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Chapter 764 - The Grand Divine Power

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     764 The Grand Divine Powerchen fan had reached the golden core in his past life and knew its power. however, it wasn't until then that he had to face a golden core as a connate cultivator when he realized the massive gap between these two levels.


    perfected cultivator yunxiao placed one hand behind his back and used the other to counter chen fan's attack.


    the thunder divine blade tore many dark fissures in the fabric of space. those attacks could kill any earth level deity with ease. other than spirit treasures, nothing could offset the effect of the dimension force.

    however, perfected cultivator yunxiao's palm held out against the deadly force, letting the dimension force slice at his skin without any effect other than producing jarring squeaks.

    the incorruptible golden core had granted him an invincible physique refinement.

    even the dimension force was unable to harm him.


    chen fan landed ten lashes on yunxiao, before yunxiao countered the attack.

    he closed his fingers to form a fist as his dark armor became incandescent. when he hurled his fist, it felt like he had thrown the weight of the entire world onto chen fan.


    space collapsed, blurring the lines between directions. the sun rose from the west and the moon from the east.

    the power in that punch was beyond words. many people had seen nothing but the dark gauntlet. it not only sent out a powerful shockwave, but also seized the attention of everyone, sending a sense of terror deep into everyone's hearts.

    among the onlookers, many had been killed by the unbearable strain on their souls.

    chen fan felt that the elements around him worked against him, as they tried to force him out of reality as if he were an alien, while chen fan's foe was the master of the world.

    "it's not real!"

    chen fan focused his mind and stabilized his divine soul.

    he knew that he was hallucinating because he was inside of a golden core cultivator's energy realm.


    dark lighting emerged from chen fan's body and formed a thunder blade that was much larger than the one before. he hacked the blade against the air, creating a narrow fissure in reality. the development excited the thunder loch, as the apparition roared at the sky.


    perfected cultivator yunxiao didn't even flinch when the sound wave rammed into him. then he took another blow from the thunder blade.


    the thunder divine blade was shattered by yunxiao's fist, and chen fan had been dealt a strong blow.

    the force went through the mercury armor, the armor of golden flame, the arcane energy bulwark and into chen fan's chest. the blow sent chen fan flying.


    chen fan didn't regain balance until he rammed through three mountains. the blow had pressed hard on his chest, breaking a few ribs.

    however, perfected cultivator yunxiao didn't stop and followed up with another kick. his iron boots were fused with deadly essence qi. as it bore down on chen fan from the sky, a hundred meter long copy of the foot made out of pure energy appeared in the air.


    before the attack landed on chen fan, the ground caved in under the immense pressure, forming a depression with the shape of a foot.


    chen fan was furious. he summoned more lightning to form another blade and hewed at his foe in a flat curve.

    thunder divine blade second form:

    dividing yin and yang!

    among the nine forms of the thunder divine blade, the second one excelled in defense. it was able to divide up yin and yang in the world so that the user would be unaffected by the effect of the elements. lo and behold, the world around chen fan started to blur until one could no longer tell the sky from the earth.

    "child's play."

    perfected cultivator yunxiao smirked as the dark light intensified.


    the giant foot landed on the blurry bubble where chen fan was in. after a series of jarring squeaks, the bubble burst. perfected cultivator yunxiao stepped on chen fan, pressing him a few feet into the ground.


    countless people gasped.

    however ruthless and powerful chen fan was, he was defenseless before perfected cultivator yunxiao. lu yanxue and qi xiu'er's faces paled as a pang of anxiety overcame them.


    a ray of golden light shot up from the ground and into the sky. chen fan was standing inside the glow.

    however, he had a few bones broken and was standing on his last leg. he conceded that he had underestimated the power of a golden core.

    even though perfected cultivator yunxiao was only at the early-stage of the golden core and lacked powerful arts, the sheer amount of raw energy was too much for chen fan to handle.

    most who could take on a golden core while still at the connate spirit level were the heirs of either divine beings, or perfected immortals. if chen fan could master the kun peng divine painting, he would be able to transform into a lesser kun peng and swallow perfected immortal yunxiao. however, he lacked the time and the resources to pull it off.

    "are we going to keep going?"

    perfected cultivator yunxiao shot a derisive glance at chen fan.

    the difference between a golden core and a connate spirit was as big as that of a mortal and an immortal. not even a hundred connate spirit cultivators could harm a hair on a golden core warrior.

    "again!" chen fan shouted.

    suddenly, the trees and grass around chen fan wilted as countless green energy tendrils rushed into chen fan's body, mending his wounds and recharging his system. chen fan was fully recovered in a blink and the golden flames came up around him again, burning brighter than ever.

    the reincarnation!

    chen fan was forced to use this elite divine power. he would have to add a few more days into his recuperation period after the battle, but he didn't have any other options.

    "a treasure body? no.. it's a divine body! you have gained a divine body!"

    perfected cultivator yunxiao's face changed as he looked at chen fan, eyes filled with shock and greed.

