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Chapter 761 - Killing a Hundred Deities!

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 761 Killing a Hundred Deities!

    the array was broken and the yuntian palace was exposed.

    even though there were a hundred earth level deities inside the palace, including three supreme cultivators like the cloud heaven thearch, everyone felt terrified.

    chen fan was too powerful.

    he killed nine top cultivators and survived attacks of awakened spirit treasures. how could anyone remain calm?


    chen fan landed on the square.

    there were wounds on his divine body which was surrounded by a golden aura; it looked like an armor that had been through countless battles. some of them were deep and ordinary people would have died, but chen fan was still standing upright.

    drops of golden blood dripped from his body onto the floor and turned into golden flames.

    he seemed to be walking on a long road of fire.

    the cloud heaven thearch suddenly became calm again. he said as he stared at chen fan coldly, "he's already struggling. we have a hundred earth level deities here. don't be afraid."

    the deities were terrified.

    chen fan looked really bad right then.

    although the azure thearch longevity body healed really quickly, it needed at least ten days to recover after being injured to such a degree. and yet, chen fan didn't seem weak at all; his energy became even more powerful.


    someone couldn't stand it anymore.

    an elder of the heavenly thunder sect—who was wearing a purple robe, had purple hair with flashes of lightning and shining eyes—shot out a thunder dagger surrounded by purple thunderbolts that went towards chen fan at ten times the speed of sound.


    chen fan flicked his fingers and the speedy dagger bounced back.


    the thunder dagger penetrated between the elder's eyebrows and his head exploded. he immediately turned into a headless corpse and even his divine soul had been destroyed.

    chen fan killed an earth level deity with a flick of his fingers!

    however, his body also trembled slightly, which was taken as a hint of hope by the others.

    "he's indeed bluffing. don't be scared. kill him!" someone yelled.

    with chen fan's power in the past, killing earth level deities was a piece of cake and even ten elders of the heavenly thunder sect would be unable to make him shake a bit. however, every time he attacked was a burden to him at the moment, as he was severely injured and had used more than half of his true essence.

    "i can kill you all with one hand!" chen fan said indifferently.


    the second earth level deity attacked.

    it was an elder of the mixed-essence sect called xu xingyi. he focused on cultivating the mixed-essence qi and he looked really young. an azure wave appeared as his hands moved.

    it wasn't a wave, but the "mixed-essence qi" xu xingyi had been cultivating for five centuries.

    the mixed-essence qi had been stored inside xu xingyi's body and it had become stronger as time passed. in the end, it was highly concentrated and had turned into a liquid.


    xu xingyi pointed at chen fan.

    an azure water dragon flashed across the sky and shocked the air. how terrifying was the mixed-essence qi? it was as powerful as a core formation cultivator.

    chen fan flicked his fingers again.

    some sword qi like a beam of white light clashed with the mixed-essence qi.


    the air shook and two highly concentrated energies clashed, making a thunderous sound.

    xu xingyi was immediately drained and he aged at a thousand times the normal speed. his face was full of wrinkles and he couldn't even stand.

    chen fan's body also shook and he almost took a step backwards.

    "it's a shame i couldn't defeat you, but i've got no regrets anymore after being able to fight with an overlord like you."

    xu xingyi smiled and died.

    the second earth level deity was dead!

    although another earth level deity had gone down, everyone was looking even more vicious and excited.

    soon, the third and fourth earth level deities moved forward. they were the dharma seal master from mount thunder and the qijue swordsman from the azure mystic sect. these two cultivators were the overlords among the early-stage earth level deities and their power was close to the mid-stage.

    "boom, boom!"

    chen fan threw a punch.

    he knocked away the grand diamond reincarnation seal of the dharma seal master.

    the dharma seal master took seventeen steps backwards and blood gushed out from his body whenever he moved. in the end, his entire body exploded into blood mist.

    qijue swordsman shot out his seven swords which turned into seven beams of light, but all of them were broken by chen fan. chen fan used his finger as a sword and split qijue swordsman in half.

    he killed two earth level deities in one go.

    even though chen fan didn't fall back, there were two wounds on his body.

    the earth level deities started to look a bit less frightened and the cloud heaven thearch even cracked a smile.

    many earth level deities stepped forward and challenged chen fan.

    the ninth one, exalted cultivator beihe.

    knowing he was going to lose, he self-destructed and forced chen fan to fall back. this was the first time he did so since he went to the yuntian palace.

    the thirteenth cultivator, sun moon sword immortal, was a mid-stage earth level deity. before he died, he slashed and left a wound on chen fan's left shoulder.

    even though the wound was minute, it took a load off the minds of the deities.

