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Chapter 277 - Don’t Believe Him, You Guys. He’s A Fraud!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 277: Don’t Believe Him, You Guys. He’s A Fraud!

    Yu Shasha ran over while dragging Murong Xue. Surprise filled her eyes. “Ye Chen, why are you here?”

    “I thought I’d take a look.” Ye Chen smiled.

    “Take a look?” Murong Xue frowned. “This isn’t somewhere that you can just enter. Anyway, how did you get in?”

    Although the Murong clan organized the Medicinal Pill Exchange, no ordinary person could get in. The conditions were extremely strict. Even regular people who were worth 100 million yuan had no right to come in.

    “I walked in, of course.” Ye Chen tilted his head.

    “You’re not fooling anyone. You definitely sneaked in when nobody was watching.” Murong Xue rolled her eyes at him. “I’m advising you to leave now. If someone were to find out that you sneaked in, nobody will protect you.”

    One must know that the Murong clan had a low tolerance for pretentious people like that. Moreover, the punishment would be severe.

    Ye Chen smiled lightly and said nothing.

    Murong Xue was pissed off to see that he did not care. However, her phone rang when she was going to speak.

    “Alright, we need to get going. We won’t accompany you.” Murong Xue hung up the phone and reminded him, “It’s fine if you stay, but don’t spew nonsense or offend anyone. Leave as soon as it ends.”

    She dragged Yu Shasha and walked toward the lounge across after saying that.

    Ye Chen lifted his head to look at the lounge. He noticed Zhang Mengqi, Zhang Zijian, and the rest standing among the crowd. They were laughing as they chatted.

    Seeming to sense his stare, Zhang Haoxuan looked over by instinct. The smile on his face froze. “How did he get in?” He remembered that the hunk at the door had denied Ye Chen’s entry earlier.

    His words grabbed Zhang Mengqi and Zhang Zijian’s attention. Zhang Mengqi frowned when she saw Ye Chen.

    “Mr. Ye, I knew that you could definitely get in.” Zhang Zijian walked over, feeling rather guilty.

    Ye Chen nodded slightly while Zhang Zijian brought him over instantly. He pointed at the middle-aged man next to him who had wrinkles on his forehead and introduced, “Mr. Ye, this is Huang Ting. His nickname is Flying Ax Huang, and he’s from the Lingnan Medicine King family.”

    Flying Ax Huang glanced at Ye Chen and said in a neutral manner, “I wonder where you come from, Brother Ye?”

    “Tiannan,” Ye Chen answered neutrally.

    “Tiannan?” Flying Ax Huang said in all seriousness, “Tiannan is a great place. There’s this Mad Southern Ye who came out of there recently. He’s China’s No. 1 and the legend of the southern region.”

    Ye Chen merely smiled lightly.

    “Is Mad Southern Ye really that powerful?” Zhang Haoxuan, who was standing aside, said in a sarcastic manner, “I heard that he can control lightning and kills Martial Dao like he’s killing dogs. That doesn’t sound real to me at all.” He purely wanted to mock Ye Chen who was from Tiannan.

    Flying Ax Huang said in his deep voice, “Brother Zhang, be careful with your words.”

    Zhang Haoxuan did not care. Just when he was going to speak again, a commotion came from the lounge. Cheers exploded out of the crowd as a few people walked out of the door slowly.

    An extremely handsome young man led the group. With a mature charisma, he looked serious, giving an intimidating vibe.

    “That man in front is Murong Yang of the Murong clan. He’s the one who made the Medicinal Pill Exchange happen.”

    “He’s just like the rumors. Murong Yang’s character is so similar to the Old Master Murong He’s. The elders love him, or they wouldn’t have allowed him to take up such an important event.”

    As Murong Yang appeared, the atmosphere in the lounge peaked.

    “Is that Murong Yang?” Zhang Haoxuan asked by instinct while jealousy tinged his face.

    “That’s right!” Flying Ax Huang nodded and sighed. “I guess you guys have no idea that Murong Yang entered Dao Entry when he was 20. In a short five years, he’s achieved mastery-stage Dao Entry. The young generation transcends the old!”

    Even Zhang Mengqi, who had been calm, was stunned as soon as she heard that. “He’s on mastery-stage Dao Entry now? Doesn’t that mean he has hope of catching up with Old Master Murong He?”