    "the existence of divine bodies is the stuff of legends even during the ancient times. legend has it that only the most powerful sects and races in space could have mastered such art. i should thank you for bringing the gift of immortality to me."

    perfected cultivator yunxiao let out a peal of laughter.

    little did he know that chen fan's divine body was the azure thearch longevity body from the five elements sect. however, he did know that as long as he could gain access to chen fan's divine body, he would live another hundred or thousands of years until he reached the nascent soul realm.

    "kiddo, i had planned to give you a clean death, but now, it seems i will have to search your soul, little by little, until i unravel all of your little secrets," perfected cultivator yunxiao said in a cold voice.

    the divine body was a well kept secret among those who possessed it.

    perfected cultivator yunxiao believed that chen fan surely had access to other incredible arts. he had never thought that god would be so kind to him, offering him the means of immortality right before he was going to reach the end of the line. if such secrets got out, a war could be waged between powerful cultivation factions in order to gain a divine body.

    "humph, you think you can defeat me?"

    chen fan sneered.

    an azure seal appeared above his head. it gave off an iridescent light due the presence of essences magnet force. it was the five thunder seal.

    chen fan reached out and the five colors blended together to form a lightning shaft with black and white bands. it was the grand five elements thunder.

    "another grand divine power!"

    the greed in perfected cultivator yunxiao's eyes became brighter.

    he folded his hands as the black armor started to glow, sending out rays of powerful energy. each ray could kill an earth level deity. those energy rays formed a black gold energy sword that charged at chen fan.

    it was perfected cultivator yunxiao's golden core true essence.

    the true essence of a golden core cultivator was extremely condensed and was much deadlier than that of a connate cultivator.


    after devouring half of the black gold energy sword, the overbearing divine thunder faltered. meanwhile, perfected cultivator yunxiao doubled down on his attack, adjusting the sword length to its original size.

    by the end, the divine thunder finally gave in under the black gold energy sword's relentless attack. the azure thunder seal hummed as if moaning its defeat.

    chen fan heaved a sigh.

    the five thunder seal was not a spirit treasure, therefore its power fell short while fighting against a golden core cultivator.


    perfected cultivator yunxiao summoned another black gold energy sword and hewed it at the five thunder seal.

    the thunder seal was able to make quick work of the spirit treasures, but it was knocked aside by perfected cultivator yunxiao. chen fan was dealt a blow and his body flew out, raking the ground as he slowed down.

    "kneel, and accept your defeat. i might spare your life."

    perfected cultivator yunxiao closed in on chen fan slowly.

    "get out of my face."

    chen fan snarled and charged again. despite the ugly wound that lacerated his skin from left shoulder to right leg, his battle prowess didn't diminish.


    chen fan used the art of three lives incarnations again, regaining his strength as he charged at perfected cultivator yunxiao.

    "bang, bang, bang!"

    a series of explosions were heard, stirring the flow of energy in the air.

    chen fan rained all kinds of divine powers onto his foe.

    true martial divine fist, kun peng dharma form, swallowing divine power, li fire golden eyes, etc…

    however, none of them had any effect on the perfected cultivator yunxiao. if chen fan had reached the late-stage of the connate spirit, or had finished the third painting, he might have stood a chance in this fight. there and then, his strength was a far cry from that of the perfected cultivator yunxiao.

    this battle was witnessed by millions.

    the residences of kunxu were elated by the turn of events. disciples of yuntian palace shouted in excitement, cheering for their ancestral master.

    meanwhile, qi xiu'er and lu yanxue were losing hope very quickly.

    the fire spirit king shook his head and lamented, "that's it. chen beixuan is going to die. no one can defeat a sky immortal."

    he watched the battle from afar.

    the princess of the southern kingdom stood beside him and watched the battle in silence. she was overtaken by a pang of complicated and strong emotions as she watched chen fan fall and stand up again and again.

    "i've warned you, chen beixuan. it's not wise to rise up against an entire world. there is always someone else stronger than you." qi qingwei heaved a sigh.

    everyone was convinced that chen fan had lost the fight.


    chen fan fell to the ground for the sixth time.

    he ran his divine powers again to regain his strength. the process took him three minutes and he couldn't even fully recharge his energy. the more chen fan used the reincarnation, the less energy he would recover.

    "kneel or die!"

    perfected cultivator yunxiao linked his hands behind his back and looked down on me like a mighty god fiend.

    "dream on!"

    chen fan sneered.

    without saying a word, perfected cultivator yunxiao kicked chen fan with the weight of the entire world at the tip of his toe. a cold light burned in his eyes as he gave chen fan a dismissive look.

    to his surprise, chen fan closed his eyes, waiting for the killing blow to land on him.

    "i didn't want to use that art because it consumes too much energy. but it looks like i don't have any other options," chen fan thought to himself calmly.

    when he opened his eyes again, his pupils had lost their color, giving him the appearance of an ancient immortal.

    "perfected cultivator yunxiao, you should feel honored to see this art," chen fan said with an impassive face. he reached out and grabbed something in the air.


    chen fan severed the passage of time and froze reality. everything, including perfected cultivator yunxiao became perfectly still.

    grand divine power, passage of time!