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Chapter 765 - Killing a Sky Immortal with the Passage of Time!

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     765 Killing a Sky Immortal with the Passage of Time!the passage of time!

    the supreme divine power the ancient azure thearch used to dominate the universe for three generations! when it was used, the entire dimension froze, including wind and water. people wouldn't even blink and their divine souls would be completely immobilized. perfected cultivator yunxiao stopped in the sky and the shapeless essence qi became solid.

    chen fan didn't want to use this divine power if it wasn't necessary.

    when he wasn't powerful enough, he would have to pay with his life every time he used it and it wasn't something he could recover from in just a few months, especially when facing such a strong enemy. and yet, chen fan had to do it.


    as chen fan slashed.

    the thin blade aura passed by the body of perfected cultivator yunxiao.


    after that, the frozen time collapsed and returned to normal. perfected cultivator yunxiao then shouted with fear and anger.


    there was an invisible crack on the shoulder of perfected cultivator yunxiao and the black armor suddenly broke from that point. the crack then went down until it reached his abdomen.

    the pale skin, dark grey organs and dried black blood could be seen through the cut.

    chen fan had injured perfected cultivator yunxiao severely. with one slash.


    perfected cultivator yunxiao fell back and looked at chen fan with a terrified face.

    "what divine power is that?"

    then, everyone returned to normal and looked at each other with a confused face. they only saw perfected cultivator yunxiao freeze in the sky, then suddenly scream and fall back. nobody knew when chen fan attacked.

    only the fire spirit king and a few earth level deities knew.

    their divine souls were powerful and they could feel chen fan's attack when time stopped.

    "how is that possible? did chen beixuan just stop time and injure perfected cultivator yunxiao? it's unbelievable! who can control time like that? probably not even a sky immortal."

    the fire spirit king was frightened.

    the eyes of the thearch's son were said to be able to undo death and control time, but they in fact only had a bit of the power of time. however, chen fan's ability to freeze time in a hundred mile area was an earth-shattering divine power.

    "the second slash!"

    chen fan didn't answer, then stepped forward and attacked again.

    his hair suddenly turned grey but he didn't care about it at all.


    time stopped again.

    this time, chen fan froze everything within a thousand square feet.

    the people in heavenly capital saw perfected cultivator yunxiao freeze in the air like a mosquito dipped in amber, unable to even move a finger. his eyes were filled with fright,


    there was no trace of the blade.

    the blade of time seemed to have done nothing to the body of perfected cultivator yunxiao.

    but when time stopped, perfected cultivator yunxiao screamed and a cut appeared on his left shoulder. then, his entire left arm was cut off by chen fan!

    "this is the power of time! chen beixuan, you have the ability to control time. who exactly are you?" perfected cultivator yunxiao shouted.

    this sky immortal didn't look confident anymore; he was extremely horrified.

    even when there were many golden core or nascent soul cultivators in the ancient realm of cultivation, the power of time was unreachable for them. even soul formation cultivators in the universe rarely knew of it.

    perfected cultivator yunxiao heard that the gate of time only existed in the oldest and strongest sect in the universe, but it was just a legend.

    he had never thought that he would see it with his own eyes.

    "chen beixuan, i don't want any of your divine powers and cultivation arts. let's just make peace with each other. what do you think?" perfected cultivator yunxiao said and seemed to be pleading for mercy.

    he let go of his dignity to say that, but how would chen fan let him get away?

