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Chapter 58 – Search

Demon’s Diary
     Chapter 58 – Search

    “That’s right, they are the Soul Clouds and Ghost Bees respectively. If one were to encounter either of Ghost Hell Region’s calamities, even us elder disciples would perish if we were not careful. Soul Cloud’s calamity is especially dangerous. Since there are no signs of it breaking out, it is impossible to avoid.” Mu Xianyun explained.

    “Could Senior elaborate a little?” When Liu Ming noticed their grave expressions, he couldn’t help but shiver in fear.

    “This so called Soul Cloud is caused by a low level ghost called “Corpse Soul” in the Ghost Hell Region. This ghost is born from Miasma but doesn’t even have any strength, so it’s movement is very slow, like a corpse. The only thing that prevents people from provoking it is that once this ghost dies, its body dissipates into an extremely poisonous cloud that enshrouds several meters. Furthermore, this Corpse Soul’s life expectancy is exceptionally short and if it is unable to advance into a higher level ghost, it will normally only live a few years. Additionally, it likes to travel in groups. Thus when Corpse Souls are at the end of their lives, they will transform into a terrifying poison cloud that travels with the wind until it disappears while extirpating any living thing it comes across. Thus they are called Soul Clouds. The Ghost Bee calamity is brought about by a type ghost that has the characteristics of hornets. This Ghost Bee Colony likes to migrate from place to place every so often. They often move in tens of thousands and are unparalleled in power. Thankfully, their migration follows a pattern and people can avoid it if careful. Aside from Soul Cloud and and Ghost Bees, the Ghost Hell Region also has very dreadful and dangerous areas so Junior must be more prudent. For instance, if Junior were to come across a marshy area, you would have to be inordinately careful of middle stage ghosts called ‘Rotten Ghosts’. They…” Mu Xianyun explained.

    Liu Ming naturally was rapt with attention as he listened.

    Mu Xianyun’s talk lasted the time it takes to drink a cup of tea before she finally closed her mouth.

    “Many thanks for Senior’s advice. Junior certainly did not know about these perilous areas in Ghost Hell Region and it seems I must be more careful.” After speaking, Liu Ming cupped his hands and expressed his thanks.

    “Junior Bai shouldn’t be too worried. Although this Ghost Hell Region is immensely dangerous, as long as you don’t leave the area set up by our sect’s ancestor, you should be completely safe. After all, ghosts that were too strong have already been eradicated by the sect’s elders. Since Junior has just learned the Spirit Communication Technique, you cannot subdue any powerful ghosts. Within fifty kilometers from here, you should be able to find a suitable target! Even if you do not succeed the first time, Junior can come back another time and fulfill your goal.” Mu Xianyun amorous glance rippled as she spoke.

    “I hope I can do that. One other thing, since Senior Mu and Du are not here to spiritually communicate with a ghost, is there anything that disciple can help with?” Liu Ming bitterly laughed and asked a question.

    “Thank you for your good intentions Junior Bai. The two of us have stayed here for the majority of the month and already have a general idea of what we need so there is no need to trouble Junior.” Mu Xianyun laughed as she replied.

    In that case, Junior wishes the two of you good luck. I will take leave now and not take up any more of your time. “ Liu Ming nodded and took his leave.

    “One more thing; if Junior Bai still has Spirit Stones, you can go to Elder Gui and purchase a map of the surrounding area and a specialized record that describes the Ghost Hell Region’s unique ghosts. If you have these two items, I believe that Junior will find things much more convenient.” Du Hai reminded.

    Once Liu Ming hear this, he was overjoyed and expressed his thanks again before exiting the stone room.

    “Having given this information to Junior Bai, we have returned the favor from before.” When Liu Ming exited the room, Du Hai turned his head to the young woman and spoke.

    “That’s right. The information that we gave him was collected from our life and death experiences. How could we nonchalantly tell someone? It’s a pity that the information was just enough to counteract the favor and not enough to make him owe us something. It would be better if it weighed more than his favor.” Mu Xianyun muttered.

    “Ah? Does Xianyun think highly of Junior Bai?” When Du Hai heard this, he betrayed a slightly astonished expression.

    “It’s not as simple as thinking highly of Junior Bai. If I wrote a letter to my elder brother and betrothed Ming Zhu to Junior Bai, what would you think of this?” Mu Xianyun suddenly said.

    “What?! You want to espouse younger sister Ming Zhu to Junior Bai? There is not a high probability of this occurring. To the best of my knowledge, Ming Zhu has an extremely favorable impression of the youth who possesses the Earth Spiritual Pulse. There is almost no prospect of your elder brother agreeing to this.” Du Hai said in a fright.

