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Chapter 266 - Come Here, Lightning? Go Away!

Genius Daddy in the City
     Chapter 266: Come Here, Lightning? Go Away!

    Without knowing the reason why, Sikong Ao felt a sense of insecurity growing within him when he saw Ye Chen’s smile.

    He scoffed by instinct and said, “I know you can control lightning, but this Lightning Attraction Formation was created by a Celestial Master from Mount Longhu when the Martial Alliance was founded. Eight bolts of lightning will come as soon as it’s activated!”

    He paused as he spoke to this point. The smirk on his face was growing. “If you can control them, I’ll kill myself before you right away!”

    The thunder still rumbled in the sky!

    Ye Chen lifted his head to look above his head. The flashes of lightning in the clouds were growing.


    As a series of thunder rumbled, eight bolts of lightning the size of a baby’s arms came from the clouds. They intertwined and charged at Ye Chen.

    Upon seeing that, Sikong Ao whipped out a talisman and retreated far away. The talisman in his hand had been inscribed by the Celestial Master from Mount Longhu who had created the formation back then.

    Since the person who activated the formation would not be attacked by the lightning, he dared to activate it.

    After retreating to the safe zone, Sikong Ao revealed a smile at the corner of his lips. He waved at Ye Chen. “Goodbye, Mad Southern Ye!”

    The rest were also gloating at Ye Chen. They stood very far away, not worried that they would be struck by the lightning at all.

    Ye Chen shook his head lightly upon noticing that the eight bolts of lightning were getting closer to him. Subsequently, he pointed a finger to the sky and shouted, “Go away!” His scream covered the low rumble of thunder in the clouds directly, shaking heaven and earth.

    “Do you think you’re Thor? Do you think you can just get them to go away just by saying that?” Million Killer, who was far away, could not help but smirk.

    However, the smile on his face froze in the next second!

    As soon as Ye Chen spoke, the eight bolts of lightning that almost hit Ye Chen suddenly stopped as if they were shocked or something.

    As the people watched while feeling dumbstruck, the eight bolts of lightning turned around and flew back to the clouds quickly. Their speed was at least threefolds faster than before!

    Suddenly, the dark clouds and lightning that conquered the sky vanished without a trace. The sunny day recovered as if whatever had happened earlier was just a dream.

    At that moment, Sikong Ao was dumbstruck, and so was Million Killer. The crowd was so shocked that their eyeballs almost fell out.

    What the hell?!

    Had the lightning really went away?!

    “How is that possible?!” An extremely sharp voice broke the silence. Sikong Ao looked at Ye Chen in disbelief. “How did you make the lightning go away just by saying that?”

    “Because I’m the Master Ye who can control lightning. Don’t you already know that?” Ye Chen chuckled.

    In reality, he was a Heavenly Emperor who possessed the emperor force. The more his ability recovered, the denser the emperor force was!

    Meanwhile, the Eight Thunder Gods were his underlings. The God of Thunder and the Mother of Lightning were not worthy of speaking to him. Therefore, they would not dare to strike him no matter what.

    Thus, he had released the emperor force intentionally earlier. The eight bolts of lightning had sensed it, so they were frightened away entirely.

    Moreover, he had the body of an immortal. So what if the lightning really struck him? It was no different from scratching an itch!

    Upon hearing what Ye Chen said, Sikong Ao felt like he was going to vomit blood. “Freak! You’re a freak!”

    Even he dared not take on the eight lightning bolts earlier, but Ye Chen had scared them away. Most importantly, the Martial Alliance formation could only be used once.

    “Do you want to compare Lightning Methods with me? You’re playing with fire, young man!”

    Mockery appeared at the corner of Ye Chen’s lips, then he said while smiling, “I’ll let you piece of trash witness what’s real lightning before you die!”

    He lifted his arm and pointed a finger to the sky. “Come here, lightning!”

    Almost immediately, the sunny sky was then filled with dark clouds. Thunder clouds gathered quickly.


    As a series of reverberations came, a bolt of lightning that was as thick as a bucket came from a dark cloud like a lightning cobra.

    The lightning was going after Sikong Ao who was far away.

    “No!” Sikong Ao did not have time to change the expression on his face at all. He released an unwilling growl by instinct, “Mad Southern Ye, you can’t kill me. I’ve got Shang Santian behind my back. If you dare…”


    The lightning struck and the man was killed!

    Sikong Ao, the Martial Alliance chief whose power rode on top of China, had died just like that!

    The lightning went away and so did the clouds!

    The sky regained its brightness, shedding light on extremely terrified faces. All the people’s faces were gravely pale!

    At that moment, dead silence filled heaven and earth. Nobody spoke or even dared to.

    Everyone looked at Ye Chen blankly.

    He made the lightning go away by telling it to, and he called out to the lightning just like that!

    Was he a god?

    “Spare my life, Heavenly God. Spare my life!” someone exclaimed and took the lead to kneel onto the ground. He was kowtowing to Ye Chen like he was crushing garlic with his head.

    His actions led the rest to do the same. They kowtowed so hard as if their brain juice was going to spill out. “Heavenly God, please spare our lives. We’ve got nothing to do with this.”

    Ye Chen looked at them in a condescending manner.

    Meanwhile, Ye Wushuang held the Great Thunder Sword in his hand, eager to kill these people. Ye Chen shook his head lightly. “Forget it. Let’s just kill the mastermind!”

    Million Killer was so shocked that he almost pissed himself. He ran far away, ignoring his injury.

    “I’ll kill him!” Ye Wushuang chased after him with his sword.

    Ye Chen landed on the ground, glaring at the hundreds of people kneeling sparsely before him. Among them were tens of people with rather powerful aura as their cultivation base was on Illuminating Pulse. Apart from that, they bore faint hostility toward Ye Chen as they hid in the crowd.

    When Ye Chen flicked his fingers, a fireball shot out. It turned into sparks that landed on them.

    As the rest watched in horror, those people turned into black smoke directly. Not even ashes were left behind.

    “Don’t move if you still want to live!” Ye Chen looked at the people who were still alive coldly. His expression was extremely grim. “I only kill those who bear hostility toward me. Show me now if any of you don’t yield to me so that you guys can accompany them in hell!”

    Everyone buried their heads onto the ground as soon as they heard that. They held back their thoughts by force.

    Then, a black flag appeared in Ye Chen’s hand. It was the Hundred Spirit Flag, it was now lacking more than ten spirits from being perfect.

    Ye Chen leaped into the sky with the Hundred Spirit Flag as he thought to this point. He brandished the flag at the bodies on the ground.

    At that moment, countless orbs of black energy came out of those bodies. Faces filled with resentment were reflected back at him.

    Those orbs of black energy were absorbed into the Hundred Spirit Flag completely. Meanwhile, Sikong Ao’s spirit had been crushed by the lightning, so it was impossible for his spirit to still be around.

    ‘What a waste! I shouldn’t have used the lightning to kill him.’ Ye Chen shook his head.

    Because Sikong Ao’s ability had been so powerful, his resentment would be more powerful than anyone after his death. If his spirit was placed into the Hundred Spirit Flag, it would make the flag’s power grow immensely.

    He looked at the young man in black who was closest to him and asked, “Where is the Martial Alliance’s treasure vault? Bring me there!”

    Naturally, confiscation came after killing. It was a procedure that would never change!

    At that moment, a few silhouettes leaped from the mountain. Each of them had a powerful aura, and Yang Junlin was leading.

    After realizing that Sikong Ao was dead, Yang Junlin’s expression changed drastically. “Venerable Ye, did you really kill Sikong Ao? You’re in great trouble!”