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Chapter 276 - You Must Give Us An Explanation For That!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 276: You Must Give Us An Explanation For That!

    Ye Chen lifted his head and looked up.

    There was a vintage manor before him. It was majestic and it looked like an ancient mansion.

    Meanwhile, people dressed in different styles strolled into the entrance every now and then. Ye Chen realized that most of them were ancient martial artists with a high cultivation base.

    Although that was the case, they walked in slowly with respect because there were two hunks as tough as a steel tower currently standing at the entrance.

    The hunks looked straight ahead with their temples lifted high. They had powerful aurae whereby they were experts with a mastery-stage Illuminating Pulse cultivation base.

    ‘The Murong clan sure lives up to its name of being the boss of Ganzhou.’ Ye Chen secretly nodded. Although people with Illuminating Pulse cultivation base were nothing to him, they were invincible masters to regular people. Judging from the fact that such people were hired to watch the door, the Murong clan must be powerful.

    It was no wonder that Murong Xue had pride written all over her face when she mentioned the Murong clan.

    “Boss, I won’t be going in with you. This is my phone number. You can contact me anytime.” Ma Qiang yawned and gave Ye Chen a name card.

    Ye Chen nodded lightly and walked to the manor after paying the cab fee. However, he was stopped by the two guards at the door. “Stop. Please show us your name card.”

    He frowned. “What name card?”

    “Your personal information such as where you come from and your status,” one of the guards said expressionlessly. He took a good look at Ye Chen after saying that and a chill flashed across his eyes. To him, Ye Chen, who came alone and empty-handed without any energy wave from him at all, was clearly attempting to sneak in since he was dressed so mediocrely.

    “I don’t have a name card.” Ye Chen shook his head lightly.

    “Haha!”The hunk snickered coldly. “You can’t go in if you don’t have a name card, or you’ll end up like them.”

    He extended his finger and pointed at the private hospital across the manor as he spoke. At that moment, many people were groaning and moaning at the hospital entrance. Some of them had their arms broken and some were crippled.

    Ye Chen shook his head again. Just when he was planning to turn around to leave, a surprised voice suddenly came from behind him, “Mr. Ye?”

    He turned his head to look by instinct and saw a Ferrari parked by the side of the road. A young man in a suit walked over in surprise. Meanwhile, there was a young man and a lady standing behind him.

    “It’s you!” Ye Chen was rather surprised when he managed to see the young man clearly. The young man was Zhang Zijian whom he had met on the plane to Beijing the last time.

    It was that young man who had acted arrogantly just because he was from the Zhang family of Wannan. He was the same man that Ye Chen predicted would die within seven steps after their conflict.

    Zhang Zijian walked over and said rather delightedly, “Mr. Ye, I never expected to see you here. We’re fated to meet again.”

    Since the last incident, he became more mature and courteous. He was no longer arrogant and proud like he had been before.

    “Zijian, who is this?” The cold and pretty lady behind Zhang Zijian could not help but glance at Ye Chen.

    “Sister Mengqi, this is the same Mr. Ye who saved my life on the plane that I told you about earlier,” Zhang Zijian introduced while smiling, “Mr. Ye, this is Zhang Mengqi and this is Zhang Haoxuan.”

    Upon hearing that, Zhang Mengqi and Zhang Haoxuan could not help but take a good look at Ye Chen. Realizing that he looked ordinary, their expressions turned cold significantly.

    “Zijian, is this the miracle doctor that you boasted about?” Zhang Haoxuan said with a plastic smile on his face, “Have you been deceived?”

    How could this guy deserve to be called a miracle doctor before the Zhang family of Wannan?

    “Let’s go in.” Zhang Mengqi did not even bother talking to Ye Chen. She glanced at Zhang Zijian and handed her name card, entering first.

    “Mr. Ye, let’s go in together,” Zhang Zijian said kindly.

    The hunk standing at the door pointed at Ye Chen and said coldly, “You guys from the Zhang family of Wannan can enter, but this guy can’t.”

    Zhang Mengqi, who had stepped in, turned her head by instinct.

    Zhang Zijian was rather upset now and he demanded, “Why not?”

    “This guy has no name card and can’t prove his identity, so he can’t go in,” the hunk replied expressionlessly.

    Zhang Zijian frowned. “Mr. Ye has saved my life. I can prove that his medical skills are incredible. He’s an expert in Chinese medicine.”

    However, the hunk remained silent.

    “Alright, Zijian, this guy doesn’t even have a name card. Believe me. You’ve been cheated.” Zhang Haoxuan dragged Zhang Zijian in by force. Meanwhile, Zhang Zijian could only turn his head and give Ye Chen an extremely apologetic look.

    At that moment, Zhang Mengqi turned around to look at Ye Chen. She enunciated, “You got Zijian to kneel to you on the plane. You must give us an explanation for that.”

    “What explanation are you talking about?” Ye Chen said calmly.

    “My Zhang family doesn’t allow people to challenge our dignity. I’ll give you a chance. Come to the Zhang residence with me to ask for forgiveness after the Medicinal Pill Exchange. Don’t you dare run away. You can’t imagine how powerful my family is.”

    Zhang Mengqi turned around after saying that and led Zhang Haoxuan and the rest in. Before this, Zhang Zijian had told her that Ye Chen was a miracle doctor. She thought he was really some expert that she could get in contact with.

    However, besides not having any interest in knowing him, she even wanted an apology for asking Zhang Zijian to kneel back then.

    Ye Chen smirked in disdain as he watched them leave. He turned around in the attempt to leave.

    “Hey, you can go in if you really want to…if you can prove yourself,” the hunk from before suddenly spoke as mockery filled his eyes.

    Ye Chen lifted his head to look at him. “How do I prove myself?”

    The hunk smiled and stretched his palm that was the size of a paper fan. “Come, shake my hand. Show me what you’ve got. If you don’t dare, go back to where you came from.”

    The other hunk with a birthmark on his face smirked. If Ye Chen were to shake his hand, the bones in his hand would definitely crack. To him, Ye Chen definitely would not dare to do it.

    However, Ye Chen nodded and stretched his left hand out. “Sure!”

    They shook hands.


    A series of joints cracking popped.

    The hunk with the birthmark revealed an expression as if he expected that. However, he heard the hunk next to him scream in the next second, “L-let go!”

    The hunk with the birthmark looked quickly and noticed that his partner looked pale and seemed to be in pain at that moment.

    How was that possible!?

    He could not help but stare at Ye Chen.

    However, Ye Chen looked the same.

    “Let go!” the hunk with the birthmark shouted immediately.

    Ye Chen let go of his hand softly and said calmly, “Can I go in now?”

    “Go in then!” the hunk said, suppressing the agony.

    Ye Chen snickered and walked into the manor. At that moment, many people had gathered in groups, discussing among themselves. All of them were ancient martial artists.

    At that moment, a doubtful voice came next to him, “Eh, Ye Chen?”

    Ye Chen lifted his head and looked over. He noticed two ladies walking over to him. They were Murong Xue and Yu Shasha with whom he had parted ways from for less than a day.

    He could not help but sigh softly.

    ‘They sure are everywhere!’