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Chapter 53 – Spirit Scarlet Serpent Dragon

Demon’s Diary
     Chapter 53 – Spirit Scarlet Serpent Dragon

    The blood immediately turned into a red mist and made its way into the ship.

    A “wu wu” sound was immediately heard

    The Spirit Jade Flying Boat’s speed was instantaneously increased by almost a half. It transformed into a green ray that seemed to split the sky as it traveled.

    Xiao Feng was still in shock; when the ship suddenly sped up, his back resolutely smacked the wall of the ship, making him cry out in pain.

    Liu Ming was able to sit still in his original position after he used a bit of force with his arms.

    Once Zhu Chi completed his technique, he sat heavily on the deck; his face was several times more pale.

    Martial Aunt Zhong retracted both her arms but her face was still full of worry as she constantly looked back.

    A moment later, the Spirit Jade Flying Boat had flown dozens of miles and the once visible sea of fire gradually grew out of sight. From the beginning to the end, no object was seen chasing them.

    Having realized this, Zhu Chi and Martial Aunt Zhong’s expressions relaxed.

    “It seems the evil creature has only recently awakened and is not willing to use its strength to chase us down. Alas, the four of us are lucky to have escaped this calamity!” Martial Aunt Zhong softly said.

    “After we return, we must inform our senior, the Sect Leader, to immediately send people to eliminate it. Examining the state of that creature, it seems to have just recently entered the Crystal Level. If a hundred years were to pass and it were able to stabilize in this level, I’m afraid that many sects would be in trouble.” Zhu Chi’s face was gloomy as he spoke.

    “At the time, everyone knew that Suppressing Dragon Master was harboring a Liquid Level, Spirit Scarlet Serpent Dragon, but when he died a few years ago, this Serpent Dragon suddenly disappeared. It was believed then that the Suppressing Dragon Master reluctantly eliminated it to ensure that it wouldn’t be able to wreck havoc. Who would believe that this Serpent Dragon unexpectedly concealed itself underneath this island in a sea of fire and bitterly trained. Furthermore, it stealthily advanced into the Crystal Level and furtively refined the Totems of Suppressing Dragon Master.” Martial Aunt Zhong was still uneasy as she spoke.

    “We were lucky that when we entered, the Serpent Dragon was only half awake. Furthermore, we were fortunate that it was still in the process of refining that Suppressing Dragon Sword and was forced to detonate the sword; otherwise, if it were to still possess that Spirit Sword, in the future subduing it will be much more difficult.” Zhu Chi bitterly laughed as he spoke.

    “However Disciple Chen was unable to escape the calamity. When we return, I still don’t know how to explain this to Senior.” Martial Aunt Zhong’s expression darkened.

    “Disciple Chen’s situation undoubtedly is extremely unfortunate. Nonetheless, we could not do anything about this. Who would have known that when this Serpent Dragon forcibly stopped his refining, he still had enough force left to send the Suppressing Dragon Sword above ground and make it explode there. In addition, not only were we hurt, the Nine Enlightenment Mountain might have experienced greater losses. Da Zhi’s disciple who was embarking on the path of a Body cultivator apparently also did not escape this misfortune.” Zhu Chi lightly coughed as he replied, his eyes displaying helplessness.

    After hearing this, Liu Ming and Xiao Feng could vaguely understand what happened.

    It seemed like after Zhu Chi and Martial Aunt Zhong entered the teleportation formation, not only did they not find any treasures, but they also came across an extremely terrifying Serpent Dragon who forced the four Spirit Masters to flee.

    Moreover, once Liu Ming heard the words “Liquid Level” and “Crystal Level” when the two were talking, his heart couldn’t help but tremble.

    Could it be that the cultivation path is not only divided into just Spirit Apostles and Spirit Masters, but into even higher realms?

    Regarding this matter, he had never heard people mention it, nor had he read about it in ancient texts.

    Zhu Chi and Martial Aunt Zhong seemed to have no further interest in continuing the conversation. One of them gloomy expedited the Spirit Boat as the other sat cross-legged on the floor and started to meditate.

