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Chapter 770 - Swallowed!

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 770 Swallowed!

    How terrifying was it when Chen Fan slashed with the power of the Golden Core?

    A long crack appeared in the sky like God's eye. It was deep and there was a huge energy hidden behind. The crack extended from where Chen Fan was to the seven predators.

    At that moment.

    None of the predators were able to escape in time and were slashed by the black blade aura. Their leader then blocked it with its long tail.


    When the blade aura flashed by…

    The predators roared and the wave of Immortal Will made the air vibrate. The ground fell ten feet and half of the city collapsed.

    Lu Yanxue watched with her eyes widened.

    She saw that four of the seven predators had already been split in half. Their Golden Cores could survive the attacks of a Spirit Treasure but they couldn't resist in front of the blade aura. The universe was flooded with blood.

    Even though these predators were strong, they couldn't recover instantly after suffering such a severe injury.

    The other two predators managed to run away and only their forearms had been cut off. As for the leader, part of its long tail was lost.

    He injured six predators that almost reached the Golden Core Level!

    This was Chen Fan's power. If Perfected Cultivator Yunxiao were there, Chen Fan wouldn't have to use the Blade of Time. This slash was powerful enough to kill him!

    "Human… Die!!!"

    The leader of the predators sent out two black threads of Immortal Will and arrived ahead of Chen Fan.

    After reaching the Golden Core Level, Chen Fan's power was completely different.

    The black threads were blocked by an invisible energy ten feet away from him.

    Chen Fan swayed his body and slashed again. This time, he flashed a thousand feet towards a predator together with the blade aura.

    The seven predators were astonished.

    Even though they had met many Overlords of mankind, including Golden Core Cultivators, nobody could control the dimension power like Chen Fan.

    A Golden Core Cultivator had only stepped in the Gate of Dimension.

    Although Chen Fan was young and wasn't quite advanced in the Golden Core Level, he seemed to be extremely experienced.


    That slash appeared out of nowhere. When it appeared, nobody noticed it and they had no idea who attacked. It was already too late when they responded.


    The blade Thunder Blade flashed by.

    Then, the eight-meter head of a predator was cut off; spouts of blood came out from its neck. The Divine Soul of such creatures was connected with the body, so they could only be killed by destroying the core in their brain.

    Chen Fan stabbed in the middle of the predator's eyes and crushed its Divine Soul.

    One of the predators was dead!

    "No!" the other six of them yelled.

    In the sky, the black threads of Immortal Will arrived from all directions like a wire mesh, blocking all of Chen Fan's escape routes. This was the Divine Power the predators were born with and was powerful enough to destroy everything, even Spirit Treasures. However, Chen Fan smiled and slashed again. He created a crack in the dimension and disappeared.


    The second slash!

    The body of another predator was split from its forehead and it was raining blood. The blood of the predators was corrosive like acid rain, creating many pits and holes on the ground.

    Only five of the seven predators were left.

    "Separate… He's only a Golden Core Cultivator… He can't use this power for a long time."

    The leader of the predators was calm. Its Immortal Will resounded in the air and the other four predators turned into black daggers, flashing at more than ten times the speed of sound to a hundred miles away.

    As to the Golden Core Overlords.

    Their Immortal Will could cover a few hundred miles and the whole area was their battlefield, but the predators were born to live in the air. Their speed was beyond what normal Golden Core Cultivators could achieve; they could take advantage of this to kill them.

    This was why many Golden Core Cultivators were afraid of encountering predators alone. They might not be powerful, but they were cunning and good at fighting like a wolf pack.

    "Haha, you think you can get away?"

    Chen Fan smiled.

    He then turned into a beast that was a few hundred feet tall.

    The Kun Peng Dharma Form!

    The Kun Peng spread its wings and became a thousand meters wide, which was even larger than four aircraft carriers. All the predators immediately yelled, "A Kun Peng?"

    It was the dominator that stood at the top of the food chain in the universe.

    Although the predators were regarded as the locusts of the universe that killed all intelligent creatures, they were as weak as ants in front of the most powerful Divine Beast, the Kun Peng. Their hearts were filled with fear.

    After entering the Golden Core Level, Chen Fan was finally able to exert a bit of the Kun Peng's power.

