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Chapter 766 - The King of Kunxu

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     766 The King of Kunxu

    "Swish, swish."

    Beams of light flashed across the sky and each of them represented an Earth Level Deity. These people used to hide in the Seven Exalted Sects or in secret mansions, but they rushed there because of the shocking battle.

    "Did Chen Beixuan win?"

    All Earth Level Deities who had just arrived froze after seeing that shocking scene.

    They understood when they saw the destroyed battlefield and Chen Fan who was hovering in the air.

    Perfected Cultivator Yunxiao had awoken but was killed by Chen Fan. What did that mean? Everyone understood that! Although Chen Fan's hair was grey and he looked twenty years older, coughing, with wounds all over his body, nobody dared to offend him.

    What was invincible?

    This was what invincible truly meant!


    Chen Fan came down slowly from the sky and was quickly recovering at all times. Trees and flowers within a few hundred miles withered and turned into a strong energy that was infused into his body.

    The Azure Thearch Longevity Body was still the strongest Divine Body.

    Even though Chen Fan had used the "Reincarnation Divine Power" six times in succession and slashed with the Blade of Time once.

    However, Chen Fan was still healing. Sensing the increase in his power, countless Earth Level Deities hesitated and seemed to be thinking about fighting back. This would be their only chance. By the time Chen Fan recovered half of his energy, nobody in the Realm of Kunxu would be a match for him anymore.


    A flame flew out of the ship and appeared a hundred meters away from Chen Fan.

    "Greetings, Perfected Cultivator. I'm the Fire Spirit King of the Southern Kingdom."

    As the Lord of thirty six cities in the south and a mid-stage Earth Level Deity, the Fire Spirit King was respectfully saluting on his knees as if he were greeting the emperor.

    Perfected Cultivator was a title for a Sky Immortal.

    Even though Chen Fan hadn't entered the Golden Core Level, he was already powerful enough to kill a Sky Immortal and could be regarded as a Perfected Cultivator! The Fire Spirit King had recognized him as the new King of Kunxu.

    After that.

    The second, third and fourth Earth Level Deity appeared one after another.

    "I'm God-killer from the Mieqing Sect. Greetings, Perfected Cultivator Beixuan."

    "I'm Demon Lord Liuyu from the Red Dust Sect. Greetings, Perfected Cultivator. Long live Perfected Cultivator!"

    Many other Earth Level Deities smiled wryly. They finally gave up fighting and went to greet Chen Fan one by one.

    Seeing the Earth Level Deities kneeling in the sky…

    People on the ground knew clearly that the Realm of Kunxu was going to welcome a new King. The Seven Exalted Sects, who used to dominate the realm, had already become history.

    "Did he really suppress a realm on his own?"

    Qi Qingwei stood there and couldn't believe it.

    The memories of meeting Chen Fan flashed through her mind. She thought Chen Fan was only bluffing back then and she even had a bad impression of him, but then, he was really on top of the realm. Qi Qingwei was extremely regretful.

    The cute Qi Xiu'er was crying tears of joy. She said, "Master… Master finally won… It's just great!"

    Bai Suxian and the Princess of the Southern Kingdom felt utter disbelief.


    Chen Fan glanced over at all the Earth Level Deities present.

    "I'll be the King of Kunxu from now on. Do you have a problem with that?"

    "We have no objection," everyone replied as they lowered their heads.

    The cultivators on the ground also knelt before this new King.

    "Kunxu and Earth used to be one world. Without Earth, Kunxu wouldn't exist. Send out my command. Whoever offends the Earth again will be killed!"

    Chen Fan issued his first command as the King of Kunxu.

    Everyone was relieved since Chen Fan wasn't planning to take revenge on Kunxu.

    "Ask those of the Seven Exalted Sects to come and meet me. If not, I will eliminate all of them after I come out!" Chen Fan said before he flew to enter the Yuntian Palace.

    Everyone looked at one another.

    They knew that the Seven Exalted Sects had led a hundred Earth Level Deities to fight in the battle and most of them were from the Exalted Sects and the Fire Spirit King. So, after receiving Chen Fan's command, the individual Earth Level Deities went to meet him immediately.

    The Sect Master of the Mieqing Sect heaved a sigh and said, "He's planning to settle the scores with the Seven Exalted Sects!"

    "Haha, the Seven Exalted Sects have been running wild for thousands of years. It's time for them to suffer." The Fire Spirit King sneered. Many other Earth Level Deities were sad but they also gloated.

    Chen Fan won!

    This piece of news instantly shocked the entire Kunxu.

    Details about the battle outside of Heavenly Capital circulated across the realm; people could estimate the astonishing power that had been displayed.

    Everyone had thought Yuntian Palace would win.

    But Chen Beixuan from the mortal world had become the winner.

    "Ten Sect Masters died!"

    "He killed a hundred Deities!"

