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Chapter 38 – Strange Omen

Demon’s Diary
     Chapter 38 – Strange Omen

    “How dare you say these words. If it was not for me finding that Rat Monster killing people in between our sects’ borders and if it was not for me who continued to chase it until here, you wouldn’t know how large of a negative consequence that rat had on the training world of the Kingdom of Xuan. Now, without hearing a single word of gratitude from Fellow Yan, you actually plan to find trouble with me; maybe Fellow Yan really thinks he can presume on his seniority? Or is he planning to not wait for the Immortals’ Meeting and wants to fight with me right now?” Ye Tian Mei frowned and showed murderous aura on her face when she heard those words.

    “Fellow, don’t be so angry. My old bones won’t be able to withstand you making such large claims. With Fellow’s perfected art of Sword Flight, would you really need to chase it to my Barbarian Ghost Sect before being able to kill it? That’s a little far-fetched.” The grey-robed elder seemingly jumped at those words and hurriedly waved his hands as he said with a serious face.

    “What do you know? This is a Rat Monster that had already cultivated to the peak of the Liquid Level and is only one step away from having a Crystal Level strength like me. Was it not for the rat being in some kind of a confused state where it could only act instinctually, I would never have been able to kill it.” Ye Tian Mei said coldly.

    TL: Liquid Level = Spirit Master. I know this is kinda confusing but this is a monster so it can’t really be a Spirit Master/Spirit Apostle.

    “What? A peak Liquid Level Rat Monster? Are you joking? Rat Monsters are the absolute lowest level of monsters, how could it possibly have cultivated to that level.” The grey-robed elder said with surprise.

    “Do you think I’m lying? Hmph, alright, look at what this is!” Ye Tian Mei let out a hmph and flicked her wrist. Instantly the muddled yellow alms bowl appeared in her hand.

    With a light pat on the alms bowl, a piece of black crystal jumped out of the alms bowl and with a flick, the crystal was sent flying with a “sou” sound towards the elder.

    The crystal had the speed of an arrow leaving it’s bow, extremely deadly and powerful as it shot towards the elder.

    The elder narrowed his eyes but didn’t move at all. However, a strange gust of wind blew before him and within the muddy cloud of wind came forth a ghostly hand that was filled with green scales. The hand then caught the crystal that was speeding towards the elder.

    “Looks like Fellow Yan hasn’t wasted time these past years. Your Green Metal Zombie is about to evolve into a Silver Zombie right?” Seeing this, Ye Tian Mei’s eyes widened and coldly asked.

    “Hehe, you are surely joking. For an Metal Zombie to evolve into a Silver Zombie, countless resources would have to be used. How would I have so many resources to waste?” The grey robed elder smiled and nonchalantly took the black crystal from the hands of the zombie. He then started to examine the crystal.

    Hearing this, a sneer appeared on Ye Tian Mei’s face but she did not pursue the subject anymore.

    Moments later, the face of the grey-robed elder changed. He then placed the crystal under his nose and after a few seconds, his face changed from surprised to ugly.

    “It is indeed a Liquid State Monster. From the smell of it, it is also a Rat Monster. How would this have happened? Is the rat a mutated monster that advanced its strength in the mutation?”

    “I also thought that. However, I will bring these things to my Senior for her to examine.” Ye Tian Mei slowly said.

    “With Fellow Leng Yue’s experience, she can definitely give a clearer answer.” When the grey-robed elder heard the mention of “Leng Yue”, he lightly coughed to hide his surprise.

    “If Fellow Yan has found no problem then you will probably forgive me for intruding upon Barbarian Ghost territory. I’ll be taking my leave. The next time we meet will be at the Immortals’ Meeting.” Ye Tian Mei said emotionlessly as she flared into a silver ball that flew away, disappearing into the edge of the sky in just a moment.

    The grey-robed elder did not attempt to stop her and instead, furrowed his brows after the lady left.

    At this time, another shockwave appeared in the mountain below and another person rode a black cloud as he also ascended into the air.

    “Teacher! Was that the Elder Ye who is the only one that has mastered the art of Sword flight?” When the second person reached the grey-robed elder’s front, he asked respectfully.

    The second person had a chubby face and was the “Martial Uncle Ruan” that should have been guarding the Scriptures Pavilion.

    “Yes, it’s her. After a few years, she has walked farther along the path of Sword Cultivation. Maybe even her Senior, Fellow Leng Yue, can’t defeat her.” The grey-robed elder sighed lightly.

    “However, teacher’s Green Metal Zombie is about to advance into a Soaring Silver Zombie. At that point, no matter how strong her Sword Techniques are, we will not fear her.” Martial Uncle Ruan said with a smile.

    “Even though the metal zombie is one step away from advancing, it’s like what I just said. It’s not easy for the metal zombie to advance into the next level. Who knows how much effort it will take me.” The grey-robed elder said.

    “With teacher’s strength, it should only be a matter of time before the metal zombie advances. There cannot possibly be any other problems.” Martial Uncle Ruan said.

