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Chapter 62 – The Strange Glyph Symbol

Demon’s Diary
     Chapter 62 – The Strange Glyph Symbol

    At the same time, Liu Ming felt the peculiar suction force in his hands disappear. He immediately removed his hands from the White Bone Scorpion’s head with glee.

    Suddenly, the bubble in his Spirit Sea flashed and shattered like glass.

    Liu Ming felt exhausted as he heard a droning sound in his ear, and his head dropped. After blinking twice, he noticed that he was now in a misty space.

    “This is…”

    Liu Ming’s eyes swept the surroundings and a conflicted expression arose on his face.

    This was the mysterious space that had previously kept him stranded for half a year.

    But this time the space was bigger than last time; the area was over two hundred square feet.

    When Liu Ming finally looked around himself, he couldn’t help but jump in fright.

    The White Bone Scorpion was here in the misty space with him and was still struggling against the Soul Shackling Chains. It seemed to have recovered some of its strength and was once again resisting Liu Ming.

    How did this happen? I know that it is because of the bubble that I entered this space, but how did the White Bone Scorpion enter here along with me? Could it be due to the Spirit Communication Technique that I cast earlier? Liu Ming quickly hypothesized.

    Regardless of the peculiar situation, Liu Ming naturally could not let the White Bone Scorpion break free of the black chain. He immediately closed in and held a hand against the White Bone Scorpion’s head. The Tiger’s Bite Bracelet on his arm produced a droning noise and a yellow tiger head appeared out of thin air. Soon after, the tiger head roared and a sound wave was transmitted onto the scorpion’s head.

    Even though this White Bone Scorpion was exceptionally strong, after being attacked at such a close range, it instantly let out a plaintive wail. Despite its ceaseless struggling, it was unable to free itself from the black rope binding it and the Silver Glyph restriction on its head.

    Faced with this scene, Liu Ming was not polite and did not stop using his Tiger’s Bite Bracelet. With the decrease in Liu Ming’s Fa Li, soundwave after soundwave were produced, blasting the scorpion’s head.

    After the time it takes to have a cup of tea (10 minutes), the White Bone Scorpion had become weak and sluggish once again.

    Liu Ming’s heart finally eased, and after pondering for little, he bluntly sat down where he was and began the Spirit Communication Technique.

    Although Liu Ming did not know if it was possible to tame the White Bone Scorpion in the mysterious space, it was definitely worth a try.

    The black gas on Liu Ming’s body surged and the dense Gray Glyph once again rushed into the ghost’s head.

    Despite the White Bone Scorpion being sluggish and weak, its mental resistance was extremely durable, and it still did not have the slightest intent of yielding.

    However, Liu Ming knew that he would be trapped in here for a long time and was naturally not worried about time issues. Moreover, it was extremely safe in this mysterious safe and Liu Ming could safely perform his techniques to his heart’s content.

    However, as time slowly passed by, the expression on his face started to congeal.

    Half a day later, Liu Ming lightly sighed before ceasing his incantation. Instead, he closed his eyes and began to recuperate his Fa Li.

    One day later, when Liu Ming opened his eyes, the White Bone Scorpion seemed to have recovered some of its strength and was acting restless once again.

    Without a trace of politeness, Liu Ming shook his wrist bracelet and placed his hand on top of the White Bone Scorpion’s head. After a painful flurry of attacks, Liu Ming once again performed his Communication Spirit Technique.

    In the following few days, Liu Ming wore down the White Bone Scorpion’s physical strength in the morning before performing his Spirit Communication Technique until he was exhausted. Then, he would sit down and recover his Fa Li before starting the cycle over again on the next day.

    Three days later, the Ghost’s mental defense finally gave an indication of weakening.

    This made the originally hopeless Liu Ming immediately gain a boost of confidence.

    In the ensuing two days, Liu Ming furiously attacked the White Scorpion’s mental barrier and finally, the scorpion transmitted a faint thought about its will to submit.

    Liu Ming was overjoyed and instantly used his Spirit Communication Technique on the White Bone Scorpion’s mind. Once he was sure he could actually connect with the ghost’s spirit, he finally stopped the secret technique.

    Subsequently, Liu Ming put a finger on the White Bone Scorpion’s body, making the black chain loosen and fly back. Concurrently, the silver inscription on its head also disappeared in a flash.

    The White Bone Scorpion had experienced continuous torture in the past few days, so even without the bindings, it still was on the edge of dying.

    Liu Ming was not too surprised by this and faintly smiled. He knew that, given a few days, the ghost would naturally recover. Thus, Liu Ming started considering what to do with the remainder of his time in this mysterious space.

    A few days ago, he covertly tried to cultivate his Dark Bone Method, but ultimately, he was unable to increase the amount of Fa Li he had in the slightest.

    Faced with this situation, he abandoned the idea and decided to practice the secret techniques and the Spirit Cultivation Technique instead.

    Regarding the Soul Shackling Chain Technique, although more practice equated with higher proficiency, due to the low spirit quality, each Soul Shackling Chain was remarkably different.

    Thus, Liu Ming did not waste any time with it.

    As for cultivating the Spirit Communication technique to a high level, that would make one able to increase its deterrence and communication abilities. Reaching the complete mastery of the Spirit Communication Technique would allow the user a chance at taming even a General Level ghost.