    “Hmph! My elder brother is fooled by that Gao Chong who possesses an Earth Spiritual Pulse. He still wants to recruit him into the family through marriage. With Gao Chong’s aptitude, there will inevitably be many women Spirit Apostles who wish to become his wife. Why would he want to marry an outer-sect disciple who doesn’t even have a Spiritual Pulse? To be frank, Ming Zhu probably does not even have a chance of becoming his concubine! The reason why he is still interacting with Ming Zhu is because he is still young and can be considered pure. Furthermore, with the strict restrictions put in place by the Sect Leader, there is no way he has had many opportunities to interact with other female disciples. As for Ming Zhu’s current occasional intercommunication with that youth, this was probably meticulously planned by Sect Leader. Don’t forget what kind of Cultivation Method that kid is using!” Mu Xianyun said with a gloomy face.

    “What? Don’t tell me Great Martial Uncle wants to have Ming Zhu become…” Du Hai’s expression greatly changed and he involuntarily cried out.

    TL: Great Martial Uncle = Martial Uncle of one’s teacher

    “Correct! I’m afraid that sect guy wants to use Ming Zhu as that kid’s Human Cauldron in order to train his emotions.” Mu Xianyun didn’t even use the word “leader” as she coldly spoke.

    Listening to you, if it is really like this, Ming Zhu being betrothed to Junior Bai would not be a bad idea. Although Junior Bai is also a Middle Spirit Apostle, he only has a Three Spiritual Pulse so the chance of advancing into ensuing stages is not that high. Moreover, with your Mu family’s influence, I’m sure that the Bai Clan will be jubilant with this decision. However, Ming Zhu will not be easily convinced.” Du Hai let out a sigh, but was quite endorsing of this suggestion.

    “Ming Zhu is still small so she naturally will not understand the magnitude of this. I will find an opportunity to persuade her but we do not need to delay telling Bai Clan of this event. I will let my elder brother immediately proceed with this. After all, Ming Zhu did not become a Spirit Apostle and her marriage affair will be decided by her family.” Mu Xian Yun slowly responded.

    “This is the only way to proceed. But if we really do follow through, I’m afraid that Ming Zhu will hate you the rest of your life.” Du Hai said as he sighed.

    “Even if that does happen, I must continue like this otherwise she will perish and become a Human Cauldron that will not be able to live or die.” Mu Xianyun bit her lip with her teeth and spoke.

    This time, Du Hai lightly walked forward and held onto Mu Xianyun’s delicate hand. He didn’t say anything.

    Mu Xianyun let out a soft sigh and laid her head on Du Hai’s shoulder. She also did not say anything.

    The two of them became increasingly reticent as time passed, but there was an indescribably flippant atmosphere that manifested.


    Liu Ming’s hands were clasped around a coarse animal hide map as he was slowly flying three to four hundred feet off the ground.

    The current him had already traveled over tens of kilometers away from the plaza and was regularly cautiously probing his surroundings.

    Although Mu Xian Yun said that the area within a hundred kilometers was not too dangerous, with Liu Ming’s disposition he naturally would not carelessly believe this.

    En route, besides a few low leveled Ghost Lizards, he did not discover any other ghosts.

    Liu Ming did not find this too strange.

    After all, throughout the past thousand years, the Barbarian Ghost Sect disciples have thoroughly combed out the ghost in this nearby area countless times. If Liu Ming were to easily find a suitable Spirit Ghost in this area, it would be considered extremely strange.

    Liu Ming flew thirty to forty kilometers in a breath before resting in front of a dwarf scarlet forest.

    Although the area of this Miasma Maple Forest was not big, its trees were the favorite meal of a low leveled spirit ghost called “Double Boned Ox”. Despite having been scoured by countless people before, if one’s luck was good enough, he or she could reap the rewards here.

    Liu Ming rode on his cloud above the red forest for a few loops before dejectedly leaving.

    His next target was a Yin Pond ten kilometers away. That area harbored a low level Corpse Crocodile.

    Two hours later, however, he irritably left the black pond that was enshrouded with gray mist and flew in a different direction.

    Like this, within the next four days, Liu Ming used the map to examine every area within a hundred kilometers that had a chance of harboring a Spirit Ghost. In the end he did not find anything.

    Today, Liu Ming stood on top of a small hill and looked at the surrounding desolate holes that once housed ghosts but were now just pits in the ground. He couldn’t help but furrow his eyebrows.

    He didn’t realize that it was this difficult to find a suitable low level ghost. After all, there was no point in using Ghost Lizards as his Spirit Ghost when they weren’t even as strong as ordinary beasts.

    However, this was the last area on the map within a hundred kilometers where a ghost could potentially reside. If he still wanted to follow the map to search, he would have to travel a farther distance.

    With this thought in mind, Liu Ming took out the map and his eyes once again swept over it.

    On this animal hide map, the closer the area was to the teleportation formation, the more detailed it was marked. The farther away, the more crude it was. After a distance of a thousand kilometers, the map was entirely blank.

    “It seems that I must bear the rise or otherwise, I will have wasted a hundred Contribution Points.” Liu Ming muttered as he put the map away.

    This was a loss he could not afford!

    Even if he was able to scrape together Contribution Points for a subsequent trip, there was no guarantee that he would succeed.