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Chapter 769 - Going to the Path of Heaven!

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     769Going to the Path of Heaven!The Path of Heaven.

    It was only a legend in the Realm of Kunxu. The ancient Sages destroyed all the traces of the path, so their descendants had almost forgotten about it and could only find a bit of information in the old books. That day, Chen Fan stood in front of Heavenly Capital and said it was the Path of Heaven. How could everyone not be shocked?

    "This… this is the Path of Heaven?"

    Qi Qingwei widened her eyes and looked at the towering wall.

    Heavenly Capital had a long history and had been in Kunxu for thousands of years. Only the inner city used to exist, but due to population growth, it was expanded, eventually becoming a city that covered dozens of acres.

    "If the ancient cultivators had not set up a strong array here, you would have been killed by the impact of the battle between Yunxiao and I," Chen Fan said as he touched the wall to feel the power inside.

    The battle between Chen Fan and Perfected Cultivator Yunxiao was earth-shattering. A Golden Core Cultivator was as powerful as a nuclear weapon. Mountains collapsed, rivers were destroyed, everything within a hundred miles was shattered and millions of people died. Only a hundred thousand people in the inner city survived under the protection of the array.

    "Indeed, an array that can withstand the power of a Sky Immortal is rare."

    Everyone glanced at the city in shock.

    Meanwhile, the entire inner city had been emptied. Chen Fan walked toward the center and scanned through every corner with his Immortal Will at the same time, as if he were a bird flying in the sky, overlooking everywhere.

    He found that the inner city had the shape of a pentagon. There was a tower at each of the five tips and the streets were straight like the lines of an array. Chen Fan finally arrived at the center of the city.

    There was an ancient altar surrounded by stone pillars; it had a strong sense of history.

    "The cultivators of the ancient times built this city as an Universe Teleport Array that is capable of both attacking and defending. There were powerful beings back then after all."

    Whoever formed such an array had to be a cultivator of at least the Nascent Soul Level. It was too difficult for a Golden Core Cultivator to create this.

    "Master, are you going to the Path of Heaven?"

    Qi Xiu'er suddenly looked at Chen Fan anxiously.

    "Yes," Chen Fan replied.

    He took out piles of Spirit Stones from the Blade Strengthening Gourd.

    Chen Fan collected the Spirit Stones the Seven Exalted Sects had been hoarding for thousands of years; he currently had millions of them.

    "You should leave. I'm going to initiate the array and see where this Path of Heaven leads to. Don't worry, I'll be back soon," Chen Fan answered as he cast some Dharma Spells and initiated the array.

    Qi Qingwei, the Fire Spirit King and the Princess of the Southern Kingdom left. Even though Qi Xiu'er didn't want to, she had to leave as well. Only Lu Yanxue remained where she was. After three months of cultivation, she was very close to reaching the Immortal State.

    "I'm just going to check it out, I'm not really leaving the planet yet. The Path of Heaven is dangerous. You should go with them first," Chen Fan said.

    "No, I told you I'd be with you. I won't leave no matter what," the girl said with determination.

    Chen Fan frowned.

    He thought it shouldn't be too dangerous as it was only a teleport array, so he nodded and allowed her to stay.

    He cast spells to initiate this old array as he put in large piles of Spirit Stones, so that the pure Spirit Qi could be used as a source of energy for the array.

    "Buzz, buzz."

    As he cast the spells…

    The streets, walls and the altar were lit up. There was even a beam of light shooting from each of the five towers into the sky. The five light rays were respectively blue, yellow, red, white and black in color; the entire Realm of Kunxu could see them clearly.

    In the end.


    The entire city was covered in colored light. As it shook, an invisible energy wave was formed and the two of them suddenly disappeared from the altar.

    They were successfully teleported.

    "He came from the mortal world and has a mysterious history, but he knows countless secret arts, Divine Powers and even the way to open a teleport array. Who are you, Chen Beixuan?"

    Someone enveloped in an aura at Yuntian Palace watched from afar.

    This was the first time Lu Yanxue used a Universe Teleport Array.

    Chen Fan had gone through it many times in his previous life. Once they entered the passage, Chen Fan took out the Five Thunder Seal and it sent down beams of light, wrapping the two of them inside.

    Lu Yanxue looked through the light, and saw the colorful passage and the stars outside. She exclaimed, "It's gorgeous!"

