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Chapter 275 - A Cultivation Family!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 275: A Cultivation Family!

    Ye Chen had suddenly appeared behind him, frightening the middle-aged man. When he snapped back to his senses, he said while shaking his head and rolling his eyes, “Who said I’m following you? Are you saying that just because we’re taking the same road?”

    “Really?” Ye Chen snickered and stopped bothering to ask. He squeezed his hand that was on the man’s shoulder softly.

    The middle-aged man shrieked immediately as a crack was heard, “S-stop squeezing. I-I’ll talk!”

    Only then did Ye Chen let him go.

    The middle-aged man had been following him for a long time. In fact, he had been following them from faraway since they exited the Longxi bus station. Ye Chen found out about his presence through his Divine Consciousness.

    However, since he did not sense any hostility from him, he did not perform the Soul Searching Tactic on the man.

    The middle-aged man shook his shoulder and inhaled sharply from the pain, “Brother, I’m sure you’re here for the Medicinal Pill Exchange, aren’t you?”

    “What Medicinal Pill Exchange?” Ye Chen frowned lightly.

    “Stop pretending!” The middle-aged man thought he was unwilling to admit that, so he smirked and said, “Forget it. I know that you’re not from Longxi. For the past two days, many people like you have come. All of them are here for the Medicinal Pill Exchange.”

    He paused then proceeded while rubbing his palms, “I see that you guys are foreigners, so I thought I’d be your tour guide since you’re not familiar with the place. However, I daren’t approach you, so I’ve been following you from far away.”

    For the past few days, countless foreigners from all places came to Longxi for the Medicinal Pill Exchange. Some unemployed locals in Longxi seized the opportunity to take up the job as a tour guide as they could make plenty of money from that.

    Therefore, he could not help but thought he would venture into that. He noticed Ye Chen as soon as the thought came into his mind, but he had no courage of going up to him until Ye Chen caught him.

    The Medicinal Pill Exchange?

    Ye Chen was intrigued.

    Never had he thought that he would chance upon this Medicinal Pill Exchange during his trip to Longxi. It was perfect since he could drop by to see if there was anything worthy.

    He had been wanting to refine Youth Retaining Pills. However, he was currently lacking a type of herb. If he could gather them, he could refine the Youth Retaining Pills for Su Yuhan and his parents then.

    The Youth Retaining Pill was a medicinal pill that could maintain one’s looks after they consumed the pill. They would not grow old even if decades passed.

    Ye Chen asked instantly, “Where is this Medicinal Pill Exchange taking place? When does it begin?”

    “Well…” The middle-aged man rubbed his palms and hesitated.”Hehe, you know the drill…”

    Ye Chen took out 10,000 yuan from his storage ring and tossed it into his hand. “Is this enough?” Before coming here, he had withdrawn five million yuan and put it away into his storage ring for emergencies.

    “Enough, enough!” At first, the middle-aged man was stunned to see Ye Chen take 10,000 yuan out of nowhere. He then took the money and grinned. His friends were only making a few thousand for the guiding, but here he was, making 10,000 yuan. How could he not be excited?

    “Boss, my name is Ma Qiang. The Medicinal Pill Exchange will take place at the Murong clan’s ancestral house in the east of the city. It’ll begin tomorrow at 4 p.m. sharp and goes on for ten days,” Ma Qiang spilled everything that he knew at once.

    Ye Chen then learned about the situation. Ganzhou would have the Medicinal Pill Exchange annually while the organizer was the wealthy family of Ganzhou, the Murong clan. Moreover, it would take place at the Murong clan’s ancestral house in Longxi.

    A large crowd of people attended the exchange every year. It was said that there would be a thousand-year spirit medicine at the event.

    “Sure, wait for me here at 4 p.m. tomorrow.” Ye Chen shook his head and said, “There’ll be benefits for you, but don’t you play any tricks on me.”

    “I wouldn’t dare, I wouldn’t dare!” Ma Qiang shook his head vigorously.

    Ye Chen walked to the supermarket across the street and returned to the hotel after buying two ice-creams for his daughter.


    The next morning, Su Yuhan asked while applying a mask on her face, “Ye Chen, when are we going to that Ghost Rider Sect mountain gate?”

    “We’ll go in two days. There’s a Medicinal Pill Exchange happening, and I want to check it out.” Ye Chen peeled a peanut and fed it to Mengmeng.

    “Sure.” Su Yuhan nodded and said while smiling, “Then, I won’t go with you since I want to wander around a bit with Mengmeng. After all, it’s rare that we’re out. I’ll go shopping. Also, I’m running out of masks.”

    “Then, I’ll get Wushuang to go with you guys.”

    Ye Chen glanced pointedly at Ye Wushuang.


    Soon, it was afternoon. After Su Yuhan and Ye Wushuang headed out, Ye Chen went to that alley that he had gone to last night. However, he did not see Ma Qiang.

    With a frown, he suspected that Ma Qiang had run away with his money since it was already 4:30 p.m.

    A ferocious gleam flashed across his eyes as he thought about it. Did that man really think that Mad Southern Ye was so easily tricked?

    “Boss, I’m sorry that I’m late!” A scream combined with panting came from far away at that moment. Ma Qiang was running over while sweating with severe dark eye circles.

    “I’m sorry, Boss. I was serving two customers last night, so I overslept,” Ma Qiang said while wiping his sweat.

    Ye Chen shook his head after seeing that even his legs were sweating. He said nothing and walked to the side of the street to hail a cab. Ma Qiang got in directly and told the driver where they were going.

    Ma Qiang yawned as soon as the car departed. “Boss, I heard that the Yao family from the Spiritual Medicine Mountain and the Zhang family, the medicine family of Wannan, will be at the Medicinal Pill Exchange this time.”

    “The Spiritual Medicine Mountain?” Ye Chen frowned slightly.

    “The Spiritual Medicine Mountain is a pill refinement sect in Ganzhou’s underground. I heard that the Pill Refinement Master Ge Hong from the East Jin Dynasty conquered all of the herbs in Ganzhou. In addition to that, they own many herbal gardens. It’s not an exaggeration to call them a giant.”

    Ma Qiang introduced, “Meanwhile, the Zhang family of Wannan is known as the medicine family. I heard that the Zhang family’s old master is known as a miracle doctor. It’s said that he can revive a dead person and make flesh grow on bones. He’s a great doctor.”

    Ye Chen came to a realization and asked, “Then, how about the Murong clan? Since they’re the organizer, they must be a medicine family too, aren’t they?”

    “No,” Ma Qiang shook his head and said, “The Murong clan is a cultivation family. They’re the No.1 family in Ganzhou that leads all families in Ganzhou. Even the Spiritual Medicine Mountain has to respect them.”

    “A cultivation family?” It was Ye Chen’s first time hearing that term.

    Ma Qiang inhaled and spoke with burning desire in his eyes, “They cultivate with spells. I’ve seen a Murong clan disciple wave and light up a row of candles. Legend has it that the Murong clan has a very powerful Spell Master who can transform water into ice, change breath into thunder, and even ride on clouds.”

    He could not stop gushing.

    Ye Chen chuckled and showed an indifferent expression. To him, any cultivator could do those as soon as they stepped into cultivation. Meanwhile, riding on clouds was merely an exaggeration.

    Ma Qiang panicked a little upon realizing that Ye Chen did not care. “Boss, I’m telling the truth. Please believe me. Also, you can offend anyone in the entire Ganzhou but not the Murong clan…”

    Just when he was still speaking, they arrived at their destination.