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Chapter 759 - I Am Invincible!

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     759 I Am Invincible!earth level deity jiuming was dead!

    be it the sages of the yuntian palace or the millions of ordinary people, no one had expected that outcome. he was the elder of the heavenly thunder sect, one of the most powerful earth level deities. moreso, he wielded a spirit treasure that was powerful enough to kill an entire sect.

    however, such a powerful sect master had been killed by chen fan with one blow.

    although part of chen fan's power came from the divine thunder plate wielded by his opponent, the development was a perfect example of chen fan's overbearing power. if a sect master using a potent spirit treasure couldn't even handle one blow from chen fan, the ordinary earth level deities would stand no chance. chen fan could kill them with the flick of a finger.

    "he is too strong."

    the sect master of the dashi sect was terrified.

    chen fan's attacks had placed a great strain on the barrier between realities. although chen fan couldn't break that barrier as some golden core cultivators would, it was apparent that chen fan's power was very close to reaching the golden core, meaning that he could easily overpower any spirit treasure. the sect master of the dashi sect felt disheartened and had already lost hope.

    cloud heaven thearch pulled a dark face and said hotly, "why are you wavering, what other choices do we have? there is no way back!"

    a golden armor appeared on his body and started to glow, sending out rays of divine light. this was the famous defensive spirit treasure: the thearch's cloud armor.

    the spirit treasure from the yuntian palace was a rare defensive one. it's sublime protection coupled with a core formation's level of attainment made the cloud heaven thearch the strongest warrior among his peers and the only one who could take a blow from chen fan and remain unharmed.

    the family lord of the zi family, elephant god master, and the azure mystic sect master were all ready to abandon all hope.

    they had cornered chen fan and forced him to use the thunder loch divine beast against his will. chen fan would not let them get away with it.

    suddenly, a path of light scurried across space and from the light emerged the body of taiyin fairy.

    "what are you doing here? go away!" the azure mystic sect master shouted at her in surprise.

    this battle was only meant for overlords at the core formation level; it was too much for ordinary connate cultivator to handle. taiyin fairy and the other supreme overlords wouldn't even be able to take one blow from chen fan.

    taiyin fairy protested, "chen beixuan killed my son, why can't i be here? plus, i borrowed the moon wheel from my senior apprentice-sister. if you die today, i want to go meet our son along with you!"

    a crescent moon appeared behind her, it's cold light created a halo. within the halo was the spirit artifact moon wheel surrounded by countless rays of icy divine light. taiyin fairy's energy surged and reached the core formation level in a blink.


    the battle started once again.

    taiyin fairy's aid had brought fresh air to the seven sect masters group. they gathered up and fought as a team, the stronger members covering for those who were injured. elephant god master finally had a chance to use some spirit medicine in order to contain his injuries.

    everyone knew that the outcome of this fight would determine the fate of kunxu.

    meanwhile, the princess of the southern kingdom, the qi sisters, bai suxian and lu yanxue looked up to the sky. inside the yuntian palace, the earth level deities wore troubled and gloomy looks.

    thunders roared above the clouds; terrifying energy roiled in the sky, turning the firmament into a sea of essence qi.

    "he consumes a great deal of energy when he uses the blade of divine essence. as long as we keep at it, his true essence would deplete sooner or later," cloud heaven thearch said.

    his words had hit the mark.

    despite the thunder divine blade's unimaginable power, it demanded a massive amount of energy from its wielder. everytime chen fan used it, his thunder loch true essence would shrink a little. although a connate cultivator could regenerate true essence over time, chen fan would not have the time to recuperate during a battle.

    "you are trying to draw out the battle, waiting for my energy to deplete. i wonder if you can last that long."

    a derisive light came up in chen fan's eyes.

    eighth hack, ninth, tenth…

    after each attack, a sect master would fall to the ground with blood in his mouth. even though they were mighty earth level deities, they stood no chance against chen fan's overbearing force.

    elephant god master had sustained the heaviest injuries compared to everyone else.

    the golden glow on his face had diminished significantly, and his body was covered with small hair-line cracks, giving him a fragile appearance.

    "grand leiyin art."

    elephant god master mustered his remaining energy and struck the drum, sending out a golden sound wave toward chen fan. even as his attack raced across space, blood was spilled out from elephant god master's mouth, tainting his shirt red.

    "you're not the only one who has a soundwave attack. watch this: thunder loch divine roar!"

    chen fan opened his mouth as the apparition of the divine beast thunder loch appeared behind him. the divine beast unhinged its jaw and let out a deafening roar.


    it sounded as loud as the explosion of a nuclear bomb. it was as if a divine thunder from the nine heavens had struck the ground. the sound wave had pushed away the clouds, revealing a tiny crack in the sky. it was a hole in the fabric of space.

    the ancient thunder lochs were well known for their roaring attacks. after reaching maturity, their roar could annihilate an entire planet.

    no one in kunxu had ever seen such unimaginable force.

    the terrifying soundwave swept across the land, removing peaks of many mountains in an instant. many people in the city passed out, including a lot of immortal state warriors. even the yuntian palace trembled slightly.

    regardless of the protective effect of their spirit treasures, the sect masters in the sky were winded by the shock wave. elephant god master wasn't as fortunate as his peers, since he was close to the blast's center.

    the grand leiyin art was ripped open by the thunder loch divine roar. even his grand diamond body was unable to hold out against the overwhelming force. his body exploded from inside, turning into a pink mist.

    there went another sect master.

    seeing two of their peers fall within such a short time, the other sect masters panicked and scrambled to reinforce their defenses to charge at chen fan.

    chen fan's face was hard like a stone.

