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Chapter 279 - Women are the Most Evil!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Yao Bingyue’s expression turned grim upon seeing that Murong Yang and Zhang Mengqi speaking first to take what should have been hers away. “Guys, the Spiritual Medicine Mountain wants this Heart Repairing Pill first. What are you guys doing?”

    Murong Yang smiled lightly. “Ms. Yao, Brother Ye didn’t agree to give it to you. Moreover, this is a Medicinal Pill Exchange. Naturally, the person who pays a higher price will win.”

    “That’s right!” Zhang Mengqi nodded and said, “Our family of Wannan is definitely going to get this Heart Repairing Pill.”

    Old Master Zhang was now over 70. Although he led a healthy life, he would die one day. However, the Zhang family could only stand strong with the old master around. She could not help but look at Ye Chen as she spoke, “Mr. Ye, you can consider my offer. As long as you’re willing to give me the Heart Repairing Pill, my family won’t harp on the incident of you asking Zijian to kneel to you. We can even guarantee your wealth for the rest of your life!”

    “Sister Mengqi, it was I who was willing to kneel to Mr. Ye back then…” Zhang Zijian, who was standing aside, could not help but say.

    “Shut your mouth!” Zhang Mengqi glared at him.

    ‘Are you stupid?’

    Yao Bingyue took a deep breath in and said while looking at Ye Chen, “Mr. Ye, I can exchange that with the Tiger Bone Flowers.”

    “Brother Ye, give me the Heart Repairing Pill. My offer earlier still stands. My family will look for the Tiger Bone Flowers and Pipewort Flowers for you. We’re even willing to fight three times for you!”

    Murong Yang raised his chip again. “You must know that my family is the boss of Ganzhou. My grandpa, Murong He, is an expert on Illuminating God cultivation base. Even in entire China, only a handful of people are his match.”

    Everyone’s scalp turned numb after hearing that.

    What a smart guy!

    The Murong clan was willing to fight for Ye Chen three times. That would mean that even if Ye Chen offended experts on Illuminating God, he had three chances to keep his life.

    After all, the Old Master Murong He was an Illuminating God expert himself. The man was powerful in spells and stood at the top of China, so who would not step away for him?

    Zhang Mengqi and Yao Bingyue’s expressions changed at the same time. They clearly did not expect Murong Yang to have such a powerful chip in his hand. It was almost irresistible.

    Since Ye Chen said nothing, Murong Yang asked, “Brother Ye, what do you think?”

    To him, nobody could give a better offer than he did. There was no reason for Ye Chen to reject him. No, he would not dare to reject him!

    Yao Bingyue closed her eyes in despair. Her grandfather was an Illuminating God expert too, but he was dying. His vital blood and energy were deteriorating, thus it was impossible for him to fight for Ye Chen. He could die even sooner.

    Zhang Mengqi had lost almost all hope. Although the Zhang family of Wannan was a medicine family, they had no Illuminating God experts in their family. They would have to hold their heads down before the Spiritual Medicine Mountain and Murong clan.

    As everyone stared, Ye Chen lifted his head and smiled calmly at Murong Yang. “I think you still owe me an apology!”

    The place fell into dead silence as soon as he said that. Everyone looked at Ye Chen with their eyes open in disbelief. They thought they heard him wrongly.

    He wanted Murong Yang to apologize to him?

    Murong Yang’s face twitched lightly while a chill flickered in his eyes as he squinted. “So, are you rejecting me, Brother Ye?”

    He had said earlier that if Ye Chen could prove his identity, he was willing to apologize to him. However, it had just been a threat. Nobody would take that seriously, but Ye Chen did.

    Ye Chen snickered and handed the Heart Repairing Pill in his hand to Yao Bingyue who was standing aside. “Ms. Yao, this Heart Repairing Pill belongs to you now. I hope to see the Tiger Bone Flowers in a few days.”

