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Chapter 273 - I’ll Pay You One Million to Buy Your Father’s Life!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 273: I’ll Pay You One Million to Buy Your Father’s Life!

    This time, Murong Xue had taken a vacation to avoid her suitors. To prevent any attention, she did not drive. Instead, she chose to sit on a crowded bus with Yu Shasha.

    To her, apart from Ye Wushuang, Ye Chen and Su Yuhan must be ordinary people since they were dressed mediocrely and had average charisma. Such people would not attract her attention on normal days. They would be passersby at most.

    Therefore, when Ma Bing brought his people over to block their way, she cared nothing about Ye Chen. It was just that she could not take her best friend Yu Shasha’s begging. She could only agree to help Ye Chen because she felt troubled, so she chose to call someone unwillingly.

    A person picked up the call after it rang for a few seconds. Subsequently, an impatient voice came from the other side, “Who is this?”

    “Uncle Dong, it’s me, Xiaoxue,” Murong Xue took a soft breath in and said in a saccharine tone.

    “Xiaoxue?” The man on the other side of the phone was rather doubtful before he recognized her voice, “Are you Xiaoxue from Murong Cheng’s family?”

    “That’s right!” Murong Xue nodded immediately and said while smiling, “It’s me, Uncle Dong. You have a good memory.”

    “Oh!” The man gave a short response. His attitude was not exactly friendly though. “It’s you. Is there anything that I can help you with?”

    “Uncle Dong, something has happened. I’m currently at Shilao Pond. My friend has a misunderstanding with a man named Brother Ba’s underling, so I thought that you could…” Murong Xue was rather embarrassed as she spoke to this point.

    “Brother Ba?” The man was stunned a little and he subsequently came to a realization. “Do you mean that guy, Ba Kuan?”

    “It should be him!”

    “Alright, I know what to do. Don’t worry,” the man said slowly.

    “Thank you, Uncle Dong.” Murong Xue was over the moon.

    “Don’t mention it!”


    After Murong Xue hung up, the nervous Yu Shasha next to her asked instantly, “How is it, Sister Xue?”

    “It’s all over now. Let’s go down to check it out.” Murong Xue forced a smile. The Uncle Dong that she mentioned was actually a local boss in Ganzhou. His name was Dong Chengwen. Although he was not as powerful as the Murong clan, he was influential in the county.

    Murong Xue and her father, Murong Cheng, had gone to Dong Chengwen’s mother’s 80th birthday party. They were considered to know each other though they were not close. After all, she was merely from the Murong clan branch.

    Before making the call, Murong Xue did not have much confidence in herself. Never had she expected him to really agree to help her. She could not help but secretly shake her head as she thought to this point. She thought it was a waste to ask for a favor for Ye Chen who was a stranger to her.

    However, since it had happened, she should stop complaining. She could only disembark the bus with Yu Shasha.

    Outside the bus, the blonde, young man named Ma Bing glanced coldly at Ye Chen and Ye Wushuang when they got off. Subsequently, he turned his head and said to the old man from before, “Dad, who tossed you out of the bus?”

    The old man glanced at Ye Chen and Ye Wushuang begrudgingly. He stretched his arm and pointed at Ye Wushuang while grinning. “It’s that brat.”

    He then pointed at Ye Chen as he spoke, “This brat is also involved. He asked him to toss me out.”

    The man named Brother Ba was currently hugging a beauty. His hands were wandering around her body as he observed the duo with contempt.

    Ma Bing then looked at Ye Chen and scoffed, “Brat, your man tossed my dad off the bus. He hurt my dad. What do you think I should do about it?”

    “What do you want?” Ye Chen said expressionlessly.

    “It’s simple!” Ma Bing extended two fingers and wiggled them. “I’ll give you two options. One is to cripple your legs or you shall pay the medical bill and apologize to my dad with a kowtow. I won’t ask for much since you look poor. Alright, let’s get a clean 200,000 yuan. If you don’t have enough, call your family to transfer the money to you.”

    However, Ye Chen shook his head.

    “Brat, what do you mean by shaking your head? Are you unwilling?” Ma Bing’s expression turned grim.

    “200,000 yuan is too little!” Ye Chen said calmly, “How about I pay you one million to buy your father’s life?”