    the thunder divine blade slashed at the sky, while the five elements thunder flew across the battlefield. regardless of their efforts, the six sect masters couldn't even touch chen fan.

    a few seconds later, the sect master of the dashi sect was hacked in two by chen fan.

    the third sect master fell from the sky.

    half a minute later, the sect master of the mixed-essence sect exploded in the air after he being struck by the thunder loch divine roar.

    the fourth sect master had lost his life.

    a minute later, taiyin fairy was struck by the five elements thunder. chen fan's attack turned her body into a puff of smoke.

    the fifth sect master died.

    in less than a minute, chen fan had killed three more sect masters. with the passing of each sect master, the other sect masters' hope waned.

    the azure mystic sect master bellowed in agony after his wife's death, "chen beixuan, i will take you with me to hell!"

    the azure mystic sect master decisively thrust the blade deep into his chest. the tianxuan sword hummed as the azure mystic sect master's body sent out rays of crimson light into the tianxuan sword. each ray was the pure aether of the azure mystic sect master; his hair rapidly turned white as those rays left his body. meanwhile, the tianxuan sword's energy was surging.

    "what is he doing?"

    people on the ground were perplexed by the development.

    an elder who was well versed in ancient scrolls shouted out in surprise. "he is sacrificing his life force to awaken the spirit artifact. he'll be able to emulate a sky immortal's strength."

    a spirit treasure was named after the spirit inside the artifact.

    although the spirit was in slumber most of the time, once awakened, the artifact could unleash a golden core level power. this sudden outburst of energy output was what made spirit treasures so powerful.

    tears welled in many azure mystic sect members' eyes.


    the tianxuan sword was fully awakened after it absorbed the azure mystic sect master's blood. it sent a world shattering shock wave across kunxu. the energy seized the essence qi within a few hundred miles radius and froze the passage of time. no one could even blink their eyes, much less do anything else.

    there was a terrifying presence lurking behind the barrier between worlds, ready to lash out.

    it was the power of a golden core warrior!


    the tianxuan sword flew into the sky and plummeted toward chen fan.

    the blade qi reached three hundred meters and was able to hack open a mountain. like a divine sword wielded by immortals, it tore up the sky, creating a long golden arc that shined brighter than the sun.


    chen fan brought his blade to his chest to block the incoming attack.

    however, the invincible thunder divine blade suddenly gave in, allowing the sword aura to land on chen fan. the force threw chen fan off balance and created a large gash on the apparition of the thunder loch beast as well as on chen fan's body.

    "what a shame. i still can't kill you."

    the azure mystic sect master let out a wry smile and cast a saddened glance at chen fan before his body exploded.

    after delivering its killing blow, the tianxuan sword returned to its slumbering state. to be awakened like this had consumed most of its essence qi, and it would take a few hundred years to recover.

    "was he defeated?"

    many people's hearts sank to the bottom.

    if the azure mystic sect master had died, who else could stop chen fan?

    "i will help!"

    the family lord of the zi family let out a pained grin and commanded the five fiery dragons to swim to him, turning him into a ball of flame. after consuming the blood of an earth level deity, the five dragon whip spirit was awakened, transforming into five dragons, each measuring a thousand meters in length.

    "us too!"

    two patches of light came out from the yuntian palace.

    they were the elders from leiyin mountain and the dashi sect. one of them wielded the thunder drum, while the other had the twenty four skies in his hands. they both had sacrificed their life force to awaken the spirit artifacts.


    three deadly presences filled up the sky. it was as if three sky immortals had appeared at the same time.

    vast energy poured down from the sky, forcing the onlookers to their knees. even the earth level deities at the yuntian palace were terrified by such power.

    "is… is this the true power of a sky immortal?"

    many were startled.

    "chen beixuan is dead! no one can escape the ire of three sky immortals."

    many earth level deity's saw a shred of hope.

    chen fan' face darkened when he saw the three fully awakened spirit treasures. even he would be unable to withstand a direct hit from three golden core cultivators at the same time.

    "thunder arise!"

    chen fan yelled.

    the five thunder seal came down from the sky, and as chen fan charged up his true essence, the seal increased in size until it was as big as a mountain.

    the amount of power concentrated had surpassed that of ordinary spirit treasures. the iridescent color of the five thunder seal blended with that of the essences magnet and formed a wash of glow with other worldly colors. chen fan waved a hand and commanded the wash of light to clash against the three spirit treasures.


    the impact cracked open reality, letting out an intense brightness that devoured everything.

    the white flame at the center of the impact burned brighter and hotter than the sun, unleashing a deadly shockwave across the land that took out half of the heavenly capital along with millions of innocent souls.

    if a resident on earth had seen this explosion, he would have been shocked by the immense destruction it caused.

    after a while, the light in the sky finally subsided and so did the shockwave.

    "it's finally over."

    the earth level deities in kunxu exhaled in relief.

    they were convinced that this explosion would even kill a sky immortal, much less chen fan.

    "we have lost ten supreme overlords, including the sect masters and the elders from the heavenly thunder sect, the dashi sect and the leiyin mountain. but it was worth it. once chen beixuan is out of our way, we'll finally be able to wage war against the mortal realm and so we can wipe them out once and for all!" an elder from yuntian palace said with a smirk.

    however, his smile quickly froze on his face as he gaped in shock.

    he watched as a young man floated in the sky with a thunder seal hovering above his head. the thunder seal cast a flickering light over the young man, protecting him from harm. despite the tattered clothing and blood stains on his face, he stood victorious like a true god as he looked down at the crowd below.

    a silence fell over the realm of kunxu, as the presence of the young man turned everyone into frozen statues.

    "i am invincible!"