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Chapter 269 - The Grand Dragon Gate Even

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 269: The Grand Dragon Gate Event!

    ‘There’s news about the Geographical Vein?’

    Ye Chen was shocked indeed. He had simply made that request to Old Chen and did not have high hopes about that.

    Never had he thought they would find it so soon. It was no wonder they were the No. 2 in the military.

    No matter how calm he was, he could not help but feel a little excited. The reason being was that if they really found a Geographical Vein, he would definitely recover his Foundation Building cultivation base. By then, he could perform even more techniques.

    After hanging up the phone, Ye Chen got Ye Wushuang to stay at home while he headed to the military courtyard.

    Old Chen was studying a map in his military coat. He got Ye Chen to sit down when he saw him.

    What surprised Ye Chen was that Qin Xiaotian, who was named the Zhongnan Ocean Madman, was not there. One must know that he was Old Chen’s bodyguard, the kind who stayed with his employer for 24 hours every day.

    Seeming to sense his doubt, Old Chen said, “Something has happened to Qin Yao, so Xiaotian went to help her.”

    Qin Yao?

    The name made Ye Chen recall the lady with whom he had a misunderstanding back on the military ship.

    Connecting the dots that Qin Xiaotian had the same family name, he figured they were siblings.

    Ye Chen came to a realization.

    It was no wonder that Qin Xiaotian had been hostile toward him when they first met and had even initiated a fight.

    “You sure love trouble!” Old Chen glanced at him with a grim expression. He said with a plastic smile on his face, “You kill wherever you go and haven’t stopped at all. You killed the Su family first, and now the Martial Alliance. Do you know how much blame I’ve carried for you and how many times I’ve wiped your butt for you?”

    The old man had the urge to shoot Ye Chen to death right now. However, he recalled that Ye Chen was named a kungfu master for his powerful body. Bullets seemed to not be able to harm him.

    “You can’t blame me for that. I won’t offend people if they don’t offend me.” Ye Chen smiled lightly.

    Old Chen scoffed and turned around. He picked up a document from the table and tossed it at him. “Sign it!”

    Ye Chen took over to look. He realized that it was the Firearms Division’s letter of commission for the position of chief commander. There were many clauses listed in it such as a confidentiality agreement.

    Ye Chen glanced at it and put it aside. He said at ease, “Old Chen, where’s the Geographical Vein that you promised?”

    He had named three conditions to join the Firearms Division back then. The first was that the Firearms Division could not control him. The second was to look for the Geographical Vein and the third was to look for Su Yuhan’s whereabouts.

    Now that the first and third conditions were fulfilled, the Geographical Vein’s whereabouts was the only one left. It was the reason why Ye Chen was there today.

    “Don’t worry. I definitely won’t disappoint you since I’m making you sign this!” Old Chen handed the map that he was studying to Ye Chen casually.

    Ye Chen glanced at it and realized that it was a map of the Yiling District. Meanwhile, there was a circle on the edge of the map. He could not help but frown. “Shennongjia?”

    “That’s right!” Old Chen nodded and said, “They recently found a sinkhole in Shennongjia. This sinkhole is different from regular ones whereby there’s a sea of fire inside. The experts investigated and found out that the fire in the sinkhole has been burning for at least 2,000 years.”

    “A fire that hasn’t gone out for 2,000 years?” Ye Chen’s interest was piqued.

    “That’s right. It was a tourist who got lost from his group and found this sinkhole. Theoretically, there are a few examples that are similar to this. The fire keeps going on because there’s petroleum underground or leaked natural gas.”

    Old Chen shook his head lightly as he spoke to this point. “However, this sinkhole is rather odd. The experts have been studying it secretly for a long time. Not only did they not find petroleum, but there’s also no combustible material such as natural gas around. They can’t find the reason why the fire has been going on for so long.”

    Ye Chen secretly shook his head. He was indifferent to what Old Chen said.

    Apart from natural gas, petroleum, and other combustibles that could maintain the fire, there was one more possibility.

