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Chapter 762 - Stomped to Death!

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 762 Stomped to Death!A hundred Deities died!

    Chen Fan had killed a hundred Deities at the Yuntian Palace.

    Half of the Earth Level Deities in Kunxu died and the seven Seven Exalted Sects had suffered a severe blow. There were only a few Deities left in sects like the Heavenly Thunder Sect and the Dashi Sect.

    "It's terrible."

    Countless people looked up.

    Blood was raining down and ghosts were crying.

    The death of so many Connate Overlords caused the weather to change. There was blood rain and the weeping sounds of ghosts from Hell came from the sky.

    Chen Fan didn't care about it.

    He walked towards the Cloud Heaven Thearch.

    If a real Dao Reunion Perfected Immortal died, strange things would happen in the world which were called the "Fall of a Deity" and everyone in the universe would be able to see it. These Connate Beings calling themselves Deities was a complete overstatement.

    "The top cultivators and a hundred Deities died. I'm afraid nobody in the Realm of Kunxu can stop him now. From now on, Kunxu will have to yield to the mortal world," a former Sect Master of the Mieqing Sect said.

    Countless people had conflicting feelings. They didn't want to obey the mortals, but they were also in awe of Chen Fan's power.

    There had never been someone like Chen Fan in all of the history of Kunxu! Lu Yanxue's eyes were even twinkling.

    Chen Fan had once told her that he would take her to the top of Kunxu and dominate the realm! She thought he was only being arrogant but he really did it.

    "Clomp, clomp."

    Chen Fan got closer and closer to the Cloud Heaven Thearch.

    He was tall and brawny. Each muscle and line on his body seemed to be perfect. His eyes were black and his long hair rested on his shoulders. He looked extraordinary and confident.

    "It's impossible… Weren't you seriously injured?"

    The Cloud Heaven Thearch stepped backwards with a terrified look.

    He wasn't arrogant and calm anymore.

    "My power isn't something you can imagine," Chen Fan said indifferently.

    The Cloud Heaven Thearch and the others thought Chen Fan was severely injured.

    But they didn't know that Chen Fan had reached the mid-stage of the Connate State and his Divine Body was close to the phenomenal success level with the two Sky Paintings. The Divine Powers and secret arts he could use had increased greatly. The Divine Power he had used just then to heal himself was a powerful one.

    The Reincarnation!

    This was one of the top Divine Powers of the Azure Thearch Longevity Body. It wasn't as powerful as the Blade of Time but it was extremely strong. Once cultivated to the maximum level, one could live for a second or even a third life. The Azure Thearch had dominated the universe for more than ten thousand years in the past.

    Chen Fan had achieved this Divine Power not long before. Although he couldn't use it to start another life, he could gather a lot of energy in a short time to return to his best state.

    "I don't think you can't be killed!"

    The Cloud Heaven Thearch turned pale and threw a punch.

    Even though he had lost both his Dharma Treasure and his Essence Core, he was still the best Overlord in Kunxu. The Essence Qi behind him formed a dragon that could destroy the world.


    Chen Fan flicked his fingers.

    A blade aura broke the dragon-shaped Fist Aura and struck the Cloud Heaven Thearch. The Cloud Heaven Thearch screamed and slammed against eight buildings before stopping.


    When the Cloud Heaven Thearch was about to get up, Chen Fan had already stepped on him.

    Chen Fan looked at the Cloud Heaven Thearch and said calmly, "I can be killed and I'm not at my best right now, but my energy is enough to kill you."

    The Reincarnation was indeed a supreme Divine Power.

    Unfortunately, Chen Fan was too weak. He needed at least a few months to return to his best condition, but the Azure Thearch could easily reincarnate three times. Even so, Chen Fan's power was still earth-shattering, beyond everyone's imagination.


    The Cloud Heaven Thearch screamed like an injured old wolf.

    He exerted himself and shot out dragon-shaped energy in all directions, making the air vibrate. And yet, Chen Fan stepped on his head and he couldn't move at all.

    "What do you want to do? Do you feel humiliated? Can you feel what it's like to be despised and looked down on?"

    Chen Fan added, "The people in Kunxu actually came from Earth, but you claim that the realm is an immortal world and despise the people over there. You have no idea how you're only ants in the eyes of the real Overlords."

    If the Young Master of the Azure Mystic Sect and Lei Potian weren't so complacent on Earth, there wouldn't have been so many quarrels and battles. The root cause of all this was the arrogance of the people in Kunxu.

    They thought their realm was an immortal world, so they despised the mortal world.

    They had no idea there was someone like Chen Fan on Earth.

    The Cloud Heaven Thearch shouted, "Kunxu is an immortal world and Yuntian Palace is the dominator of the realm. What do you know about us? Let me destroy your Divine Soul!"


    As he exploded, Yuntian Palace suddenly let out beams of light and thunderous sounds.

