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Chapter 772 - Phenomenal Success In Divine Body

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     772 Phenomenal Success In Divine BodyIn a blink, three years has passed.

    Chen Fan remained put inside the Yuntian Palace while causing great changes outside the palace.

    Chen Fan floated in the air in a sitting position, shrouded by a brilliant golden divine light that turned him into the epitome of invincibility. The energy about him carried a graceful finality that suggested that nothing, not even nuclear bombs could even harm a hair on him. Many cracks of thunder rose around him; that was the sound of the blood coursing through his veins.

    If a Buddhist or a Taoist were there, they would think that they had seen their deity in the flesh.

    The Taoist would call it the Deity Body, while the Buddhist would call it the Golden Body; they were two sides of the same coin.


    Chen Fan opened his eyes, sending out two rays of golden light. Those lights were so sharp that they pierced the dark room like a divine sword. Chen Fan extended his legs and stretched his arms.


    A wave of powerful Blood Qi gushed out from his system. When his feet landed on the ground, the Yuntian Palace shook as if it were in the middle of an earthquake. When he stretched his arms, he tore open the fabric of space, creating many minute, hair-thin fissures in reality.

    "Three years, I have finally gained a Divine Body!"

    Chen Fan let out a long sigh of relief.

    Many strands of glowing and twisting white energy came out of his mouth after each breath. These white energy strands merged into each other, letting out deafening explosions. With each breath he took, the power of the energy storm was multiplied. With the flick of a finger, Chen Fan could summon enough energy to destroy a world.

    "The Divine Body is divided into five levels: Introductory, Initial Success, Phenomenal Success, Perfected and Transcendence. The fifth level Divine Body is called Sublime Divine Body and only Soul Formation Grand Cultivators could have pulled it off. Although I have only achieved Phenomenal Success, I have already gained a Golden Core body, so I can defeat a golden core cultivator with ease."

    Chen Fan closed his fingers into a fist, feeling the explosive energy pumping through his system.

    In a fit of self-indulgent whim, Chen Fan imagined himself destroying the Realm of Kunxu with a punch. He knew it was unrealistic, but he was sure that his punch could raze a city to the ground or cause a small earthquake.

    "Such is the Divine Body's power when reaching Phenomenal Success, I now can traverse space, survive in any environment and live up to a thousand years. My body would never perish even after my death," Chen Fan thought.

    He had gained the Divine Body's Initial Success to later reach the Phenomenal Success after I consumed the Aether Essence of the five Predators. Since he was cultivating the Azure Thearch Longevity Body, it was even stronger than the ordinary Divine Body.

    If Perfected Cultivator Yunxiao were to come back to life for another round, Chen Fan could have torn him into pieces with his bare hands.

    "Since I have the Divine Body at Phenomenal Success, I must have gained new Divine Powers. But I'm not in a hurry to find out, I am more curious about the Essence Core I have formed."

    Chen Fan examined his system.

    He saw a glowing orb in his Dantian. Despite its soft glow, there was a deadly force gathering within.

    The orb was the size of an egg, and two shadows in the form of a Kun Peng and a Thunder Loch swam in its soft brilliance. Chen Fan noticed many new Divine Powers and abilities within the orb, ready to be used. In the last three years, Chen Fan had surpassed the late-stage of the Connate Level and reached the Core Formation level.

    Many people, such as Fire Spirit King, thought that Chen Fan had failed to even reach the Golden Core, but little did they know that Chen Fan had skipped a level and entered Core Formation directly.

    Although Chen Fan had just reached Core Formation, his Essence Core was no less potent than that of the Perfected Cultivator Yunxiao.

    "Most cultivators would try their luck with the Thunder Tribulation before reaching the Golden Core realm. Essence Core is the foundation for the rest of the cultivation and therefore is essential to have a solid Essence Core before leveling up further."

    Chen Fan rose to his feet and walked toward the door. His eyes were lit up with confidence.

    "I, Chen Beixuan, will never make the same mistake again. Without the perfect Essence Core for the Supreme Grade Golden Core, I would never attempt to go through a Thunder Tribulation."

    The golden glow around him dimmed a bit more with each step he took. The previously lively and vibrant Essence Core also became a dull looking object. When Chen Fan walked through the threshold he had regained his youthful appearance except for his grey hair.


    The door opened.

    Qi Xiu'er was leaning against the door frame, half asleep. She opened her sleepy eyes and saw Chen Fan. She nearly jumped up and exclaimed with glee, "Master, you are out!"

    She examined Chen Fan from head to toe and after reaffirming that Chen Fan had fully recovered, a broad smile bloomed on her face.

    "Yes, indeed," Chen Fan answered readily as he looked into the distance.

    Perfected Cultivator Beixuan had exited his secluded cultivation.

