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Chapter 270 - Before Going On the Long Journey!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 270: Before Going On the Long Journey!

    Since Ye Chen had signed the letter of commission, Old Chen asked while smiling, “Since you’re the chief commander of the Firearms Division now, should I introduce you to everyone at the Firearms Division’s headquarters?”

    He was eager for Ye Chen to take office right away.

    After all, the annual Military Base Competition was coming soon, and the Firearms Division had been in the last place for the past two years. Naturally, it would be better to train as soon as possible.

    “I’m not going to do that just yet.” Ye Chen shook his head. “I’m going to Longxi in Ganzhou. I don’t have the time yet. Maybe in the future.”

    Old Chen was rather disappointed, but he did not really mind that. He then asked, “Oh yeah, since Sikong Ao is dead, the Martial Alliance chief position is vacant now. Do you want to take it?”

    To the ancient martial arts world, the Martial Alliance chief was no different from an ancient emperor. As soon as one took the throne, he could definitely conquer the entire ancient martial arts world.

    Apart from Ye Chen, no regular person could take up that position. After all, he had killed Sikong Ao, so he was undoubtedly the No. 1 of China.

    “Not interested. Just ask whoever is willing to be the chief,” Ye Chen said because he did not care. He left the military courtyard just like that.

    The corner of Old Chen’s lips twitched hard as he watched him leave. “Not interested? I’m just worried that you’ll kill whoever takes the position since you gave me the right to decide.”


    On the next morning, Ye Chen’s whole family woke up early in the morning as they were going to Longxi. They had put off the visit to the Ghost Rider Sect mountain gate for too long.

    Su Yuhan was going through all of her clothes and could not stop checking out herself in the mirror. She would turn her head to ask Ye Chen every now and then, “Dummy, how do I look?”

    She was over the moon. The Su family had locked her up for over two years before this, thus she had had little opportunity to go out. She basically stayed at home after Ye Chen saved her and was hardly out and about.

    Now that it was rare for Ye Chen to be taking her far away, it was no different from traveling around the world with her family. How could she not be happy about that?

    Ye Chen said in between tears and laughter when he saw the anticipation in her eyes, “Anything you put on is nice. There’s just one thing that’s bad.”

    “What’s bad?” Su Yuhan turned around and smiled at him. There was killing intent in her beautiful eyes as if she was saying, “You wouldn’t dare.”

    “The bad thing is that you’re too beautiful!” Ye Chen shook his head and said in all seriousness, “Walking with you when you’re dressed so nicely puts immense pressure on me. You’ll attract unwanted attention. Moreover, I don’t like other men staring at you.”

    “You dummy, you’re still this straightforward, huh? But you’re right. I really am beautiful!” Su Yuhan was chuckling in joy.

    Ye Chen walked over to squeeze her cheeks while performing some spells. He said a while later, “Okay, look at yourself now.”

    Su Yuhan looked into the mirror by instinct. She began screaming, “You b*stard, you’ve made me so ugly. My skin is now yellowish and my chin is bigger!”

    If she was awarded a 10 for her appearance earlier, she was only left with a 7 now. She would still be considered a beauty now, but it was a vast difference compared to before.

    “Don’t worry. I’ll make your appearance recover when we come back. It’s pretty good, so we’ll have less trouble along the way.” Ye Chen, on the other hand, nodded in satisfaction.

    Traveling with such a great beauty would really attract unwanted attention. Moreover, he did not want other men checking out his lady with perverted eyes.

    Su Yuhan rolled her eyes at him angrily. However, she accepted the fact. When they got out of the room, they saw Ye Wushuang, who was dressed neatly, sitting on the couch.

    He was still in his white outfit. Given that he had long hair, he looked like a young man from ancient times.

    Ye Chen thought about it and said, “Wushuang, you need a makeover too. Try making yourself look more like a modern person.”

    “Brother, what do you mean by a makeover?” Ye Wushuang was stunned.

    That was how he had been dressing all the while. Although he did not do the laundry or shower, there was no dust and dirt on him since he was a Sword Spirit. It did not matter even if he did not shower.

    “That’s right. Your brother will make you into this.” Su Yuhan nodded and picked up a photo of Kris Wu in a suit from her phone to show him. She then returned to the room and gave the suit that she had bought for Ye Chen to him.

    After some hesitation, Ye Wushuang dismissed his uneasiness and changed in the room. Su Yuhan was stunned when he came out.

    A handsome man in a suit who was 1.8 meters tall with a buzzcut stood before her. He had a ruthless charisma and did not look sissy at all. He was like a cold Prince Charming in those Korean dramas.

    Su Yuhan took a good look at him for a while and sighed. “You’re really handsome. I can’t believe that you’re even better-looking now that you’re dressed modernly. Wushuang, it’s really a waste that you’re not an actor. Otherwise, you’ll definitely be the most handsome man in the industry. I wonder how many ladies would fall for you.”

    She looked at Ye Chen wryly as she said, “Maybe you’d have lost your chance with me if I had met Wushuang before you.”

    Ye Chen shook his head while smiling. He knew that Su Yuhan was joking with him. However, he was rather envious to see Ye Wushuang who had transformed.

    He was even thinking if he should get a makeover to make himself more handsome too. Nevertheless, he thought about it and decided not to do it.

    ‘I’m me. I’m unique.’

    “Sister, why did you guys wake up so early?” An extremely lazy voice drawled. Subsequently, the room next door opened. Su Youwei walked out in a sleepy manner, clad in her pajamas. However, she was stunned in the next second.

    She looked at Ye Wushuang in a dumbstruck manner and disbelief filled her beautiful face. “You…you…”

    She returned to her room in panic while speaking halfway. After more than ten minutes, she walked out, fully dressed. She was blushing so hard that it seemed like her cheeks were going to bleed. She dared not look at Ye Wushuang at all. “Sister, are you guys going out?”

    “That’s right. Your brother-in-law is bringing us to visit Ganzhou,” Su Yuhan said while smiling.

    Su Youwei said by instinct, “I want to go too.”

    She even peeked at Ye Wushuang secretly after saying that. She was disappointed that Ye Wushuang had remained expressionless from the beginning until now.

    “You’re not coming us. We’re there for business.” Ye Chen glanced at her.

    Initially, he thought he would only bring Su Yuhan. However, considering that his daughter would definitely be unwilling to leave them and Ye Wushuang would not leave his side 24 hours a day, he thought of bringing them along.

    Su Youwei opened her mouth but dared not fight back eventually. She could only hold her head down, looking disappointed.

    Ever since the Su family was destroyed, one could say that she was afraid of Ye Chen now. She dared not talk to him on normal days.


    Later on, Su Yuhan woke Mengmeng up and urged her to wash up. They headed straight to the airport after breakfast.

    Three hours later, the plane landed at Ganzhou airport. The first thing Ye Chen did was to bring the mother and daughter to try the local noodles. One must say that women had no control when it came to delicious food, including Su Yuhan who could turn into a glutton at all times. It was no wonder that Mengmeng had inherited her genes.

    After spending an hour there, Ye Chen contacted a bus company that headed to Longxi. However, the seats were basically taken. There were only three seats left in the last row, and there were two girls sitting at the window.

    As soon as they took their seats, Ye Wushuang’s appearance caught the attention of many.

    At that moment, a quiet girl sitting by the window next to Ye Wushuang could not help but glance at him. She stretched her arm out at him in a friendly manner.

    “Hi, my name is Yu Shasha!”