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Chapter 590: Another Heavenly Annihilation

Emperor’s Domination
     “Twelve Fate

    Palaces!” For many people, this was not their first time seeing Li

    Qiye’s Fate Palaces, but it still incited envy and hate each time!


    five ancestors were also jealous of his Fate Palaces, so they roared:

    “Die!” They didn’t mind expending all of their blood energy. Such a

    devilish monster couldn’t be left alive.

    The heavens appearing

    above Li Qiye’s head was only the beginning. In an instant, a thirteenth

    palace jumped up into the heavens. This was a peerless Fate Palace

    throughout all the ages; it would forever be above all else. It was

    above the heavens and myriad dao and became one with the primordial

    essence of the world to create a distant eternity! It was as if it had

    already existed before the start of time.

    “Boom!” Li Qiye took out another treasure — the Declivity-Mountain Bell.


    The sound of the bell appeared as a distinct tall mountain appeared. It

    stood alone, proudly amidst the world that seemed like a land of


    Another Resplendent Break, it was actually another

    Resplendent Break! This attack drained a lot of Li Qiye’s blood energy,

    and even the Yin Yang Sea of Blood couldn’t replenish it.


    The five ancestors were scared out of their minds in the face of another

    Heavenly Annihilation. They might be wielding emperor’s weapons, but

    they didn’t have the ability to unleash the weapons’ ultimate attacks in

    the form of Imperial Massacres or Heavenly Annihilations.


    The five emperor’s weapons shifted from offense to defense. Unless they

    could unleash their own ultimate attacks, they would not be a match for

    this oncoming Heavenly Annihilation.

    Along with noises of bones

    breaking, blood spurted for ten thousand miles in the face of this

    ultimate attack. The three emperor’s weapons were full of cracks as if

    they were about to shatter. The three Ancestral City Ancestors might

    have been protected by their weapons, but their bodies were mangled and

    bloodied; their lives were most likely over.

    On the other hand,

    the Titanic Crescent Ancestor and the Insect King Ancestor held their

    true treasures at the last second; the weapons emitted an extremely

    terrifying power as if Immortal Emperors had come back to life to

    protect the weapons’ bodies.

    The true treasures remained unharmed,

    but the two ancestors’ bones were broken. Their state was not as

    miserable as the three from the Ancestral City, but they couldn’t escape

    having all the bones within their bodies broken.

    In just a short

    moment, the world became quiet as all the sounds disappeared from myriad

    worlds. Everyone stood dazed at the spectacle before them, completely


    The crowd was not frightened by the second Resplendent

    Break, but rather the Fate Palace above the skydome. This Fate Palace

    appeared to be eternal and had existed before the formation of this


    The thirteenth palace… All were dumbstruck, including the frightened Ancestral City Lord and Divine Guard Captain.


    twelve palaces was the limit for all cultivators in this world, even

    for gods and Immortal Emperors. No one had ever heard of someone having

    twelve palaces in this world. The rare few who knew more were only aware

    of Immortal Emperor Jiao Heng achieving this feat.

    Having twelve

    palaces was enough to cause all the geniuses in the nine worlds to be

    jaundiced since it was the voucher to reach the throne. All the geniuses

    were merely fleeting clouds in the sky.

    Then what about the

    thirteenth palace? Before today, anyone who even spoke of a thirteenth

    palace would be the object of teasing and would be treated as a clown.

    However, common sense had been broken today since everyone saw this

    thirteenth palace. They could only stand there, looking silly.


    sense was useless today. The supreme and untouchable thirteenth palace

    hovered in the heavens before hundreds of thousands of ghost cultivators

    and loomed over the firmament.

    Everyone had turned into stone.

    Even Xian Fan, who was sitting down to recover blood energy, trembled

    and said: “No… No way! A thirteenth... palace... An unseen and unheard

    of phenomenon!”

    And it wasn’t just Xian Fan, even an existence

    like the Divine Guard Captain was shocked. He had vast knowledge but had

    never seen this before. This was also his first time seeing the twelfth


    Lan Yunzhu was already mentally prepared, yet she was

    still caught off guard. Countless geniuses yearned and strived for nine

    palaces, let alone the twelfth. The thirteenth palace, on the other

    hand, was beyond even their imaginations.

    “I tread alone

    throughout the endless time. The boundary of the heaven and earth and

    the extremity of myriad dao have no effect on me.” Li Qiye calmly

    uttered a phrase in an insipid manner to show his arrogance and disdain

    for all the eons.

    No one, at this moment, thought of him as a

    pompous man since he was qualified to speak such words. If he didn’t

    have such qualifications, then no one else in the world did.


    was difficult to unleash a second Resplendent Break, but Li Qiye had

    thirteen Fate Palaces and could surpass all limits to escape the

    confinement of the heaven and earth! The chains of the heavens and the

    dao had lost its power of restraint on his body.

