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Chapter 55 – Glyph Crossbow and Shooting Sun Arrows

Demon’s Diary
     Chapter 55 – Glyph Crossbow and Shooting Sun Arrows

    The two methods had their pros and cons, and it naturally fell on each individual’s choice as to which method they would choose.

    Generally speaking, disciples that were incapable of training the Spirit Communication Technique to a high level and had no shortage of Spirit Stones would use the first method.

    After all, aside from the exorbitant fee required to create or find a puppet, to refine and control a low level Battle Spirit was an exceptionally easy task.

    On the other hand, disciples who were proficient in the Spirit Communication Technique but had a shortage of Spirit Stones would often choose the second method of finding a ghost.

    This method, aside from having to pay Contribution Points to enter the Ghost Hell Region, did not require much expenditure. Furthermore, if one’s luck was good enough to find a ghost with large potential, it was entirely possible that it could evolve into a ghost at the Warrior or General level.

    TL: Author never states this but hopefully it’s common sense that Soldier < Warrior < General

    If the ghost really did rise up in level, the disciple’s strength would rapidly increase a couple times as well. Moreover, their position within the sect would undergo a complete change.

    These cases had occurred quite a few times in the sect.

    Thus, if anyone had a bit of confidence in their Spirit Communication Technique, seventy to eighty-percent of them would choose to enter the Ghost Hell Region and search for a compatible Spirit Ghost.

    Although Liu Ming had earned a few hundred Spirit Stones from completing the sect’s missions, he could not be counted as wealthy. Thus he naturally chose the second method.

    However, once Liu Ming realized he would have to use a hundred Contribution Points in order to use the Ghost Hell Region teleportation formation, he felt great sorrow.

    One hundred Contribution Points roughly corresponded to successfully completing thirty Contribution Point missions. Thus this expenditure would use the great majority of Liu Ming’s Contribution Points.

    After thinking about this, Liu Ming cursed under his breath before returning his attention to understanding the Spirit Communication Technique.

    The entire Spirit Communication Technique did not have any distinct stages of success, instead it was like other techniques. The more effort one put into training, the better one could control and communicate with ghosts and other spirits.

    After seven or eight days, Liu Ming was able to understand the entire technique and could recite the incantation word for word.

    In the following months, Liu Ming bitterly cultivated the Dark Bone Method while he also trained his Spirit Communication Technique.

    When he finally felt that he had grasped the basics of the technique, he got onto his cloud and left his dwelling. He headed straight for the Barbarian Ghost Sect’s main peak.

    Before deciding to enter the Ghost Hell Region, Liu Ming naturally wanted to test his Spirit Communication Technique proficiency first. Otherwise, if he had incorrectly understood the technique and was unable to use it correctly when needed, wouldn’t it be the same as wasting a hundred Contribution Points?

    The Barbarian Ghost Sect had an area prepared with imprisoned low level ghosts and demons and was meant for sect disciples to test techniques and train for combat.

    Half a day later, Liu Ming flew out of a large gray hall on the main peak; his face was full of satisfaction.

    He had used three Contribution Points and been able to subjugate and communicate with three different ghosts. His training of the Spirit Communication Technique clearly had no issues.

    Even if it was like this, however, Liu Ming still did not plan to immediately enter the Ghost Hell Region.

    After all, this Ghost Hell Region was not any sort of a benevolent area. Although there were a hefty amount of Barbarian Ghost Sect disciples who had used the teleportation formation, most of them did not stay very long in the area. Additionally, there were many cases of a disciple coming across an extremely powerful ghost and getting swallowed by the powerful ghosts instead of being able to subdue them.

    Liu Ming naturally had no desire to become a ghost’s snack.

    Thus, he decided to fly first to a small ravine affiliated with the Heaven’s Secret Faction.

    In the span of time it takes to have a cup of tea, Liu Ming arrived underneath an abnormally smooth cliff within the ravine. Not far in front of him were two large brass knockers that lay on an enormous scarlet door. It seemed as if the door was embedded directly into the smooth rock wall.

    Although the massive door was shut tightly, from time to time sounds of construction would escape from inside.

    Liu Ming’s eyes flashed and he walked toward the door with long strides


    Lifting his hand, he grabbed one of the brass knockers on the door and beat it twice.

    “Dang, dang” After two resonating knocks, the sounds of construction from inside came to a sudden stop.

    “Would you like something?”

    After a little while, the large door was opened and out walked an abnormally tall giant; he coldly looked at Liu Ming as he barely opened his mouth.

    This large man’s hair was a coarse brown color giving people an oppressing feeling of facing a ferocious monster. Moreover, behind the man was a corridor that permeated a dry heat. One could vaguely make out a wall full of various weapons in the large hall beyond the corridor. Visible fro the open door was an incessantly flashing red light.

    “I was introduced by Senior Li Zong, and I would like a small glyph crossbow of high quality with a few customized glyph arrows that can restrain ghosts.” Liu Ming said in a calm manner after he finished looking beyond the large man.

