gray cloud’s speed was not as fast as the trailing black cloud. Nonetheless, whenever the black cloud seemed like it was going to catch up to its target, the slender figure on the gray cloud would emit a piercing red light behind her. This forced the black cloud to dodge as if it was extremely afraid of the red light.

    The two figures, one chasing and one fleeing, arrived in the sky above the black desert in the blink of an eye.

    “Hmm, it unexpectedly is her!”

    Liu Ming squinted his eyes and finally clearly saw the slender figure’s pretty face. Astonishingly, it was Jia Lan; Liu Ming couldn’t help but stare blankly.

    However, since this girl was being chased in such a strenuous manner, it was clear that the ghost behind her was at least of the Warrior Level. In other words, it was something only a Late Spirit Apostle would be able to contend against.

    Liu Ming hesitated, he did not know if he should interfere with the situation.

    At this time, the battle in the sky underwent a drastic change.

    The black cloud dodged Jia Lan’s red light again before suddenly emitting a bone lance, about ten feet long. In a flash, it swiftly caught up to the gray cloud.

    Jia Lan seemed to have predicted this and, after performing a single handed technique, the gray cloud’s direction abruptly changed and flew to the side. Because of this, she managed to dodge the bone lance behind her.

    However, at this time, the trailing black cloud suddenly transmitted a low ghostly roar. The bone lance suddenly became blurry and unexpectedly split in two; the other bone lance that was produced looked like the shadow of the first lance.

    This copy turned around and with inconceivable speed, penetrated Jia Lan’s shoulder.

    A cold snort sounded and a bloody hole appeared on Jia Lan shoulder. She seemed to have also lost control of her Fa Li as the gray cloud beneath her feet suddenly disappeared and she immediately fell from the sky.

    When Liu Ming saw this, he didn’t hesitate and flicked his wrist forward. A black rope shot out and caught the young girl, who was only seventy to eighty feet from the ground. His sleeve shook and he forcibly pulled her until she was in front of him.

    “It’s you!”

    The pretty girl’s complexion was abnormally white, but once she clearly saw Liu Ming in front of her, she couldn’t help but involuntarily cry out.

    “It really is me. Senior Jia Lan, are you okay?” Liu Ming bitterly laughed.

    “I’m fine; I only lost control of my Fa Li back then. Now, there is nothing wrong.” The surprised expression on Jia Lan pretty face quickly disappeared. Immediately, she retrieved a light green Glyph and threw it on the bloody hole on her shoulder.

    A “Pu” sound rang out and subsequently, a warm green light appeared. The incessant blood flow from the bloody hole immediately stopped and the wound’s periphery started to congeal and heal.

    At this moment, a loud angry roar permeated the sky. The black cloud changed its direction and abruptly shot toward Liu Ming.

    “Junior Bai, help me stall for a bit. The Warrior Level Bone Corpse’s bone lance contains poison. I must completely remove the residue from my body before moving.” Jia Lan’s gaze flashed as a slightly anxious expression arose on her face.

    “Bone Corpses, intelligent ghosts who originate from the corpses of cultivators. Okay, I understand.” Liu Ming was startled at first, but immediately raised his eyebrows and nodded his head.

    He also had a Warrior Level White Bone Scorpion by his side. Thus, he was not very afraid of facing another Warrior Level ghost.

    At this time, the White Bone Scorpion had already noiselessly dug into the black sand and even Jia Lan had not realized that there had been another ghost within the vicinity.

    However, this scorpion was unable to fly too high so it naturally had to wait until the ghost on top of the black cloud descended before it could fight.

    Therefore, facing the rapidly approaching black cloud, Liu Ming slapped his chest and produced a black light shield which stood resolutely in front of his body. It seemed that he didn’t have the slightest intention of attacking.

    Naturally, the ghost on top of the black cloud was not courteous and borrowed the incredible flying speed to launch the two black bone lances.

    “Sou, sou!”

    However, it’s target this time had astonishingly switched to Liu Ming who was protecting the young girl.