    After ten days, the group finally returned to Barbarian Ghost Sect.

    Once they returned to Nine Infant Mountain, Zhu Chi let Liu Ming and the Xiao Feng return to their dwellings first while he and Martial Aunt Zhong went to the mountain top to find Gui Ru Quan.

    A short while later, Scholar Gui hurriedly left Nine Infant Mountain with both of them.

    Two hours later, the main mountain peak in the Barbarian Ghost Sect which housed the Master’s Hall suddenly emitted bell rings.

    Subsequently, various Spirit Masters, regardless if they were in the midst of training or teaching disciples, quickly stopped what they were doing and immediately sped toward the Main Peak.

    Barbarian Ghost Sect’s remaining outer disciples were even more shocked and within a short period of time were all speculating what had happened with each other.

    At the same time, having returned to his dwelling, Liu Ming’s face was buried in a pillow on his bed snoring loudly as he slept. He seemed to not have heard the bell sounds coming from outside his window.

    On the morning of the second day, when Liu Ming awoke, an outer disciple was already waiting for him outside to notify him that Scholar Gui and others would like to see him to discuss a few matters.

    After Liu Ming expressed his thanks to the outer disciple, he immediately rushed on his cloud to the mountain peak.

    When Liu Ming entered the large hall, Scholar Gui, Zhu Chi and Martial Aunt Zhong were already waiting. Moreover, they seemed to have just finished discussing something with their troubled looks.

    “Greetings, Teacher Gui, Martial Uncle Zhu and Martial Aunt Zhong!” Liu Ming took a step forward before bowing in respect.

    “Stand up. Cong Tian, I have already heard about you performance on Suppressing Dragon Island from you Master and Martial Aunt. This time you can be considered to have executed a great deed for this sect.”

    “I dare not say so; I merely completed what any disciple should have done.” Liu Ming naturally was incessantly unpretentious.

    “You do not need to say these things. Although our Nine Infant Mountain is a weaker faction among the sect, it does not pale in rewards. Furthermore, Junior Zhu has said that they have promised to bestow a tenth of the rewards to you. Since this is the case I do not have any opposition to this idea. Junio Zhu, why don’t you take out the items.” Scholar Gui faintly smiled before conferring his order on Zhu Chi.

    Zhu Chi nodded his head and used a hand to grab a leather bag hanging on his waist. From there he took out several kinds of items and subsequently laid them on a table to his side.

    Remarkably the items were three round emerald fruits, a scarlet wooden box and three glistening ferrous metals.

    TL: Ferrous ~ Iron

    “These are three Sky Jade Fruits and three half kg top quality Iron Essences. Their value is approximately a tenth of this trip’s rewards and now they are all yours. However, I still have two suggestions for you; please listen.” Scholar Gui said slowly.

    “Yes!” Liu Ming respectably said as he forcibly suppressed the joy in his heart.

    “My first suggestion is that you can sell the three Sky Jade Fruits and the three Iron Essences to us three in exchange for approximately six to seven thousand Spirit Stones. This large sum of Spirit Stones is enough to allow you to live in this sect for ten years without fiscal worries. Thus you can concentrate on training without having to worry about Spirit Stones. My second suggestion is that I can help you bring the three Sky Jade Fruits to the sect’s best alchemist, gather all the other materials needed and have him make three bottles of Marrow Washing Spirit Liquid for you. However, for the price of this suggestion I will take back the three Iron Essences. What do you think Cong Tian?” Scholar Gui said with a smile on his face.

    “I will choose the second option!” After hearing the propositions, Liu Ming immediately made his decision without much consideration.

    “You should think over it more.” After hearing how quickly Liu Ming responded, Gui Ru Quan was a bit surprised and asked again.

    “There is no need to. This disciple knows his own inferior aptitude and since this Spirit Liquid has the ability to wash my marrows and reform my tendons, I naturally will not waste such an opportunity.” Liu Ming said resolutely.

