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Chapter 37 – Ye Tian Mei

Demon’s Diary
     Chapter 37 – Ye Tian Mei

    Liu Ming was shocked with the new development and threw his thoughts about Blood Wire Fruits to the back of his mind. He instantly made a sign with one hand and grey clouds gathered beneath him, ready to ascended towards the sky and fly away.

    But at this moment, the mountain rocks in front of Liu Ming suddenly cracked open. A green thing shot out from the crack; it’s speed was so impressive that one could not clearly see what it was.

    Liu Ming’s heart trembled as he urged the grey cloud to shoot backwards.

    With Liu Ming’s action, the green thing changed direction in mid air and disappeared into the mountain in the blink of an eye.

    “You still want to run away? You evil creature. Come out!” The cold voice of a woman echoed in the sky.

    Immediately after, an unbelievable scene occurred before Liu Ming.

    A large amount of clouds suddenly appeared in the clear blue sky and began to spiral together. After the clouds gathered together, a smooth and glowing palm appeared from inside the clouds and thrust down onto the mountain.


    Although Liu Ming was already dozens of feet away from the mountain, he still felt the indescribable power pouring downward. He heard a buzzing noise and Rock Tuo Mountain, shattered like a mirror. With a final groan, it collapsed into a fine powder puff.

    Liu Ming was dumbstruck seeing this scene.

    At this time, a “sou” sound came from a tree below him. The green shadow once again shot out and dashed towards him without hesitation.

    Liu Ming smelt a foul breath and a soul trembling with murderous aura coming towards him.

    Liu Ming’s body and mind froze, to the point where he could not even move a finger, let alone hide or defend himself. All he could do was watch as a big, bloody mouth appeared in front of him, charging for his head, biting down.

    “Go away evil creature! You still want to suck people’s blood to heal yourself?” At this moment, an air wave appeared in the empty space beside Liu Ming and an attractive figure appeared in a flash. The woman waved her hand and silver lightning flashed, crushing the bloody maw in an instant.

    After a cry was heard, the green shadow stumbled and tumbled away before managing to correct itself into a firm stance.

    Liu Ming then felt a warm sensation on his body, with his mobility recovering. At the same time, he could see the true form of the green shadow clearly.

    Surprisingly it was a huge, green rat, about the size of a goat. It’s eyes were blood-red and it stared fiercely at the mysterious person that appeared beside Liu Ming.

    Liu Ming swallowed his saliva and was about to turn to look at the figure beside him when the huge rat moved. The rat turned into a green flash and shot outward, trying to run away.

    “You evil creature! Still trying to escape?” The attractive figure beside him spoke with a cold voice. She hesitated before grabbing Liu Ming’s shoulder as she started glowing with a silver light. They transformed into a silver flash and went chasing after the huge green rat.

    Liu Ming could only see bright silver lights before his eyes and was blinded by it. All he could sense was the “hu hu” like sounds howling beside his ears while some ear-splitting cries were occasionally heard. He felt as if his entire body was floating while being bounded by some power which caused him to be unable to move.

    Even though Liu Ming was braver than many, he too felt afraid at that moment.


    After an indescribable amount of time, Liu Ming realized that the “hu hu” sound had stopped and he found himself standing on the ground. When he regained his freedom, he immediately opened his eyes and glanced around quickly. His heart nearly jumped out of his mouth when he saw his surroundings.

    He was now standing on a huge rock on top of a mountain peak

    Not too far, across from him, was another mountain peak. The huge green rat was standing atop a gigantic tree that was on that mountain’s peak. It was looking furiously at where Liu Ming was standing.

    A meter long deep cut appeared on the body of the huge green rat this time. Silver-colored fire was burning vigorously on the cut and Liu Ming could occasionally smell the subtle smell of burnt flesh.

    However, the mysterious person who brought Liu Ming here had vanished.

    Facing the huge green rat, Liu Ming felt stiff and cold despite his usual courage. He gritted his teeth and ripped apart the fine rope on his neck that was tied to the Three-Star Shield. He then made a single-handed sign.

    Three dark lights blinked on the steel plate and a dark misty light shield appeared before Liu Ming. The shield was quite large and covered over half of Liu Ming’s body.

    That huge green rat did not care for what Liu Ming was doing. It’s eyes were looking around, trying to find something.

    Liu Ming felt a little relieved when he saw that, but he still had no intention of making rash movements.

    Before Liu Ming could think about what his next action should be, the rat shook its body and an area of hair on its back shot out like arrows.

    As Liu Ming heard the sound of pins whistling through the air, numerous green light beams cascaded down like rain in a storm. Liu Ming’s face immediately turned deathly pale.

    He knew that, even though he had a lot of faith in his Three-Star Shield Practitioner Weapon, the light shield could not possibly defend against that powerful strike.


    An earthy yellow alms bowl suddenly appeared in front of Liu Ming. The alms bowl spun and a five-colored beam shot out from within it.