    "the third slash!"

    chen fan stepped forward again.

    it seemed to be more difficult for him to move as if he were lifting a mountain and his hair turned grey at a faster speed.


    perfected cultivator yunxiao fought back like crazy. his black armor suddenly let out beams of light. this spirit treasure—an artifact that was more powerful than the tianxuan sword, one that had been with him for thousands of years—was completely awakened.

    plumes of blood qi were shot into the sky.

    perfected cultivator yunxiao ran forward and the essence qi formed a divine spear in his hand. it was a highly concentrated golden core true essence that was comparable to a spirit treasure; it was able to pierce through the himalayas.


    but chen fan slashed a third time.

    the air froze again.

    the time within a thousand feet froze, but perfected cultivator yunxiao was capable of fighting back this time. the aura around him became larger and his golden core true essence pushed him forward. even though he seemed to be moving as slow as a snail in time, he went forward with determination.


    chen fan's third slash hit perfected cultivator yunxiao squarely.

    time stopped but perfected cultivator yunxiao still shot the divine spear across the air towards chen fan. chen fan was pushed back and a giant hole appeared on his body.

    perfected cultivator yunxiao was in a worse condition.


    a cut appeared on his forehead and it quickly extended down his face, neck, chest and stomach. his armor cracked and his mask dropped, exposing an old face.

    then, his face was split.

    an invisible blade went down and slashed his muscles, bones and organs. in the end, perfected cultivator yunxiao was almost split in half.

    "argh, argh!"

    perfected cultivator yunxiao screamed.

    he had never been so close to death before. chen fan had almost split his body and even smashed his divine soul.

    "i want you to die!"

    a more terrifying energy came out from perfected cultivator yunxiao as if a nuclear bomb had exploded inside his body. he let out beams of black light and his wounds were immediately healed by the energy.

    an endless energy fell from the sky.

    this time, all buildings within dozens of miles around heavenly capital collapsed and were pushed ten feet below ground level, except for those protected by an array. millions of people and cultivators were crushed and no one was able to escape.


    perfected cultivator yunxiao ran forward and threw a punch.

    the power of nuclear explosions gathered around his fist; his punch could destroy a metropolis.

    until then, perfected cultivator yunxiao had finally used the power of the golden core level, which meant that his life would be greatly shortened as his old body couldn't bear the energy of the golden core.

    "chen beixuan, even though the power of time is strong, how many more slashes are you able to resist? i'm afraid you'll die after three more, while i can live one more life with your divine power and divine body, to dominate the entire universe," perfected cultivator yunxiao said coldly and viciously.

    "is that so?"

    chen fan looked expressionless. he reached out and gripped gently.

    "the passage of time!"

    this time, chen fan didn't pull anything out from time.

    but everyone heard a clanging sound and countless people were startled. they saw a giant azure shadow standing behind chen fan.

    the man was a thousand feet tall and looked extremely old.

    he was larger than a mountain and his body seemed to fill the whole world.

    the sun and the moon floated behind him and the universe was under his feet. he seemed to have come from the end of the river of time and an ancient energy enveloped the realm of kunxu. at this moment, all creatures in the realm looked up to watch the azure shadow.

    the ancient azure thearch!


    chen fan attacked.

    and the ancient azure thearch also pulled out a sword, one that couldn't be described with words. it was a treasure he had used to rule the world.

    "the blade of time!"

    while he slashed.

    perfected cultivator yunxiao kept falling back, turning into a beam of black light that flashed towards yuntian palace. he was as fast as ten times the speed of sound and couldn't be seen.

    it took perfected cultivator yunxiao only a second to travel a few thousand feet.

    he stopped, right when he was about to step into yuntian palace.


    chen fan had finished his slash.

    all of his black hair immediately became grey as if he were twenty years older, like a fifty-year-old elder. he couldn't stop coughing but he didn't panic, bursting into laughter instead.

    "it's impossible…"

    perfected cultivator yunxiao turned around and tried to say something, but it was too late.


    the time around perfected cultivator yunxiao had sped up a few hundred times. the glitter on his black armor became dim and it swiftly turned into a pile of scrap metal. his face was also full of wrinkles and his hair turned grey.

    in the end, his entire body rotted, turning into a plume of dust that disappeared in the air.

    killing a sky immortal with one strike!

    perfected cultivator yunxiao was dead!

    countless people looked up in shock.

    only a man who was laughing and coughing at the same time was left hovering in the sky. his back looked ordinary, but he was like an invincible demon!

    the world went silent.

    december 20th, 2012.

    chen fan killed a sky immortal outside heavenly capital.