    "The Cloud Heaven Thearch was stomped to death!"

    "Perfected Cultivator Yunxiao showed up but was killed!"

    All of these news hit everyone hard. All the ordinary people, the Martial Artists and the Immortal Masters of the families felt like the world was going to end.

    "Is this… the end of Kunxu?"

    Countless people cried their hearts out and couldn't accept it.

    They had lived in Kunxu for several thousand years and had always thought the realm was an immortal world! Earth on the other side of the Gate of Heaven was only an ordinary place where the stupid mortals lived.

    Nobody had thought that Chen Fan had stepped on the entire Realm of Kunxu thay day to become the King of Kunxu.

    "Gather all the soldiers and Exalted Immortals. We'll go to Yuntian Palace and fight with Chen Beixuan! We must let him know that Kunxu will not surrender!" many people yelled.

    But more remained silent.

    The Seven Exalted Sects had been the dominators of Kunxu for thousands of years. All the rights in Kunxu were controlled by them and Fentian Valley. For most of the small families and sects, changing dominators wasn't a big deal.

    As for ordinary people, they didn't care at all. No matter who the King of Kunxu was, they still had to pay taxes and donate to the large sects. The King of Kunxu wasn't someone they had to worry about.

    In Qishan City.

    After receiving the news, the elders of the Qi Family froze and couldn't believe it. They started blaming Qi Mufeng for making Qi Xiu'er leave the Snow God Palace.

    Even though Chen Fan was still willing to be Qi Xiu'er Master…

    That sole act had apparently destroyed the glory of the Qi Family for thousands of generations.

    "The Qi Family could have replaced the Zi family of Fentian Valley and become the top family in Kunxu!" the elders sighed and said. Qi Mufeng in Heavenly Capital also felt regretful.

    Countless disciples and elders in the Seven Exalted Sects were devastated.

    The Seven Exalted Sects had lost too much during this battle.

    They had lost all the Spirit Treasures; twelve Sect Masters and a hundred Earth Level Deities had died. There were no more than twenty Earth Level Deities altogether and half of them were in Snow God Palace.

    "Chen Beixuan… No, Perfected Cultivator Beixuan wants us to meet him at Yuntian Palace, or he'll exterminate the Seven Exalted Sects. Should we go?" an elder asked.

    The others went silent.

    Meeting Chen Fan would mean that the Seven Exalted Sects would have to obey him and might have to endure some punishment as revenge. However, if they didn't show up, all the disciples in their sects would be killed and the families in the Realm of Kunxu would certainly help to chase after them to please Chen Fan.

    Their attention was turned to the Sect Master of Snow God Palace.

    Snow God Palace had the most Earth Level Deities right then and their Sect Master was the only supreme cultivator.

    "Snow God Palace will go to meet the Perfected Cultivator!" the Sect Master of Snow God Palace said.

    All the disciples of the Exalted Sects felt like something had been broken… the dignity of their sects. And yet, many of them were relieved.

    December 23rd, 2012.

    Under the lead of the Sect Master of Snow God Palace, all the remaining Earth Level Deities of the Seven Exalted Sects went to Yuntian Palace to meet Chen Fan! Many Deities, families and leaders were gathered there.

    Almost all the Earth Level Deities in Kunxu were present.

    Beams of light arrived at the Lingxiao Hall of the Yuntian Palace. Everyone stood in the hall silently. A man with grey hair was sitting on the emperor's chair while he regarded them with naked contempt.

    "Greetings, Perfected Cultivator!"

    The Sect Master of Snow God Palace knelt on the ground respectfully, showing the curve of her body. The Earth Level Deities from the Seven Exalted Sects also did the same behind her.

    The leaders of the families who witnessed this were feeling troubled.

    The Seven Exalted Sects were superior in their hearts, but the Sect Masters were currently kneeling in front of a mortal; the image they had of them was completely broken.

    "This incident will be recorded in the old books and passed down for thousands of generations. It represents the Realm of Kunxu surrendering to the mortals! The dignity of the immortal world was stepped on by a mortal," the Sect Master of the Mieqing Sect said.

    From then on, Chen Fan would be the King of Kunxu, standing on top of the world!

    After meeting the Earth Level Deities, Chen Fan sealed the Yuntian Palace.

    "I reincarnated six times in battle. It'll take at least three years for me to heal if I create Spirit Qi by myself. The Blade of Time even used a hundred years of my life, but… it was well worth it."

    Chen Fan smiled.

    Seven powerful Spirit Treasures floated in front of him.

    Piles of Spirit Stones, Spirit Medicines and Spirit Pills filled the entire room and there were seven old herbs. Their scent was all around the room; they were apparently rare Treasure Medicines like the Thunder Fruits.

    But what made Chen Fan most excited was the shiny golden pearl on his palm that carried a terrifying energy.

    A Golden Core!