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Chapter 760 - Bring Down The Yutian Palace

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 760 Bring Down The Yutian Palace

    "that's chen fan!"

    "he's still alive!"

    hearts of many people in kunxu sank to a bottomless pit.

    by then, chen fan had revealed his true form, with long flaming hair that burned with fury and righteousness. his golden skin was covered with deep gashes and a hole was punched into his chest. half of his body was tainted by his faintly golden blood. however, he held his back straight and his gaze steady without any sign of defeat.

    the citizens of heavenly capital looked up at chen fan with disbelief.

    tree supreme overlords had sacrificed their lifeforce to awaken the full power of their spirit treasures. the combined might of three awakened spirit treasures could annihilate an entire world, but it couldn't do away with chen fan.

    "impossible, impossible…"

    many people shook uncontrollably in utter disbelief.

    "the gods are no longer with us."

    grief brought many elderly to their knees, his faces were drenched with tears.

    "why is he still alive? that attack could have undone a sky immortal, how did chen beixuan survive that? is he already a sky immortal?" many earth level deities' minds reeled as they fixed their gazes on chen beixuan.

    chen fan's presence produced a pang of despair in their minds.

    qi xiu'er heaved a sigh of relief and felt a heavy weight was lifted off her heart. she looked at chen fan, eyes filled with admiration. that was her teacher and her idol. he had used his unprecedented strength to pin an entire world under his thumb.


    a shadow appeared in the sky.

    it was cloud heaven thearch.

    cloud heaven thearch was in a much worse shape than chen fan. the thearch's cloud armor was in tatters, and his messy hair was burnt at some places. fear was written all over his face when he saw chen fan.

    "you're still alive?"

    when the two opposing energies collided, cloud heaven thearch was at the very edge of the explosion. he was able to walk away alive with the help of the thearch's cloud armor, but the explosion still did a number on him, tearing his thearch's cloud armor into pieces.

    meanwhile chen fan survived while at the very center of the blast. cloud heaven thearch couldn't wrap his mind around how chen fan had pulled it off.

    "i won't die until i kill you!"

    chen fan's hair flowed with the wind while his eyes glinted.

    a metallic sound was heard as his body started to glow with a golden light. two heavenly blades shot out from his eyes and charged at cloud heaven thearch. despite the injury, chen fan's power had reached higher than it had ever been as his battle will surged.


    cloud heaven thearch blanched and felt disheartened; he turned tail and bolted toward the yuntian palace.


    chen fan floated in the sky, body surrounded by golden flame. he looked like a fiend celestial from hell.

    the kylin fire landed a blow on cloud heaven thearch, severing one of his arms. cloud heaven thearch rushed to the yuntian palace and shouted, "turn on the dharma array!"


    the disciples of yuntian palace scrambled to initiate the grand array.

    suddenly, white mist came up from the dragon pillars of the palace and formed a dome over the yuntian palace. chen fan moved closer and waved a hand, creating a thunder blade out of thin air.

    the gleaming blade bore down on the array from above.

    the thunder divine blade!

    however, chen fan was not in his thunder loch form, and therefore, it lacked the strength to hack open the array.

    the dharma array was cast by a golden core cultivator from yuntian palace. despite its thin and shifty appearance, it was extremely tough and would hold out against the combined might of ten earth level deities.


    the grand array of the palace guard flickered a little, but held firm.

    cloud heaven thearch heaved a sigh of relief. he panicked when he saw the power in chen fan's unrelenting attack even after being injured, so much so that cloud heaven thearch had started to consider capitulating.

    if those blade auras came through, it would easily deal with those earth level deities.

    cloud heaven thearch shouted, "he was wounded by the blast and he is drawing out his last bit of energy. if we can hang on for another wave of attacks, we should be able to counterattack very soon."

    many earth level deities nodded in agreement. a shred of hope and excitement lit up their eyes.


    chen fan hacked three more times, but failed to break the array. finally, he produced the five thunder seal.

    its effect was being boosted by the essence magnet mountain, so it wasn't any less deadlier than a spirit treasure. the seal held enough energy to raze a large city. even a golden core cultivator would think twice while confronting its power. although some of its energy had been depleted during the last impact, it was still very potent.


    an iridescent lightning circled above chen fan's head. its colors blended together and formed a lightning shaft with white and black bands. the divine light of essences magnet poked through the lightning shaft from time to time, adding more destructive power to the spell.