    "Every star represents a planet. We're now far away from Earth, going deep into the universe. If we're not careful enough, we could be trapped here. If that were to happen I might still be able to live off my Divine Body and Dharma Treasures for a couple of years, but you would die from starvation after a short period of time," Chen Fan said calmly.

    Lu Yanxue immediately glared at Chen Fan.

    After a while, everything in front of Lu Yanxue became bright and they went out of the passage. She widened her eyes and looked around. They were still on an altar, but the buildings around them were old like those found in the Qin Dynasty.

    Still, these buildings looked even older. Many stone pillars and walls were quite weathered.

    "What is this place?"

    Lu Yanxue was startled.

    She looked up and saw an enormous planet in front of her.

    "This is an abandoned city on an anonymous planet. In the ancient times, this used to be a teleport array as well. There should be a strong array somewhere to protect ordinary people back then, but now, everyone's gone," Chen Fan replied.

    His Immortal Will could at the moment cover three hundred miles of area. He could scan through half of the planet at once, meaning that it was much smaller than Earth. There were a few more buildings within the area scanned by his Immortal Will. Some of them looked similar to the city which were probably other teleport arrays.

    Chen Fan guessed this was a hub to travel the universe in the ancient times.


    Lu Yanxue stuck out her tongue and wondered if they were outside the solar system.

    Lu Yanxue was confused and was about to ask Chen Fan. Then, she saw a skull next to the altar and she shuddered.

    It was the skull of a beast and was about eight meters large. It had a triangular shape like that of an insect. Even after countless years, it was still clear and bright.

    "Chen Fan, look! What's that?" Lu Yanxue yelled.

    Chen Fan had already walked over seriously.

    He stared at the crystal clear skull of the beast and frowned as if he had discovered something.

    "What is it?" Lu Yanxue asked gently.

    Chen Fan didn't answer.

    They walked down the altar and saw that there were many other bones around.

    There was a ten-meter leg bone of a beast and some were sharp like knives. There were also human bones but they were gold in color. Besides, there were many broken halberds, daggers and swords.

    In the ancient times, those weapons were apparently superior-grade Spirit Artifacts or even Spirit Treasures. Their power was long gone; they had turned into a pile of scrap metal.

    The entire city was covered in body parts. Most of them belonged to humans and some to beasts.

    "Xiao Fan, where are we?" Lu Yanxue asked with fright in her eyes.

    "If I'm correct, these beasts are the so-called alien enemies. The ancient cultivators thought they could escape from the alien enemies by leaving Kunxu, but both parties met in the universe, which is why this place turned into a battlefield," Chen Fan said.

    "These are the alien enemies? How big are they? What do they look like?"

    Lu Yanxue gasped.

    The skull was eight meters large and the skeleton was a dozen meters long. So, their entire body should be around forty meters. She had found dozens of those beasts around the city.

    "You'll find out soon."

    Chen Fan looked up to the sky.

    When he arrived on this planet, he had felt a weak energy in the buildings. As he sent out his Immortal Will, the energy in one of the buildings seemed to soar as if something had awoken.

    Apparently, not all the attackers in the battle had died. Some of them were just sleeping.


    Lu Yanxue still didn't understand what he meant. Suddenly, there was an energy wave in the sky.

    A beast, which was dozens of meters large, covered in black scales and had a long tail, flashed towards them from afar. Its speed had reached ten times the speed of sound. Its head was in a triangular shape, its eyes looked cold and its claws were sharp. The entire body of the beast was streamlined like a black dagger.

    "Universe Predators. I thought cultivators had exterminated them, but they still exist."

    Chen Fan grunted.

    And Lu Yanxue had already turned pale, completely speechless.

    "Wait here."

    Chen Fan left the Thunder Seal to protect Lu Yanxue and rushed towards the predator. Since there wasn't an atmosphere on this planet, humans would immediately explode after being exposed in the air.

    And yet, Chen Fan's Divine Body was very close to the phenomenal success level so he could survive in the universe for a short period of time.

    "Who's your leader? Where do you live? Why did you attack humans in the ancient times?"

    Chen Fan sent out his Immortal Will. The predators had an extremely high intelligence.

    "Go to hell!"

    The predator saw Chen Fan but it didn't reply. Its wave of Immortal Will carried viciousness, seemingly able to destroy everything. It looked at Chen Fan with greed and hunger in its eyes, as if planning to eat him.