    All the green beams paused mid air before they were sucked into the alms bowl by the five-colored beam.

    The green rat ran away when it saw this light, but it was already too late.

    A gentle shout appeared in the sky and a silver ray whirled down. With just a flicker, the huge rat was surrounded by it.

    After a weird scream, a bloody shower fell as the huge green rat was blended by the silver vortex. All that was left of it was a lump of thick and sticky dark liquid, struggling to survive and breaking through the light.

    The silver beam flashed and a woman wearing a silver imperial dress appeared. Her beautiful eyes glanced downward for a few seconds before she spoke in a cold voice,

    TL: Imperial Dress –

    “You evil creature, it seems you are already at the Fake Crystal Level. So that’s why you’ve killed so many people. The stronger you are, the more I can’t let you live. Silver Sky, annihilate!”

    TL: Spirit Master -> Crystal Level, so fake crystal means that it’s about to get to the crystal level

    Her voice had just dropped when the shining silver light surrounding the black, round bubble in mid air, started to stir even more violently.

    In the space of a few breaths , the black ball of liquid had flickered perilously before it finally exploded into countless black crystals. However, as it exploded, the explosion managed to break a hole through the surrounding silver light.

    After a strange roar, some black smoke among the crystals flew out from the silver light. With a “peng” sound, it split into hundreds of wisps of black smoke and escaped in every direction.

    “Still trying to leave! Hundred Sword Art!” The brows of the silver lady were raised as she made a hand sign.

    The silver light in mid air trembled before shooting out hundreds of small swords. After a slight pause, each of the swords wildly chased a wisp of black smoke.

    Moments later, the black wisps of smoke were all destroyed by the silver swords.


    The Imperial Dressed lady made a hand sign and all the small silver swords shot back. Before they reached her, they combined to form a longsword that disappeared within her sleeves.

    TL: Check the image to see why she can do this.

    Afterwards, the lady beckoned at Liu Ming.

    With a buzz, the alms bowl shot towards the lady. After catching it, the lady started chanting and pointed at the alms bowl.

    With “sou, sou” sounds, the black crystals from the explosion and the blood and flesh from the huge rat flew upwards and gathered into the alm bowl.

    After finishing all of these things, the lady turned to Liu Ming and emotionlessly said:

    “You are a disciple of the Barbarian Ghost Sect. This time, you distracted the beast’s attention for a while. That was of some help. I, Ye Tian Mei, never owe anyone anything. Some blood and flesh from the beast still remains, and I am too lazy to search for them. You can have them as compensation.”

    By her last sentence, the lady was already shining with silver light and as soon as she said her last word, she flew away in a flash of silver light.

    The lady called Ye Tian Mei didn’t give Liu Ming any chances to talk but instead left a extremely deep imprint of her extremely cold but pretty face in his mind.

    Staring in the direction that the lady disappeared in, Liu Ming was stupefied for quite a while before he finally withdrew his sight.

    “That was probably the true supernatural power of flight and a true Escape Technique. So cultivators can reach that level. I really have been shortsighted. However, I don’t think that she was just a simple Spirit Master.”

    After Liu Ming muttered to himself, he finally recovered. However, a burning fire was deep within his eyes.

    The helplessness that he had felt when his life was in danger gave him a sense of great insecurity. In addition, a mysterious feeling took root in his heart.

    After staying on the large rock for a couple of more seconds, Liu Ming cast the Soaring Sky Technique and flew upwards. He first flew towards the spot where the large rat had been killed.

    Even though he did not know the uses of the blood and flesh of the beast, with her status, she certainly would not take out some useless things to give to him.

    Just as Liu Ming was searching for these fragments of blood and flesh, the Imperial Dressed lady was already flying hundreds of miles away.

    All of a sudden, the lady’s face changed. She stopped completely before turning to a nearby mountain and saying:

    “So Fellow Yan had been waiting here. I was wondering why you hadn’t appeared when I was fighting that beast.”

    “Fellow Ye’s strength has truly become more refined. I must admit that I thought I was completely concealed. But to have been seen through so easily…” A puff of white smoke curled up from the mountain below and after it disappeared, an elder with his hair arranged into a triangular spike above his head appeared and greeted the lady.

    “Hmph, this is the territory of the Barbarian Ghost Sect. Besides Fellow Yan, why would there be any other fellows of the Crystal Level!” Ye Tian Mei said with some disdain.

    “So that’s why. I had thought that Fellow Ye had reached the Fake Pill Level.” The grey-robed elder heaved a sigh of relief and said with a bitter smile.

    TL: Crystal Level -> Pill Level

    “Do you think it’s so easy to enter into the Fake Pill Level? However, why is Fellow Yan hiding around here sneakily? What are you planning?” Ye Tian Mei said without affirmation.

    “For Fellow Ye to have made such a ruckus on my territory, isn’t it time to give me an explanation? Even though our Barbarian Ghost Sect is weak, we won’t let others take such liberties with us.” Hearing this, the grey-robed elder became serious.