    “A small glyph crossbow and thirteen Shooting Sun Arrows comes to a total of one hundred eighty Spirit Stones!” The large man’s expression slightly changed before sizing up Liu Ming and offering his price.

    Liu Ming had already expected such a price and without saying another word took a bulging leather bag from his waist. He then threw it at the large man.

    Once the large man received the leather bag, he immediately opened it up and inspected it before nodding his head and turning around. He then retreated and shut the door.

    Liu Ming was not surprised at all and calmly waited outside the door.

    In a little while, the large door was opened again and the man appeared with a animal skin package.

    “Everything is in here; take a look!” The large man gave the package to Liu Ming and stood there waiting with his arms crossed.

    Liu Ming opened the bag and exposed a half foot long azure colored glyph crossbow. At its side lay thirteen scarlet crossbow arrows that were similar in length.

    “When I forged this glyph crossbow, I embedded some wind attributed copper into it. If you can install a Wind Attributed Spirit Stone into the crossbow then it will be able to shoot arrows further and faster. As for the thirteen Shooting Sun Arrows, I can guarantee that half of them are effective. After all, these items were made out of pure interest and are not made by a specialized blacksmith. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be this cheap even if we were in the same sect.” The large man pointed at an ordinary notch in the glyph crossbow as he spoke indifferently.

    “It is already enough if only half are effective. However, Wind Attributed Spirit Stones are not easy to find and senior probably has extras. I am willing to pay a high price to purchase one.” Liu Ming said to the large man as he grabbed the glyph crossbow and tested it out slightly before nodding his head.

    “I only have one Wind Attributed Spirit Stone left and the Yuan Li within it has already been half used up. If junior is really willing, then it will only be thirty Spirit Stones.” After a brief hesitation, the large man finally spoke.

    As a cultivator, Liu Ming often made transactions with Spirit Stones. Normally these Spirit Stones were attributeless and made of pure Yuan Li. However, there were some Spirit Stones that could gain an attribute through luck while in the process of condensing. Thus they would transform into an attributed Spirit Stone.

    These attributed Spirit Stones had unique uses and compared to normal Spirit Stones, they were much rarer. In addition, for some that did not fall under any of the five common attributes, their price would be exponentially higher than normal Spirit Stones.

    These attributed Spirit Stones were also like regular Spirit Stones in that they had levels as well.

    To Liu Ming and the large man whom were both Spirit Apostles, however, the stones which they were talking about were low grade Spirit Stones.

    Liu Ming was fully aware of this and once the large man finished speaking, he did not hesitate to take out thirty Spirit Stones from his bag and give them to the other party.

    The large man took out a small and dirty bag from his sleeve and gave it to Liu Ming in return.

    Liu Ming fished out a flashing green crystal the size of a thumb in the bag. Seeing the luster of the stone, a satisfied expression appeared on his face and immediately after, he said goodbye to the large man.

    Subsequently, Liu Ming went to the Gray Market of the sect once again. He collected a few worn, old Glyphs meant for subduing ghosts from a disciple who was in the midst of learning to make Glyphs.

    Although this disciple expressed with confidence that these glyphs were effective, based on the price of these glyphs, Liu Ming did not have large expectations. Instead he tentatively bought them and was only slightly hopeful that they would be useful.

    In addition, Liu Ming also bought Black Dog Powder, Sky Sunflower Blood, and a few other objects that could scare ghosts away. Finally, he bought more than ten Fasting Pills before returning to his dwelling and cultivating to get into peak shape.

    TL: It’s like garlic to vampires

    Three days later, Liu Ming appeared in a secret hall in the Barbarian Ghost Sect. He then waited in the empty large hall with his hands together. It seemed as if he was waiting for someone.

    After a while, sounds of footsteps came from outside the temple. A male and a female then entered.

    When Liu Ming instinctively raised his head to look and what he saw made him slightly startled.

    The male and female were about the same age as Liu Ming and the handsome male youth was surprisingly the Thunder Spirit Pulsed Lei Zhen who entered the Sect with him.

    As for the young girl beside him who seemed gentle and delicate, she seemed very familiar. She had most likely entered Heaven’s Secret Faction as a disciple with Lei Zhen.

    Lei Zhen paused when he saw that there was already someone inside the hall but after looking at Liu Ming’s face twice, an expression of confusion flashed on his face. It seemed he was not able to discern who Liu Ming was.

    This was to be expected.

    The last time Liu Ming saw him was over a year ago. Also, Liu Ming had recently used the Marrow Washing Spirit Liquid to undergo large changes in his body shape and thus, the opposite party was unable to recognize him.

    Lei Zhen’s face was full of arrogance and did not greet Liu Ming. He spoke two sentences to the young woman beside him and they waited in a corner of the hall together.

    Some time later, footsteps sounded once again from outside the hall. Shockingly, another two people entered.

    The person in front was a beautiful woman whose face was full of anger. In contrast to her full head of white hair, she had an extremely beautiful face like a young girl.

    Behind the older woman was a quiet looking young girl wearing cyan clothes.