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Chapter 268 - Su Yuhan’s Gift!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 268: Su Yuhan’s Gift!

    Although the Martial Alliance was almost destroyed while the government hid Sikong Ao’s death, a portion of people from the Martial Dao World in China noticed that something was off.

    Meanwhile, a portion of them was like the old monk from Miyin Temple. They were silent now after realizing what had happened to the Martial Alliance.

    In a small mountain village far in the west, a farmer who was about 50 years old was running quickly with all of his might. If one were to look closer, he was clutching a piece of red lingerie tightly in his hand.

    Meanwhile, there was a middle-aged hunk chasing behind him with a kitchen knife in each hand. He was yelling while running with killing intent, “Bloody Niu, run if you dare! How dare you steal my wife’s lingerie?! I’m not a man if I don’t kill you today!”

    “Old Wang, don’t do it! It’s not what you think. Let me explain. I didn’t steal your wife’s lingerie. It was the wind that blew it into my hand,” the old farmer said while panting.

    “I’ll let you explain after I stabbed you twice!” The middle-aged hunk continued chasing him.

    The old farmer was pissed off. When he passed by the middle-aged hunk’s house today, he had stared at the lingerie hanging on the clothesline. Then, a breeze came suddenly, blowing the red lingerie into his hand.

    The middle-aged hunk had gone to the kitchen and began chasing him after picking up two kitchen knives. He made it seem like the old farmer was having an affair with his wife.

    The old farmer clenched his teeth and accelerated. He shook off the middle-aged hunk behind him instantly. Then, the middle-aged hunk spat on the ground and left furiously.

    The old farmer sat onto the ground and his phone rang at that moment, so he picked it up right away.

    He hung up a couple of seconds later. Shock flashed through his old face that was sweating from the running. ‘That kid named Ye killed Sikong Ao? Interesting. One must know that Sikong Ao was merely one step away from achieving Martial Dao venerable. He’s also a Spell Master, but Ye killed him anyway. Can the kid already be a Martial Dao venerable?’

    A gleam flashed through the old farmer’s cloudy eyes as he thought to this point. “If he really has broken through to Martial Dao venerable, shouldn’t I meet him?”

    He shook his head a few seconds later. “Forget it, I shouldn’t. He destroyed the Su family, but he didn’t know he missed out on someone from the family. He then killed Bai Zhanyuan from Shang Santian and now he’s killed Sikong Ao. He’s dead to Shang Santian now! That’s right. I shouldn’t go!

    “I still want to live for a few more years. What’s the point of fighting and killing? I’d rather watch Cui Hua bathe in the river or get a massage from the ladies.”


    On the same night, Ye Chen and Ye Wushuang returned to Beijing. It was past 8 p.m. and his parents and Su Yuhan were enjoying the breeze on the Imperial Wind Pavilion patio.

    The family was chatting and laughing. The little girl, Mengmeng, in Su Yuhan’s embrace would giggle every now and then. The scene completely melted Ye Chen’s cold heart.

    Ye Hai looked rather upset when he saw Ye Chen. “Where did you guys go? Why did you come home so late?”

    “Dad, I went to see a friend with Wushuang. We had a meal together, so we came home late. Sorry,” Ye Chen told him the excuse that he came up with earlier.

    Ye Hai’s face only relaxed then and he stopped asking. Su Yuhan, on the other hand, studied Ye Chen deeply. The wise lady naturally figured that Ye Chen and Ye Wushuang had not gone out for a meal. However, she said nothing since Ye Chen’s parents were around.

    “Oh yeah, Xiaochen, your dad and I have decided to return to Tiannan tomorrow,” Wu Lan suddenly said.

    Ye Chen got Ye Wushuang to sit down as he could not help but look at her. “Why the rush, Mom? Let’s just stay for a few days more. Moreover, hasn’t our family house been blown up?”

    “That’s the old house. Don’t you have a villa in the Nine Dragons Bay? Your dad and I will move there when we go back.” Wu Lan shook her head and said while smiling, “Worrying about home isn’t the only reason why we want to leave now, but it’s mainly to prepare your wedding with Yuhan.”

    “Mom, you don’t think it’s too soon?” Su Yuhan’s cheeks blushed at that moment.

    To a woman, getting married was the most romantic, as well as the most nerve-wrecking and shy thing.