    The old man was furious. “Bingzi, stop talking to him. Cripple one of his legs first!”

    “Cripple him!” As Ma Bing waved, two tall hunks leaped from behind him. Both of them held a staff each.

    Su Yuhan’s expression changed while Ye Chen and Ye Wushuang appeared somber.


    At that moment, a soft call came from the bus. Subsequently, Murong Xue walked over with Yu Shasha.

    Ma Bing and the rest stared as soon as they saw the two ladies. They were checking Murong Xue out.

    Lechery flashed through the old man’s eyes. He was not hiding his perverse gaze at all. ‘You b*tches, I’ll show you what doggy style is later.’

    Even Brother Ba, who was standing aside, checked Murong Xue out. With a leer, he said, “Old Master Ma, your target this time isn’t bad.”

    He knew the old man’s character very well—he was an old pervert. Nobody knew how many times he had molested women throughout the years. He had even raped a few of them.

    Ye Chen looked at Murong Xue in surprise. He had no idea why she had gotten off the bus.

    “Brother Ba, can you let go of my friend for my sake?” Murong Xue walked directly to Brother Ba.

    “For your sake?” Brother Ba checked her out from her head to toe. He said while smirking, “Sister, you’re worth nothing although your body is worth something. Alright, I’ll forget about this if you sleep with me for two nights.”

    “You pervert!” Yu Shasha condemned by instinct. She had yet to be out in society and had never met someone so filthy.

    “Pervert?” Ma Bing could not help but respond while smiling, “This has nothing to do with the two of you, so scram. Otherwise, I’ll strip you and get my brothers to take turns raping you.”

    “Go away, you guys. I can handle this myself,” Ye Chen reprimanded while frowning.

    “Can you handle it?” Murong Xue was eager to shut his mouth.

    ‘Do you know that I’ve wasted a huge favor on you? You ungrateful b*stard!’

    She said to Brother Ba while suppressing the rage in her, “Brother Ba, I’ve called Ninth Master Dong. I’m sure you’ll let go of this for him, won’t you?”

    “Dong Chengwen?” Brother Ba’s expression changed slightly upon hearing that. In Ganzhou, Ninth Master Dong was quite famous. Even Ba Kuan could not afford to offend him unless the people behind him were willing to support him.

    Even Ma Bing was shocked. He said after a scoff, “Do you think we’d believe you just because you say you know Ninth Master Dong?” He thought Murong Xue was lying.

    “That’s right. You’ve no proof, so why should we believe you? Unless you get Ninth Master Dong to speak to me himself, then I’ll believe you,” Brother Ba nodded and said.

    Just when he was going to speak, his phone rang. The person on the other side of the phone began scolding him as soon as Brother Ba picked up the call. “Ba Kuan, are you out of your mind? How dare you touch Ninth Master’s friends? Let them go!”

    “What? Hungry Tiger, did you just eat gunpowder? Why are you so mad?” Brother Ba had nothing to fear since it was not Ninth Master Dong himself who was calling.

    “Stop pretending. You’re not worthy of ordering me around. Sure, I’ll release them. Just get Ninth Master to talk to me himself or get my boss, Bandit’s approval!” Brother Ba hung up the phone right after saying that.

    Subsequently, he looked coldly at Ye Chen and Murong Xue. “Let me just be straightforward here. If Ninth Master doesn’t talk to me himself, don’t you dare think that I’ll let you go.”

    Although Ninth Master Dong was powerful, Brother Ba’s boss, Bandit, was not too shabby either. His status was similar to that of Hungry Tiger’s. There was no way that Brother Ba would be pushed over like that.

    Murong Xue’s expression changed when she heard that, and she finally panicked now. Never had she thought that Ninth Master Dong, who had promised to help, would get his underling to call Ba Kuan instead.

    Not only did she not help Ye Chen, but her actions also triggered Ba Kuan instead. Now she was dragged into the whole fiasco too. She glared angrily at Ye Chen as she thought to this point, full of regrets.

    ‘You dragged me into this!’

    Yu Shasha clenched her fists tightly and looked guilty. She knew that she had dragged Murong Xue into this trouble.

    At that moment, Ye Chen looked at Brother Ba and suddenly asked, “Is Bandit your boss?”