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Chapter 272 - : I Can Help You If You Beg!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 272: I Can Help You If You Beg!

    “Master Ma isn’t someone that you guys can afford to offend. He’ll definitely take revenge on you guys for tossing him out,” the driver said while looking at Ye Chen and Ye Wushuang, “Little brother, I’m advising you guys to get out of the vehicle now. I can refund the ticket.”

    He took out his wallet to compensate them as he spoke.

    “No need!” Ye Chen smiled lightly.

    As for that old man earlier, he had gotten Ye Wushuang to toss him out as pure punishment. If he really came back for revenge, then Ye Chen would not show him any mercy.

    At that moment, Murong Xue, who had been quiet, seemed to have recalled something. She said while looking at Ye Chen, “I’m advising you guys to get off now. You guys really can’t afford to offend that old man.”

    She had heard from others before that there was an old man in this area who would be salacious to women on the bus. It was futile for the victims to report him to the police. That old man must be that Master Ma earlier.

    Ye Chen smiled and said nothing.

    Murong Xue frowned upon noticing that he did not care. She secretly scoffed and looked away. ‘You sure are dumb to not appreciate my kindness.’

    The driver shook his head. He could only turn on the engine again and begin driving, intentionally accelerating.

    Ye Wushuang sat down again.

    Yu Shasha, on the other hand, did not think too much about it. Instead, she opened her eyes wide and looked at him curiously. “You look like you’re only 17 or 18. Where did you get such great strength?”

    When Ye Wushuang picked the old man up and flung him with a single hand earlier, it had truly terrified her. One must know that the old man was a fatty. He weighed at least 68 kilograms, but Ye Wushuang had picked him up with a single hand. He must be very powerful judging by that.

    After hearing that, Murong Xue could not help but glance at Ye Wushuang too.

    She had seen that scene earlier as well. However, to her, Ye Wushuang might have trained, thus his great strength.

    Such people could only use brute force. He could fight one or two regular people but not eight to ten people at the same time, let alone ancient martial artists. He was just too young whereby he would act impulsively easily.

    She shook her head secretly.

    Facing Yu Shasha’s questioning, Ye Wushuang said nothing. She was not mad. After all, she knew a little bit more about his character now.

    The bus suddenly stopped after driving for about two kilometers. Someone on the bus asked by instinct, “Sir, we’re not there yet. Why did you stop?”

    “Someone set up a barrier ahead!” The driver looked ahead and forced a feeble smile. “What I worried about happened anyway.”

    The people looked over by instinct.

    There were a couple of round timbers in the middle of the road ten meters ahead. They blocked the way in an overbearing manner. Meanwhile, there were two young men in black singlets and slippers standing aside.

    Before the people could react, there was the loud squeal of brakes from behind. Ye Chen found out through his Divine Consciousness that there were two BMWs speeding over quickly.

    Meanwhile, the old man that Ye Wushuang had tossed out earlier was sitting in one of the cars. However, a smirk of revenge filled his face at the moment.

    The two cars stopped before the bus directly. Subsequently, more than ten men in suits and ties with metal rods, machetes, and so on in their hands came out of the cars.

    A blonde, young man led the pack.

    The young man walked toward the bus one step after another with a baseball bat in his hand. He whacked the bus door and demanded, “Open the door. Who bullied my dad earlier? Come out now!”


    The bat smashed the glass on the door directly. As the glass shards were littered all over the ground, the people were screaming and burying their heads in fear.

    The bus driver shuddered and turned his head to say to Ye Chen, “Little brother, you should’ve listened to me when I asked you to get out of the vehicle earlier. You’re in trouble now.”

    “That old man is his dad? How is that possible? If he has such a wealthy son, why was he taking the bus?” Yu Shasha said in disbelief.

    Feeling like he was going to cry, the driver said, “You guys don’t know this, but he is Ma Bing. He’s Master Ma’s son who used to be the local boss and troublemaker here. He got into development and then connected to a developer. After that, he became the local boss within 80 kilometers. He has over ten men under him. Although Master Ma isn’t living with Ma Bing, he’s been using his son’s power wherever he goes. Even the county head can do nothing to him.”

    He paused as he spoke to this point. “To be exact, the county head is scared of the developer behind Ma Bing. I heard that his name is Brother Ba, and he’s known to be very capable. He has ten project teams under him with up to 1,000 people in his teams. Those people are violent.”

    “Ahh! Doesn’t that mean that Ye Chen and the rest are in great trouble?” Yu Shasha’s face turned pale. She looked at Murong Xue next to her instantly and said, “Sister Xue, what do we do? What do we do? Do something.”

    “Little brother, you did this yourself. This has nothing to do with us.”

    “That’s right. Get off now. We still want to get to our destination. Don’t waste our time.”

    “Sir, open the door now and get them out!”

    The other passengers were shocked and began complaining about Ye Chen and Ye Wushuang. They did not care what would happen to both of them at all.

    “Sister Xue?” Yu Shasha looked at Murong Xue in a begging manner. She did not want anything to happen to Ye Chen and Ye Wushuang.

    Murong Xue glanced at Ye Chen coldly. “I reminded you out of kindness earlier. It was you who refused to listen to me.”

    Even Su Yuhan could not help but grip Ye Chen’s hand, but he just smiled lightly and patted her hand to comfort her. After standing up, he proceeded to get off.

    “Ye Chen, don’t go. They’ll kill you,” Yu Shasha said in sympathy.

    Ma Bing had more than ten people with him, all of whom had weapons and killing intent. Ye Chen and Ye Wushuang were not their match even if they were to fight them together.

    Ye Chen shook his head slightly. “Don’t worry about it. They’re just a bunch of trash. I’ll come back after handling them!”

    “You’re still being so stubborn even now?”

    Murong Xue said angrily, “There are only two endings for you after you get off. You’ll either be killed by them or you’ll kowtow to them.”

    “Sister Xue.” Yu Shasha’s expression changed.

    Murong Xue paused and spoke again, “But for the sake of Shasha, I can help you if you beg.”

    “Thanks for your kindness!” Ye Chen got off the bus after saying that. Ye Wushuang followed behind him since he would go wherever Ye Chen went. Su Yuhan also disembarked while carrying Mengmeng.

    “Sister Xue, please help them. Ye Chen’s wife and daughter are here too. What if they hurt the little girl?” Yu Shasha could not stop shaking Murong Xue’s arm anxiously. Murong Xue was from the Murong clan. If she was willing to help, nobody in the entire Ganzhou would dare to offend her.

    Murong Xue rolled her eyes and said, “Do you think I’m a god? I’m just a Murong clan branch disciple. They won’t know me even if I reveal my name.”

    “Then, what do we do?” Yu Shasha was going to cry.

    Murong Xue shook her head lightly as determination flashed across her face. “Forget it. I’ll help him this time.” She picked up her phone and called someone after saying that.