    The current Liu Ming however, after weighing his options, did not decide to practice the Spirit Communication Technique. Instead, he chose to spend his time on easy techniques.

    With his current cultivation, he could naturally learn higher level techniques to use such as the Icicle Technique, but his reason for not doing so was the fact that he had already reached a high level of mastery with his Wind Blade Technique and in other techniques. Therefore, he was not willing to give up on them.

    The second reason resided in the matter that, even though high level techniques were astonishing in their power, their casting time was extremely long and increasing one’s proficiency was extremely difficult. The current Liu Ming wouldn’t be using such techniques very often, while easy techniques were more pragmatic.

    Of course, given adequate time, he would choose one or two high level techniques and cultivate them to a high level. After all, during battles, the might of high level techniques completely surpassed one’s imagination.

    Once he decided on this, Liu Ming immediately started to train in the Wind Blade Technique day after day.

    This Wind Blade Technique had already been trained to a high level, but it appeared that there was still some room to grow. This made Liu Ming more and more curious: if he increased its proficiency by another level, how powerful would the wind blade become?

    Not long after, the White Bone Scorpion recovered enough strength to move around and in the ensuing period of time, aside from the large hole on its body, most of its wounds disappeared.

    While Liu Ming practiced his Wind Blade Technique, the ghost reticently sat on the side, displaying an extremely mild appearance.

    When Liu Ming took breaks from practicing his Wind Blade Technique, he would often use his Spirit Communication Technique to connect and talk with the White Bone Scorpion. Moreover, he would practice correspondingly with the ghost with combinations of attack. The result was exceptionally remarkable and the scorpion gradually gained more intelligence and paired even better with Liu Ming.

    With the help of his talent of doing two things at once, half a year flew by in the blink of an eye.


    After such a long time, Liu Ming was still unable to leave the space.

    This made him somewhat surprised, but not panicked.

    The Wind Blade Technique had already been cultivated to the level where, within a few breaths, Liu Ming could emit a dozen of them without having to stop and rechant the technique. However, Liu Ming still felt like he was lacking something and continued to train and incessantly drill his Wind Blade Technique.

    Today, Liu Ming was standing on one side of the space and was discharging his Wind Blade Technique at the gray fog wall at the other side of the space.

    As Liu Ming performed the one handed signs and proceeded to recite the incantation, his mind suddenly jolted and a mysterious light cyan Glyph suddenly engraved itself into his mind. Subsequently, the sound of space breaking transmitted as two wind blades appeared in his hands and fiercely shot out.

    These were not two wind blades that had been prepared beforehand and released at the same time. After once again performing the hand signs, the wind blades instantly appeared in his hands and Liu Ming didn’t even recite the incantation!

    “This is…”

    Liu Ming blankly stared before finally emitting an ecstatic expression while his lips slightly twitched. He formed the hand signs again and the cyan Glyph once again appeared in his mind. Two wind blades then shot from his hands immediately.

    “Sure enough, practicing it to the next level allows one to emit the technique instantly!”

    Liu Ming heartily laughed as one wind blade after another was emitted in a straight line. They all smashed into the opposing wall of fog and produced banging sounds.

    Next, his lips continued to twitched but he stopped his Wind Blade Technique. Instead, he joined both his hands and slowly spread them apart.

    “Zi La!”

    An impressive, half a meter long, enormous wind blade coagulated.

    Liu Ming’s wrists shook and the enormous wind blade transformed into a ray of cyan light as it traveled. Its speed was a whole level faster than a regular wind blade’s. Right after it was released, it was already chopping into the opposing wall of fog. Furthermore, after a loud sound that signaled the wind blade coming into contact with the fog wall, the surrounding fog slightly dispersed.

    “As expected, the reason why I was unable to accomplish this enlarged wind blade was because my Wind Blade Technique was not proficient enough. Except, what is this cyan Glyph? Once I return, I should ask around.” Liu Ming murmured with a joyous expression.

    In the consecutive days, he continued to practice his Wind Blade Technique. Only this time, it bore no results.

    Faced with this situation, Liu Ming decisively changed his focus to practice the Fireball Technique.

    After four to five months passed, Liu Ming had also trained his Fireball Technique to Complete Spell Mastery.

    His current Fireball Technique traveled faster than before, took less time to cast and the size of the fireball was one fold larger than what it was at when Liu Ming first started practicing the technique.

    Some of these improvements were due to his pure Fa Li, but most of the terrifying power improvements were produced as a result of the Complete Mastery of the Fireball Technique.

    Just as Liu Ming was extremely happy and planned to continue to practice this technique, a droning noise filled his ears. After a flash of white light, he returned to the black sanded desert.

    At this moment, he was astonishingly still sitting in the circle he had made and the space around him still carried traces of cold Miasma in the form of dark smoke. Even his hands were still on the adjacent White Bone Scorpion’s head.

    The ghost’s body was still bound tightly by the Soul Shackling Chain.

    Liu Ming had clearly returned to Ghost Hell Region, but this time, the period of time he was stuck inside of the mysterious space was twice as long compared to last time.

    However, Liu Ming did not have time to mull over this and quickly muttered under his breath as if he was facing a great enemy. He then hastily told the White Bone Scorpion to quickly stand.