    He felt the earth-shattering energy inside his body and seemed to be able to break the air or crush a planet once he spread his wings. Even though Chen Fan knew it was just an illusion, destroying a city wasn't something difficult for him right then.


    Chen Fan spread his wings.


    Chen Fan's speed was indescribable. An eagle could travel ninety thousand miles a day, but Chen Fan could travel more! He was like a flash of light in the sky and was as fast as a bolt of lightning. He was still a hundred miles away at the last second. The next second, he was in front of a predator.

    That predator yelled and shot out a few hundred black threads of Immortal Will.

    But then, Chen Fan opened his mouth slightly.

    The giant mouth the size of a swimming pool which had a strong attraction power sucked the predator in. Once it entered Chen Fan's stomach, it was destroyed by the Swallowing Divine Power and turned into the purest Blood Qi.


    Chen Fan narrowed his eyes comfortably.

    Although the predators didn't have True Essence, they had powerful Aether Qi, enough for a thousand elephants. Speaking of Aether Qi, one normal predator was comparable to a Golden Core Cultivator.


    The other four predators were terrified so they immediately escaped.

    However, how could they compare to the Kun Peng? Chen Fan immediately used the Great Chaos Art and his thousand-meter body disappeared in the air.

    There was no way they could get away when Chen Fan could teleport.

    The next second.

    Chen Fan had arrived behind the second predator and swallowed it, absorbing its vitality and Blood Qi. The amount of Blood Qi in each predator was comparable to that in dozens of Blood Ancestors. Chen Fan made it into a ball and hid it inside his body.

    The third one, the fourth one…

    In a blink, Chen Fan swallowed four predators.

    Together with the two he had killed before, only the leader of the predators remained.

    Even though its body was as huge as a hundred meters, it looked like a fragile child in front of the thousand-meter Chen Fan.

    "Surrender… I'll spare you."

    Chen Fan's eyes were filled with arrogance.


    The leader roared and its entire body shrank into a dagger of a hundred meters, flashing at almost a hundred times the speed of sound. This was a tactic used by the predators. Their body had evolved for battling and it was their most powerful trait.


    Chen Fan grunted.

    He flapped his left wing and slashed.


    The dagger was split in half. Then, Chen Fan reached out and grabbed the head of the leader. Its head was like a toy in Chen Fan's hand. Those alloy scales shattered and Chen Fan's claw made four holes on its head.

    "Tell me, where are the other predators? Why did you go after the ancient cultivators? If not, I'll rip your Divine Soul out, swallow it and burn it with Divine Flames for ten thousand years."

    Chen Fan looked at the leader of the predators.

    His eyes let out two beams of light.

    "Human, don't you think about it! We will never yield to our prey."

    The leader of the predators smiled.


    It blew up his Divine Soul.

    And yet, Chen Fan immediately used the Art of Soul Searching and captured many scenes and moments from the pieces of the Divine Soul.

    He swallowed the leader of the predators and retrieved the Kun Peng Dharma Form, coming down from the sky with a stern face.

    "You scared me. I'm glad you're fine."

    Lu Yanxue ran forward immediately.

    The battle had been intense. If Chen Fan didn't initiate his Golden Core, he would have been torn in pieces. Even Perfected Cultivator Yunxiao would have been in danger if he fought with the predators.

    "I used a lot of energy this time to initiate the power of the Golden Core and turn into the Kun Peng. I'm afraid the Golden Core can only be used a few times more."

    Chen Fan heaved a sigh as he looked at the dim Golden Core.

    However, he cracked a smile when he saw the other five Blood Pills. The middle one was like a little sun that was stored in his dantian and its energy was as strong as the Golden Core.

    "Xiao Fan, should we keep going?" Lu Yanxue asked with a worried look.

    "The next teleport array is on the other side of this planet, but I'm not planning to go there."

    Chen Fan shook his head.

    He would have tried to go on in the past.

    But after meeting those predators and knowing that more of them had gone after the ancient cultivators along the Path of Heaven, Chen Fan decided to stop there. There had to be a lot of enemies ahead.

    "So, what should we do?" Lu Yanxue wondered.

    "We'll go back to the Realm of Kunxu. We'll return to the Path of Heaven when we become more powerful and truly have nothing to fear."

    Chen Fan sensed the five Blood Pills with his Immortal Will.