    Chen Fan didn't hold back.

    He instantly turned into the Thunder Loch and slashed with the Thunder Divine Blade.

    The predators were the biggest enemies of all creatures in the universe. Other than the Zerg, most beings would be killed by the predators as they ate every intelligent creature. As long as the creature carried Spirit Qi or Essence Qi, they would want to eat it.


    The slash hit the predator.

    Sparks were created when the Thunder Divine Blade struck the black scales. The predators didn't have other Divine Powers, but their Immortal Will and body were born as powerful as those of Golden Core Cultivators. They were like a group of hyenas in the universe and eliminated many other races.


    The predator fought back.

    It moved swiftly across space and gripped Chen Fan with its claw, but Chen Fan was faster. He initiated the Divine Power of the Thunder Loch and the Wind Thunder Wings appeared on his back, making him gain speed.

    In the sky.

    A bolt of lightning and a black dagger clashed against each other.

    "Clank, clank."

    Fighting with a predator wasn't as stressful as battling with Perfected Cultivator Yunxiao.

    After all, the predator relied only on its body and claws and was still quite different from a real Golden Core Cultivator like Perfected Cultivator Yunxiao. He had Divine Powers, Dharmic Powers, a Divine Soul and a terrifying Essence Core.

    "Boom, boom!"

    But then, something vicious deep in this planet awakened because of the battling between Chen Fan and the predator. Soon, many other predators arrived in front of Chen Fan.

    There were six of them in total and one of them was even a hundred meters tall.

    "Oh no!"

    Lu Yanxue's heart sank.

    Chen Fan couldn't even defeat one predator and there were seven of them at the moment. One of them looked like their leader. Was Chen Fan in danger?

    The leader of the predator, who was a hundred meters tall, yelled, "The cultivators… Yummy… Filling… Eat him!" An energy wave of Immortal Will swept across the sky and many old buildings on the ground were destroyed.


    The six predators went down.

    As the hyenas and locusts of the universe.

    The predators weren't good at fighting and could be killed by a top Core Formation Cultivator with a Spirit Treasure, but when they came together, their power would surge as they lived in groups.

    Swish, swish, swish!

    Many shadows flashed towards Chen Fan from all directions.

    They attacked one by one which was leaving Chen Fan out of breath. The leader of the predators even formed a spear with its tail and stabbed at Chen Fan's body.

    In a blink, Chen Fan was backed into a corner.

    This was like seven cultivators, who were halfway to reaching the Golden Core Level, attacking together. The leader of the Golden Core was even just one step away.


    Chen Fan slashed and blocked three attacks, but the tail of the leader penetrated Chen Fan's chest, creating a hole on the Thunder Loch.


    Chen Fan rushed forward without hesitation.

    But the other six predators surrounded him and didn't look anxious at all. They slashed at Chen Fan from time to time and inflicted many deep wounds where his bones could be seen.

    As Chen Fan lost more blood, Lu Yanxue felt more devastated and the six predators seemed to be ready to enjoy their feast.

    "Human… Surrender… We can spare your life."

    The leader of the predators sent out its Immortal Will.

    However, Chen Fan didn't believe that the predators were the enemies of all creatures. They only enjoyed the fun of playing with other beings.

    "Haha, you think you'll win?"

    Chen Fan sneered with disdain. "Fine, I'll show you what my new toy is capable of!"


    An astonishing energy came out of Chen Fan's body like a giant pillar, which shook the entire planet. The terrifying power of the Golden Core was there.

    Chen Fan's body was enlarged.

    The Thunder Loch then became ten feet tall and countless thunderbolts twined around Chen Fan's body. He stood on a lightning dragon like a God.

    "Oh no!"

    The seven predators were stunned.

    Their leader even screamed and tried to fall back, but it was too late. Chen Fan had waited for them to be less vigilant for quite a while, so that they wouldn't be able to run away.

    "The third form of the Thunder Divine Blade.

    "Break the air!"

    A blade surrounded by black thunderbolts appeared in Chen Fan's hand. The black flashes of lightning carried a destructive energy and he slashed with it.

    In a heartbeat.

    The planet turned upside down, the universe froze and the sun and moon were shattered.

    The blade was the only thing left in the world!

    This blade could kill Golden Core Cultivators!