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Chapter 52 Sudden Change

Demon’s Diary
     Chapter 52 Sudden Change

    “Since the we have already lost our two portions of Spirit Fruits to you two Fellows, the information is now useless to us. You two fellows should know that the Sea Race’s Market is opening again. This time, one of the items that the Sea Race wants is the Sky Jasper Fruit.” Da Shang indifferently said.

    TL: There are ways to forcefully mature the Spirit Fruits (explained in an author note later). Thus, the author uses Sky Jasper Fruits instead of Spirit Fruits from these few chapters on.

    “What? The Sea Race’s Market is opening again!? You two fellows are not joking right? In which nation is it located? Why haven’t the two of us received even the slightest bit of information about this?” Zhu Chi exclaimed in shock.

    “Hmph, it is within the Hai Yue nation. If it were not for members of our sect doing business there, we would not have known about this either.” Da Shang snorted in reply.

    “Hai Yue nation… No wonder. Haha, thank you fellows for your honest response!” Zhu Chi laughed.

    After listening to this, Martial Aunt Zhong’s expression became one of pleasant surprise.

    “Fellow Zhu shouldn’t be too excited so early. Although the Sea Race’s Market has all sorts of innumerable heavenly treasures, one must have enough luck in order to obtain these treasures, otherwise one could end up returning with nothing and merely end up uselessly aiding the Sea Race.” Da Zhi said unhappily.

    “Do not worry about this Fellow Da Zhi. Having earned this incredible opportunity, we will obviously plan carefully before advancing.” Zhu Chi restrained his smile as he replied.

    Including Liu Ming, this was the first time all of the disciples present heard of the Sea Race’s Market, and all of them were confused.

    “Okay. Chong Tian, use this to knock down all the Spirit Fruits and load them into the basket. Remember, the Sky Jasper Fruit is a fire type Spirit Fruit so whatever you do, do not touch it with your body. Otherwise it will dissipate into fire type Fa Li.” At this time, Martial Aunt Zhong retracted her smile and suddenly retrieved two Glyphs from her sleeve. After throwing them forward, in mid-air they immediately turned into a scarlet colored wicker basket and a small hammer of a similar color.

    “Yes, I understand.” Liu Ming bowed his head and responded upon hearing her. He moved forward and picked up both items. However, this irritated the burn injuries on his body, and he couldn’t help but twitch his mouth.

    “Wait, I have a bottle of Spirit Medicine that you can rub on your wounds before continuing.” After seeing what happened, Martial Aunt Zhong’s expression changed, she then took a bottle out from her sleeve and gave it to him.

    “Thank you Martial Aunt.” Liu Ming was pleased and received the bottle at once. Inside the bottle was a clear Spirit Liquid that he rubbed on his burns. A refreshing sensation covered his body and the pain was greatly reduced.

    After Liu Ming’s spirit recovered, he put the bottle away, picked up the wicker basket and hammer, and walked toward the Spirit Tree.

    Once Liu Ming arrived at the blue colored curtain of light surrounding the tree he slightly hesitated. However, after seeing that Zhu Chi and Martial Aunt Zhong didn’t express anything, he continued moving forward.

    The light in front of him flashed!

    He merely felt his body cool and after entering the curtain of light, a heat wave much hotter than air outside rolled over him.

    Liu Ming furrowed his brows and faintly expedited his Fa Li. A trace of black fog began to emit from his body, mitigating the sensual heat.

    Only then did Liu Ming walk to the Spirit Fruit tree. Once he was standing beside it he lifted the small hammer and hit a green Spirit Fruit.


    The Sky Jasper Fruit had seemingly been ripe for a while and fell from the branches and straight into the red wicker basket waiting for it below.

    After seeing this, Liu Ming had no more hesitations and promptly wielded his small hammer.

    One by one the Spirit Fruits fell down and eventually, the wicker basket was almost completely filled.

    On the outside, Zhu Chi and Martial Aunt Zhong couldn’t help but look at each other and smile.

    Da Zhi and Da Shang could only bitterly smile at this scene.

    “We should leave. Considering that there are no Spirit Fruit for us, there is no point in staying here.” Da Shang said.

    Hearing this, Da Zhi naturally did not have any idea of opposing it.

    Thus both of them bid farewell, took their sect’s disciples and were about to leave the underground cave.

    At this time, Liu Ming had just finished knocking down the last Sky Jasper Fruit and was faintly smiling. He then took the wicker basket back to Zhu Chi and Martial Aunt Zhong.

    However, just as he took a few steps, his body abruptly stiffened. He couldn’t help but hastily turn around and blankly stare.

    Unexpectedly, a dozen large scarlet glyph symbols appeared in front of the Spirit tree, and after a subsequent rumbling sound, a water jar sized flame pillar shot up from the earth. Within a moment, the Spirit tree was engulfed by the pillar and transformed into ashes.

    The rolling flames instantly spewed out in all directions.

    Liu Ming turned pale with fright and without thinking, he instantly moved his body and fled. Just as he moved to flee, he suddenly saw two silhouettes; Zhu Chi and Martial Aunt Zhong had unexpectedly appeared at his side at the same time.

    One of Zhu Chi’s hands formed a symbol as his sleeve lashed out in front of him. Immediately, the flames in front of him rolled around and returned.

    Martial Aunt Zhong on the other hand, stood in front of Liu Ming and told him to be careful. Her gaze fell on the fire and she stopped speaking.

