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Chapter 274 - He Isn’t Worthy of My Time!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 274: He Isn’t Worthy of My Time!

    “Is Bandit your boss?”

    Brother Ba and Ma Bing were stunned to hear Ye Chen’s question. Ma Bing smirked. “Brat, don’t tell me that you know our boss.”

    Disdain filled his face when he said that. Meanwhile, mockery filled Brother Ba’s face.

    Murong Xue could not help but shake her head. She had heard of Bandit. His status was even higher than that of Ninth Master Dong’s in Ganzhou because Bandit was known to be ruthless. Whoever offended him would be in great trouble.

    However, Ye Chen was pretending as if he knew such a vicious person.

    “Is Bandit’s family name Du?” Ye Chen asked again.

    Just when Ma Bing was going to speak, Brother Ba had a slight change in expression. He said coldly, “How do you know? Do you really know our boss?”

    Everyone knew Bandit as Bandit, but nobody knew his real name, not even Ma Bing. However, Ye Chen, a regular man, had just called out Bandit’s family name directly. That made Brother Ba doubtful.

    Ye Chen placed his arms behind his back and shook his head lightly. “He isn’t worthy of my time!”

    “So, are you saying that our boss knows you but you don’t know him?” Ma Bing snickered out loud as scorn filled his face.

    Murong Xue shook her head again. ‘He’s out of his mind! This guy is really out of his mind! How dare he use Bandit’s name like that? He sure is seeking death!’

    Ye Chen said calmly, “If he hears my name, he’ll be scared to death!”

    Brother Ba looked at Ye Chen gravely. “Brat, I’m giving you one more chance. How do you know that our boss’s family name is Du?”

    Ye Chen shook his head lightly and picked up his phone to call Lin Tai. He said directly, “I’m currently in Shilao Pond which is on the way to Longxi from Ganzhou. I’m having a conflict with Bandit’s underling called Brother Ba. Do whatever you need to…”

    He hung up the phone after that.

    “Brother Ba, something is wrong with this guy’s head. Let’s not dilly dally with him. Let’s just chop off an arm of his. Let’s see if he’ll still be full of nonsense after that.” Ma Bing could no longer wait.

    At that moment, Brother Ba’s phone rang. He could not help but start when he saw the name on the phone. He looked at Ye Chen, and then at his phone. With a gulp, he picked it up.

    “Yes, boss! It’s my fault! Understood. I know what to do now…” Brother Ba could not stop nodding as he spoke. He was sweating buckets!

    Ma Bing had a bad feeling growing within him when he saw his reaction. At the same time, Murong Xue could not help but stare at Ye Chen. ‘Does he really know Bandit?’

    In the next second, Brother Ba hung up the phone and knelt before Ye Chen. He said with great trepidation, “Mr. Ye, I must be blind not to have known who you are. I hope that you won’t…”

    “Brother Ba, what are you doing? Why are you kowtowing to this guy?” Ma Bing, who was standing aside, was completely stunned.


    Brother Ba slapped his face hard and said while clenching his teeth, “You b*stard, you almost got me into trouble. Kneel to Mr. Ye now!”

    Ba Kuan had the intention to kill Ma Bing now because his boss, Bandit, had screamed and growled at him over the phone as if he was actually fearful. He even trembled when he spoke. He was not dumb and he knew that they had encountered a tough one. This man was even more powerful than Bandit.

    Ma Bing knelt to Ye Chen immediately. He said as he stammered while holding his cheek, “M-Mr. Ye, please forgive us. You’re the bigger man. J-just pretend that we were just farting earlier.”

    At that moment, Ma Bing’s father was dumbstruck, and so were Murong Xue and Yu Shasha. They could not believe whatever that was happening before them.

    Ye Chen said nothing as he walked directly to the old man.

    “W-what are you trying to do?” The old man’s expression changed. However, Ye Chen crushed his throat before he was done speaking. He then tossed him on the ground as if he was a dead dog.

    Before the people could react, Ye Chen took out a bank card directly and tossed it at Ma Bing. “There’s a million in there. The password is six sixes. I’m buying your father’s life.”

    He led Ye Wushuang and Su Yuhan back to the bus after saying that. Although the people on the bus did not get off, they saw the entire scene, and they buried their heads in fright, not daring to look directly at Ye Chen.

    Ba Kuan got his men to open the path after they got onto the bus. The driver then began driving.

    After the bus was driven five kilometers away, Yu Shasha looked at Ye Chen with her eyes opened wide. “Ye Chen, do you know Bandit?”

    “I don’t know him, but he knows me.” Ye Chen shook his head lightly.

    When he had just returned to Earth, he had gone to a cyber cafe with Ye Wen and the rest. His ex-colleague, Liu Feng, had had a conflict with a young man with the family name Du. After that, Ye Chen learned from Lin Tai that the young man was Bandit’s son.

    That was how he recalled the family name when Brother Ba mentioned Bandit earlier. Otherwise, he would not have remembered him.

    “Why does he know you though you don’t know him?” Murong Xue was puzzled.

    Ye Chen smiled lightly. “Because I’m the famous Martial Dao master in China who everyone admires.”

    “You sure are boastful!” Murong Xue scoffed. She just treated whatever he said as bragging. She could not help but discourage him, “Don’t you think you can do whatever you want in Ganzhou just because Bandit is afraid of you. In reality, Bandit is merely considered the boss on the surface of Ganzhou. They’re just hooligans to the real bosses.”

    She paused before proceeding while looking a little arrogant, “Just like our Murong clan, we’re the real wealthy family in Ganzhou.”

    Ye Chen smiled and said nothing to her after realizing that she did not believe him. Instead, he turned over to talk to Su Yuhan.

    Murong Xue pouted. To her, Ye Chen should be some clan disciple. She could not help but secretly think to herself, ‘I don’t think there’s any Ye wealthy family in China! It seems like he’s just someone from a small clan.’

    She secretly shook her head as she thought to this point.

    Half an hour later, the bus finally arrived at the Longxi Province bus station. They separated as they got off the bus.

    Yu Shasha was unwilling to part ways. To be exact, she was unwilling to part ways with Ye Wushuang. After all, having such a handsome man sitting next to her along the way was a happy event.

    “Be more low profile when you guys are in Longxi.” Murong Xue glanced at Ye Chen before leaving. She said after some hesitation, “If you encounter any trouble, you can go to the Murong clan to look for me.”

    Ye Chen agreed to her amusedly They then split ways. He took Su Yuhan and his daughter to check into a three-star hotel close by.

    Later on, he took them out for a meal, and they enjoyed some good food. In the evening, the little Mengmeng buried herself in Su Yuhan’s embrace, asking for ice-cream, so Ye Chen could only head out to buy that for her. When he was passing an alley, he suddenly glanced behind him. Subsequently, he vanished from where he was within the blink of an eye.

    Soon, an ugly middle-aged man with a face filled with smallpox scars walked to where Ye Chen had just been. He looked around and mumbled, “Where is he? How did he disappear just like that?”

    At that moment, a huge hand patted his shoulder from the back. The man jumped and turned his head to look, but there was shock on his face.

    Ye Chen said, “Tell me, why did you follow me?”