    "chen beixuan's divine body is powerful and not even the top cultivators can harm it with spirit treasures. and yet, a sword immortal injured him just now, meaning that his defensive power is decreasing," a grand elder of yuntian palace said.

    the deities stared at chen fan as if they were looking at a prey. the cloud heaven thearch even saw chen fan as a dead person.

    after killing the fifteenth earth level deity, another wound appeared on chen fan. after that, an extra wound appeared whenever he killed an earth level deity; he was drenched in blood in the end.

    lu yanxue stood in the array with her fists clenched. she looked at chen fan anxiously with a strong heartache.

    on the ground.

    the people of the realm of kunxu were cheering. they finally saw some hope of winning against this demon. even though chen fan had yet to fall, it was possible to defeat him.

    the thirtieth earth level deity went down.

    he left an arrow mark on chen fan's chest.

    this cultivator from the heavenly thunder sect had a spirit artifact called the "array breaker," which was a thunder bow. he pulled the thunder bow with his vitality and the attack penetrated chen fan's divine body, but he was still crushed by chen fan.

    "that's enough. it's time to end this," the cloud heaven thearch said.

    behind him were two grand elders of yuntian palace and more than seventy earth level deities. there were also rays of light coming from all around kunxu.

    those were the earth level deities who didn't make it in time before.

    "chen beixuan, you're going head to head with the power of the entire kunxu. you'll never win."

    the cloud heaven thearch's eyes were full of pity and ridicule.

    "killing you is enough."

    chen fan smiled.

    "haha, kill him."

    the cloud heaven thearch waved a hand and dozens of earth level deities behind him stepped forward. endless energy was shot into the sky, shaking the entire yuntian palace. nobody had seen that many earth level deities together in the realm of kunxu.

    the cloud heaven thearch looked cold.

    after fighting with thirty earth level deities, chen fan had to be exhausted and it was a good time to attack at the same time. this was in line with military strategies, to drain the enemy with a large number of soldiers and then destroy him. however, the cloud heaven thearch was too afraid of dying so he dared not to fight up until then.

    "just you?"

    chen fan burst into laughter.


    his declining energy suddenly soared again.

    beams of azure light came from all directions. chen fan was drenched in endless wood element spirit qi and the wounds on his body immediately healed. his entire divine body shone bright like a crystal clear diamond.

    "oh no!"

    the cloud heaven thearch was startled.

    but it was too late. chen fan's body was enlarged, turning into a being with a dragon head and a human body. it was once again the divine beast, the thunder loch.

    "you're too afraid of death. i kept this slash for you," chen fan yelled and pulled a sword out of the air.


    the world was split.

    someone was standing in the sea of lightning while holding the thunder blade. his appearance gradually became clear; it was apparently someone with a dragon head and a human body.

    the thunder divine blade!

    a black blade aura flashed across the air and a small crack appeared in the sky. then, a thin and long opening seemed to appear in the world.


    countless earth level deities screamed and fell back.

    and yet, it was too late. chen fan's eyes were filled with coldness and viciousness.


    a dozen earth level deities were split in half together with their dharma treasures and a grand elder of yuntian palace was also crushed by the thunder divine blade.

    the power of a slash was too terrifying!

    but chen fan didn't hold back. the energy within his body became stronger and he was surrounded by thunderbolts like the god of war.

    the second slash!

    the third slash!

    the fourth slash!

    each slash took away the lives of a dozen earth level deities.

    no matter how they begged, cursed or used their dharma treasures, dharma artifacts and divine powers, they were vulnerable in front of the thunder divine blade. some of them even knelt down and begged, but chen fan didn't hold back at all. everyone watched him slaughter those earth level deities who used to dominate kunxu.

    in the end, the entire square in yuntian palace was flooded with the blood of the deities.

    chen fan had just killed a hundred deities! other than chen fan and lu yanxue, the cloud heaven thearch was the only one left in the square and he was frozen like a statue.

    the world went silent!