    “It is for me to

    kill!” Li Qiye smiled and said: “Little girl, let me borrow the Mortal

    Sword. I have to rotate between three invincible weapons or else they

    will be damaged!”

    Xian Fan, who was sitting in a meditative pose,

    was both angry and surprised. The elemental armor shielded her body so

    others didn’t know of her background or sex, but Li Qiye had revealed

    everything with one phrase. [1. THANK GOD NOW THAT I CAN USE SHE/HER FOR

    XIAN FAN.]

    Lan Yunzhu stared at Xian Fan with curiosity. With her current appearance, no one thought that she was a girl.


    angry Xian Fan still threw the Mortal Sword over to Li Qiye. This was

    an Immortal Emperor True Treasure, but Xian Fan still generously lent it

    to Li Qiye.

    With the sword in his hand, Li Qiye uttered a roar with an unmatched domineering attitude: “Restore my blood energy!”

    The Resplendent Break from earlier expended too much of his energy; it was beyond the sea of blood’s ability to replenish.


    this time, one of the Fate Palaces opened up as the Ancestor Ginseng

    jumped out and sat on Li Qiye’s shoulder. It stretched out its roots as

    countless essences poured into Li Qiye’s blood energy.

    “Boom!” With the ginseng’s help, Li Qiye’s blood energy once again swept through the heaven and earth.


    is an Immortal Medicine!” Monk Dazhi exclaimed with his eyes wide open

    while salivating uncontrollably with greed: “There is no justice in this

    world! He even has such a thing!”

    “Die!” Li Qiye swung the Mortal Sword without using any fancy techniques. It was just a simple blow, the Resplendent Break.


    An Immortal Emperor descended to slash the nine heavens with his sword.

    All eras would end before this oncoming slice. True Gods, wise sages,

    and even immortals would be decapitated by this slash.

    The five

    ancestors on the opposing side were scared out of their minds and

    shouted: “Run!” They let go of their status and quickly turned their

    backs to flee.

    “Clank!” The Heavenly Annihilation in the form of a

    sword encompassed the three Ancestral City Ancestors. Their emperor’s

    weapons were much weaker than an Immortal Emperor True Treasure.


    annihilation descended! “Clack!” The already-cracked emperor’s weapons

    couldn’t bear the force and little pieces fell from their main bodies.


    At this key moment, the three weapons abandoned the three ancestors.

    Their spirits woke up and no longer protected the three. They emitted an

    extremely scorching immortal aura to pierce through the void to escape

    the Heavenly Annihilation after paying a huge price.

    “Boom!” Nevertheless, the escaping damaged weapons still had parts of their main body rended despite escaping.


    The Ancestral City Ancestors lost the protection of their emperor’s

    weapons so one could easily imagine the outcome. They let out unwilling

    cries of despair. The annihilation turned them into ashes!

    At this

    point, Li Qiye’s blood energy was still blaring as the sea of blood

    continued to pour out endless power along with the help of the Ancestor

    Ginseng. His energy quickly recovered after another Resplendent Break.


    Dazhi’s eyes were reddened with lust after seeing this scene: “Oh

    grandma, there is actually such an extravagant way to use medicine in

    this world? Directly using an Immortal Medicine as a supplement — there

    is no justice!”

    Xian Fan and other big shots from the other races

    along with the ghost experts were all stunned. Such an exorbitant usage

    was too heinous.

    The only one used to this was Lan Yunzhu since

    she had seen all of Li Qiye’s luxurious undertakings before. Directly

    using an Immortal Medicine as a supplement was only a small matter.


    I will kill until your two imperial lineages won’t dare to breathe out

    loud anymore.” Li Qiye used the mirror to chase after the two fleeing

    ancestors from the Insect King Lineage and the Titanic Crescent Sacred


    Li Qiye’s Soaring Immortal Physique already had no equal.

    Now, combined with the mirror’s superb speed, it allowed him to quickly

    catch up. In the blink of an eye, the two ancestors were already within

    the strike zone of another Heavenly Annihilation!

    The experts and

    other ancestors of the ghost race were scared frozen. Who would have

    thought that these two ancestors with true weapons would be chased by a

    junior like dogs with no home to return to? No one would ever have been

    able to imagine this scene!

    “Boom!” Another Heavenly Annihilation

    was unleashed. Today was a crazy day to everyone. Characters between the

    Ancient Saint and Heavenly Sovereign realm were completely numb and

    speechless. They could only kneel down before the imperial aura of the

    Heavenly Annihilation!