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Chapter 278 - The Tiger Bone Flower’s Whereabouts!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 278: The Tiger Bone Flower’s Whereabouts!

    A fraud?

    Zhang Haoxuan’s accusation stunned the people.

    Standing behind the crowd, Murong Yang looked slightly grim. He walked out and looked at Ye Chen. “Brother, your face isn’t familiar to me. I wonder what your name may be.”

    “Ye Chen.”

    After Murong Yang began doubting Ye Chen, Zhang Haoxuan began adding fuel to the fire while joy filled his face.

    “Young Master Murong, this guy is really a fraud. He was denied entry earlier, so I’ve no idea how he managed to get in.”

    As soon as he said that, the crowd looked at Ye Chen with hostility in their eyes.

    Yao Bingyue’s red lips lifted slightly. She took a good look at Ye Chen with her interest piqued. To her, he did not look like someone who would have medicinal pills no matter what.

    Zhang Zijian, who was standing aside, changed his expression. He said instantly, “Young Master Murong, my friend isn’t a fraud…”

    “Shut your mouth!” Zhang Mengqi yelled.

    “Brother, you said that you have medicinal pills. Please take them out to prove yourself now.” Murong Yang took a deep breath in and said, “If you can prove yourself, my family welcomes you and I’ll apologize to you. However, if you can’t…”

    He did not proceed to speak, but the hardness on his face revealed everything.

    Zhang Haoxuan smirked instantly. ‘I’d love to see what you’re going to do now.’

    “Medicinal Pills, you said?” Ye Chen snickered and reached his arm into his clothes. When he took it out again, there was a red medicinal pill in his palm.

    As soon as the medicinal pill was exposed to the air, a herbal fragrance wafted from it. Everybody felt energized.

    The smile on Zhang Haoxuan’s face froze.

    Everyone’s expression changed, even Zhang Mengqi’s.

    Murong Yang looked surprised and forgot about his promise of apologizing earlier.

    “This is the Body Strengthening Pill. It has the function of strengthening one’s body,” Ye Chen explained calmly.

    Zhang Haoxuan said by instinct, “Is this medicinal pill of yours fake?”

    Everyone looked at him like they were looking at an idiot after he said that. Fake? Would a fake medicinal pill have such a thick herbal fragrance?

    “Little brother, may I take a look at that?” At that moment, an old man with a red nose walked out behind Yao Bingyue.

    “It’s Master Gu from the Spiritual Medicine Mountain. He knows thousands of herbs, so he’s the best man to appraise that,” someone said that.

    Ye Chen nodded lightly. “Sure!”

    Master Gu walked to Ye Chen directly and extended his arm to take the Body Strengthening Pill. He began investigating it at a close distance. He sniffed it and rubbed it with his hand, then sprinkled the powder into his mouth.

    In the next second, his expression changed. Disbelief filled his face. “This medicinal pill really has the function of strengthening one’s body. Besides that, it has high efficiency. The effect is enough to break through a Movement martial artist’s body restriction to elevate to Internal Energy.”


    Everyone gasped because Master Gu’s revelation shocked them.

    One must know that although there were many ancient martial artists in this world, close to 90% of them were stuck on the Movement stage. They could only perform some basic kicks and punches like they were playing around.

    Only people who had broken through to Internal Energy could create energy in their body which could boost their combat strength.

    However, this medicinal pill before them could break through a Movement martial artist to Internal Energy!

    At that moment, many people began breathing quickly while Zhang Haoxuan’s face was turning pale.

    Zhang Mengqi and Murong Yang looked profoundly at Ye Chen. On the other hand, Yao Bingyue looked surprised but did not really care. After all, the Spiritual Medicine Mountain could refine such medicinal pills too though the effect was not as powerful.

    Master Gu could not help but stare at Ye Chen. “Little brother, do you have more of this? I’ll take everything you have.”

    ‘I’m sorry. I’m only trading this with Tiger Bone Flowers and Pipewort Flowers. I won’t ask for much,” Ye Chen rejected in determination.

    Master Gu’s question was risky. If Ye Chen were to admit that he had a lot of those pills before the people, he would definitely bring great trouble upon himself. Although he was not afraid of that, he was unwilling to be someone else’s tool.

    “I wonder what is this Tiger Bone Flower and Pipewort Flower that you’re talking about?” Master Gu asked, unwilling to give up.

    Ye Chen thought about it and drew a Tiger Bone Flower and a Pipewort Flower on the floor with his chalk immediately.

    Everyone seemed blur after seeing that. Master Gu sighed because he had not seen those before.

    Ye Chen could not help but feel rather disappointed after noticing that.

    At that moment, Yao Bingyue, who had been quiet, suddenly spoke, “Are you talking about the Zhuluo Flower?”

    Ye Chen could not help but look at her.

    She walked over and looked at the drawings on the floor before speaking again, “Is this Tiger Bone Flower that you’re talking about found near graves? It has five petals that are similar to plum blossoms and has a color like blood, doesn’t it?”

    “That’s right!” Ye Chen looked at her, feeling rather surprised.

    “The Spiritual Medicine Mountain has Tiger Bone Flowers, but we have very few of them. Moreover, this herb is hard to obtain. We don’t sell it.” Yao Bingyue smiled. “This Body Strengthening Pill of yours isn’t enough unless you can trade a more valuable medicinal pill.”

    After Ye Chen thought about it, he reached his arm into his clothes again. A yellow medicinal pill appeared in his hand. It was even brighter than the Body Strengthening Pill earlier. A halo was shining around it like a bright sun.

    “This is the Heart Repairing Pill. It can prolong one’s heartbeat and life for a year!”

    As soon as Ye Chen said that, everyone’s breathing hitched. They thought that they heard it wrong. Zhang Mengqi’s heart jolted as she did not expect Ye Chen to have such a medicinal pill.

    “What did you say?” Yao Bingyue’s pretty face that was initially calm changed. She stared at Ye Chen. “Did you say it can prolong one’s life for a year?”

    “That’s right!” Ye Chen nodded. “Under the premise that the person is still alive when he consumes it!”

    “Master Gu, appraise it!” Yao Bingyue said instantly.

    Master Gu took the Heart Repairing Pill from Ye Chen’s hand. Even his hand was shaking as he was more nervous and serious than before.

    Everyone looked at him with their eyes wide open nervously, and the same reaction was happening to Murong Yang too.

    Over ten minutes later, Master Gu returned the Heart Repairing Pill to Ye Chen. He said with a shaky voice after wiping his sweat away, “Miss, this medicinal pill can indeed prolong one’s life. I can’t guarantee that it can prolong one’s life for a year, but it definitely can keep a person alive for at least for a year!”


    The crowd gasped again! They could not believe that it was real!

    Even if it could prolong one’s life for half a year, that would be over 100 days. Nobody would say no to living over 100 days more, especially those who were dying. Living more than 100 days aside, even living one more day was a luxury.

    Zhang Haoxuan was completely dumbstruck.

    Before the people could react, Murong Yang spoke first, “Brother Ye, my family wants this Heart Repairing Pill. Name whatever condition you have. My family can even trade that with you with 5% of our family’s annual income!”

    The crowd could not help but feel a little woozy hearing that. The Murong family was the giant of Ganzhou. They were a famous financial group with up to a hundred companies under them. Their annual income was at least 50 billion yuan. 5% would mean 2.5 billion yuan, and they were actually willing to pay that!

    Even Zhang Mengqi could no longer keep her calm. She spoke, “Mr. Ye, as long you give the Heart Repairing Pill to me, my family will no longer bug you about the incident of you asking Zijian to kneel to you!”