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Chapter 267 - The Martial Alliance’s Treasure Vault!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 267: The Martial Alliance’s Treasure Vault!

    “I’m in great trouble?” Ye Chen lifted his head to look at Yang Junlin. He frowned. “Is the government against me for killing Sikong Ao?”

    “That’s not the most important thing,” Yang Junlin said while forcing a smile, “Do you remember what I told you before? The Martial Alliance came from Shang Santian…”

    “Don’t worry!” Ye Chen shook his head lightly. “If the people from Shang Santian really come, I, Ye Chen, will welcome them with my open arms!”

    After saying that, he got the disciple to bring him to the Martial Alliance’s treasure vault. Since the Martial Alliance had been founded after so many years, they must have collected some stuff that might be useful to him.

    Yang Junlin secretly sighed upon seeing that Ye Chen left ignoring him.

    On the other hand, Yan Nanfei, Li Yunxiao, and the rest behind him could not stop looking at the signs of battle. They looked at each other when they saw the hole sunken in the ground and the mayhem around. They saw dense fear in each others’ eyes.

    As experts, naturally, they could speculate what happened during the battle from the signs at the scene.

    Pang Yuanqing asked in rather disbelief, “Is Sikong Ao really dead?”

    He raised what the few of them were secretly asking. After all, Sikong Ao had been named the legend of the generation in China decades ago. He had been in closed-door cultivation throughout the decades, so nobody knew how powerful he had grown.

    It must have been difficult for Ye Chen to kill him.

    Li Yunxiao shook his head and walked to the Martial Alliance members. After asking a few of them, not only did he find out about the result, but he also found out how the whole thing went down.

    At that moment, the few of them inhaled sharply as horror filled their faces. All of them were shocked by the fact that Ye Chen had made the Divine Thunder go away by telling it to, and then summoning it by waving his hand.

    “Venerable Ye sure lives up to his name. He’s a cultivator of spells and martial arts, as well as an Illuminating God expert,” Yang Junlin could not help but exclaim.

    The cultivation stages for Spell Masters were Dao Entry and Illuminating God. One could cultivate mysterious qi when they arrived at Dao Entry. They could use that to harm their enemies, as well as control magic tools. When one got to the Illuminating God stage, their techniques would be close to divinity.

    At that moment, Ye Wushuang walked over while holding a human head. He stood aside silently, secretly looking for Ye Chen.

    Yan Nanfei was stunned when he saw the features on the head. He could not help but gasp.

    “Million Killer?!”


    When Ye Chen arrived at the Martial Alliance’s treasure vault, he realized that the door was an immensely heavy stone door. According to the Martial Alliance disciple who had guided him there, only Sikong Ao had the key to open the door.

    Nevertheless, Ye Chen did not care about that. As the man watched in horror, he lifted the stone door with his physical strength.

    A stone room that was approximately 500 square meters welcomed them. In the room, there were huge boxes bound by tape as well as chains and locks.

    Ye Chen scanned each of them with his Divine Consciousness. He found out that most of them were mortal items such as gold, silver, bronze, and metal. There were even five boxes of gold bars, the so-called little golden fishes.

    That was right. There were five boxes of gold bars.

    There were at least 500 pounds of them added together, which equaled to 250 kilograms. If he were to calculate it at a rate of 35 yuan per gram, the boxes of gold bars were worth over 80 million yuan.

    Ye Chen could not help but feel rather disappointed. However, his frown relaxed suddenly when he scanned the last two boxes.

    The reason being was that one of them had many expensive herbs such as thousand-year-old ginseng, 500-year-old Polygonum multiflorum Thunb, and so on.

    It was his first time seeing such precious herbs on Earth. Although those were not immortal items, they were scarce.

    Meanwhile, there were many bottles in another box. They contained many medicinal pills in them, but the effects were not strong.

    With Ye Chen’s eyes, a glance was all it took to determine that those medicinal pills were for ancient martial artists. The effect was mainly to refine one’s body and to polish the foundation.