    “Hopefully so. Oh right, I heard that another disciple practicing your Dark Bone Method had exploded when trying to become a Spirit Master. Have you still not given up on that Cultivation Method?” The grey-robed elder nodded before turning serious.

    “It was my good senior, the Sect Leader, who told you, right?’ Hearing this, Martial Uncle Ruan’s face changed.

    “Hmph, why would I need for your senior to tell me? Every time a Three Spiritual Pulse disciple is a Late Spiritual Apostle and fails to become a Spirit Master, your Dark Bone Method is the cause. Haven’t I already told you? Even though that Dark Bone Method is one of the few legacies of our Sect Founder, he only found the first half of that method. And only after a lot of research did he translate the first three levels of the Cultivation Method. So, one can only successfully become a Late Spirit Apostle. Even though you are an expert in the language of Green Death, how could you compare to the Sect Founder? It’s definitely because of your incorrect translation of the fourth level of the Cultivation Method that no disciple that practices the Dark Bone Method are able to successfully enter the realm of Spirit Masters. If this news ever leaks out, do you know how much of an impact it would have to our sect?!” The grey-robed elder showed some fury on his face.

    “Teacher! I really am not content with such a result! In order to translate the fourth level of the Dark Bone Method, I spent countless hours on it. I even went so far as to leave my own cultivation and stay in the Scriptures Pavilion in hopes of some disciple being able to achieve the fourth level of the Dark Bone Method and become a Spirit Master. If that happens, our sect’s Three Spiritual Pulse disciples will be useful again, providing us with quite a few Spirit Masters. At that time, our sect’s power will definitely skyrocket.” Martial Uncle Ruan’s heart fell as he quickly explained his actions.

    “I have heard those words countless time. If not for the potential when this truly succeeds, why would I have let you do as you please for so long? However, this is the seventh disciple that has exploded. Even though excuses are easy to find and the only people that know the real reason of the incident are me, you and the Sect Leader, someone has definitely noticed. Why else would your Sect Leader tell me about the latest death? Okay, say no more. The Dark Bone Method is done. I will not allow you to teach it to any other sect disciple, or I will not consider our bond as teacher and student.” The grey-robed elder was still furious.

    “Yes. With teacher’s orders, I will not teach that method to any other sect disciple. However, there are still two disciples practicing that method. What should I do?” Martial Uncle Ruan’s heart trembled as he hurriedly said.

    “As long as you know what is good and what is bad, this won’t be a huge problem. As for the two people that have already learned the Dark Bone Method, let them fend for themselves. Alright, you can return to the Scripture Pavilion while I will go back to the Forbidden Land. Do not tell anyone that I came out.” The elder relaxed as he said.

    “Yes, teacher. Then I will take my leave.” Standing up, Martial Uncle Ran took a bow before flying towards the Barbarian Ghost Sect.

    The grey-robed elder lingered for a while longer. Then, he smiled and transformed into a gust of grey-white smoke as he sped away.


    Liu Ming was currently staring intently at a black wood box in his hands.

    The wood box was half-filled with indiscriminate chunks of meat. A majority of these meats were mixed with the dirt and the largest piece of meat was only the size of a thumb with about a dozen small threads of straight green furs.

    Liu Ming had already spent the majority of two hours in the forest where the rat was first killed to find these fragments from the huge rat.

    From how small these chunks were, it could be seen how strong the Imperial Dressed Lady’s silver sword was.

    The cold and pretty face once again flashed in Liu Ming’s mind. However, he pushed it away with a shake of his head. Securing the wood box, Liu MIng was about to cast the Soaring Sky Technique to leave the place.

    However, at this time, a small sound sounded in the ground below his feet. Immediately afterwards, Liu Ming’s foot felt a brief coldness, as if something had entered Liu Ming.

    Shocked by this sudden development, Liu Ming quickly made signs and allowed his mind to sink into his body. Quickly, he started examining the interior of his body.

    Legs, Dantain, Body, Arms, Head….

    After Liu Ming’s examination, nothing out of the ordinary jumped out for Liu Ming.

    At this point, Liu Ming’s forehead was full of sweat. Returning back to his senses, Liu Ming took off the shoe on his foot. However, the shoe was completely fine without any signs of wear or tear. In addition, the ground around his foot was completely normal.

    This led to Liu Ming thinking that it really might have been his imagination.

    With a stormy face, Liu Ming scanned his surroundings. Even though nothing was wrong, Liu Ming felt as if there was a strange sense around and felt his back grow cold.

    After a heavy stomp, Liu Ming decided that he would no longer stay. After confirming the general direction he needed to go to, Liu Ming flew off into the sky.

    This flight of Liu Ming’s took an entire two hours before he was able to return to the Rock Tuo Mountain where he had started off.

    When Liu Ming started to near the strange stones, four grey clouds suddenly ascended from the forests nearby. On these grey clouds were Mu Xian Yun, Senior Wu and the rest of Liu Ming’s party.

    “Junior Bai, you have finally returned.”

    “Are you alright? What happened? We saw you get taken away by that elder…”


    Seeing Liu Ming come back, the rest of party showed surprise as they asked.