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Chapter 271 - Old Man, Do You Want to Compare Who’s Older Between Us?

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 271: Old Man, Do You Want to Compare Who’s Older Between Us?

    Upon hearing that, Ye Chen, who was sitting on Ye Wushuang’s left, could not help but glance at her. Yu Shasha was a pretty girl in her early 20s, and she was currently blushing. Meanwhile, there was another girl sitting next to her. However, that girl had fallen asleep on her shoulder.

    Su Yuhan looked at Ye Chen wryly. She seemed to be saying, ‘Look, another babe is flirting with your brother’.

    Facing Yu Shasha’s kind initiative, Ye Wushuang did not care. It was as if he did not see her stretching her arm.

    Yu Shasha’s smile froze and she withdrew her arm weakly. She felt rather wronged. It was rare to see such a handsome man who would act so coldly to her.

    Ye Chen said while smiling, “My friend is a little introverted. He doesn’t like talking to strangers. I hope you don’t mind that.”

    He then glanced at Ye Wushuang. “Wushuang, she has initiated to talk to you. Respond to her, at least.” This kid was cold to everyone. He was destined to be single forever.

    “Ye Wushuang!” Wushuang said in a neutral manner. That was the only thing he said and he was silent after that.

    “Don’t worry about it!” Yu Shasha’s shook her head immediately and smiled sweetly at Ye Chen. “My name’s Yu Shasha.”

    “Ye Chen.” Ye Chen smiled lightly.

    “Su Yuhan!” Su Yuhan who was carrying Mengmeng introduced herself too. The atmosphere was finally livelier.

    Yu Shasha took a good look at them and said while smiling, “Ye Chen, I don’t think you guys are from Ganzhou. The accent you guys have doesn’t sound like it.”

    “We’re not.”

    Ye Chen and her began chatting. Meanwhile, Ye Wushuang was between them and stayed silent all the way.

    After the bus had departed for half an hour, the lady next to Yu Shasha woke up. She rubbed her eyes, revealing her skinny wrists. “Shasha, who are you talking to? You’re so happy that you’re laughing.”

    Ye Chen checked her out a little. He noticed that this lady was even prettier than Yu Shasha. Yu Shasha was already sweet enough, but her friend was so pretty that she could be compared to Yan Ning and Xiao Ya. However, she had a straightforward expression on her face, and unfriendliness sat in between her brows.

    “Sister Xue, you’re awake! I’m talking to Ye Chen.” Yu Shasha introduced Ye Chen and the rest while smiling.

    Ye Chen then found out that her name was Murong Xue. She and Yu Shasha were Year Four students from Lanzhou University. To avoid her suitors, she was traveling with her best friend during the summer holidays.

    After that, Murong Xue began checking them out. Realizing that Ye Chen and Su Yuhan looked mediocre, she looked away after merely a glance. However, surprise flashed through her beautiful eyes when she noticed Ye Wushuang. She took the initiative to nod slightly at him.

    Nevertheless, Ye Wushuang was even colder than her. Neither did he say anything nor did he nod.

    His attitude made Murong Xue frowned slightly. To her, he was indeed the most handsome and charismatic man that she had ever seen. However, she was not as shallow as that.

    Good looks were not everything. All he could do was to make her check him out for a while.

    A man’s biggest charm was his success. Meanwhile, the standard of success was status, capability, and wealth.

    Murong Xue decided to look away as she thought to this point. She held her head down and played with her phone in silence.

    Ye Chen did not mind her behavior. Given Murong Xue’s beauty, it made sense for her to be a little arrogant.

    On the other hand, Yu Shasha got along well with them. They could not stop talking, and she had no ill intentions at all.

    When the bus was on the way, it stopped when it arrived at a village in town. An old man came on board. He looked like he was 60 years old and was ugly. As soon as he got onto the bus, the stench of alcohol lingered in the air.

    The driver turned his head and revealed a smile for the first time. “Master Ma, are you going to Longxi again?”

    The old man nodded arrogantly and grabbed the handle without even buying a ticket. He said rather annoyedly, “Old Huang, are there no more seats?”

    “Ahh, Master Ma. You’re out of luck today. We’re occupied. Can you just tolerate standing for a bit? We’ll arrive in half an hour.”

    The driver revealed an apologetic smile.

    “You b*stard, when have I ever had to stand on the bus? Since there are no more seats, then think of a way to get me one.” The old man scowled and began looking around while holding the handle. Everyone seemed serious while they avoided eye contact with him as much as they could.

    They were wise. Judging by his attitude toward the driver, they knew that he was not someone to offend.

    The old man smirked happily and had his eyes on the last row. His eyes lit up when he saw Yu Shasha and Murong Xue sitting by the window. He staggered over and glanced at Ye Wushuang coldly, “Young man, get up.”

    Ye Wushuang glanced coldly back at him. He remained still and said nothing.

    Ye Chen frowned. “Why are you asking him to get up?”

    “I’m so old. Shouldn’t you young people give up your seat for me? It’s traditional virtue for young people to respect the old and love the young,” the old man said as if every one of his words made sense.

    When he was speaking, he had his eyes on Yu Shasha and Murong Xue who were next to Ye Wushuang. Faint lust flitted across his eyes.

    Sensing the way he was looking at them, Yu Shasha got closer to Murong Xue by instinct and held her breath because that old man was just too stinky.

    Ye Chen suddenly smiled. “Is there a law that says that young people must give up their seats for old people?”

    “What do you mean by that?” The smile on the old man’s face froze. “Don’t you guys know how to respect old people? Where are your manners? Didn’t your parents teach you?”

    His voice was very loud which attracted everyone’s attention on the bus. Everyone chose to keep quiet and just watch. They were even grateful that the old man had not targeted them.

    At that moment, the driver stopped the bus and said after turning his head, “Little brother, just give up your seat for Master Ma.” He signaled Ye Chen while speaking.

    “Old man, talk nicely. Don’t use moral coercion,” Su Yuhan, who was carrying Mengmeng, could not help but pipe up. She had heard of old people taking seats by exploiting their seniority on public buses. Never had she thought that they would encounter one.

    “What moral coercion?” The old man fumed as if he was triggered. He said while glaring angrily at Su Yuhan, “You’re a mother yourself. Is this what you teach your kid? You should be embarrassed of yourself!”

    Su Yuhan was stunned.

    “What’s wrong with young people nowadays? Is it so hard to give up your seat for an old man? Does everyone have no morals now or are humans just terrible?” The old man was getting more and more furious as he spoke, “If you guys don’t give up your seat for me today, I’ll get a reporter to report this. I’ll get the people in the country to see who you guys are!”

    Yu Shasha and Murong Xue were irritated to hear his threats.

    At that moment, Ye Chen stood up and smiled coldly. “Old man, do you want to compare who’s older between us? I’m a few thousand years older than you, so you should give up your seat for us! Stop your moral coercion. We’ll give up our seats out of kindness, but we won’t because we can!”

    Ye Chen sat down again after saying that. He then said to Ye Wushuang, “Toss him out!”

    The old man’s face changed upon hearing that. “You…”

    Immediately, Ye Wushuang got up and dragged him to the door. He tossed him out like he was getting rid of a dead dog.

    Everyone was dumbstruck at that moment.

    Yu Shasha and Murong Xue were secretly cheering in their hearts.

    The driver could not help but sigh. “Little brother, you guys are in trouble!”