    Faced with this situation, Liu Ming squinted his eyes and recited an incantation. He subsequently performed a single hand technique and a fireball shot toward the bone lance.


    The fireball instantly passed through the bone lance. Unexpectedly, it was only an insubstantial shadow!

    In the next moment, Liu Ming felt a fluctuation in front of him as the other black bone lance appeared without warning and resolutely flew downward.

    Liu Ming’s face changed and without thinking, he thrust the light shield forward so that it covered his entire body.


    The bone lance broke into countless fragments that scattered in all directions. However, a myriad of cracks appeared on the gigantic light shield while a large force simultaneously rushed at Liu Ming.

    Liu Ming gave a cold snort. His body couldn’t help but retreat half a step, but he immediately regained his footing and stood resolute.

    This scene seemed to surprise the ghost on the black cloud. It emitted a cold snort and unexpectedly stopped moving forward. After circling once, it descended onto a sand dune that was about three hundred feet away from Liu Ming.

    When the black cloud dispersed, it revealed the complexion of the ghost within it.

    Astonishingly, it was a twenty foot giant skeleton. Its body was composed of black bone spikes of various lengths. Additionally, it was carrying ten foot long bone lances in both of its hands. Its eyes contained a pulsating blood red flame that gave one a strange feeling as if the ghost was thinking something as it looked at them.

    This was the first time Liu Ming had seen this sort of ghost that had been formed from a human. A Bone Corpse, therefore, he could not help but examine it.

    In the next second, the Bone Corpse suddenly took a large step forward and launched itself at Liu Ming. With every step, a half foot deep footprint was left in the black sand. One could easily see that its body was extremely heavy.

    When Liu Ming saw this, his gaze shook and turned to look at Jia Lan.

    He saw that the bloody hole on the pretty girl’s shoulder was already one-third smaller. However, it seemed that he still had to stall for a little longer..

    With this thought in mind, Liu Ming immediately uttered an incantation and raised his two arms. Two fireballs, one in front of the other, shot at the Bone Corpse.

    “Hong, hong!”

    The Bone Corpse’s torso faintly swayed and easily dodged the two fireballs, which exploded in the sand behind it.

    At this moment, the ghost abruptly raised its head and emitted a weeping bellow. Storing power in its two legs, it then exploded into an inconceivable speed as it rushed toward Liu Ming.

    Its speed was extremely quick and after a few seconds it had already traveled two hundred feet.

    Due to the ghost’s running speed, Liu Ming jumped in fear. Without thinking, he uttered an incantation, his sleeve shook and the Soul Shackling Chain transformed as it flew at the opposing party like a viper. He raised his other arm and three wind blades consecutively flew at the ghost.

    It seemed that the two of arms of Liu Ming had simultaneously moved, but the three wind blades arrived first. After three green flashes of light shone, they appeared in front of the Bone Corpse.

    The ghost clearly had not expected the wind blades to have such speed. The blood flames in its eyes jumped as it hastily put the two black bone lances in front of its body in an attempt to protect itself.

    “Peng, peng!” The first two wind blades ricocheted off the bone lance, but the third wind blade managed to successfully chop onto the Bone Corpse.

    A cold snort sounded.

    Instantly, two of the Bone Corpse’s rib bones were cut in half, but the wind blade had been exhausted and disappeared.

    The Bone Corpse’s run came to a sudden stop. It seemed shocked as it lowered its head and looked at its body.

    The Soul Shackling Chain then flew forward and coiled around its body.

    Two sudden explosion sounds rang in the air.

    The two black bone lances in the Bone Corpse’s hands flew up like lightning and unexpectedly deflected the Soul Shackling Chain into the sand.

    Subsequently, the ghost raised its head and looked at Liu Ming before releasing the bone lances. Its four limbs then proceeded to shrink and its body curled into a ball. It astoundingly transformed itself into an actual bone ball whose exterior was covered in sharp bone spikes. Afterward, it started to wildly roll toward Liu Ming.