    Then, the old palace seemed to be alive again.

    Countless golden runes appeared on every stone pillar, wall and brick. Those runes connected the entire Yuntian Palace which made it look like a Spirit Treasure.

    "This is…"

    Everyone was dumbfounded.

    Even though there were a lot of old legends saying that Yuntian Palace was a Dharma Treasure, nobody had seen it before. For thousands of years, it had been standing there without moving a bit, but it looked like it was really a Dharma Treasure at the moment.

    "Heavens, if this is also a Spirit Treasure, isn't it much more powerful than the Tianxuan Sword and the Thunder Drum?" someone said.

    Strictly speaking, it was.

    Yuntian Palace was a large Spirit Treasure that was capable of both attacking and defending. In the universe, it would be a palace with many uses, like working as a spaceship, while the Tianxuan Sword and Thunder Drum were tanks and cannons that a normal cultivator could use.


    Plumes of smoke and some clouds gathered and surrounded the Cloud Heaven Thearch.

    With the power of Yuntian Palace, the Cloud Heaven Thearch immediately reached the Core Formation State and kept rising. He was then stronger than the Sect Master of the Azure Mystic Sect and was close to the Golden Core Level.

    "Is this what the old books meant by staying in the palace to guard the Path of Heaven?" Chen Fan pondered as he narrowed his eyes.

    "Get lost!" the Cloud Heaven Thearch shouted and beams of light came out from his body. He let out an endless energy, trying to get rid of Chen Fan.


    Chen Fan grunted and stomped his foot again.

    This time, he was enveloped in a golden aura and the energy of his Divine Body was pushed to the maximum. Sounds of a rushing torrent came from his body, which was the sound of his blood running.

    At that moment, Chen Fan was superior, just like a God.

    No matter what the Cloud Heaven Thearch and the Yuntian Palace did, Chen Fan still stood there steadily and held the palace under his foot!

    The True Martial Force Divine Power!

    This Divine Power was undoubtedly powerful. Chen Fan had once stepped on a Kun Peng with the size of the universe, so Yuntian Palace was nothing compared to it.

    "Bang! Bang!"

    Yuntian Palace seemed to be furious and it started to use its intelligence. The runes on the walls and pillars became brighter and brighter; beams of light and endless energy appeared in the sky and claps of thunder were heard.

    This Spirit Treasure was definitely invincible even in the ancient times.

    It wasn't something the Tianxuan Sword could compare to.

    Chen Fan snickered and said, "Why? Such an enormous Spirit Treasure can only be controlled by a really high-level cultivator, not a fake, old Golden Core Cultivator. I'm afraid moving only a hundred feet would drain the vitality of all the people in the palace. Even if you exert yourself, I can still find your core and erase your intelligence."

    Yuntian Palace shook and hesitated. Then, the smoke started to dissipate.

    "Impossible, impossible! How would my Divine Artifact forsake me?"

    The Cloud Heaven Thearch froze after this happened.

    He dared to provoke Chen Fan because he had the powerful Yuntian Palace Spirit Treasure, which had never given up fighting even during desperate times. And yet, Yuntian Palace had been frightened by what Chen Fan said.

    "A real Spirit Treasure has intelligence and knows how to make choices. The Tianxuan Sword isn't truly a Spirit Treasure and it still needs time to evolve," Chen Fan said.

    Once a Dharma Treasure developed intelligence, it would sense fear and would not be as brave as before. This could be a good thing or a bad thing; it was apparently good for Chen Fan.

    "What else do you want to say?"

    Chen Fan looked at him with coldness in his eyes.

    "Exalted Immortal Chen, I can give you all the treasures, Spirit Stones and secrets of Yuntian Palace from the last thousand years, and obey your commands. Please spare my life."

    The Cloud Heaven Thearch suddenly became humble and obedient.

    Countless people who watched this scene were enraged. Even though the Cloud Heaven Thearch had control of the top sect in Kunxu, he was spineless, unlike the seven Sect Masters and the Deities who had fought to the bitter end.

    "I might have been definitely interested in the past, but now, you're worthless to me."

    Chen Fan smiled.

    Then, he stomped his foot and the head of the Cloud Heaven Thearch was smashed to pieces like a watermelon. Before the Cloud Heaven Thearch died, he still couldn't believe that Chen Fan would kill him just like that.

    Countless people were speechless.

    The Sect Master of the top sect in Kunxu had died that easily? Chen Fan not only crushed the Cloud Heaven Thearch's head, but he also stepped on the entire realm.

    While everyone was in shock, Chen Fan continued as he looked at the palace.

    "I killed so many of your disciples and you're still hiding? Do you want me to tear the palace down and go in to get you?"

    A sigh suddenly came from the deepest part of Yuntian Palace.

    That sigh seemed to have traveled through time and space.

    Hearing the sigh, some of the old cultivators were suddenly frightened, as if they had seen a ghost.