    "grand five elements thunder of essences magnet!"

    this attack carried an unprecedented amount of energy.


    the lightning shaft slammed into the roof of the palace guard grand array.

    the mist looming over the palace suddenly sizzled after the impact. coutless jets of divine light of essences magnet shot out from the point of impact and gnawed at the mist. each ray of divine light packed more energy than the most powerful flying sword. they pierced the mist with ease, creating a giant opening.

    "fill that up!" cloud heaven thearch bellowed, eyes turning red from desperation.

    his disciples scrambled and hurried to charge up the array and repair the opening before chen fan could storm through. many earth level deities were shaken by the development.

    even after sustaining significant injuries, chen fan's mettle and strength still far exceeded their imagination. not even a golden core level dharma array could hold out against his fury.

    "second punch."

    chen fan's rumbling voice came down into their ears.

    with a blaring thud, chen fan threw another lightning shaft to the array. by then, the five thunder seal finally revealed its true might. chen fan was the creator of the thunder seal, therefore, he was able to unleash its full potential.


    the palace ground shook and the dragon pillars cracked open. the array was about to be destroyed.

    another hole that was larger than the one before appeared above the palace.

    chen fan closed in, and was going to pass through the hole.

    "stop him!" cloud heaven thearch shouted at the top of his lungs.

    eight earth level deities flew into the air and detonated themselves, unleashing the might of their raw energy along with bits and pieces of flesh. the explosion pushed chen fan back a few feet, giving the yuntian palace disciples precious time to patch up the opening again.

    "humph, the third blow!" chen fan said coldly.

    chen fan doubted that the array would stop three powerful strikes.

    the five thunder seal shone brighter, showering everyone with its glorious presence. even the residence at heavenly capital felt an immense pressure in the air, waiting to be unleashed. the thunder seal's energy was ancient and raw; it was strength in the simplest form.

    chen fan had poured all of his energy into this attack. some wounds that had just closed weren't able to bear the stress and opened up again, but chen fan didn't mind. he was going to end this battle once and for all.

    "chen beixuan, don't you care about your woman?"

    on his last leg, cloud heaven thearch rushed to the plaza and was going to snatch lu yanxue.

    the white water dragon charged forward, trying to stop cloud heaven thearch, but it was knocked to the side. cloud heaven thearch reached out a hand to grab hold of lu yanxue.


    suddenly, five patches of light came up.

    a quasi-spirit treasure of five glowing colors appeared around lu yanxue, forming an impenetrable defense. chen fan was well prepared.

    "five elements void dimension array!"

    chen fan had gathered all the spirit artifacts he wasn't using to create a protection artifact for lu yanxue. this artifact could protect lu yanxue from the attack of a golden core cultivator. it would take earth level deities a full day to make a dent on it.

    "boom, boom, boom."

    the cloud heaven thearch attacked the array in desperation like a drowning man holding onto the last plank.

    the other earth level deities joined in and showered the array with enough energy to split a mountain and change the course of a river. however, the five elements void dimension array held firm.

    lu yanxue stood inside the iridescent energy shield, looking like a peaceful goddess.

    "it's no use. this is a sky immortal dharma array. to open it up requires a full blow from an awakened spirit treasure," a senior earth level deity said, crestfallen.

    everyone's hearts sank to the bottom.

    all the sect masters had died, except for the cloud heaven thearch. was cloud heaven thearch willing to sacrifice himself to awaken an artifact spirit?

    cloud heaven thearch was put on the spot. his face changed colors as he hesitated.

    he feared death more than anyone else. otherwise he wouldn't have hidden behind the cover while the azure mystic sect master struggled against chen fan. if he had awakened another artifact spirit, chen fan might have already perished under the attack of four deadly spirit treasures.

    someone shouted while cloud heaven thearch was hesitating, "it's too late…"

    everyone looked up and was shocked to see that a white hot ball of lightning had appeared above chen fan's head. each of its countless sizzling tendrils could kill immortal state warriors with ease. worse, the energy inside the lightning ball was still increasing by the second.


    chen fan pointed a finger.

    a huge lightning shaft—a few times thicker than the one before—slammed against the grand array. the array trembled violently as the mist fizzled and disappeared.

    meanwhile, the dragon pillars inside the yuntian palace also collapsed.

    the array was gone!

    chen fan flew to the palace and looked down at the people below.

    his icy gaze sent a chill down the earth level deities' spines. they felt naked while standing before a ravenous beast.