    The news shocked the Realm of Kunxu. Sect masters and family lords flocked to Yuntian Palace to pay tribute to him. Life and sound finally returned to the Yuntian Palace after three years.

    Inside the main hall, all the sages of Kunxu had gathered.

    Although Chen Fan had killed nearly all the Earth Level Deities of the Seven Exalted Sects, there were still over a hundred Connate Cultivators in Kunxu. All of them had paid a visit to celebrate Chen Fan's return.

    The sages chatted amongst each other while casting quick glances at Chen Fan, guessing his level of attainment.

    "I wonder how powerful he has become after three years."

    Many people asked the same question in their minds.

    Chen Fan was wearing a plain shirt made of hemp. His long grey hair tumbled down to his shoulders, contrasting the exquisite features on his face. He gave off no energy for anyone to gauge his power, so much so that he could pass for an ordinary young man. No one was fooled by it; they were convinced that Chen Fan had simply masked his energy.

    "Master, have you become a Sky Immortal?" Qi Xiu'er asked anxiously.

    The question caught everyone's attention.

    "Sky Immortal? I haven't formed a Golden Core, so I'm far from it," Chen Fan answered readily with a piece of lobster meat in his mouth.

    While Qi Xiu'er was disappointed by the answer, Fire Spirit King and the other sages let out a sigh of relief. However, Chen Fan continued, "That being said, I can kill any Sky Immortal now."

    After that, a wave of overwhelming energy poured out from his body.

    Everyone felt that Chen Fan had instantly transformed from a nobody into a True Dragon that coiled its massive body inside the hall, looking down at everyone with his impassive eyes. It was a more intimidating feeling to be gazed at by Chen Fan than by the Perfected Cultivator Yunxiao. Everyone inside the Yuntian Palace was overwhelmed by the urge to kneel. And so they did.


    The powerful energy disappeared as fast as it had appeared.

    Chen Fan put on a smile and added more food to his plate. It was as if nothing had happened.


    Everyone was shaken to the core.

    Fire Spirit King and the other sages lowered their heads in submission, recognizing Chen Fan's unimaginable power. Not only his power was impressive, he also had an impeccable control over it.

    The Sect Master of Mieqing Sect bowed and said, "Congratulations Perfected Cultivator! We feel safe under your protection. I wish you a long life!"

    Following his lead, many sages bowed to Chen Fan.

    Their pride and convictions had been quickly replaced by fear. Lu Yanxue finally reckoned a truth: playing politics would never be as effective as displaying raw strength. Over the last three years, she had tried every trick under her sleeve and still struggled to win those men and women over, but Chen Fan had done so in a matter of seconds.

    "This is the true meaning of power. I want it too."

    Lu Yanxue clenched her fists.

    "You may rise."

    Chen Fan didn't mind at all.

    By then, lording over Kunxu couldn't even make it to his priority list.

    After three years of hard work, Chen Fan was much more powerful than he had ever been. Not only he had achieved phenomenal success in his Divine Body, but he had also reached the Core Formation realm. While cultivating, he had reflected on the arts he had learned and improved upon them. If he had those abilities three years prior, he could have killed Perfected Cultivator Yunxiao with one hand, and slaughter the Predators with a finger.

    "Xiao Fan, you have improved by leap and bounds, are you heading to the Path of Heaven any time soon?" Lu Yanxue asked.

    "Not yet, That's for later. Before that, I want to return to earth one more time to see my family. After making sure they are safe, I will enter the Path of Heaven to explore the other side of the galaxy," Chen Fan said thoughtfully.

    "But the Gate of Heaven is still unstable. If you can wait, I will order my disciples to work on it around the clock," Fire Spirit King said.

    "No need," Chen Fan refused.

    Seeing Chen Fan had made up his mind, the other sages left it at that.

    It wasn't long before Chen Fan was ready for his return trip. He packed most of his items in the Blade Strengthening Gourd, including many unique items from Kunxu.

    Mangcang Mountain…

    Many cultivators stood by the stone gate with Chen Fan in front of them.

    The air above the Gate of Heaven was less turbulent, but unstable energy flickered from time to time. Anyone who dared to set foot inside the portal would be torn apart.

    "Aren't you coming with me?"

    Chen Fan looked back at Lu Yanxue.

    The girl had decided to stay in Kunxu.

    "No. I don't want to be just another girl on Earth waiting for you. If I stay here, you will always think of me once you think of Kunxu," Lu Yanxue said firmly.

    "All right."

    Chen Fan nodded.

    He ambled to the Gate of Heaven and looked at it wistfully.

    Three years before, he had put his life on the line in order to reach Kunxu. However, time had changed.


    Chen Fan reached out with both arms and under everyone's surprised eyes, he tore open the gate and stepped in. Before everyone knew what was going on, he had already disappeared behind the violent energy turbulence.

    Everyone looked at each other in surprise.