    “Fine; since this is the case, come back here in ten days to retrieve the Marrow Washing Spirit Liquid.” Scholar Gui said without further exhorting, and nodded his head.

    Liu Ming happily expressed his thanks.

    Following this, Scholar Gui asked Liu Ming a few questions regarding cultivation and then sent him back to his dwelling.

    “Senior, Cheng Er is no longer here. Do you really not plan on recruiting this child as your own personal disciple?” Once Liu Ming’s figure had disappeared from the entrance, Martial Aunt Zhong could not help but ask this.

    “Although this disciple’s performance on Suppressing Dragon Island was not bad, he is only a Three Spiritual Pulse. Furthermore, he has already used pills to increase his Fa Li, thus I’m afraid that he will not have much potential. Even if he uses the Marrow Washing Spirit Liquid, he will most likely be stuck at the Late Spirit Apostle stage his entire life. He really is not worth spending effort to raise. Not only this, but our Faction’s resources are finite so using it on disciples like Feng Er (Xiao Feng) whose aptitudes are better will give our Nine Infant Mountain a chance to rise again. After all, it comes down to the number of Spirit Masters to ultimately determine whether a Faction is weak or strong.” Scholar Gui said as he spoke.

    “Even like this, it still is a bit of a pity. This child’s fighting techniques are very astonishing and if he is able to enter the late stage of a Spirit Apostle, there might be a chance for him to help our faction gain a core disciple spot.” Zhu Chi said.

    “What use is a mere core disciple spot? In comparison, if we are able to produce a Spirit Master, our influence will completely change.” After hearing what was said, Gui Ru Quan still persisted with his opinion.

    Listening to Scholar Gui speak like this, Zhu Chi and Martial Aunt Zhong looked at each other and did not say anything more.

    “Oh, that’s right! How are we going to deal with the Sea Race’s Market? Other than the three Spirit Fruits we conferred upon Cong Tian, we still have thirty pieces. This should be enough to enter the Sea Race’s Market and pick an object.” Zhu Chi’s eyes flashed and he changed the topic.

    “Correct. The opening of the Sea Race’s Market really is an opportunity bestowed by heaven and we cannot let it go. Perhaps there is a possibility that we can exchange for an object worth ten to a hundred times the price of Sky Jasper Fruits there. However, the Sea Races are all cunning and very few people have been able to come back from the market with a lot of gains. How about this: in the future I will invite a person who possesses an Innate Spirit Eye. This will give us a better chance of obtaining a good item.” Scholar Gui replied after pondering for a bit.

    When Zhu Chi and Martial Aunt heard this they naturally nodded their heads in agreement.

    “Senior Gui, I heard that teacher had already come out of secluded training and is rushing to Suppressing Dragon Island without stopping to rest.” After talking for a while, Martial Aunt’s expression stiffened and asked a question to Scholar Gui.

    “This really is the case. The Serpent Dragon is originally an extremely rare Demonic Beast and every part of it is a treasure. If teacher is able to obtain some of this dragon’s blood and finds an alchemist who is able to create a legendary pill with it, perhaps it may be able to aid his training and help him increase a stage. However, now that people of the Nine Infant Mountain know about this dragon’s existence, I’m afraid that Senior Ling Yu will immediately receive news about this and immediately head out.” Scholar Gui slowly replied.

    “Since there are two Crystal Level seniors setting out, that evil Serpent Dragon will probably find it hard to run away and will ultimately perish.” Martial Aunt Zhong suggested.

    “Hmph, you shouldn’t be excited so soon junior. If we were to compare those on the same level, high level Demonic Beasts are stronger than our human cultivators by a margin. Moreover, since that evil Dragon has traveled with Master Fu Jiao for so long, it most likely learned some things from him. Besides, from what you told me, Master Fu Jiao’s personal Totems have already fallen into that Dragon’s hands and have almost been fully refined. If this is the case, then even Teacher and Senior Yu Ling setting out at the same time will not mean a hundred-percent chance of the death of this Dragon.” Scholar Gui harrumphed as he replied.