    At this time, the nearby sound of space ripping apart arose once again. The two Nine Enchantment Mountain Elders who had already left the cave unexpectedly had swiftly returned. Their faces were full of astonishment as they stared at the scarlet flame.

    After a little while, the flame had completed dissipated, but in its place a large ten foot scarlet formation had been left behind. All around, approximately a dozen scarlet glyph symbols lightly flickered while radiating residual heat.

    Once Zhu Chi clearly saw the formation, his expression changed as he said “Small Teleportation Formation”

    “That’s correct; this formation is not fake. Hei hei, this really is a surprise; Suppressing Dragon Master really did set up a secret area here. I did not expect that only when the Spirit tree had been destroyed would the entrance be revealed.” Da Zhi, staring at the scarlet formation, said while smiling.

    Although Martial Aunt Zhong and Elder Mu Guan didn’t say anything, everyone could see their shocked expressions.

    “It seems that both fellows are planning on exploring the area now. But we haven’t made any preparations… So to enter it now, wouldn’t it be too rash?” Zhu Chi took the lead and voiced his hesitation to Da Shang.

    “What preparation? Since the Spirit tree has already been destroyed, the volcano will soon erupt. When that happens, the entire island will be destroyed. How will we be able to look for Suppressing Dragon Master’s treasures then? How about this, first let us remove our sects’ disciples from the island, then the four of us can work together to scout inside? Regarding whom the treasures will belong to, it will be entirely left up to one’s luck.” Da Zhi said as he shook his head.

    Zhu Chi’s expression changed and after a short period of time he clenched his teeth and responded. “Alright, then I will take a risk as well.”

    After some slight hesitation, Da Shang and Martial Aunt Zhong ultimately did not express dissent.

    Thus the four of them commanded their disciples to retreat from the cave.

    Before leaving with everyone else, Liu Ming gave the Spirit Fruits in the wicker basket to Zhu Chi.

    After the time it took to eat a meal (15-30 minutes), Liu Ming and Yu Cheng’s group as well as the dozen or so disciples from Nine Enlightenment Mountain flew atop the center of the island. They were directly above a pile of rubble, and they quietly waited there for Zhu Chi and the others.

    Once there, they were naturally split into two factions, distantly opposing one another.

    Time continued to pass and quickly, an hour had gone by. Yet there were no signs of movement from the cave beneath their feet.

    All of the disciples were slightly worried, some even started to whisper with each other.

    At this time, there was a sudden boom from underground. The stone house from earlier exploded without warning as a ray of light flew out from within and subsequently turned into innumerable scarlet rays that shot in all directions.

    “Quickly get out of the way! Those are Sword Qi’s! This is not something you can handle!” A strict voice suddenly came from below. Following the voice, several silhouettes flashed: Zhu Chi and the other three rapidly flew out of the hole made in the ground. Their clothes were now in tatters and their heads were full of sweat. It seemed as if all of them had just experienced a fierce battle.

    However, their warning was still too late. After a series of red rays and a few miserable cries, there were a number of people whose bodies were now split into two parts.

    Unexpectedly, that also included Yu Cheng of the Nine Infant Mountain disciples.

    Xiao Feng and Liu Ming’s reactions could be considered fast among the disciples, but after barely dodging the red rays, their heads couldn’t help but sweat profusely.

    Before they could react further, silhouettes flashed into their vision. Zhu Chi and Martial Aunt Zhong split apart and grabbed a disciple each.

    Zhu Chi waved his sleeve and a Glyph shot out. After a white mist surged about, the Flying Jade Spirit Boat appeared in front of their eyes.

    Both of their bodies flashed, bringing Liu Ming and Xiao Feng into the flying boat.

    After a “Pu” sound, Zhu Chi didn’t say anything as he made a hand sign. The Flying Jade Spirit Boat then transformed into a green light as it quickly shot away.

    At the same time, both Da Shang and Da Zhi of the Nine Enlightenment Mountain Sect, quickly released a flying totem that seemed like a tower. They then grabbed the remaining disciples and fled in the opposite direction.

    Both sides had used a flying totem and after using their full effort, one could well imagine their speed. After what seemed like an instant, both parties had arrived at the island’s border.

    The island beneath them suddenly emitted a deafening, rumbling noise as a pillar of fire shot into the air. Instantly, the entire island was transmogrified into a sea of fire.

    Concurrently, from within the sea of flame came a long bird’s cry that was exceptionally ear piercing. It couldn’t help but make the listeners feel numb.

    “This isn’t good senior. It has almost completely awakened already. We had better go a bit faster because we absolutely cannot be caught.” Martial Aunt Zhong turned pale as she spoke in a flurry when she heard the bird cry.

    “Junior, lend me a hand. I’ll use a forbidden blood technique.” Zhu Chi said while clenching his teeth, he was also greatly alarmed when he heard the bird cry.

    “Alright, I understand. The both of you should quickly sit down.” Martial Aunt Zhong responded without hesitation and quickly gave instructions to Xiao Feng and Liu Ming.

    Xiao Feng obviously had not yet recovered from the scene of Yu Cheng’s death and could only subconsciously nod his head.

    Liu Ming felt a shiver in his heart when he heard those words and quickly sat down. He further held onto the flying boat’s wall.

    Although Martial Aunt Zhong could see what state Xiao Feng was in, she didn’t have the time to deal with the situation right now. She merely moved and quickly stood behind Zhu Chi. She used both her hands to support his back while she started emitting a layer of white light.

    Zhu Chi let out a low pitched shout, spitting out a mouthful of blood as both of his hands quickly formed a sign.