    “How could it be so simple?” Flying Ax Huang shook his head and said, “Old Master Murong He is on Illuminating God cultivation base now with amazing spells. Everyone below Illuminating God is merely ants. Whether Murong Yang can get to Illuminating God also depends on luck.”

    Burning desire filled his eyes as he spoke to this point.

    To people in the spell world, the Illuminating God cultivation base was the equivalent of Martial Dao master in the ancient martial arts world. In fact, they were even a little more respectable.

    It was no wonder that the Murong clan conquered Ganzhou since they had such a powerful person such as Murong He to guard the clan.

    A commotion burst from the crowd again as they were chatting.

    A lady walked out after Murong Yang. She was approximately 25 or 26 with an amazing body. Compared to Murong Yang’s coolness, the lady was all smiles. She attracted everyone’s attention with her bright character.

    “I can’t believe that the Spiritual Medicine Mountain sent her this time.” Flying Ax Huang was rather surprised.

    Zhang Mengqi looked at the lady and said, seeming to be in deep thought, “Is she Yao Bingyue from the Spiritual Medicine Mountain?”

    “That’s right.”Flying Ax Huang nodded. “She’s Yao Bingyue, the granddaughter of the Spiritual Medicine Mountain’s Old Master Yao. I heard that Old Master Yao is dying and is looking for medicine to prolong his life. It seems to be real. Otherwise, Yao Bingyue wouldn’t have come here by herself.”

    After Yao Bingyue took her seat, a few people came out later on. Although the bustle was not as great as before, the event was at a climax.

    As everyone took their seats, Murong Yang lifted his arm to gesture the people to quiet down. Then, he spoke slowly, “Everyone, welcome to the Medicinal Pill Exchange that my Murong clan has organized. I, Murong Yang, have little experience in this, so I hope that everyone will be kind to me. At the same time, I hope that everyone goes home with what they came for.”

    After the introduction, the Medicinal Pill Exchange began. It was chaos.

    “I’ve got a bottle of Maotai made of 200-year-old wild ginseng. I’m only asking for a medicinal pill that can heal malaria.”

    “Ms. Yao, it took me a great effort to gather this Golden Jade Powder that strengthens one’s body. I wonder if your Spiritual Medicine Mountain can refine it. We can discuss the price…”

    Everyone told why they came at the same time. At that moment, the entire lounge was disorganized.

    “Let’s go over there.”

    Zhang Meiqi took two brocade boxes out of her bag. When she was going over, Ye Chen took a piece of chalk out of nowhere and wrote something large beneath his feet: ‘In need of Tiger Bone Flowers and Pipewort Flowers. I’m willing to trade with medicinal pills or purchase with cash!’

    Zhang Haoxuan smirked while watching that. “Do you have medicinal pills?” He thought Ye Chen was a fraud from the very beginning. Otherwise, he would not have been denied entry earlier.

    Nonetheless, Ye Chen ignored him directly.

    Flying Ax Huang and Zhang Mengqi, on the other hand, looked intensely at him. The contempt they secretly had for Ye Chen decreased a little.

    “Brother Ye, what are Tiger Bone Flowers and Pipewort Flowers?” Flying Ax Huang asked in confusion.

    Ye Chen glanced at him and thought, ‘Aren’t you from the Lingnan Medicine King family? How do you not know these herbs?’

    However, he realized that the names might be different since they came from the cultivation world. He smiled calmly. “They’re herbs to boost impotence.”

    In reality, the Tiger Bone Flower was one of the main herbs to refine the Rebirth Pill for Mengmeng. Meanwhile, the Pipewort Flower was the main herb to refine Youth Retaining Pills.

    Upon hearing that, Zhang Haoxuan was filled with disdain while Zhang Mengqi secretly shook her head.

    At that moment, the trading ended. Someone noticed what Ye Chen wrote on the floor and asked by instinct, “Brother, do you have medicinal pills?”

    In this world, most of the medicinal pills had been taken over by the Spiritual Medicine Mountain. Most of the people came here for medicinal pills in exchange for something else.

    However, there were very limited medicinal pills. People traded them as soon as they were taken out, so not everyone’s needs could be fulfilled.

    As soon as that question was posed, he got everyone’s attention, including Murong Yang and Yao Bingyue’s.

    “Of course, I do!” Ye Chen nodded.

    Zhang Haoxuan could not help but call out, “Don’t believe him, you guys. He’s a fraud. He doesn’t have any medicinal pills.”