    “Not at all!” Ye Hai smoked a cigarette and said while shaking his head, “We need to pick the date, contact the wedding planner, go shopping, inform the relatives…There are just many things to do, so it’s better to prepare now.”

    He seemed to have recalled something as he spoke to this point. “Oh yeah, are you guys planning a Western wedding or a Chinese one?”

    “You decide, Yuhan.” Ye Chen looked at Su Yuhan by instinct and let her make the decision. To him, it did not matter whether it was a Western or a Chinese wedding. It was just a custom. He mainly wanted to give Su Yuhan a proper position with the wedding.

    After all, that was a man’s responsibility!

    “Western then!” Su Yuhan decided while blushing a little.

    Wu Lan said while smiling, “Alright. Xiao Chen, if you guys are having a Western wedding, you’ll have to propose. You’ll need a diamond ring for that, so prepare that ahead.”

    “Mom, I know that.” Ye Chen shook his head lightly.

    The family chatted for a little bit, then Ye Hai and Wu Lan went to bed since they had a flight to catch early in the morning.

    Wu Lan carried Mengmeng, who was sleeping in Su Yuhan’s embrace, before going to bed.

    After returning to their room, Ye Chen and Su Yuhan lay quietly in bed. They smiled at each other as love filled their faces.

    “We’re getting married. Are you happy? Is there anything that you’d like to say to your fiancé?” Ye Chen looked at her gently.

    “Not yet!” Su Yuhan placed her head on Ye Chen’s chest. Fragrance wafted out from her black, shiny hair, triggering a burning desire within Ye Chen.

    “If there’s nothing that you’d like to say, then we’ll talk tomorrow!”

    Soon, there was a suppressive noise in the room. It lasted for over an hour before it went away completely.

    Su Yuhan’s body was as soft as water after the fun. She collapsed in Ye Chen’s embrace. “You fool. I’ve taken the test secretly today, but nothing has happened!”

    “What test?” Ye Chen was stunned.

    “I used the pregnancy test kit and realized that nothing has happened!” Su Yuhan smacked him angrily. She said while blushing, “I heard the test result will come out half a month later.”

    “It’s normal for there not to be a baby yet. How can you be pregnant every time? That’d be easier than winning the lottery,” Ye Chen said in between tears and laughter.

    “Is there something wrong with my body? Should I do a checkup at the hospital?” She was suddenly nervous.

    Ye Chen lowered his head and pecked her red lips. “Don’t scare yourself. If there’s something wrong with you, how could Mengmeng have happened?”

    Su Yuhan was then relieved.

    He suddenly said, “Oh yeah, there’s something that I need to tell you. After my parents leave, go to Longxi with me.”

    “What for?” She looked at him in puzzlement.

    “You’ll find out by then!” Ye Chen smiled in a mysterious manner.

    The Ghost Rider Sect mountain gate that Bai Zhanyuan found was in Longxi. Meanwhile, Su Yuhan had a pure yin body, as well as an extremely rare dark spiritual root in the cultivation world. It would be up to 100 times more difficult for her to step onto the path of cultivation.

    Mortals would need spiritual roots to go into cultivation. They could only sense the spiritual energy between heaven and earth with spiritual roots. Meanwhile, spiritual roots were based mainly on the five elements, which were metal, wood, water, fire, and earth. The purer the spiritual root was, the faster the cultivation speed.

    Apart from the five-element spiritual root, there was the mutated spiritual root too. Just like how Yang Tian’s son, Yang Hao, had the thunder spiritual root, there were also wind spiritual roots, ice spiritual roots, and so on. Nevertheless, such mutated spiritual roots were rare.

    The dark spiritual root was a spiritual root with dark attributes. Such a spiritual root was even rarer than the mutated spiritual root. That person would be born to be a genius in the Ghost Dao Method cultivation. However, they could only cultivate the Ghost Dao Method.

    Not only did Su Yuhan have a dark spiritual root, but she also possessed a pure yin body. She could only release her power after the seal was unlocked. Meanwhile, exterior stimulation was needed for the unsealing.

    If the Ghost Rider Sect mountain gate really existed, it might be able to remove the seal on Su Yuhan’s pure yin body besides boosting her cultivation.


    It was a quiet night.

    The next morning, Ye Hai and Wu Lan took the flight back to Tiannan after breakfast. Lin Tai went with them this time.

    Ye Chen received a call from Old Chen as soon as he got back from the airport.

    “Ye, come here. I’ve got news for your Geographical Vein!”