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Chapter 61 – The Strange Change Reappearing

Demon’s Diary
     Chapter 61 – The Strange Change Reappearing

    When Liu Ming noticed the situation, both of his eyes narrowed and he did not immediately descend from the air. Instead, he encircled the scorpion below him for a while before his sleeve shook and a black rope fiercely shot out. Simultaneously, he made a single handed sign.

    After the black rope flashed a black light, it suddenly acted as if it had a spirit of its own and twisted around the White Bone Scorpion seven to eight times. Then it resolutely tightened.

    Subsequently, Liu Ming wrist flipped and four light yellow Glyphs appeared. He faintly injected his Fa Li into them and shook his wrist once again.


    Among the four Glyphs, only one turned into a colored inscription that violently shot downward. In a flash, the inscription distinctly appeared on the White Bone Scorpion’s head as if it had been engraved there.

    The White Bone Scorpion lightly shook before it finally stopped moving.

    “That swindling liar!” When Liu Ming saw the result, his mouth twitched and he silently cursed.

    At the time, the disciple who was selling the Glyphs had confidently guaranteed that they were all effective. What a bunch of hogwash!

    Fortunately Liu Ming had bought extras, otherwise he would have been in deep trouble.

    Finally finishing, Liu Ming seemed to relax and urged his gray cloud down to the ground. He landed a few meters away from the White Bone Scorpion and proceeded to walk over.

    Suddenly, the silver compass in his hands produced a buzzing sound.

    Liu Ming instantaneously froze but in the next moment he reached into his sleeve and pulled something out. In his hands appeared a small, half-foot long, cyan crossbow. On top of it were three scarlet arrows that had been prepared in advance. With a howl of shattering space, the arrows flew like lightning toward the White Bone Scorpion.

    “Hong, hong!”

    Among the three arrows that hit the White Bone Scorpion, one of them bounced off while the other two transformed into a rolling flame as they exploded.

    This flame was not like Liu Ming’s typical Fireball Technique. Rather, it was misty white in color.

    A sound of anguish rang through the air!

    The seemingly paralyzed White Bone Scorpion went all out to defend against the fire. Its black tail faintly twitched before transforming into a black blur as it lashed out at Liu Ming.

    However, at the moment, Liu Ming had already activated the Three Star Shield Practitioner Weapon. The black blur instantly struck the light shield but could only make Liu Ming move back two steps without any substantial damages.

    When Liu Ming realized this, he wasn’t alarmed, he was delighted instead.

    Liu Ming used the remaining bit of his Fa Li to sustain the light shield in front of him as he put away the Miasma Compass. He then rapidly retrieved another three scarlet arrows, loaded them into the small crossbow and expeditiously took his shot.

    This time, only one arrow exploded.

    Liu Ming silently cursed under his breath again; his hands did not stop moving as he continued to relentlessly fire at the White Bone Scorpion.

    When the thirteen Shooting Sun Arrows were finally depleted, the silver inscription on the White Bone Scorpion’s head wildly flashed before finally rendering the scorpion truly immobile. Even the two flames in its eye sockets became acutely dimmer.

    Nonetheless, the Soul Shackling Chain, which had bound the scorpion, now astonishingly contained a few cracks and tears. It seemed to have taken serious damage.

    Liu Ming’s face slightly changed, he couldn’t believe that even though the White Bone Scorpion was in such a bad shape, it still contained such terrifying strength.

    However, this was also good. With the White Bone Scorpion using up the last of its strength, the chances of him taming it would increase by up to twenty percent.

    With this thought in mind, Liu Ming withdrew his light shield and used a hand to grab in the direction of the White Bone Scorpion.

    The Soul Shackling Chain launched into the air and the ghost fell into Liu Ming’s hands.

    After reciting a method, Liu Ming once again performed the Soaring Sky Technique while carrying the ghost.

    This time, he only flew a few miles before descending into a semi-hidden place between two hills.

    With his current Fa Li, he would be unable to fly for a long time, and if he were to come across another ghost with his dried up Fa Li, there would be no contest at all.

    The first thing Liu Ming did was hastily extract his black gourd and form faint yellow circles around both him and the White Bone Scorpion. He then immediately started to meditate.

    The amount of Fa Li he used this time was much greater than the time he ran into the Ghost Bee Swarm. Therefore, as soon as he started meditating, the surrounding Yuan Li and threads of Miasma instantly rushed into his body.

    A short moment later, Liu Ming was in a deep meditation.

    Slowly, time passed by.

    After an unknown period of time, Liu Ming opened his eyes. His Fa Li was already completely replenished.

    Liu Ming stood up and shook his feet before turning his attention to the White Bone Scorpion.

    The ghost was still bound tightly and seemed to have not struggled while Liu Ming was in his meditation.

    Of course, it could be that the White Bone Scorpion really did not have any energy left in its body. The green flames in its eyes were only faintly discernible and even more dim than before.

    Liu Ming did not procrastinate and took out a white porcelain bottle that contained a pungent black blood. Using this blood, Liu Ming drew a large circle around him and made a hand sign toward the scorpion.

    The black rope faintly flashed before remodeling itself into a more slender version. The black rope twisted around the White Bone Scorpion ten times, bundling together the scorpion’s black tail and body.