    He was not afraid that Yao Bingyue would take her words back after he gave her the pill first. After all, nobody could take back their words when it came to Ye Chen.

    Yao Bingyue felt like she was in a dream when she looked at the Heart Repairing Pill closely. She responded immediately when she snapped back to her senses as she smiled, “Mr. Ye, don’t worry. I’ll call the Spiritual Medicine Mountain later and get people to send them over.”

    “That’s great!” Ye Chen nodded lightly. Since he had found the Tiger Bone Flowers, he got up and walked out of the lounge.

    The people only snapped back to their senses when he left. Many people were blinking in disbelief at that moment. They made some excuses and left. Within half an hour, the chaotic crowd was almost gone.

    “Let’s go!” Zhang Mengqi glared coldly at Zhang Zijian and left with Zhang Haoxuan.

    On the way back, Zhang Haoxuan could not help but be sarcastic. “I can’t believe that brat really has a medicinal pill like the Heart Repairing Pill.”

    “I’ve already told you guys that Mr. Ye isn’t someone ordinary, but you guys refused to listen to me,” Zhang Zijian said while smiling.

    Zhang Mengqi stopped walking and glared coldly at him. “Are you stupid? Why must you go against me earlier? Don’t you know how important the Heart Repairing Pill is to us?”

    Zhang Zijian stammered, “B-but you shouldn’t have threatened Mr. Ye with the incident of him asking me to kneel. I already said that I was willing to do it…”

    “Haha!” Zhang Mengqi snickered coldly. “Do you think there won’t be any consequences for that brat? He rejected Murong Yang in public which means that he threw a cold blanket at the Murong clan. Do you think Murong Yang will let him go?”

    “What do you mean?” Zhang Zijian’s expression changed.

    “Are you dumb?” Zhang Haoxuan grinned. “There’s a saying that goes ‘don’t flaunt your wealth’. That brat has attracted so much attraction after showing the medicinal pill. Nobody would’ve dared to do anything to him if he had taken Murong Yang’s offer, but now…”

    He licked his lips as he continued, “I can guarantee that the brat definitely won’t see the sun tomorrow.”

    “Oh, no! I must ask Mr. Ye to leave Ganzhou right now!” Zhang Zijian wanted to leave by instinct.

    However, Zhang Mengqi held onto him. “If you dare to go, I’ll banish you from the Zhang family!”


    At the same time in the Murong residence’s luxurious living room, Murong Yang glanced at Yao Bingyue before him and said grimly, “Congratulations, Ms. Yao.”

    It was only natural for Yao Bingyue to hear the underlying meaning in that. She smiled while shaking her head. “There’s no need to congratulate me. Young Master Murong, I wonder what you think of that Ye.”

    Murong Yang remained silent.

    “This man looks ordinary, but he has medicinal pills such as the Body Strengthening Pill and the Heart Repairing Pill. He’s either a Pill Refinement Master, or there’s someone behind him.” A gleam shone in Yao Bingyue’s eyes.

    Murong Yang smiled coldly and said, “What are you trying to say? Are you warning me not to touch that brat?”

    “Oh no, no!” Yao Bingyue shook her head. “I can guarantee this guy is hiding secrets. On top of that, he’ll have more than one medicinal pill like the Heart Repairing Pill. Young Master Murong, instead of congratulating me, you should spend your time on him…”

    She stopped speaking abruptly.

    Murong Yang understood her immediately. He looked at her with slight fear. “Ms. Yao, I’m suddenly grateful that I’m not your enemy!”

    This lady was just too heartless. She had just gotten something from Ye Chen, and now she was persuading him to hurt him.

    “Likewise!” Yao Bingyue smirked and showed a shy expression. However, ruthlessness flashed through her pretty eyes.

    ‘You want the Tiger Bone Flowers? Haha! I’ve already gotten the medicinal pill, so what if I don’t give them to you? Since you’ve offended the Murong clan, don’t you dare think that you’re going to walk out of Ganzhou alive!’