    The sinkhole must be producing fire essence which was the purest and the original tinder. Not only would it not go out, but it would also burn forever. It could even grow on its own.

    Meanwhile, such a place was the Geographical Vein that Ye Chen needed.

    At that moment, Old Chen said, “This sinkhole is a little similar to the Geographical Vein that you mentioned. That’s why I got you here to confirm that.”

    “There’s no need to confirm it. I’m sure it is!” Ye Chen shook his head and said while smiling. Subsequently, he took over the Firearms Division’s letter of commission for the chief commander and signed his name on it directly!

    Old Chen’s face finally relaxed upon seeing that. He then handed Ye Chen the Firearms Division’s paperwork. He stretched his arms out and said while smiling, “Congratulations on joining the Firearms Division, Major-General Ye. From now on, you’re the Firearms Division’s chief commander!”

    Old Chen sighed in relief.

    In this era, it was difficult for one to become a major-general. However, Ye Chen had already achieved that when he was merely 30. On top of that, he was the major-general under the special force brigade. His authority and treatment were much higher than that of many other positions.

    Most importantly, he was the Firearms Division’s chief commander. The elite of the military command. If the news was to spread, it would definitely create a stir.

    Ye Chen shook his hand and nodded slightly. There was no excitement on his face. In reality, the sinkhole was all he cared about.

    Old Chen was annoyed to see his calm expression. “Sometimes, I wonder how are you so calm when you’re still so young? You’re like an old monster who has lived for 1,000 years.”

    Ye Chen could not help but glance at him.

    ‘You’re right. I’ve lived for over 3,000 years,’ he thought to himself.

    Old Chen did not notice his expression. Instead, he said, “The sinkhole has been locked down at the moment. You can’t go right now, so you’ll need to wait for at least a month.”

    “Don’t worry about it!” Ye Chen did not mind that since he currently had many errands. Firstly, he had to drop by Longxi to take a look at the Ghost Rider Sect mountain gate. Secondly, he would need to bring Su Yuhan to his hometown for their wedding. It would take a month as he estimated.

    At that moment, Old Chen said seriously after seemingly recalling something, “Oh yeah! I suddenly recall that the Grand Dragon Gate Event will take place in Shennongjia a month later.”

    “The Grand Dragon Gate Event?” Ye Chen frowned slightly.

    “The Grand Dragon Gate Event is a monumental event in the spell world. It takes place every three years. Everyone who participates in it is from the spell world such as people from Mount Longhu, Mount Lao, and Hong Kong.”

    Old Chen proceeded, “In reality, a fight in the spell world is much more intense than in the ancient martial arts world because it involves many sects’ philosophy and inheritance conflicts.

    “For instance, Tibetan Buddhism is divided into Mantrayana and Tantra. Meanwhile, in Hong Kong, they’re divided into the Southern Sect and the Northern Sect. One can say that both sides are like water and fire. They’ve been trying to conquer the spell world, proving that their heritage is the most authentic one.”

    Ye Chen came to a realization. “So, this Grand Dragon Gate Event is actually an exchange event in the spell world, whereby both sides fight each other?”

    Since killing Sikong Ao, Ye Chen learned that apart from the ancient martial arts world, there was also the spell world in this realm. The ancient martial arts world would be for ancient martial artists while the spell world was for Spell Masters.

    “That’s right! I heard that Celestial Master Zhang from Mount Longhu, the monk Shi Jizang from Nalanda, and the leader of the Southern Sect An Daoyuan will be there too.” Old Chen could not help but look at Ye Chen as he spoke to this point. “The few of them have unfathomable methods. Their fame in the spell world is no less than yours in the ancient martial arts world. Given that your identity as a Spell Master might leak, I’m reminding you to try not to stir any conflicts with them.”

    “If they don’t offend me, naturally, I won’t offend them!” Ye Chen said indifferently with his arms behind his back.

    If those people offended him, he definitely would not hold back even if it would mean drowning himself in trouble!