    Liu Ming finally felt relieved and walked in front of the White Bone Scorpion where he sat down.

    Soon, the sound of an incantation started to blossom!

    The black smoke in Liu Ming’s body surged around and gray inscriptions started to appear on his skin; they then proceeded to rapidly spin.

    Liu Ming then lifted his arms and placed both hands on the White Bone Scorpion’s head.

    Suddenly, the gray inscriptions rushed forward, as if they had encountered a culinary delicacy. They successively flashed before disappearing into the scorpion’s head.

    The White Bone Scorpion’s body lightly shook before it finally started struggling. In its current state, the power it used to resist Liu Ming actions was so small that it could be negligible.

    However, even if this was the case, a moment later, an ugly expression appeared on Liu Ming’s face.

    This White Bone Scorpion was truly worthy of being a Warrior Level Ghost. Despite its current feeble state, it still had the mental ability to resist the might of Liu Ming’s Spirit Communication Technique. It did not acknowledge Liu Ming in any way and instead, it’s attempts of resistance became stronger and stronger.

    Liu Ming was silently surprised as he continued to force the Spirit Communication Technique onto the scorpion.

    Since this White Bone Scorpion Ghost’s mental power was so insanely tenacious, Liu Ming was not too worried that its head would explode like the first few low leveled ghosts from before. This meant that he could also display more power here.

    The time it took to drink a cup of tea slowly passed by. (10 minutes)

    The gray inscriptions appearing on Liu Ming’s body seemed to be endless while the White Bone Scorpion’s mental strength resistance was equally resolute. Neither had any indication of waning.

    The ghost and the man were actually stuck in a deadlock.

    At this time, Liu Ming was not anxious. Relying on the abundant Fa Li in his body, he could maintain the Spirit Communication Technique for half a day without problem. Thus he could slowly whittle down the ghost’s willpower.

    As Liu Ming planned this in his head, his body suddenly stiffened and his face emitted an extreme expression of fear!

    The Fa Li in his body had erupted and his Spirit Sea frantically rotated; all of a sudden, a rice sized crystal bubble appeared in his Spirit Sea.

    When this bubble manifested, it faintly flickered while madly engulfing Liu Ming’s Fa Li like a black hole.

    In a flash, the Fa Li in Liu Ming’s body started dropping significantly.

    This extremely familiar change was one that naturally made Liu Ming terror stricken. He tried to quickly remove his arm from the White Bone Scorpion’s head to deal with the situation.

    However, after pulling twice, it was as if there was an unknown suction force present from the scorpion’s head which wouldn’t let him even move his fingers from their position on the White Bone Scorpion’s head.

    This made him even more horrified.

    Nonetheless, he was extremely collected, and after repeatedly failing to break away from the White Bone Scorpion, he neglected his hands and instead focused on his body. He subsequently started to quell the eruption of Fa Li in his body and forcefully suppressed the strange bubble’s devouring.

    An hour passed in a flash!

    Only a thin layer of the black gas surrounding Liu Ming’s body remained. There was about only ten percent of Fa Li left in his body, and the bubble’s engulfment in his Spirit Sea showed no signs of slowing down. In fact, its rate was much faster than last time.

    At this time, Liu Ming couldn’t help but become extremely panicked.

    The amount Fa Li of Liu Ming’s that was devoured this time was much greater than last time by a large margin.

    Unfortunately, despite his previous experience with the bubble, Liu Ming was still unable to prevent his Fa Li from depleting. He could only watch on helplessly as the last of his Fa Li was consumed.

    At that moment, Liu Ming’s body abruptly shook and he felt his strength rapidly diminish as something seemingly split from him and was converted into a flow of heat that was devoured by the bubble

    TL: His life, uhh yeah. Life.

    At the same time, his ten fingers vibrated as an identical heat flow came from the White Bone Scorpion.

    The addition of the Scorpion’s heat caused the flow of heat from Liu Ming’s body to slow down by a substantial margin.

    Suddenly, the originally immobile White Bone Scorpion released a deathly cry as the dim green flames in its eye sockets suddenly flared. Meanwhile, a deep green fog spurted from its back before it condensed and transformed into a vague dark green ghost head.

    When the ghost head appeared, it silently opened its mouth and the nearby Miasma immediately rushed forth and poured into the White Bone Scorpion’s body.

    To the side, when Liu Ming saw this, he jumped in fright. In the next moment however, he felt a different cold energy coming from the White Bone Scorpion’s body and like the heat flows, this new cold energy also entered the bubble.

    With the appearance of a third energy, the stripped heat from Liu Ming and the White Bone Scorpion significantly slowed again; it slowed by so much to the point where if one did not carefully pay attention, one would not be able to sense it at all.

    However, Liu Ming was still quite anxious and fervently hoped that the situation would end immediately.

    Contrarily, the bubble showed no signs of calming.

    Moreover, as the White Bone Scorpion absorbed more Miasma, the amount of Miasma coming from the surroundings identically grew. It grew to the point where a large dark ball of fog made of Miasma shrouded Liu Ming and scorpion.

    Liu Ming could even feel the piercing cold from the black Miasma fog, but was ultimately powerless.

    Time passed in this situation and after a bit less than an hour, the bubble in Liu Ming’s body finally stopped it’s consumption of Miasma.