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Chapter 280 - It’s More Interesting to Kill When There Are More People!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 280: It’s More Interesting to Kill When There Are More People!

    After Ye Chen left the Medicinal Pill Exchange, he realized that there were two extra people in the room when he returned to the hotel.

    They were Murong Xue and Yu Shasha. Both of them were playing with Mengmeng at the moment.

    Yu Shasha said by instinct as soon as she saw him, “Ye Chen, you’re back!”

    Ye Chen walked over and said while frowning, “How did you guys know that I’m staying here?”

    “We bumped into Sister Yuhan on the street, so we thought of dropping by. We also wanted to know if you’re back,” Yu Shasha said while covering her mouth and smiling.

    Murong Xue glanced at Ye Chen. She said in a slight surprise upon realizing that he was fine, “You’re alright? Seems like you took my advice. Hmph, you’re pretty wise.”

    She had advised Ye Chen not to spew nonsense and not to offend anyone when she had bumped into him at the Medicinal Pill Exchange earlier. Before the Medicinal Pill Exchange began, she received a call, so she had left with Yu Shasha and had no idea what happened after that.

    Ye Chen shook his head in between tears and laughter. He walked over and picked up his darling Mengmeng to kiss her cheek. “My darling, do you miss Daddy?”

    “I do.” The little girl held onto his neck and chuckled. “Daddy, did you get anything good for Mengmeng?”

    “I forgot. Next time, alright?” Ye Chen squeezed her chubby cheeks and asked, “Oh yeah, where did Mommy go?”

    “Mommy went out to buy food for me. You were out the whole day, and I’m starving,” the little girl complained, looking upset.

    Just when she was speaking, Su Yuhan and Ye Wushuang walked in. Su Yuhan was holding a bag with a couple of burgers in there.

    “You’re finally back. We’ve been waiting for you before we start eating.” Su Yuhan rolled her eyes at Ye Chen. She handed the burgers to the little girl, Murong Xue, and the rest.

    Yu Shasha said while smiling, “Thank you, Sister Yuhan!”

    “It’s my fault. Let’s go. I’ll bring you out to eat.” Ye Chen smiled while feeling a little guilty.

    “You’d better!” Murong Xue rolled her eyes at him. “You should, and it has to be something expensive that’s worth my help.”

    Ye Chen picked the little girl up and left.


    The sky was turning dark. Determined to make Ye Chen pay, Murong Xue brought them to a barbecue stall on the water in the county.

    The store was actually a boat on which people ate as well.

    Apart from enjoying the night view far away, they could also fish. It cost ten yuan each time. If one did not get any fish when the bait was thrown out, they would have to spend ten yuan to buy a new fishing rod.

    Just when they sat down, the little Mengmeng struggled out of Ye Chen’s embrace. She walked to the side of the boat in a wobbly manner and said in excitement, “Daddy, I want to fish. I want to fish!”

    “Mengmeng, come back. Don’t fall in.” Su Yuhan was worried, so she walked over immediately to pick her up. It was a lake and it was dangerous for adults to fall in, let alone a four-year-old kid.

    The little girl looked at Ye Chen, feeling wronged. She whined coquettishly, “Daddy, I want to fish.”

    He smiled and said to the barbecue stall boss who was standing aside, “Can I have a fishing rod please?”

    The boss was a young man who nodded and handed Ye Chen a decent fishing rod.

    “Come here, my darling.” Ye Chen walked to the side of the boat and waved. The little girl ran to him and began fishing as if she was good at it after taking the fishing rod.

    “We want to fish too!” Murong Xue and Yu Shasha were piqued now. They began fishing at the side of the boat after asking for a fishing rod from the boss.

    Ten minutes had passed, and the three fishing floats on the rods bobbed a few times. However, they realized that the bait was gone when they reeled the line in to check.

    “Daddy, these fishes are so smart. I can’t get any.” The little girl pouted, a little discouraged.

    In reality, the barbecue stall boss was wise. He used big hooks on purpose, so the bait would expand when in the water. The fishes would not be hooked even if they got the bait.

    Since that was the case, the guests would give up after fishing a few times. They would even spend money to buy fish from him for the barbecue.

    “Here, let Daddy teach you!” Ye Chen smiled and got the boss to change another fishing rod. He held his daughter’s tiny hand that was holding the rod. Then, he secretly exuded spiritual energy into the hook.

    Soon, the fishing float moved.

    “Daddy, it’s moving. It’s moving!” The little girl was all smiles by then. As she yanked the fishing rod hard, a commotion stirred in the water. A grass carp that was over 30 centimeters long was hooked, and it could not shake off the hook no matter what.

    “He’s really got a fish!”

    Murong Xue and Yu Shasha were stunned.

    “Wow, what a big fish.”

    The little girl was giggling. “Amazing!”

    Ye Chen caressed her little face and unhooked the fish. He handed it over to the barbecue stall boss who was standing aside. “Grill it for us, please.”

    Murong Xue ordered some grilled kidneys and skewers as well as a few bottles of beer. Soon, the boss served everything they ordered.

    Yu Shasha took the lead to pour beer for everyone. She raised her glass to Ye Chen and Ye Wushuang. “Ye Chen, Sister Yuhan, little brother Wushuang, it’s a pleasure knowing you guys.”

    Upon hearing her calling him ‘little brother’, Ye Wushuang’s expression froze. Just when he picked up the beer and wanted to drink it, he suddenly turned his head to look far away.

    Ye Chen also looked over.

    With his Divine Consciousness, he saw two motorboats coming toward them at a high speed. Meanwhile, there were four to five men standing on the motorboats. All of them had a high cultivation base, and they were all experts on Illuminating Pulse.

    “What’s that noise?” Even Murong Xue realized something was off.

    Quickly, the two motorboats arrived. Five men who were dressed differently stepped onto their boat. Killing intent filled their faces.

    “May I know who you are?” The barbecue stall boss went over immediately.

    “Scram!” The leading hunk slapped the boss unconscious, frightening Murong Xue and Yu Shasha.

    “W-who are you people?” Yu Shasha said while stammering.

    Ye Chen snickered. “They’re a bunch of dummies who are trying to kill me!”

    “Hahaha!” The leading hunk laughed instantly, “Brat, it seems like you’re not surprised by our arrival at all.”

    “I’m not surprised that you guys are here at all. What surprises me is that there are so few people who’ve come.” Ye Chen shook his head lightly. “They’re not enough for me to kill!”

    He drank a sip of beer as usual before saying lightly, “If I’m not mistaken, we’ve met before. You stood behind Murong Yang, am I right? I think your name is Zhou Hong.”

    “Brat, you’ve got a good memory. But the better your memory is, even more reason for you to die!” Zhou Hong squinted and said, “If you’re wise, give us the Body Strengthening Pill. I might keep your body in one piece.”

    “I’ve said that the few of you aren’t enough for me to kill.” Ye Chen lifted his head to look far into the night. “Come out now. Don’t hide. It’s more interesting to kill when there are more people!”