    What piqued his interest was that there were three light-yellow medicinal pills in one of the gourds which effect was much stronger than the rest.

    Ye Chen walked over and crushed the lock on it with a single hand. He took out the gourd after opening the box, then he poured a medicinal pill out onto his palm to observe it.

    He came to a realization.

    It seemed like those three medicinal pills were Breakthrough Pills. It was the award for the kill order that the Martial Alliance had issued against him.

    ‘This isn’t too shabby. Unfortunately, there are only three of them!’ Ye Chen secretly shook his head.

    He could tell that the Breakthrough Pill was mainly for peak-stage Illuminating Pulse people to break through to Martial Dao master which was the beginner innate-stage.

    Meanwhile, it was pure nonsense to say that it could develop a peak innate-stage Martial Dao master’s cultivation base. If that would work, how could Sikong Ao remain on the same stage until now?

    Although that was the case, there would definitely be bloody chaos if the three medicinal pills were released to the world. Although Martial Dao masters were nothing to Ye Chen, he was like a superhero to them.

    After all, many ancient martial artists spent their whole life training but could not break through to the innate stage. Naturally, the Breakthrough Pills were precious.

    Ye Chen thought of giving those pills to his parents, but that thought was disregarded right away.

    The Breakthrough Pills would have the best effect on Illuminating Pulse ancient martial artists.

    Meanwhile, his parents were regular people. If they were to consume it by force, their bodies might not be able to take it. That fact aside, they had insufficient vital energy and blood since they were old, so it was hard for them to venture far on the path of ancient martial arts for the rest of their lives.

    Moreover, as a cultivator himself, it was nonsense for Ye Chen to get his parents onto the path of ancient martial arts.

    The trouble was that his parents had no spiritual roots and could not cultivate just yet unless he could refine the Qi Repairing Pill which would help his parents to grow spiritual roots.

    However, the Qi Repairing Pill was scarce even in the cultivation world. It was something that was extremely rare and difficult to refine.

    Ye Chen could not help but had a strong threat growing in him as he thought to this point. “It seems like I must recover my ability as soon as possible as well as find the materials to refine the Qi Repairing Pills.”

    His parents were over 50 years old now. With his current ability, he could only make them live to 100 at most. In addition to that, that was under the premise that they consumed the Longevity Pill.

    If they did not cultivate, they would not be able to escape reincarnation when they lived until 100. Even Ye Chen who was the Heavenly Emperor of the generation in his past life could do nothing about it.

    As for letting his parents consume immortal pills to make them immortals, that was purely a dream.

    It was a risk to get regular people to consume normal spiritual pills, let alone immortal pills. If they were to consume it, it was impossible for them to become immortals, but it was totally possible for them to pass on to heaven.

    Ye Chen shook his head and stretched his arms after shaking off his thoughts. He put away all of the items that he deemed useful into his storage ring, including the five boxes of gold bars…

    His storage ring’s interior was 27 cube square meters large. It was like a mini house that was three meters long and wide, hence there was sufficient space for that many items.

    When he walked out of the treasure vault, Yang Junlin and the rest were still waiting outside. Meanwhile, there were many young men and women in suits and ties next to him.

    “Venerable Ye, let me introduce you guys. They’ve been sent by the government,” Yang Junlin smiled and said, “Including Sikong Ao, all of the experts in the Martial Alliance are dead. The Martial Alliance is considered to be terminated. To avoid any chaos, the government has sent people to take over the case at the moment. Are you okay with that?”

    “I don’t mind. Since I’ve already killed them, as well as taken my revenge, you guys can do whatever you want.” Ye Chen smiled lightly and left with Ye Wushuang right after saying that.

    Yang Junlin’s smile froze upon hearing that. In reality, he wanted to ask Ye Chen to take over the position of the Martial Alliance chief. However, judging from Ye Chen’s expression, he knew that he was not interested at all.